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  • Haul/Rediscoveries: Dermadoctor Kakadu Vitamin C Serum (I’m trying to check out alternatives to Skinceuticals C + E Ferulic, which hasn’t done me wrong but is so expensive), Osmotics Cream Extreme (used to use this years ago for extra dry skin), Tom Ford Liev Lips & Boys Lip Color, Chanel No. 8 lipstick along with a new Chanel quad (there were two and somehow I manage to botch it and only ordered one, sigh), blush, highlighter, and two cream eyeshadows.
  • Weekend plans: Have some new palettes to photograph/swatch this morning, so work on those photos and test ’em out!
  • Are you superstitious?: For the most part, no. When I moved away to college, my mom bought me a money frog (which is supposed to attract/protect wealth), and I’ve kept in and had him on display in every home I’ve had thus far. Two of the traditions of the Lunar New Year (in my family, at least) is showering the night before (on the eve) and being the first to walk across the front door’s threshold; both are things I still do.

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Haul/rediscoveries: I just got a bar of Vanicream soap to try on this one spot of eczema (or something like that) that’s on my neck. The bar soap gets rave review from people with skin issues such as eczema; I’ve found Vanicream to be an excellent brand–much gentler and effective than more popular Cerave and Cetaphil. I also got some containers from Container Store. No rediscoveries but rather just using recent hauls.

Weekend plans: not sure yet. I’m retired so every day is like a weekend day. 🙂

Superstitious: not really. Although there are some rules of thumb that could be considered to be superstitions I guess, such as be careful being in a group of three.

Congratulations, Mellan, on the great blood work results! 🙂

Haul: Still sticking like glue to my New Year’s no-buy resolution!!!

Weekend Plans: Visiting family, tending to my sick dog, mani-pedi, chores, catching up on The Walking Dead.

Are You Superstitious? “I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.” (lol)

He has an immune disease. Was hospitalized and got a transfusion a few weeks ago. It’s a slow recovery and he will be on long-term meds. He’s very lethargic and has appetite problems. Poor thing. Thank you for asking.

Haul: Nothing new to report!

Rediscoveries: My Missha M Perfecting BB Cream. I just keep coming back to this because the coverage/finish is so nice, it’s inexpensive if you buy it on Amazon and the smell is nice AND there’s SPF.

Weekend plans: Going to get our taxes done, spend time with the in-laws and meet up with my BFF whom I haven’t seen since before Christmas.

Are you superstitious?: Not particularly, but I do believe that the things that you put out into the world, good or bad, have a way of coming back to you.

Weekly Mellan fix gladly accepted! Almost like having a virtual doggo to love, but without the responsibilities, lol.

Haul/rediscoveries: Bought nothing makeup or beauty related this week, but I did buy 2 tickets to go see Muse at Talking Stick Pavilion Arena in downtown Phoenix for Tuesday night with my son! Well, that is, if he’s still talking to me. Now to get into my stash and experiment a bit in order to put together an adventurous, almost editorial eye look, but keep my lips more “normal” and definitely long-lasting.

Weekend plans: I suppose I ought to touch up my roots? That white stripe is showing up on my my scalp already! Sometimes, I just feel like leaving it alone and growing it out. Except, I look far better with dark hair, so Idk? Must give myself a fun manicure, too. Meeting on Sunday is a necessity for my sanity.

Are you superstitious? Not in any traditional sense of the word, no I’m not. But because I’m on the high-functioning end of the Autism Spectrum (what was once called Asperger’s Disorder/Syndrome), I do have some highly ingrained ritualistic and OCD behaviors and thinking that could most certainly *appear* to be magical thinking or superstitious habits!

Hi Genevieve, the Lasix, low sodium diet and lowered fluid intake seem to be slowly working at giving me a bit of relief from the symptoms. Thank goodness!
My son and I are so looking forward to attending this concert, so I thank you so much for your good wishes!

We had a wonderful time tonight, Genevieve! My son and I are both longtime fans of MUSE, and this was Kyle’s 1st major concert and he was so blown away by all the visual effects and light show on top of their fantastic music! It was an EPIC performance!

Haul/Rediscoveries: Stocked up on DHC Deep Cleansing Oil since there were bundle deals. I finished up two different MUJI cleansing oils and they didn’t work as well.

Weekend plans: Finally making a donation run!!

