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  • Haul/Rediscoveries: Stila Mystere liquid eyeshadows!
  • Weekend plans: My parents arrived late this week, so I’ll be spending time with them, hanging out and the like. My mom and I have a dinner date on Saturday as a belated birthday celebration (from me to her).
  • Do you have any resolutions for the new year?: I do not!

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I think Mellan deserves a labrador-sized stocking full of toys, treats, and other doggy goodness! 🙂

Haul: Dior Rouge Blush in Hologlam. This was my last makeup purchase of the year, and then I’m going on a low-low-low-buy!

Rediscoveries: I’ve rediscovered MAC lip pencil in Soar, which I bought ages ago and forgot about. What an incredibly useful shade!

Weekend Plans: Visiting family, getting my car serviced, and going to another Christmas party!

New Year’s Resolutions: Lose 10 pounds, use the makeup I already have instead of buying anything new. I hope I can make this the first year of my life in which I actually stick to my resolutions!

HAUL: I tried two of the Nars Powermatte liquid lipsticks (Starwoman and Under My Thumb) but I was just not a fan at all. They dried up in 2-4 hours on my lips and got all crumbly feeling and streaky looking. I love Nars but returned them. The Estée Lauder ones work for me for like 12 hrs so I shall stick to those.

I want to try a low buy for the year. Makeup especially but also clothes and homewares, basically everything. I need to declutter a few rooms in my house majorly. I tried both of these last year and was going great through the spring but then I had a few weddings, bachelorettes trips etc. over the summer and fall, and then Christmas so it really fell apart the second half of the year. Trying again!

I got the Urban Decay Elements palette, and the Too Faced Then and Now palette from Sephora, both for $60.57 Canadian…what a great deal! They arrived early this morning, I’m looking forward to playing with them over the weekend!

Haul/Rediscoveries: Nope….

I did get a new office chair for my Birthday as my old one literally disintegrated with the faux leather finish.
For Christmas a Dremel Rotary Tool Work Station that is a drill press converter and stationary Belt/Disc Sander. Tools…….. My god Tools!!!

Weekend plans: We are celebrating my Mom and I’s Birthday later on this week but he gets to open her presents tomorrow.

Do you have any resolutions for the new year?: get a new job…… more like prayer at this point.

Happy New Year, everyone. Peace and health to all of us.

Haul: Sonia G Worker 3. My first from her. I was hoping it would be smaller but I loved how it applied the heavier PMG shimmers.

Weekend plans: It should be quiet. All my year end chores are done.

Resolution for the New Year: I never make any.

Haul/Rediscoveries: Flower Beauty blush pot in Warm Hibiscus, Flow Beauty blush bomb in Nectar, Dose of Colors Friendcation palette. I swatched Warm Hibiscus on my hand and all I could see was the golden sheen, but when I apply it on the cheeks it comes out to a beautiful rose color, but the sheen doesn’t stand out as it did on my hand. The Friendcation palette swatched great on my hand except for the black color with glitter. The mattes overall applied great so far. Can’t wait to play with it more.
Weekend plans: Clean, sort out clothes I’m going to donate, eat well, sleep well, go for a run.
Do you have any resolutions for the new year?: I’m training to run 3 5Ks this year. Other than that, generally taking care of myself, continue with my therapy, keep up the good grind at work, read 10 books. That’s about it 🙂

“Well, Mama, if I fits…” – Mellan 💭

Haul: Just picked up a new tube of Maybelline Full & Soft WP mascara, plus 2 b/up pans of WnW Reserve Your Cabana. WnW may be dc’g it, and it is my perfect wintertime setting and finishing powder. Also received my PMGL Omi in the red packaging. Perfect MLBB lipstick for me, as it gets rid of the pesky bluish tinge my lips have lately.

Weekend plans: I think I may just envy almost anyone else’s weekend, lol! Going for that 10 MG. Remicade dose infusion tomorrow. Yay me. Not. Sunday, listen in to my meeting. The following week, it (thankfully) moves to 1 pm, which means getting to go in person again!

New Years resolution: Never have, and never will! Although, as it does mark out a starting point that’s clearly identified on a calendar, I am going to be using it as a beginning to a super low-buy year. Just skincare, replacements of products that expire or get used up quickly, and almost NO color cosmetics. I definitely have way too much in the way of color cosmetics. This has negatively impacted my enjoyment of what I do have. One last hurrah on Monday! A small one, though!

