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  • Haul/Rediscoveries: MAC Art Library palettes, Good Molecules serums, Natasha Denona Duo Glow Shimmers/All Over Glow Face Powders
  • Weekend plans: I have some photographing/swatching to do Saturday morning for sure! Otherwise, same as usual – mostly blogging!
  • Do you enjoy grocery shopping?: When I have time to browse and snoop, yes, but if it’s just to pick up what we need? not so much, just feels like an errand!

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Haul: My Suva Beauty Mystery Box arrived! – it contained 4 moisture matte lipsticks in Strange, Imagination, Sphinx, and Abstract Thoughts (2 of the shades are a little streaky, but overall it’s a nice formula), liquid chrome illuminating drops in Trust Fund (which I’ve really been loving), the Protege palette, 3 brushes, and 2 chrome hydra liners in Bakwas & Lustre Lilac. It was $50 and came to a total value of $200, the best part is I am going to get use out of most of the items.

Rediscoveries: still using the Pat McGrath Mothership V palette, and I’m really loving it. I’ve also been using my Artist Couture Diamond Glow powder in Conceited. I have 4 full-sized and 1 mini of the Diamond Glow powders and the tiniest amount goes such a long way, I don’t think I’ll ever get to the bottom of one of them. You need a “blink and you missed it” amount to get a blinding highlight.

Weekend Plans: we’re supposed to get a snow storm which hopefully won’t happen b/c we had to reschedule my sister’s baby shower from last week to this week b/c of the ice storm that happened.

Do you enjoy grocery shopping: no. I have to grocery shop for my job, and it’s a pain. I don’t enjoy it for myself, but at least there’s no stress involved.

I hope your sister’s baby shower goes really well. When my daughter in law had hers, it had been at the end of a week for 45 deg C heatwave, so, so glad it wasn’t on the day. She received many beautiful and useful items for her bubby. I am sure your sister will receive some lovely gifts too.

Haul: Nothing. My makeup no-buy is going great! But I need a new eyebrow pencil, so that’s on my agenda for this weekend. I might try a new one. It doesn’t count against my no-buy because I’m at the end of the pencil I’ve been using.

Weekend: Going to a funeral for a friend who died unexpectedly and tragically.

Do you enjoy grocery shopping? Nope. Don’t like cooking, either. But I do love eating! 🙂

My condolences to you. It was my friend’s birthday yesterday and we lost her to a pulmonary embolism in September, very shocking and I miss her terribly.

Haul/Rediscoveries: I found 2 of the Maybeline Face Studio Chrome Extreme powders in a clearance bin at one Shopper Drug Mart but I never saw the display! I really want Diamond Glow from this UK line… might have to order it through Amazon UK. lol

New Milania eyeshadow top coats and PURE PASSION and Soft & Sultry Eyeshadow Palettes came into one of my Shoppers.

Also, the new Loral Concealer and Foundation came in my shade finally and I can test it out!

Weekend plans: Work… need to start sewing for a MARCH con. blogging.

Do you enjoy grocery shopping?: Yes but only at the store that carries makeup. lol I actually like shopping for food though. 😉

Haul: I’ve picked up quite a bit over the last month or so, but some of the real standouts have been the Lime Crime Venus XL 2, 4 Kat von D Metal Crush singles in Thunderstruck (which I stumbled on at TJ Maxx clearance), the new Wet n Wild 10-pans, and a few Urban Decay Vintage singles from Nordstrom Rack (again, clearance) in Plague, Pallor, & Spare Change, and Dive Bar, the Wet n Wild Makeup Locker Foundation, which is amazing, and 3 of the new Milani Bold Statement Matte lipsticks. I’m sure there was more, but it’s been a busy past 2 months, and things are a bit of a blur… In a “non-beauty” related purchase, I finally managed to pick up a pair of 14-eye Doc Marten Vonda boots, in Black/red, which I’ve been lusting over for about 6 months (I haven’t worn them yet, though, because of all the rain…).

Plans: I’m seeing Marc Almond tonight, and my daughter’s Social Skills class was cancelled for Saturday, so I’ll get to sleep in… Then, there’s the weekly laundry…

Grocery Shopping: When I’m able to go to a store other than my local/usual store, I really do enjoy looking for different things my store doesn’t carry. Sometimes, we make a trip out to a Walmart about an hour away, just because they have a very diverse selection. In a household of 4, we have 3 people with very discerning tastes (I just end up with what’s left over, LOL!), which means having to find compromises, or foods that can be prepared in smaller portions, so at least I can be creative on that end…

That sounds like my family too – the husband and son who won’t eat chicken, the other son who doesn’t like fish and those that eat only certain kinds of vegies…… Generally I do a couple of meat/fish options and a range of vegetables or salads. I really know what you mean.

We ARE living parallel lives….my husband is deathly allergic to shellfish (never ate it and only found out when he was having other allergy testing done), will not eat any fish of any kind (and he grew up in a devout Catholic family where it was always fish on Fridays but his mom would let him have a peanut butter sandwich). He also won’t eat anything that was ever on a pig – no bacon, sausage, pork of any kind (this started when we visited his brother who was working on a pig farm while at school). My daughter and son in law won’t eat mushrooms which really complicates brunch as the nicest, easiest breakfast/brunch casserole recipe I have that DOESN’T contain bacon, sausage or ham DOES have mushrooms. My older son loves the Greek pasta salad I make but he picks out all of the olives! How nuts is that???

Now that’s interesting Mariella – my husband won’t eat pork either because when he was working in an agricultural pump business he had to visit a pig farm…. well, you know the rest! He does like bacon though. None of my family are fans of mushrooms, but I can hide them in casseroles.
It’s lucky that your husband never tried fish as a youngster as it could have been quite disastrous for him. Just as well he found out about it.
And my younger son picks out the olives in the Greek salad I make too.