Are you superstitious? It’s interesting to hear you mention Vietnamese traditions you adhere to! I am definitely superstitious, which is weird considering my general logical approach to solving issues. I have similar cultural superstitions that give me a sinking feeling if not followed (e.g. cleaning before the New Year’s, feeling a bad omen if someone gives me white/yellow flowers). I also believe in ghosts (like at the Winchester mystery house or the Sunnyvale Toys R Us), and premonitions. My grandparents used to tell peoples’ fortunes and were convinced that being psychic ran in the family – I’m sure they were maybe 90% charlatan, but some of their stories were pretty convincing and confirmed by the family (particularly their predictions of untimely deaths).

Purchased and received ‘Pumpkin Pie’ from the Jefferee Star Lipstick line. Only bought it because I’m a huge junkie for pumpkin anything, lol. Turns out it’s an amazing neutral orange lipstick. Even makes my blue eyes pop more.

Raided my nail polish collection for something to wear to my bridal shower tomorrow. Ended up pulling out one I hadn’t used in forever: ‘Amethyst Amore’ from Pixi. It’s a perfect deep blue-purple. Figured “something blue” would be appropriate as I’m the bride to be.

Haul: Andalou Naturals pumpkin & honey glycolic mask and Q10 night repair cream.

Weekend Plans: Hang my pin board, install new faucets in the master bathroom, re-organize our movie shelves.

Are you superstitious: No. I still have a kitchen witch though!(Scandinavian/German witch doll kept in the kitchen to attract good luck, watch over your cooking, and ward off evil spirits)

Hi, best fellow. You’re truly beautiful, and even healthier than ever. Yay!
Haul: nil. But i’ve done food shopping with the Ulta card, and have >50$ in Ultabucks. Rediscoveries: had somewhat forgotten how good Ofra LL is, in terms of comfort. Plans: SSDW, and if it stays warm, maybe the state park with the dogs. Since Patti got injured and they needed to be UTD with Lyme, she has not been there all that often. It’s more upland, hilly, and forested than here by the ocean. Far better birds, too. Superstitious? I has a wee money frog for my wallet, but more because frogs are my totem animals than any other reason. I had a kitchen witch, too. But I don’t believe in bad luck omens, like birds in your house. The only superstition that I really do believe is that significant events happen in threes, because of anecdotal evidence.

Woohoo! Great news about the blood results! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Haul/Rediscoveries: None

Weekend plans: Celebrating my older son’s birthday on Sunday. We’ll also celebrate my younger son getting his first job offer. The hotel he’s interning at through Project SEARCH (a great national program for adults with PDDs) is going to offer him part-time work. If he accepts, the program said they’d reduce his hours there so he can stay in the program, but still have some down time.

Are you superstitious?: Not in the slightest

Fantastic news about your son getting a job offer – you must be over the moon about that. Do you think he will accept it?
Happy birthday to your eldest son too.
Have a lovely day.

Thanks! Brandon had a trial run Friday night. It was unexpectedly chaotic and busy, but he handled it wonderfully. He had support staff from his program there, and they were very impressed. He has decided to take the job, and he’ll continue to have a support person for work evenings. He’ll then attend the internship program Tuesdays through Thursdays. He’s super excited.

My older son thanks you for the birthday wishes.

That is so, so great that Brandon handled himself really well in the chaos – such a relief for both you and your husband that he has landed himself a job with such prospects. That is the best news.
And I am sure your older son had a wonderful day too.

You’re so sweet, Genevieve.

Yes, Aaric had a nice birthday. At his request, we had steaks with mushrooms and baked (jacket) potatoes, and pineapple upside-down cake. The rest of the day was low-key, which he wanted. We watched anime together and he played a new video game he got for his birthday.

Haul: my first purchase from Fenty – the loose powder (some long name) in Lavender (I got a sample last week and I love it); another Sephora pencil liner in Cappuccino (my every day liner – I have 2 or 3 on the go at any time) and a sample of some retinol cream from Drunk Elephant (I’ve been so disappointed in everything I’ve tried from DE so wanted to try a sample before committing myself to a close to $100 purchase). Rediscoveries: MAC Mulch eyeshadow. It used to be my every day/go to/holy grail shadow and then I put it aside for a long time. Used it this past week and it brought back just how good a shadow this is for me.

Weekend plans: hot yoga tonight and gym and hot yoga tomorrow (finally getting back into yoga after months and months and MONTHS) and then dinner out somewhere (hubs is going away for a week to a warm clime so I told him I deserved this….)