Thank you, Rachel. I am so nervous about it that I think I may have only gotten 5 hours sleep last night. Damnable insurance decision!

Unfortunately, I heard about the discontinuation of Reserve Your Cabana on one of Tarababyz videos, I think a week ago. She bought as many backups as she could find! I bought 2, but left the 3rd one JIC somebody else was searching for one. Terrible news, though. 😕

I hope all goes well with your remicade dose infusion tomorrow – is it a painful process Nancy? Or do you feel awful afterwards?
I am just buying skincare replacements as well, as I have absolutely no need of any other colour cosmetics….except for the Melt Smoke Sessions green palette. I don’t like the aesthetics of why the brand named it ‘smoke’ – rainforest shades would have been more apt, but I do love those green shades. So I may weaken, it depends on how many dupes of the shades I have.

Not really, Genevieve? But that’s probably because I’m just so used to it after 9 years straight of receiving it. Only rough if I get a nurse who has trouble finding my vein! I do feel some trepidation over the dosage being doubled, however.

Mmm, yes to all you wrote about Melt Smoke Sessions! Because I do have Huda Emerald and quite a few other green eyeshadow singles and small palettes, I *may* pass. I think I may be more interested in the spring Viseart palette, possibly?

WHAT???? They’re going to d/c Reserve Your Cabana??? BLAST and RATS! I wish I could remember where I found mine so I could get a back up (WnW is available at Walmart and a few other places in Canada but very badly maintained and usually not very complete at all).

According to Tarababyz, yep, they are. If you manage to find backups, grab ’em up! I cannot understand why they would be doing this, either. It is such a popular finishing powder that works great on even my winter skintone!

Not sure about the WNW Reserve Your Cabana but Tara said during her haul last Saturday that it was being discontinued so she picked up quite a few. It is her powder of choice for setting her neck after applying sunscreen. If it is your HG I would stock up before it is gone!!

Hope Remicade infusion is going well. Good luck and take care of yourself!!

Deborah – so far, so good with the double dosage! It did have me much more exhausted for longer than usual. 3 days of feeling like a dishrag! But once that lifted, I’m the same as usual.

Unfortunately, yes, WnW has DC’d the favorite setting/finishing powder of many. I stocked up by buying whatever I could find on clearance. However, Rachel included a link that seems to indicate that *perhaps* WnW only renamed and possibly reformulated it. Hope it is still just as nice as the predecessor!

Glad to hear that the Remicade infusions are going okay. I know what you mean about wiped out. Every time I got my chemo I felt like a wet noodle for several days afterwards but since I had a 5 year old at home I couldn’t really just lie around. In some respects that was a good thing but there were days when I didn’t think I was going to make it. Sometimes I could convince her to take a nap with mommie but many days she had after school events so no nap those days. Try and rest when you can. I mentioned to my oncologist that I wasn’t one for taking naps during the day and he told me that while going through chemo I should do what my body asked for so I felt justified in trying to nap some days.

Surprisingly, my local grocery store carried the WNW Reserve Your Cabana powder. It is kind of random since they don’t stock much else. I picked up what they had left because I do use it in the summertime when I need to set my sunscreen on my neck. I hate the feeling of tackiness that having anything on my neck gives me so to make sunscreen bearable I use it. I will never understand why brands discontinue things that obviously many people buy. It just doesn’t make good sense to me.

Mellan, best stocking stuffer ever!

*Haul -I’m on a low buy so this is about a month’s worth of stuff

Sephora $20 Gift Card – Pat McGrath Mini Matte Trance Trio Lipsticks in Skin Show –disappointing, as my 1995/Flesh 3/Omi look significantly redder than any of swatches from various bloggers

MAC Shiny Pretty Fix+ Party Pack – mini sprays of Coconut/Rose/Lavender , Matrix Biolage Colorlast Shampoo ( 33 liter bottle for only $13.50 at JcPenny’s) , Supergoop City Sunscreen SPF 30, Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover, Paula’s Choice SPF lip balm

Ulta 20% off – FAB 5-in-1 Age Delay Face Cream with SPF 30, La Roche Posay Lipkar Balm Body Cream (thanks for the rec Michele!)