I don’t think he’s allergic to fish – he just doesn’t like it. It’s shellfish (specifically shrimp but perhaps lobster too) that is life-threatening for him. My husband won’t eat bacon or anything that tastes “bacon-y”. I made a wonderful roasted potato soup that contained smoked paprika. It was lovely. The first words out of his mouth were “is there bacon in this?” I explained that, no, there was no bacon but only smoked paprika. And this man – who NEVER cooks and would survive on toast and Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup if he weren’t married to me – had the GALL to say “I think it would be better without the smoked paprika”. He’s lucky he didn’t end up WEARING the soup! That’s so funny about the olives and your son too. Like I said, parallel lives on opposite sides of the Equator!

I agree, our lives are completely parallel – especially with both of us being teachers!
Yes, my husband asks those kind of questions too – ‘Has it got chicken in it? when I make a beef caserolle. Or he’ll say, “It’s got a funny taste to it” And he is completely and totally hopeless when it comes to cooking too.
And that Roasted potato soup sounds very nice indeed – both my husband and Olivia do love their potatoes.

It’s the same at my household. You know my two sons have Asperger’s, and my brother who lives with us does, too. They all have sensory issues and are picky, but they don’t like the same things, of course. My husband gets sick from most fish and shellfish. We make meals based on majority rules, keep sauces separate, try to have a few options available for sides, and have easy-to-make alternatives on hand. Even then, it can be a PITA.

My daughter has Autism, and won’t eat anything with meat, but loves nearly every vegetable/fruit imaginable, and is always willing to try something new. Her favorites, oddly enough, are broccoli, mushrooms ,Brussels sprouts, olives, asparagus, and edamame, LOL! My brother, on the other hand, has to have at least some meat in every meal, and won’t touch any vegetable besides bell peppers, lettuce, peas, or corn… So, even making pasta becomes at least two separate meals… Meanwhile, my mom has health issues that require certain modifications, as well, like low-salt, low-fat, & high-protein, which is probably the easiest to work around, since we can all benefit from those restrictions; however, she’s also really picky about vegetables. Also, I’m literally the only one who will eat fish/seafood, so unless I want to make something for myself, I often get to eat those things when we go out, but even then, my daughter complains about the smell… On top of everything else, everyone has such different schedules, so we do alot of pasta & salads, separate sauces/dressings, and lots of extra dishes to wash, LOL!


I developed what I thought was an eye infection about a month ago, so I replaced my mascara and concealer. When Ulta offered a one-day 20% off earlier this month, I placed my order for MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash, EYECO Fat Liquid Eyeliner, L’Oreal Double Extend Lash Extension Effect Mascara, and Too Faced Born This Way Sculpting Concealer. I’ve never used the mascaras before and I still haven’t (my eye is watering daily). I only use tubing mascaras now due to not wanting to damage my lashes through the removal of mascara so I thought I would give these two a try. (I have never liked a drug store mascara so I am not super hopeful about L’Oreal.) The concealer is my second purchase, I do like it quite a bit (when I can be bothered to wear concealer at all, which is only once or twice a week). Andrea Ali did a life-changing YouTube tutorial called How To Do Your Makeup When You Look Tired and I use the BTW Sculpting concealer to replicate this look at least once a week.

I absolutely love Peach & Lily’s Lazy Day All in One Moisturizing Pads, so I added their Wild Dew Treatment Essence and Glass Skin Refining Serum to my order. I am enjoying these products and plan to try the Matcha moisturizer next.

Now that I am managing my beauty and skincare budget, I actually plan my monthly purchases. This month’s planned purchase was Jordan Samuel’s Hydrate Facial Serum and a 7-pack of skincare clothes. I purchased and have been using his Etoile Retinol Treatment Oil since November (I alternate between prescription Retin A and the oil), and since he recommends the hydrate serum under the oil, I figured I’d give it a try.

Every month I give myself permission to buy one makeup item for pleasure (or two if there is some kind not to be missed opportunity), and this month’s pleasure purchase was the Viseart Liaison Palette. I haven’t worn it yet (eye issues) but it is so
pretty. It brings me great joy just to look at it, lol. One of the makeup mistakes I’ve made in the past was purchasing too many products in too short a time, making it so that I can’t keep up or really get to enjoy my purchases. Having not bought any eyeshadow products since December, I am like a little girl with stars in my eyes over this one small palette. It’s not that there isn’t anything bigger or better (I’m sure there is) but it’s my one little something and I can’t wait to use it!

Weekend plans: We got a surprise opportunity to go to Chicago on Tuesday, so I will be getting my hair trimmed and going out for Valentines in the Windy City on Tuesday! I am so excited for both!!

My son graduated from Air Force bootcamp on February 1. We flew out to Texas on January 30, in the midst of a very dangerously cold weather system (it was 19 below zero the day we flew out, with windchills close to 40 below zero). We were lucky our flight wasn’t cancelled. Graduation weekend was amazing and emotional. Our son is now at Keesler Air Force base in Mississippi, and he began training for his job in radar and weather systems technology. I am so proud of him and still miss him so very much. We sent him care packages this week and he said getting homemade meusli, organic dried fruit, clothes and his computer was “better than Christmas,” lol.

I have always enjoyed shopping. I did our shopping with my son Jesse every weekend, and when Jesse left December 4, my husband had to shop with me the first few weeks because I was so grief-stricken by Jesse’s absence. I am looking forward to doing a little fun shopping this Tuesday in Chicago?