Am I superstitious? Not really but I also won’t tempt fate by deliberately walking under a ladder or things like that. I have a “lucky scarf” that I wear when I think it will help to have luck on my side (I’ve lent it to friends when they’ve gone for job interviews and stuff like that). I won’t walk over someone lying on the floor without walking back again (a superstition in my home growing up – I think it must be Eastern European – if you step over someone and don’t step back, they won’t grow….). My son was born on the 13th (not a Friday but his birthday often does fall on a Friday) but I have no fear – the wonderfulness of my boy blows a hole in all that “triskaidekaphobia” stuff .

I have heard so many mixed reviews about DE, that I think it’s wise for you to get a sample before spending lots of $$$ on it. Have you tried (or can you get) any of A’kin’s products? I am currently using them and have even bought backups – that’s how impressed I am with their products.
Enjoy your dinner out and yes, you do deserve this for putting up with such cold weather.
Have a lovely weekend.

Genevieve, I am not sure if A’kin is available here (I might be thinking of Sukin, which I’ve seen at very good prices at Marshall’s but when the reviews I’ve seen aren’t all that great). I’m actually impressed with this A-Passioni cream (what a daft name!) – one of the few DE products that has impressed me. It is $92 here in the Great White North but I think I might actually buy it once I’ve finished the sample (I’d like to wait til Sephora has their next 20% off/VIB sale but I’m not sure when that is….but mark your calendars because it will probably be ONE WEEK AFTER I actually do break down and buy this at full price!

Weatherwise, it has turned mild-ish here and there was a big rain-storm this morning but now the temps are dropping like a stone and all the water clinging to the shrubs is freezing and the wind has picked up something crazy (they’d warned on the weather report about seriously damaging high winds). Honestly the weather here seems to change almost hourly!

Yes, I find Sukin’s products to be so-so – and I only use their Chia Seed oil now. I found their moisturisers had a strong botanical smell to it that put me off.
What a shame A’kin isn’t easily available so you can try it.
And it is SO true about when you buy something full price, the sale is on the next week. Although I have been lucky with some of the staff at our beauty place Priceline, they have whispered to me about sales. One of the girl’s there is a former student of mine too…how time can fly.
Our weather is backing to boiling hot and will be that way for the next week or so. So over summer, I can tell you.

Mariella, I was literally born on a Friday the 13th! Plus, I’ve been the very blessed human to 4 all black cats, too. The 1st one my Mom named Samantha after the 60’s show Bewitched, 😂. While I don’t subscribe to either witchcraft or superstitious beliefs, my Mom’s side of the family were VERY deep into all that jazz.

I’ve had 2 black cats – that’s one “superstition” I don’t buy into. My first was Emma (after Mrs. Emma Peel) and the 2nd was Midnight (named by my 6 year old son, as she was technically his cat). Jordy (my son born on the 13th) was actually born on a Monday but he’d have been born on Friday the 10th, had hubby not been out at a business lunch somewhere. This was in the days BEFORE cell phones and I’d already gone past 2 due dates; my ob/gyn sent me for an ultrasound to see what the heck was going on and found that the baby was transverse and he wanted to do the C-section right then (concerns about chord prolapse) but we couldn’t reach hubs. I was sent home with the instruction that if there was even the slightest trickle of fluid or any indications that labour might be starting to get to the hospital IMMEDIATELY. Fortunately, there was no crisis and we checked in Monday morning and he was in my arms by afternoon.

Oh, I love the Emma Peel (The Avengers) reference! That was one of my dad’s favorite TV shows ever, so we never missed an episode.

As for your son, thanks to God above that nothing happened over that entire weekend and that everything went so well in the end! Going overdue is such a stressful nightmare. Both of mine had to be induced because they went WEEKS over their respective due dates. Carrying transverse is interesting….I carried my daughter transverse for almost the entire 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Which made my tummy look enormous! Got asked quite often if I was having twins, lol!

Now that’s fascinating because we had a dog named Emma, named after Emmaline Pankhurst the English feminist.
My youngest son was a transverse baby and he came a couple of days early. He was meant to be born on July 6th, but the OB thought that July 1st was a better date. for the planned C- section. But I didn’t want him to be born on a Wednesday – you know ‘Wednesday’s child is full of woe”. However he confounded us all by wantining to arrive on the Monday – June 29th and that was better for me because Monday’s Child is fair of face. And was indeed quite fair.

Haul: I went a little crazy after three months of being good, lol.