Weekend – recover from holiday hosting duties, spring cleaning

NY Resolution -keep to a low buy and shop my stash. I have tons of great products, need to use them more

Haul: In December I bought very little, which is fine considering my purchasing was robust from August to November. I purchased the newer Born This Way Sculpting concealer, and though I wasn’t initially interested, I did buy the Huda Nude palette. Both are great products. I also picked up Chanel’s Venise fragrance, which I had been pining after for several months. I love the fragrance but I do wish it lasted longer.

Weekend plans: REST.

It makes me sad to post here today, as do many activities that I usually enjoy. I am doing some grieving. The last time I posted, my son was still at home. As many of you already know, my son (and youngest child) joined the Air Force and left for boot camp on December 3rd. Jesse and I were very close, and to say I miss him doesn’t begin to capture the feeling of his absence.

Apparently I am not alone in the emotional upheaval I am experiencing: there are private Facebook groups started for each flight of trainees who enter Air Force bootcamp, and these groups are there to provide emotional support, especially for mothers. I had no idea how stressful it could be to have a child join the military (and it probably isn’t stressful for some parents). The anxiety I felt from the time I dropped him off at the recruiter’s office until the moment I knew he had arrived at Lackland Air Force base still makes me sick to my stomach (36 hours). Then waiting for his call, another 36 hours (he wasn’t allowed to talk, just give us his mailing address). Then not hearing anything else for the first two weeks, and I don’t know what was worse, him being gone or worrying about what he was experiencing. We finally got a letter on Dec 21, and a second one on Dec 22. These letters at least created a point of connection, but did not relieve my anxieties. It wasn’t until the let him call home on Christmas Day and I heard the happiness in his voice that I knew he was okay. And now I am free to return to my grieving, without the added anxiety and worry of the past 26 days.

Rest is at the top of my list for the weekend. Jesse’s departure is not the only thing going on in my life. My husband left his management position in November and we are adjusting to his new job and our change in income. We had a great deal of sickness in our family throughout November and December. In the ten days leading up to Christmas, my daughter and two of my grandchildren were in the emergency room. My littlest grandson had a confirmed case of influenza with a double ear infection on Christmas Eve. My daughter’s thyroid became swollen, they found multiple “spots,” she had a biopsy gone wrong (don’t ask) a couple days later, and it’s very likely she’s going to have her thyroid removed. I have been sick (just a virus) since December 20th, and I’m so thankful to be off work today because I am too sick to work. Likewise, my daughter-In-law is equally ill, and she too finally had to take a day off work today to rest. Did I mention the daughter with the bad thyroid had pneumonia in both lungs this month? She’s has two babies (ages one and two) so this hasn’t been easy for them.

Also this month, my coworker and friend put in her resignation at work, and her father’s death from cancer on December 17 made an already difficult month even harder. I kept having thoughts of saying goodbye to each of my children as they’ve left home and thinking forward to the time when our goodbyes will be of a more permanent nature, as I have experienced the death of both my parents and watching my friend say goodbye to her father brought up those feelings again, except this time from the perspective of being the parent, not the child.

So yes, rest. And a pathetic story to boot! You lovely people won the lottery with me today, lol. Hopefully you will all indulge my blue mood. I promise I will feel better again, and when I do, I’ll share it here.

New Year’s Resolutions: Survive? But seriously, I follow a podcast called Happier and I’ve heard some good ideas, such as setting 19 (achievable) goals for 2019 and picking a one word theme for the year ahead and matching goals to fit the theme. I heard someone say to only set goals for things that bring you joy, and I like that, because too often we use the New Year as an opportunity to try to force ourselves be better people. We only get this one chance to be here, so I say pick some goals that will make you happy.

Some thoughts:

1. Listen to more podcasts
2. Go to more movies
3. Take more mental health days

I hope everyone is recovering from their illnesses. What a nightmare! Your family had gotten hit so hard this year. I’m praying 2019 will be better to you and yours.

I’m sorry you had to wait so long to hear from your son. I’m glad he’s doing OK.

Rachel, My daughter was the one who pointed out our family had its first “blue Christmas.” We have been fortunate to have so many wonderful years and holiday seasons together. I am hopeful for better years and better holidays in the future.