The Matcha moisturizer is great. I have oily skin and really like it, a little goes a long way. If you’re on the dryer side, I think you really enjoy it. Once I get low on my current essence, I’m going to give Wild Dew a try. I like the Glass Refining Serum, but not as much as the Drunk Elephant B-Hydra serum, so I won’t repurchase it once I run out


Nothing beats DE B-Hydra for me. I don’t mind using two serums together, or having “weekend” skin care, but B-Hydra is definitely at the top of my list for must-have skin care. Glass Refining Serum is just something to throw in my routine to try something different.

My skin is combination and I struggle with some oiliness in the summer, but this winter has been so brutal that my skincare routine is definitely focused on preventing dehydration and dryness. I layer up with hydrating essences, serums, spritzers, moisturizers, and oils. My combo skin feels heavy after I get done with my morning routine, but when it’s about 5-15 degrees Fahrenheit outside and the wind is racing across the dead fields of corn and soybeans, I feel my skincare needs to act like armor to shield me from the elements.

The Wild Dew is good, but so far none of the essences I’ve tried have been able to compare to the ridiculously expensive Estee Lauder Micro Essence. I may have to get a second bottle during the spring Sephora sale.

WOW Tammy, Jesse picked a highly complex and stressful field. I saw the pictures of graduation, as you know, and you all looked so happy. I would send care packages to my daughter when she was at college and although I only lived 3 hours away, she really enjoyed just receiving something from home. Have you been to the eye Dr. to see what is going on with your eye?


Jesse did pick an interesting career field. His education is set to take 7 months, which is a long time to be in tech school. He is housed with the air traffic controllers because his job is to maintain the equipment used by the air traffic controllers. Air Traffic Control school is only four months, as a comparison. Air traffic control is actually one of the most stressful jobs, and apparently somewhere around half of the students in air traffic program are not going to make it. Jesse is so glad to be on the tech side. He was describing the type of equipment he is learning to use, maintain, and repair. He was blown away by the cost of such equipment and says he now understands more about the national debt, lol. He thinks he is in over his head, but he’s studying hard, already passed his first test with a score in the 90’s, and we’re hopeful he will succeed.

I will be going to see an eye doctor. The referral has been made and I expect they will call this coming week to schedule an appointment. My oral surgeon thinks the tear duct might be blocked, which causes the eye to constantly be working to irrigate the eye. My eye waters all day long, but whenever I bend over, blow my nose, or sneeze, quite a bit of fluid comes pouring out of my eye.

Yes, a partially blocked tear duct would account for the watering and also Dry Eye Syndrome which actually is manifested by watering eyes. Seems a little counter-intuitive but the same principle applies in that the eye tries to counteract the decrease is fluid production and bathes the eye continuously. In any event, it is good to see the eye doctor. Sometimes with a small blockage you won’t feel a lump where the blockage is at but gentle massage along the duct might help to break it up.

Funny story, when I was working at a hospital in California, I noticed a lump under my tongue and had myself convinced it was a tumor and I was going to die. I didn’t do anything about it for a few days and then one day an ENT was on our floor checking another patient and I asked him to look at it. He did and told me that it was a blocked salivary duct and to come to his office after work and he would take care of it. So, he took a small metal probe and inserted it into the opening of the salivary duct and threaded it up to the blockage. When the blockage broke up my mouth was flooded with all this old, yucky saliva. Horrible. I couldn’t rinse my mouth fast enough. He had me massage along the duct 4-5 times per day to keep it open and no problem after that.

Tammy, I enjoyed reading your post and can really relate to what you are saying. I have taken the same approach to my makeup/skincare purchases. I have a son in the Army who just left to Honduras for a year. Prior to his departure, he left his bullypit dog for me and my husband to care for in his absence. I have never had any kind of pet in my life so it has been a stressful adjustment. I go through a blue period myself when my son deploys or returns home after a visit (it never seems to get easier). One would think I would be used to it by now because he has been in the Army for awhile. However, I cry everytime! I periodically travel to the Navy base in Gulfport, MS for my job so I know exactly where Keesler is. Even though our sons are physically absent from our presence they are very much connected to our hearts. I know this was a long reply (LOL!) but I just wanted to share that with you. Have a great day! 🙂

Another military mom here too. Our son is permanently stationed in Edmonton Alberta by choice (he’s a combat engineer and the best combat engineer regiment in Canada is there). I know that sad, empty feeling when they leave from a visit home. Our boy is likely going to Florida for a course and then will be going to Ukraine for his next deployment (he has always been hoping for Iraq; we, his parents, have always been relieved it HASN’T been Iraq but at the same time, we do want to him what he wants for himself).


I now have several friends who have adult children in the military and have discovered, through them, that the missing part lasts as long as our children are in the service. I do not want to imagine deployment, as it’s been so hard to just get through the past ten weeks. We will try to make a trip to Keesler this summer, just to maybe see him for a weekend, but it looks like he won’t be able to come home for a visit until sometime between September-December. After tech school is done, he will take leave to come home, but then we don’t know what’s next. One of the hardest parts of my grief while he was in boot camp was knowing 8 weeks was just the beginning. He will be gone a minimum of four years, and if he meets a life partner or decides to stay in the military, he might never come home again (to visit, yes, but never to stay). I know every goodbye will always make me cry, and part of my heart will always be wherever he is stationed.

Thank you for sharing.

I hope your eye infection is getting better. One of my son’s had both a bacterial and viral infection in his eye after swimming. We ended up at a paedatric eye specialist. So if your’s is not clearing up it could be that you have both types of infection going on. Always annoying and worrying.
Your son sounds really clever and I hope he does well in his new position – a very important one too. No wonder you are proud of him and miss him so.
Enjoy your time in Chicargo and I hope you get to pick up something lovely and special (if it’s on sale that will be even better!).