I was captivated by a gloss Andrea Ali used in her Fresh and Glowy Makeup Look (YouTube), so I ordered it from Neiman Marcus. It was from a brand I’d never heard from before, Nude Envie. I got the color Affection. I was kicking myself for ordering it, as it was unlikely to be anything special and I don’t need another gloss. Fortunately, the gloss turned out to be a winner! I have been pairing it with Bite’s matte Creme lip crayon in Glace (MLBB), and this may be my favorite nude combination of all time.

I went to Chicago Tuesday and spent three hours in the Nordstrom beauty department. I was a beauty advisor for Lancome for eight years and I really enjoy the environment. I was chatting with the La Mer beauty advisor, and pretty soon we had a group of advisors and customers talking about our families, sharing pictures and playing with make up. I bought the La Mer cushion foundation and then ended up over at Chantecaille, where I purchased Lip Chic lipstick in Gypsy Rose and three Mermaid eyeshadows in Starfish, Hermatite, and Lion.

I thought I had definitely done enough damage, considering I’m supposed to be on a low buy, but Kat Von D has 50% off on their 10th Anniversary Brushes, which we’re already on my wishlist, so I had to get those too.

Weekend: Haven’t seen my grandchildren in a few weeks so we’re have having a Reuben dinner at my house on Saturday. I just picked up A Star is Born at Redbox for our Friday movie night. The rest is the same: gym for RPM Saturday, weight lifting routine and cooking for the week ahead on Sunday.

Updates: I have a blocked tear duct and the eye doctor won’t be able to see me for another three weeks. I’ve had this eye issue for five weeks now and another three weeks just seems beyond the realm of possibility. I am tempted to buy tons of eye makeup in anticipation of being able to wear eyeshadows, liners and mascaras again, but I will refrain. The Chantecaille shadows and Viseart Liaison are waiting in the wings for my recovery.

Superstitious? Generally, no. But I do have a special memory of my son Jesse wishing I didn’t have to go to work so we could spend the day together. Right then we saw a dragonfly and I said to him, “Maybe I’ll get called off work.” And I did! I only got called off three times that year, and that day just happened to be one of those days❤️.

What a lovely story about Jesse!
I think I might be going to another eye doctor re your tear duct issue as that is far too long to wait.
And they are beautiful products that you have bought Tammy, so I am sure you are going to have fun with them when you can.
Enjoy your dinner with your family too.

Haul: A bunch of the new Natio lipsticks, Rosewater Deep Hydration mask plus an oil free moisturiser for the husband, several of the Colourpop lippie balms, Tony Moly Red Apple hand cream (so cute!) and I ordered a BH Cosmetics 10 piece brush set for my SIL 🙂

Weekend plans: I’m going to pull out all my Sydney Grace and Colourpop pans and rearrange them in magnetic palettes. I assembled them as I went along and they’re good but I think I need to mix things up a little. It’s supposed to be stormy and wet all weekend (yay!) so I’m cooking Indian food and chilling on the couch!

Superstitious: Nah. I do some small things for luck but that’s more habit then anything else. I don’t go around tempting fate though, because while I’m not in any way religious or even very spiritual, I do believe there are forces in the universe that eventually balance the scales, so to speak.

How do you find the Natio lipsticks CeeBee? I haven’t tried them myself because most are in rosy kind of shades that don’t do well on me. But their blushes are good.
What a lovely way to spend the weekend re-organizing your singles. Cooking Indian (if it’s Butter Chicken, I am jealous) and chilling on the couch is my idea of heaven.

I really like them, I find the range really wearable but yes, most of them are quite rosy toned. There are some more tawny shades, like Nectar and Enjoy, Sienna is a bit more red with a brownish undertone, which is lovely.
I gravitate to the mauve and rose tones, like Delight and Beauty!

Quite a few of them have a very lovely pearly shimmer, which I adore. They’re not super long lasting (but not bad either!), have a nice creamy texture and I find them very moisturising!

(and yes, it was better chicken and I made cheese and garlic naan from scratch too and everything was divine!)

Fanatastic news about Mellon’s blood resutls Christine, you must be so happy!

Haul: Nada this week.
Rediscoveries: Using my Art Deco lipstick in Indian Summer – a really pretty shade of russet brown.

Weekend Plans
Friday – we had Lachlan over and he was much enamoured of the work being done behind our house to the playground paths and car park. Lots of diggers, dump trucks etc. We spent a long time at the park.
Saturday – a drive in the countryside and lunch at a country restaurant.
Sunday – all the basics, including food shopping.

Superstitious: Not really, although I do believe in St. Anthony, the patron saint of lost things. I have appealed to him a number of times in my life to find lost things – and it has worked.