Oh Tammy! It has been a seriously tricky and difficult time for you both over the past couple of months.
I can understand your concern re your son entering the military – it’s a very different world and you have loved and nutured your son all his life, so someone else is now ‘responsible’ for him. It’s also a time when he is setting out into the world and becoming very independent from you and you aren’t able to share his experiences with him, as you would if he were still living at home. So it is perfectly natural for you to grieve over his absence.
Compounding this has been the continuing illnesses of your family. My daughter in law has an over active thryoid which needs to be monitored constantly. It sounds pretty horrific how the biopsy went wrong… and hopefully the situation can be resolved. Before she gets her thryroid, has she thought about getting a seond medical opinion on this?
Having pneumonia as well shows how exhausted she must be and I hope she has received good medical care (like a stay in hospital) to get over this one.
There can be nothing worse than having one of your grandchildren sick – poor little bubby with the double ear infection and influenza. I know that this year has been the Year of the Hospital with our grandchildren, with croup, broken elbow and swollen glands.
He must have been very ill and in a lot of pain. These things can flare up so quickly with infants.
I hope that your husband is feeling less stressed already and happier in his new position and the loss of the income will not bother you over time.
Personally, I feel privileged that you are able to freely share the ups and downs of your life here Tammy, so that those here, who are your internet friends, can offer words of wisdom and consolation.
Many years ago I read somewhere that for good health, you need to see and do something beautiful each week (they also said to lose weight, eat healthy foods, drink water, sleep well) and I have taken this to heart since. So every week I go somewhere with beautiful scenery (a drive), have a lovely meal out, cuddle my grandchildren, enjoy my coffee, read this blog and read a good book. Less is more.
Take care Tammy and have a good rest.

Thank you for your thoughtful reply. Having a child leave for the military is radically different than having a child move out of my home. I can’t see him or talk to him, he’s 18 hours away, bootcamp is challenging, I don’t know where he will be going after bootcamp or what job he will get, and I don’t know what changes are in store. My other three children live close to home and I see them every week or so. Jesse will be gone for FOUR YEARS, and there’s a real possibility he will never return to the area again. We are a very close family and I want him to be part of it.

It’s likely my daughter’s thyroid issue is not over or under active. We will know more when she sees the endocrinologist on January 8.

I like the idea of doing something beautiful for my myself every week. This is a perfect New Year’s resolution.

Yikes Tammy, can’t believe all the cray stressful stuff that’s been going on lately! It’s too much all at once, when it rain, it pours. I truly hope things will go better for you and your family in 2019

Tammy, my older son has been in the military for coming up to 6 years now, I think. He’s a combat engineer in the Canadian Forces and we were totally floored when he told us he was joining. J has always been our “gentle giant” – everyone who heard about this had the same reaction – “J? In the MILITARY???” He had just finished college (Dean’s List and 2 job offers) but decided he wanted to try something different and that he also believed in “life long learning” (I suggested taking a cooking course….that didn’t go over well!). But, you know, as much as we miss him dreadfully (he is stationed in at 1CER which is in Edmonton, Albert, which is the best Combat Engineer Regiment in the country, and we are half a country away in Ontario) and I often worry (among his “jobs” is diffusing bombs! you can imagine how I feel about THAT), he has advanced and been promoted, had amazing experiences and really grown and changed. He’s home now for 3 weeks and I’m just savouring every moment. You have certainly had a LOT to deal with over the past months and worries about your daughter’s health must weigh very heavily. I do hope you can find it in yourself to triumph over all of this and not let it bring you down.


Wow! Diffusing bombs? I would be sick to my stomach with worry 24/7. I have a friend whose son diffuses bombs for the army (he has had two tours in Iraq), and when she talks about him I am just in awe of HER strength, because she is his mother and she has to function in the world knowing her son has a dangerous job. I am absolutely certain of one thing: No one loves my son more than I do—not even himself—and I am more vulnerable to the outcomes of the choices he makes.

The hardest part about parenting for me is that all my children take my heart out into the world with them and I cannot control whether or not it gets broken.