Yes, I am so excited to see what catches my eye! We don’t get much fashion/beauty here in central Illinois. It’s always so much fun to go to a major city and see what’s new.

Haul/Rediscoveries: I got the Claropsyche palette by an artist I like (Juliana Horner). I was inspired by spring Maryam Nassir Zadeh runway show and want to try diffuse spring watercolor-y looks. Can’t wait to try it!
Weekend plans: Maybe see an indoor garden and a contemporary art show.
Do you enjoy grocery shopping?: Nope. I got rid of my car because I live in an urban center, so it’s a bit of a schlep. Also, now that I’m trying to eat more plant-based and be more zero-waste, there’s more planning involved. I’m hunting for items for the first time like tapioca starch, black strap molasses, nutritional yeast, and cream of tartar, and using reusable bags to buy produce and whole grains and nuts in bulk.

I know it’s so hard to change your diet. Try to stick with it. After I had my appendix out I had such bad intestinal issues I did the FODMAP Diet and discovered I am lactose intolerant. At least now I know what to avoid. I make my own cereal now because it is much healthier and my stomach issues are gone. I have discovered so many other nutritional dietary additives to add to my meals I love to experiment and feel that I have more energy and feel healthier.

Good on you for trying out the plant based diet – my daughter in law is heavily involved in that and is into the zero waste movement, although with two little children it can be tricky. She often brings over dishes for us to try and we are loving it ourselves. Both Anika and I have lost a lot of weight (which we both needed to) over the past couple of years and I have never felt better.

Haul: MAC Lip Pencil in Hover. Love MAC lip pencils as they have that hard, powdery feel that gives sheer matte tint as opposed to those very waxy formulas like MUFE and Charlotte Tilbury, which I don’t like at all. Hover is a nice caramel nude—Half Red has been my mauve nude for years and I was looking for a warm alternative. I often wear them alone with balm or sheer lip over top. I just find them more natural than full coverage lipsticks, they’re almost imperceptible and simply look like your lips are that color.

I really don’t like grocery shopping—I have a deep hatred for all errands and avoid them at all cost. I like thinking about meals and cooking but the shopping is such a chore—and of course if you want fresh produce you have to go once a week or more. Never ending cycle lol but I’m trying to train myself to appreciate it.

I think they’re very “old school” nowadays and people probably prefer the soft and pigmented types. But those are almost a cream lipstick in a stick form so I appreciate the classic formula from MAC. Plus they look clean when you sharpen them and don’t turn into a jagged mess.

????: Valentine’s gift from my hubby — Viseart Liaison Eye Shadow Palette. Other — NARS e/s in Matcha. (Sale) Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipstick in Demi Glace. (Sale) NYX Land Of Lollies — HL in Confetti Glow; Glossy Lip Tint in Grape Jelly, Lolli-Lolli, and Sweet Cheeks; and Sprinkle Town Duo Chromatic Lip Gloss in Spark of Magic.

??????? ?????: Celebrate Valentine’s, as hubby works split-swing and couldn’t get off early this year. We’ll get a nice dinner, and I’m not sure what else.

?? ??? ????? ??????? ?????????: No, I hate it. It’s boring and costs a lot of money, ha ha.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your husband Rachel – that’s a lovely gift he chose for you.
With my grandchildren over here every other day, I am always running off to the supermarket to buy fresh fruit, veg and food. It sure does cost a lot of money!
On another note, their washing machine has broken down and you will never guess who is now doing the loads? (and loads and loads)! Just as well it is sunny here at the moment….my poor washing machine is on all day long.

Gosh, I remember how much little kids can eat. It’s mind-boggling! My sons are in their early 20s, but still eat like teens. Even though one technically doesn’t live at home, he’s over here all the time eating our food. lol He and his roommate leave me laundry pretty regularly, too, if my son isn’t able to do it. They switch off using mine and the roommate’s sister’s washer and dryer, because the coin machine ones at their apartment complex gets really expensive.

I hope you get some relief from all that laundry soon!

Mellan is such a cutie! I love giving animals chest and belly rubs.

No haul this week. We’ve been snowed in and postal/UPS deliveries have been suspended since last week. Not sure when I’ll truly get the packages out there that have been held by both USPS and UPS. Definitely makes me not want to buy anything, that’s for sure.

This weekend, I plan to try to assess the damage to plants around the house, assuming the snow washes away completely. Situation looks dire for them right now, but many are still buried.

The only time I enjoy grocery shopping is when I’ve got the time and am able to find the best items for daily meals. Most of the time, it’s just another errand for a limited period of time, and since my husband likes grocery shopping more than I, it’s an admin task that he usually does.

Vicarious belly rubs gladly appreciated! Nothing like giving (or getting?) a good belly rub and neck/chin scritch. My Scunci loves belly rubs, which most cats do not! ???

Haul: No makeup, but I did get one absolutely beautiful top! A dusty purple and black ombre knit with tied slitted sides and an under panel of black chiffon, so no skin is actually exposed.

Weekend plans: Hair and nails, meeting on Sunday.
UPDATE: And also trying to deal with the aftermath of the diagnosis I received on Monday at my cardiologist followup appointment. The other shoe dropped. And HARD. Sure, they found no blockages of my main arteries, but they did, however, find a thickening and stiffening of my ventricles causing “diastolic dysfunction” and a LOT of fluid in the pericardium and surrounding. I’ve been told that I have Stage 2 Congestive Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Factor. Placed on Lasix and potassium horse pills, told to reduce my fluid intake and cut the sodium in my diet way down. Told that if I do not, this will get much worse, and based on the fact that the symptoms have hit me like a bomb over just the past year, it would go downhill from here quickly if I am not fully compliant. My son will likely be moving in with me as my certified caregiver just to help out with household stuff and in order for someone else to be in the home JIC something were to happen, then they could call for help.