WOW Melan, good job on the blood work. You are so lucky to have a mommy who follows your health so carefully and makes sure you are getting what you need to thrive.

Haul: I have spent a little money on beauty related products but everything was for my daughter except for one lipstick so I will include her products too. I have been pretty good on my no buy and this is the first beauty related purchases this year. I picked up a ColourPop Blur Lux lipstick in Alchemist for myself and two of the new eye liners. I can’t remember the names but they were the purple and the blue shades. I also purchased two of the KL polishes before they are gone. Both are for my daughter also. She had always wanted to try and intended to buy the KL polishes but just never got around to it so not sure when the company is actually shutting down but didn’t want to take a chance. So, that is it for my purchases.

Weekend plans: Undoubtedly will be shoveling more snow. We had some sunshine this morning so I was able to get out and clear another path to the car and made a quick run into town for a Drs. appt and to pick up some groceries but almost as soon as we got home it started to snow again. Suppose to snow all weekend and most of next week. I am hoping they are wrong as I need to take my daughter to the airport in Spokane on Thursday. I wish I had a camera on me as we had finished digging out the driveway and then needed to get over to my propane tank to check how much propane I had left. I was using a ski pole to balance but I was in front breaking snow and ended up sinking in the snow up to my mid-thighs. Well, I tried to stand up on my own but I couldn’t and the more I tried the more I sank. My daughter dropped her pole to come and help me and she was trying to help by pulling on my arms but I was rotated backwards so she had to go around behind and leverage me up using my jean belt loops. Now, my daughter is just 5’3 and I am 5’8 I weight more than she does. That coupled with the depth of the snow for her, it was quite a sight. I told her I wished we had gotten it on camera because I would submit it to America’s Funniest Home videos. When we got home from town we were carrying groceries in and both noticed this hole in the snow with all these flailing marks around it. Too funny. She was concerned that if it had happened and she wasn’t home, how would I have gotten up and I told her I would have crawled through the snow to the bench and then levered myself up. Yea, right, like that was going to happen. I am buying snow shoes before next winter!

Superstitious: Not in the least.

I believe you’re in Montana. I’m above you in Alberta. We’ve been getting some snow but not that much. I am driving my husband’s 4×4 very slowly on the side streets, it’s like driving through very thick icing, you can’t make any fast turns. I hope your trip to Spokane goes well.

The storm patterns have been very strange this year. We have been getting more storms coming from the East which is really weird for where I am in Montana. So far, when the weather forecast calls for snow we haven’t had much and then when they say we are going to get 1-3″ then we get 2-3 feet. I always take the forecast with a grain of salt. I am lucky in that being retired, if the weather seems iffy we just leave earlier and stay a night or two in Spokane. I love Alberta. I can’t tell you the number of times we have gone up through Waterton Township, Pincher Creek, Banff, Lake Louise and then over through B.C. to Vancouver and then back into the U.S. It is one of our favorite drives. I always tell American’s travelling with us that you can tell when you cross over into Canada and it isn’t just the boarder crossing but you magically don’t see any litter on the roadsides and then when you come back to the U.S. that is all you see along the road!!

We did have a very warm winter until February hit and then it has been the coldest February in 83 yrs. So yes the weather is strange this year. We always drive down from Calgary through Montana to Vegas. The beautiful scenery in Montana is the best part of the drive. When we drove back after New Year’s the roads were a little dicey through Montana but not too bad. Driving out to the coast to Vancouver is another drive we do all the time. My family is there, hopefully we will moving out there in the next few years.

I can’t help it, I’m giggling about you getting stuck in the snow – you told it so well I could just picture it! Much love to Aislinn for rescuing you 😉

(please be safe and warm, always!)

It was a sight to behold, that is for sure! Every once in awhile, I have to be reminded that Mother Nature is stronger than we are and while it may look like a 20 yard walk across the snow, to something within your sight, can have disastrous results. I honestly don’t know if I would have been able to get out without my daughter’s help. I was wearing big lace up boots and I know I could have done it if I pulled my shoes off and then walked or crawled but there was no way to get my boots off. You know how you do something stupid and it is funny as all get out until you realize it really could have had disastrous consequences. Luckily, I still have all my toes!
Hope all is well with you and your family.

OMG Deborah, that is both funny and serious all at the same time. It’s the kind of thing you can look back and laugh at, but at the time it would not have been funny at all. Snow shoes are a must in your climate I think. Good luck with the trip to Spokane.