Three weeks at home? I hope and I pray Jesse will be able to come home for more than just a couple days at some point in the future. Two or three weeks would be so much better than a weekend. I will keep his room ready💙

Oh my, Tammy, what an absolutely awful month you’ve been having. I am so terribly sorry. Please don’t call yours a “pathetic story” though, because what you’re dealing with at the moment is a virtual tsunami of troubling events! We are here for you, my friend. I do hope that you take the time to rest, relax and refresh. It can be so difficult with so much weighing on your mind and heart, I know. ❤️

Oh my gosh, Tammy. I knew your husband was thinking about leaving his job in management as he wasn’t enjoying it anymore but hadn’t heard that he had made the leap. Congratulations to him on taking that step. Sometimes it isn’t about money and you just have to do what is going to make you feel better and have a happier day to day experience. I knew you were dreading Jesse leaving for the military. Sorry to hear it is so difficult for you. I dread the day my daughter is ready to fly the coup and I actually hope it comes sooner rather than later. She is caught in this web of guilt over taking care of me in a small town in Montana or moving to the big city, hopefully Seattle, where she can work in her field and have a life. I daily encourage her to go but she isn’t ready to leave me yet. It is a regret that I have about moving to the country. I didn’t think through how it would impact her. I remember when I left home for nursing school and my parents took me to the airport. My mom was sobbing so I was sobbing. Even my dad got a little teary eyed. I think it is hard on both sides and is made harder when we have really close relationships with our loved ones. You know with your social work background that part of the acting out during teen years is to make that separation easier. I never had that with my parents and doubt you have had it with Jesse.
I hope things look up for you in the New Year, or for that matter, for all of us!! After reading comments today I feel like the makeup industry might take a big hit in 2019 as we all are going on low or no buys, LOL!!
Saw your Christmas pictures on IG and regardless of what was going on, you all looked beautiful. Seems like the holiday season flew by for me so I am sure before I think about it I will be decorating for Christmas 2019.
Take care, Tammy.


Thank you for sharing. Maybe if you tell your daughter to go to Seattle ahead of you and prepare a great life for both of you, she will be willing to forge ahead. I know Jesse was sitting on the edge of enlistment for three years and I was probably the main reason he held back. One day last summer we had a long discussion about his wanting to join the Air Force, and I told him he needed to do it. (I’ve wept many times over my words of encouragement, but not in front of him, at least not intentionally. He did catch me crying once and told me I could make him change his mind.)

You’re right, we had no rebellion from Jesse. My oldest son, Ian, was commenting this Christmas that I would not have even attended Ian’s Army graduation (he never made it past MEPS), and he was right. Ian’s adolescence was so rough that when he left MEPS to return home, we had rented him an apartment and moved all his stuff out. My husband took him from the bus station right to the new apartment.

Yes, the cosmetics companies have overwhelmed many of us in 2018. My low buy is already one month underway. It’s easier for me right now, as I have barely any interest in spending money, unless it involves seeing Jesse.

Haul: I picked up a couple of single shadows from Coloured Raine in the shades Intergalactic, Date Night, Chameleon, Ladyship, Unexpected, Bay Breeze, Malibu and Forbidden. I also purchased a Satin Lip in Cherry Blossom and a highlighter in Luxurious Bling. I used a gift card to purchase.

Weekend plans: Nothing really. I got the door cut through from my bedroom to my craft room so will spend most of the weekend moving everything out of the craft room to install carpeting and then have the pellet stove put in. I will be living in what looks like a furniture store for awhile until the furniture from that room can go back. The room use to be my garage and serves as a craft room, guest room, sort of mini-den so there is actually quite a lot of furniture from there and to put that into an already furnished room means we will be living in rooms that have a small path through them! Hopefully that is motivation to get it done relatively quickly.

New Years Resolution: As stated in the daily question, I don’t usual make any resolutions but this year I am committed to spending less on makeup and saving that money towards our trip to Europe at Christmas time.

Someone’s got the Europe bug! I would say spending Christmas in a European environment would be sensational – particularly from one who spent it in the sweltering heat this year.
I hope all your moving happens quickly so that you can enjoy your new room and your bedroom becomes a warmer place this winter. Is your daughter able to help you?

What a cutie Mellan is. That’s an awfully big stocking though!

I got the LH MMII quad, a couple extra WG brow brushes, some backup brow gel and eye cream and a new oil to try (Peach & Lily Pure Beam Luxe Oil).