Do you enjoy grocery shopping? I really kinda used to. When I knew that I was going to be cooking for others and wanted to hunt down all the specific ingredients, that was seriously fun! Even now, I still do occasionally. Again, mostly when I’m trying to get all the ingredients called for in a GF cake or something else more interesting than the usual standard fare. I’d love to learn how to make GF DONUTS!

I am glad they have found out what was wrong, Nancy, although the diagnosis is not as benign as you would hope. Sometimes just knowing is at least a relief. Stage 2 CHF is very treatable and with preserved left ventricular function you have a good chance of eliminating any symptoms and having a normal life expectancy. If controlled now you can prolong progression of the symptoms and really lead a normal life. In some cities they have outpatient CHF clinics that check in with you periodically to make sure everything is okay and they will work with the Dr. to make sure the medications you are taking are having a positive outcome. We used to weigh our patients daily and if they had more than a 2 pound weight gain, we would prescribe an extra dose of Lasix. ACE inhibitors and Beta Blockers will likely be added if you aren’t already taking them. As you probably know now, their are 4 stages of CHF and there is a drastic difference between stage 2 and stage 3 so it is worth it to work at keeping any progression at bay. I am just glad that they were able to find out what was happening because at least you know now what to treat. When there isn’t a diagnosis you are really just treating symptoms and not the root cause. If having your son live with you is a help then I think that is a great idea. I wouldn’t presuppose that it is not a good idea but you don’t want to be adding any stress to your life, at this point, so hopefully that won’t be the case.
You have a significant advantage over us chunkier girls as you are so thin that any hiding fluids will show up quickly. I could probably hide 100 pounds of fluid around my body and not know, LOL!!

Deborah, thank you for giving me some sense of hope and an ability to see a light at the end of the tunnel after what has been one very upsetting week! I really needed that, especially after reading the book they sent me home with. I have actually been on a Beta Blocker for around 15 years now to treat hypertension and arrhythmia. Now Lasix has been added to the mix, along with those huge potassium capsules. I’m supposing ACE inhibitors are not far behind. I’m already watching my sodium intake more carefully now that I’ve been told to do better in that regard. The fluid intake, though…that will be quite difficult come late March when it can get start getting a bit hot. I’m fearing summer, for real!
Have got to say, I’m quite flattered to hear that you think I’m skinny, because that’s just my neck and face! I’m a solid size 12 and 14 with a bubble butt (not gonna admit my weight, though ?).

So sorry to hear your health news, Nancy though it’s good to know finally what the problem is. Wishing you well as you go into this treatment plan and make changes to keep this condition from progressing. You can do it, Nancy!

Hi Deborah, a note to let you know how much I enjoy your replies to Nancy, both the critical techical knowledge you impart and your encouraging, compassionate words. I think you put us at ease, too!

Thank you Tracey, 40+ years of nursing should count for something!! It is always hard when giving unsolicited advice and knowing when to stop so that you don’t scare the c**p out of someone, is difficult also. This is such a supportive blog and I feel like I am chatting with friends so sometimes I just can’t restrain myself.
Over my years of nursing I have found that many Drs. do not know how to communicate with their patients and I can’t tell you the number of times I have stood at the bedside and listened to the Dr. talking to the patient and knowing they were not getting any of it or that he was overwhelming them. They would all act like they heard and understood and didn’t have any questions for the Dr. and then as soon as he was gone I would get 100 questions. It is there job to tell patients about all aspects of the disease and potential treatment and side effects but sometimes they don’t know how to customize that to the patient.

She sure does, Brenda! And so I definitely will listen to her. Plus, I’m going to look into whether we have something over here in Scottsdale in the way of a CHF clinic or something. My Doc is a over in Phoenix.

Thank goodness you found out what was really going on Nancy so you can take the right steps to prevent your medical situation from getting worse.
And thank you to Deborah for putting all of the information you have given us Nancy into a perspective – which sometimes isn’t provided.
I hope that by having your son move in with you will be a positive step and that you both will help each other out.
I also hope that you are able to access a CHS clinic to help you manage all of this so you are not feeling so alone. Best wishes Nancy and that top sounds beautiful.

Oh dear, Nancy – that diagnosis sounds almost like science fiction (I am not trying to minimize at all, believe me). MIL (age 94, bless her) has lived with congestive heart failure for around 10 years or so. My husband has had atrial fibrulation (a form of racing heart) for years; for the longest time, it was controlled with medication until it became uncontrollable (for a time, we were at the ER once or twice a week). He had a procedure a year and a half ago and, knock wood, has been pretty well since (minor episodes). So there is lots that can be done, my friend, and I’m hoping lots of good things can be done for you. On the bright side – no sodium in eye shadows (or if it is, I don’t think it can be absorbed!)

Mariella, to be perfectly honest, receiving this particular DX has *felt* like something sci-fi and almost an out of body experience. Like 100%. I actually secretly thought that I may have contracted Valley Fever instead, as that’s fairly common here. But CHF? Uh, no. It is manageable and treatable, thank goodness, but still. I’m so glad to hear that your husband did get relief for his A-Fib! That’s a scary one, too. That your MIL is still hanging on after 10 years with this and is 94 makes me feel more hopeful and encouraged! Obviously, some people are surviving it with proper treatment, so there’s that. 94 isn’t so unexpected, but not *quite* 60 is what has me standing here with my jaw on the floor. It’s a shock.

So sorry to hear your health news, Nancy though it’s good to know finally what the problem is. Wishing you well as you go into this treatment plan and make changes to keep this condition from progressing. You can do it, Nancy!