Thank you, Genevieve. I am surprised I haven’t purchased snow shoes before now but usually I just blow the snow up to my car and then out of the drive to the county road, which is maintained by the county. They come through with big snow blowers and sanding trucks and are good about keeping the road open. The only problem when they go through is that they push the snow to the sides which creates a huge berm where my driveway meets the county road so that has to be blown or dug out first. I don’t usually venture off the beaten path but this is my first year having propane and the tank is away from the house so I am lucky to have learned my lesson without any serious injury!!

Haul/Rediscoveries :Maison Margeilla’s new lemon fragrance and some Silk scrunchies.

Weekend plans: Working and some family commitments.

Are you superstitious?: Only oddly enough about the ides of March.

I’d like to snuggle right up to Mellon right now. Glad the blood work was good.

Haul/Rediscoveries: My PMG Fetish Mascara came. It went on smoothly, fluffy long glam lashes were on my face all day. It clumped a touch and transferred under my lower lashes a touch. I will have to powder under my lashes tomorrow.

Weekend plans: Our weather has warmed up a bit but we have our annual outside curling party tomorrow and it will carry on into the evening and it will dip down to -20C. I have every warm piece of clothing pulled out to wear. When I have a hot flash I will be taking everything off too! It will be nice to see all of our high school friends. We have lost a few of them last year so we need to get together’.

Are you superstitious?: I won’t walk under a ladder but otherwise I don’t think I’m too superstitious.

I hope the weather stays ‘warm’ enough for you to enjoy your curling party – what a lovely idea. Is it a Scottish game?
-20 sounds pretty jolly cold to me.

Hi Genevieve, I think it is Scottish. They always have the Sccotty Tournament of Hearts so that would make sense. It ended up being -18 and I moved around the whole time it was my time on the ice so that I could keep warm. Our friend keeps everything warm at his property with wood. He had a fire pit going and a wood stove in the food shack and we kept warm believe it or not. Ever since the ground hog saw his shadow Mother Nature decided to give us this blasted cold weather to remind us that she is in charge lol!

Hi Genevieve, yes, the sport of curling has its origins in Scotland. It was brought to Canada by Scottish emigrants, and is an established winter sport in Canada and its popularity has expanded internationally.

Haul/Rediscoveries: I’ve been eyeing shade-shifting eyeshadows for a while. I first saw them on Beauty News on YouTube, and apparently there was one specific indie company that was making their name with them (sorry, can’t remember the name of the company), but I held off. I recently noticed that Notoriously Morbid had shade-shifters named after Neil Gaiman’s Eternals — Dream, Desire, Death, etc …– and that sealed the deal … there was no resisting that. Got a couple couple lip products in unusual colors (Mother Night, Winter Wraith, Beyond the Pale), and a couple balms (Picard, Sisko); also an eyeshadow called Bones of Your Sins (which I was actually intending to use as a highlighter, but I’ll accept it as an eyeshadow if that doesn’t work out).

Weekend plans: I’m in the mood to clean.

Are you superstitious?: No. I sometimes say things like “knock on wood” and similar, but I don’t actually do things (or avoid things) that are tied to superstitious beliefs.

Haul: Sephora (redeemed a Rouge Reward) – Natasha Denona Bloom Blush & Glow Palette, Natasha Denona Mini Nude Palette, and Milk Longwear Gel Eyeliner (Brown), with Pat McGrath FetishEyes mascara sample. I’m fascinated that the ND Bloom Palette can be as bright or subtle as you wish. Loving the experimentation.

Weekend Plans: It’s going to be a messy weather weekend, so planning to be indoors working on projects and watching NHL hockey.

Superstitious? A little. I won’t walk under ladders (or over grates on sidewalks for that matter). I’m a bit more alert on Friday the 13th. If my NHL team was winning home playoff games, I’d keep the same regime on those days.

Haul/Rediscoveries: Bobbi Brown Crushed Liquid Lipstick in Juicy Date. Honestly, I grabbed this so I could get the Pat McGrath Labs Fetish Eyes Mascara free trial, plus I had a gift card that took care of half the price, so I figured why not. It’s a really pretty color and feels really nice on the lips. Plus, the mascara is almost a full size of product, so it was a great strategy IMO.

Weekend Plans: Currently at work. My sister had a baby on Thursday, so I was in charge of my nephew this weekend until she was released from the hospital on Saturday. Current mood = exhausted, lol.

I don’t consider myself to be not superstitious. I don’t buy into a lot of things, but I don’t really mess around with ghost and spirits just in case it is real. I don’t want any problems from an entity that I cannot see.

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