Nancy (((((((HUGS)))))))))). I’m so sorry about the diagnoses, but I’m glad it was caught and you can take meds and change diet to fight it. I’m glad your son will be able to move in with you and be your caregiver.

Aww, thank you Rachel! Yeah, having someone here is prudent for me, I suppose. But, I’m not particularly thrilled about sharing my space with anyone really. All I can do is hope that this living arrangement works out for him finding better opportunities over here on the East Side, and that he doesn’t drive me crazy crazy either! I do believe that Deborah has a good point there about that. He has done a bit of maturing over the past 11 years since he last lived in my home, thank goodness!

Haul: Just did an order on Macy’s for some new underwear from the Calvin Klein INVISIBLES line, the bodysuit and bralettes looked incredibly comfortable and well fitting! Gotta love Presidents Day sale (or any sale).

Rediscoveries: Clinique Pep-Start eye cream… and Clinique in general as a brand. Products are simple (both skincare and make-up), but they simply work well for me.

Weekend plans: On Saturday I plan to do I hike if the California rain eventually stops. 😆 On Sunday I have Cirque du Soleil Volta tickets… can’t wait for another great show!

Do you enjoy grocery shopping?: I enjoy it a lot… I love the whole process on planning meals, choosing recipes, cooking, shopping for groceries, discovering new foods.

Mellan is such a sweet boy. Thank you for sharing pictures and videos of him.

Haul/Rediscoveries: haul, my husband surprised me with the Coy palette. It has such a delightful color story! I used it with my bridal satin and neutral matte, I haven’t used any eyeshadow for a long while and It’s really nice to be able to break them out.

Weekend plans: stay at home with the little one, it’s my husbands weekend to work and it always feels so long! One of my friends will be coming over to visit tomorrow so that will be nice too. I’m also planning to stick to my daily afternoon runs. It’s good to burn off some energy through exercise and clear my mind, I never run with music!
Also, I’m planning to start studying again at night once my baby is sleeping.

Do you enjoy grocery shopping?: Yes, cause there’s always a possibility of finding something new and cooking something good!

How old is your little bubba? It does feel like a long weekend when you are home with your little one and I hope your friend’s visit will help you pass the time. Is he/she sleeping through the night yet?

Awww Mellan ?

Haul/Rediscoveries: Marc Jacobs fineliners (dove and grape), MJ Steeletto palette, UD Brow Blade, Guerlain foundation

Weekend plans: I have zero plans for the weekend. The weather is nasty; got out only a couple of times this week with the dogs snowshoeing. Probably Netflixing.. Season Two of La Trêve (The Break) Yoann Blanc is brilliant! Lots of piano practice keeps me from getting bored.

Do you enjoy grocery shopping?: No! I love cooking, but I hate grocery shopping. I’m ultra fussy about quality and take forever to pick out my produce. I check dates on everything. I pack my cart in the way I want to offload my groceries so that they are boxed/bagged into my categories to mindlessly unload when I get home. I do not live in town so groceries have to be well thought out and planned since wasting food truly bothers me.

Have a good weekend!

We just finished season One of the Break yesterday! Great show! We did change the setting to get rid of the dubbing and have English subtitles instead. The dubbing was distracting for us.

I despise dubbing! It rids the program of character (Hotel Béau Sejour, is a good example). I watch all ‘foreign’ content in original language, if at all possible. I have a good base of French and a smattering of German. Launching subtitles is definitely my preferred way to go too.

Haul: YSL Shine Oil-in-Stick lipstick in Rouge Cape (if the wear time was better, I’d go back for 2 more shades but on me, this stuff doesn’t last at all; I’m better off with a cheap gloss from the drugstore, which is disappointing); Elizabeth Arden Lip Fix Lipstick Primer; another Aquis hair towel (I wanted a flat one in addition to the turban I got last week), samples of Fenty loose setting powder in Butter and Lavender (I’ll likely pick up the full size of Lavender in a few days), 3 more tubes of Burt’s Bees Red Dahlia Tinted Lip Balm (I have them in coat pockets, at my desk, in my school bag….). At Marshall’s, I also picked up a KvD Shade+Light palette for under $30. I was going to grab it the last time I was in there and didn’t; I told myself if it was still there yesterday, I’d grab it and so I did. Her birthday is next month so it will be a nice “extra” to put with her gifts.

Weekend Plans: it is Family Day weekend in Ontario and we’l be going to the Royal Botanical Gardens greenhouse with our daughter and son in law and who knows what else….in spite of the crummy weather, I’ve been spoiled by 2 snow days (so no school) this week and now a long weekend!

Grocery shopping: I enjoy cooking so most of the time, I enjoy grocery shopping too but I get irked when they’re out of things I need (been happening a LOT lately) or when inconsiderate people clog up the aisles so you can’t move through. I’ll say “excuse me, EXCUSE ME” several times and they’ll finally clue in and look at me like my request in something they’ll consider….maybe! GRRRRR. Sorry, this question wasn’t about grocery store rants!

What a bonus having two snow days and a long weekend! I am pretty sure the kids here in Aus would like that too, but it never happens.
The Royal Botanical Gardens greenhouse sounds like a lovely way to spend your long weekend. And don’t worry about the grocery store rants – I come home from shopping with them too. I really hate to say this, but retired men – shopping with their wives, are the absolute worst as they park themselves in the middle of the aisle and no-one can get through….

Are we living parallel lives on opposite sides of the equator, Genevieve? I’m of retirement age myself (though still working by choice) but you are exactly right. Maybe of them (the men and the women) perhaps don’t have the best hearing either or are just in a “fog”. My local grocery store is quite close to a retirement residence which runs a shuttle bus for the residents to do their shopping which is I think is a wonderful convenience for these people, many of whom are still cooking some of their meals, having friends over for tea, etc. But I try to avoid those days too – clumps of older ladies sort of clogging up the aisles all standing abreast…”Oh, look Mary – they’ve come out with a new flavour of soup” or “Look at this – cheese with chili flavouring in it! What will they think of next?”

Haul: Nothing!!!!!

Weekend plans: Digging out although it seems pointless since it is still snowing and predicted to snow daily through next week. My daughter and I dug out the driveway the beginning of the week and then again yesterday. Digging out the driveway, you say? Yes, my snow blower is encased in a block of ice. We had a huge ice storm with wind and sub-zero weather and I had forgotten that I had left the snow blower near the front porch so that I could access it easily when I needed to start blowing. Well, it was completely encased in ice when we went out to blow yesterday. We tried ice melt, hot water, which since it is so cold, just froze and made the situation even worse. I doubt it will be liberated before late spring. Right now I am just hoping our propane lasts until they can get in to fill. Worse case scenario I will turn on the electric furnace so no worried unless the power fails. So, I am going to spend the weekend crafting. I am actually working on Christmas ornaments and elaborate mixed media cards for family next year. If I don’t start early I will never finish. I think my spirits are a little better so I am feeling more optimistic.

Like grocery shopping: Yes, I don’t mind grocery shopping but it is rather boring and I really dislike carrying the bags in and putting stuff away. It is a necessary evil though. I am not much of a cook so I tend to make the same things and during the summer months my daughter and I tend to eat at the restaurant in the town that is 25 miles away from us. We eat there probably 2-3 times per week. Sometimes it is cheaper to eat out when there are only one or two of you since keeping so much on hand means things inevitably go bad and you have wasted your money. Frankly, I envy Eloise as the hotel life is the life for me!!

Oh my, I had no idea the snow could be so bad for you. What an absolute nuisance it is….
Hopefully you don’t run out of essentials, like fuel.
I love eating out – even though I enjoy cooking and considered a really good cook, I just get sick and tired of it. The cleaning up as well….


We had an ice storm pass through some areas where I live and work early in the week. I drive to eight different family medicine clinics during the week, so the driving got pretty treacherous. One clinic parking lot was completely covered with a 1/2 layer of clear ice, and it took me about 10 minutes to get from my car to the door (it was only a few yards away) without falling. One of the most memorable moments happened when I left one clinic to drive to another clinic. Everything was covered in ice–the trees, the dormant grass and shrubs, the empty fields–and the sound of cracking and popping ice filled the air. I wanted to take a video for the sound effects alone, but I was afraid I would fall if I tried to get my phone out of my purse.

I know the weather is so much worse where you are. I cannot even imagine. I hope you make it through without losing electricity. I am wishing you an enjoyable week (or more) of hibernation.

Certainly the ice is the worst part of winter here I can deal with snow, well at least I could if my snow blower wasn’t encased in ice! I have fallen so many times on the ice and dread falling as I know that one of these times I will probably break something. Two years ago I was trying to get up my brother’s driveway which is about 1/2 mile long. About half way up my car got stuck in the snow. I got out to walk up to his house and get him to come and help me get out and a few feet after cleaing the front end of my car, I hit ice under snow and fell over backwards, landing on my back and bashing my head into the ice. I laid there for a few minutes, assessing whether I was okay or not and although I saw stars, I thought I was okay. I tried repeatedly to get back on my feet and every time I did I would just fall back to my hands and knees. I crawled over to the tree line, used a tree to stand up and then walked back to my car holding onto the trees. When I got to my car it dawned on me that I could just call my brother from my cell and he could come down. Why I didn’t think of that before getting out I will never know. The funny thing was that in getting out my phone and preparing to call my brother, I became aware that I didn’t have my glasses on! I had to get out, get over to the treeline, stagger through the snow up to where I fell and try to find my glasses. They were on the other side of the driveway so I had to get down on my hands and knees and crawl across the drive and then back to my car. I don’t visit my brother in the winter unless he has plowed his driveway!!

Oh, dear Lord, I didn’t know the ice was so bad in your neck of the woods. We’re so lucky that we only got a dusting of snow in my town last week. We had that bad snow/ice storm a couple years ago, and that gave me my fill of it for a life time. I feel so bad for the parts of the country that were experiencing sub-polar temperatures. I can’t even imagine that!

What a delight Mellon is! He still loves his tummy rubs.

Haul: Nothing this week.
Rediscoveries: I have been use my Charlotte Tilbury The Rebel this week and it is a lovely set of greens.

Weekend plans:
Friday: We had Lachlan over on Friday and after Olivia’s swimming lesson and play date with a friend, she came over to our place as their parents were going out for dinner. We took the children to a nearby hotel for dinner that had a perfect play room and a children’s entertainer, who organised games and drawing with them. The children really enjoyed it and we were able to eat our dinner in relative peace. So we all had a great time.
Saturday: A fairly quiet weekend is on the cards after some busy weeks and weekends. The weather is reasonable too. Some much needed house cleaning to do…
Sunday: I am going to visit my twin sister on the other side of city. We will probably do some clothes shopping together.

Grocery shopping: I love going to markets and speciality shops to have a browse, but supermarket shopping is routine and that is not as much fun.

Haul/Rediscoveries: Garnier Micellar Water for Waterproof Makeup (can’t rave enough!!!) REN Atlantic Kelp Anti-Fatigue Body wash & lotion: smells suspiciously like my night time This Works Deep Sleep body wash & lotion. Both smell good. Stila Metallic Liquid Lipstick (stayed on for hours!), new Luxie brushes really made a difference

Weekend plans: photography for my ebay store, assembling some dinner chairs that came from Amazon, mopping the house

Do you enjoy grocery shopping?: Generally despise, unless I’m cooking something good and have time to browse and be creative. Hate that I always get home and forget something important.

Nothing like a good belly rub hey Mellan?

Haul/Rediscoveries: I broke my no-buy. I ordered the yellow, red, teal and purple, the pink was out of stock. I’m looking forward to playing with them. I also ordered the PMG Mascara.

Weekend plans: No plans for the long weekend. It’s Family Day on Monday here in Alberta. I believe it’s President Day in the US. I am heading down to my basement to start clearing out the crap down there, it’s going to take me months and months. It’s still so cold here I don’t even want to go outside, and we are getting a little bit of snow again too.

Do you enjoy grocery shopping?: Same with me Christine, when I have the time to look around and see what’s new I don’t mind.

Goodest good boy, Mellan. I could watch you all day (and may have to, bec the Westminster dog show was on zero basic cable, and I can only YouTube bits and pieces.) Jussi may be my valentine, but clearly his is Patticake. He brings out the worst cute aggression in me! Was trying to replace a couple of Asian bath products, and haunting the local marketplace was worth it. Under 10$ apiece is so much better than 60USD for 2 on YesStyle! No cosmetics, but did damage at American Giant, LL Bean, and a huge mother box from Stash Tea. They changed the computer system at day job at the worst possible time, with everyone being out of compliance, and I was left off the list for accessing 2/3 sites. Not by the mgt at my sites, but by IT. Every third word was the f bomb. Between that and the gizzard fiasco at night job, I was really ready to get an appt for Lamictal again. Have NEVER been that angry and frustrated. Rediscovered some cheerful reds, notably Tarte Miami Vice, and the PF
?happy booster in the rose shade. I was so mad, that the diffusion of angry red had passed, and I was ashen. Cheerful was needed. W/e: nothing different, except finding places for all that tea! Food shopping: well, hate the idea of it and ‘eat down’ the refrigerator and cupboards, but don’t mind it during the process. I dislike crowds, so shop at opening. If it’s busy at Trader Joe’s or other markets, U turn and out the door. Same with Sephora or Ulta!!

First, I so miss Trader Joe’s. The closest one is in Spokane, WA and that is three hours away. Whenever we go I stock up!
As for grocery shopping, I worked nights for almost 23 years and by nights I mean graveyard shift. On my nights off I would hit the 24 hour grocery stores and do my big buy shopping. So much nicer when you are practically the only person in the place. The other advantage was the stockists would be putting out fresh things so I got a lot of produce that was fresh off the truck.
I empathize with your work IT troubles. Every few years our CEO would get a burr in his butt and change our entire system. I always seemed to end up on part of the training team and it was always a nightmare. Since I worked in the hospital and there were 5 affiliated hospitals, 2 county hospitals, 2 Kaiser hospitals and 2 competitor hospitals and they all used the same medical program. Could we use the same program……NO. Lets put in a completely different program that doesn’t talk to any other program. What a mess. I was so happy to leave when I did.
I have been staying off of YesStyle as I have no impulse control on that site. They keep sending me discount codes and begging me to come back. I just have to keep shoring up my resolve. Have a great weekend!

Haul/Rediscoveries: Charlotte Tilbury Super Nineties – it’s beautiful tbh. It fades so much better than Very Victoria, a lot more rosy and less tuggy as well.

Weekend plans:A girl at my second job had a death in the family so I’m working her shifts this weekend. Otherwise going to try and clean my closet a bit.

Do you enjoy grocery shopping?: Honestly I love it. With a list, without a list … I just love food too though.

Helloooo Mellan!

Haul: Suqqu Design Color Eyes quad 124 and Glow Touch Eyes (liquid eyeshadow) in Shine Grape.

Rediscovery: Cream eyeshadows. I intentionally want to use cream eyeshadow products more regularly, especially cream shadow sticks, so am incorporating at least one cream product into my daily makeup regime.

Weekend Plans: Going to the symphony Saturday night, and decluttering the livingroom and diningroom on Sunday when it’s supposed to snow lightly all day.

Like grocery shopping? Generally yes if I go off peak hours. I put our menu together and source the products, and I like to see what’s new or on sale in the store. The grocery store I shop at is really good: fresh fruits and veggies, great assortment of meats and fish, (and cheese, of course), clean looking displays, easy to move about, always someone around to ask for help or info, and they bag groceries according to how you put them away. The experience is enjoyable unless the store is busy, then I go in, get my items, and leave but find it stressful.

Haul/Rediscoveries: Half an ounce of Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy (a Valentine’s gift from my parents, along with Skittles and Kit Kats) and Maybelline ColorSensational Shine Compulsion 110 Risky Berry (a Walgreens exclusive shade) lipstick
Weekend plans: Ran errands yesterday, worked all day today. My aunt’s birthday is tomorrow, and the whole family’s eating at Olive Garden.
Do you enjoy grocery shopping?: Yes, when I have time to browse and don’t need to rush home. Luckily, I don’t need to hurry very often!

Haul: ABH Sunset quad and Physician’s Formula Butter Lipstick in Pinkini.

Rediscoveries: Physician’s Formula Healthy Foundation and Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick in Musk.

Weekend plans: My mom is coming to visit for a long weekend! I haven’t seen her since Christmas, so I’m so excited! And she’ll be able to spend some quality time with her grandson too.

Do you enjoy grocery shopping?: I absolutely hate it. I’m thankful that the store I routinely shop at has an online shopping and pick up option. I don’t think I’ve gone truly grocery shopping in about two years and I’m so happy about it!

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