My plans this weekend are to mostly nurse a sprained toe that I got from running into the door frame in the dark on Christmas Eve. 🙁 Just relieved it’s not broken…

I don’t usually make new year resolutions.

Happy New Year to everyone!

Ha ha, I sprained my toe on the 21st (racing to stop a cat from chasing a fly through Venetian blinds and the table got in the way) so I feel your pain…

Happy New Year to you too! 😀

My hairdresser broke her middle toe on the baby gate (that they no longer need) to the stairs at her place. She had many rude words to describe the pain and the fact that it was broken making it hard to walk. Hopefully yours will heal soon – but it is incredibly painful.

Haul: I got some L’Oreal Color Riche Shine lipsticks after Deborah S. recommended Map to Nirvana (and it is gorgeous!) plus a corally red shade and a couple of pinks. I also picked up the L’Oreal Cherry my Cheri (which is not very cherry coloured at all) eyeshadow palette and the Australis Matte & Metal palette, just all nice neutrals with some peach and plum shades. They were all on sale and I had giftcards, so.

Weekend plans: I’ve been on holiday for a week so I didn’t even realize it was the weekend, honestly. I have a family dinner on Sunday night but no definite plans other than that. Try and come up with creative ways to use up the leftover Christmas ham – so far I’ve made savoury muffins with ham, cheese & mustard, potato, ham and pea hash for brunch with a fried egg on top (both delicious) and last night I made a ham, caramelized onion and rosemary pizza, which was amazing. I made a tactical error by giving the cats little scraps each time and now I can’t go into the kitchen for anything without being bombarded with feline attention 🙂

NY Resolutions?: Nah, not even.

Hi CeeBee, glad to hear you are liking the Colour Riche Shines. I think they are a very comfortable formula to wear and easy to apply. Except for the nudey shades, I think I have all of them. So easy to just pop in my purse and whenever I need to apply I can do so without really having to have a mirror to do so. Hope you had great holidays down there in your sweltering heat!!

Thanks Deborah – I got 4 to start with and now that I’ve had time to wear them out and about, I really do love the CR Shines a lot! I wore Instaheaven today and I find them really moisturizing. The formula reminds me a lot of those old Milani lipsticks in the long, thin navy patterned tubes – ( can’t remember what they were called but they were very soft and buttery and semi-sheer and I loved them. So thank you again!!! 🙂

PS. It’s not too hot yet and I have access to a pool right across from work this year, so going back to the office is actually going to be a plus, ha ha ha!

That’s exactly what I feel like doing Mellon – laying down and relaxing after the big Christmas feast.

Haul: I order two Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche lipsticks in Nori and Maple, so hopefully they will arrive soon. It’s not often you get these on sale here.
In the post Christmas sales I focused on skincare: Neutragena’s Hydra Boost day and night time cream for really hot days, Essano’s Gentle Exfoliating Scrub (very good), Burt’s Bees Gentle cream cleaser and a few other things.

Rediscoveries: Besame lipstick in a vibrant orange red shade. Love it.

Weekend Plans:
Friday: It has been swelteringly hot the past few days and our a/c has been going flat out. Today I am getting my hair done, going to a major shopping centre and having a good browse. We will go out for dinner. Tidying up the house, as we had the grandchildren yesterday as their parents attended a funeral.
My elder son and I took them to the local swimming pool (indoor, with water slides etc.) and we spent a good 4 hours there. They were really good and loved the pool.

Saturday: Housework chores, exchanging library books and generally chilling out.
Sunday: No real plans yet, but thinking about the family get together on New Years’ Day.

New Year’s Resolution: To declutter our house. That’s about it.

Haul: From Beautylish Chikuhodo Fuji Makie brush collection , Sonia G Crease2 and Worker 3 brushes.
Sephora Ciate Glitter Storm eye shadow palette, Huda Coral Obsessions eye shadow palette and Philosophy Hope in a Jar moisturizer .all on sale. From Saks 15% off Givenchy Radiant Gold highlighter

Weekend plans: Still getting over the flu despite having taken the flu shot in October. Going out to dinner with my son and daughter before my son returns back to school. Deciding which gifts and stuff I brought to keep or return. Organizing my closet .

New Years Resolutions: To spend more time doing things for myself like traveling and forcing myself to socialize, lol.

Now *that* is a stocking! lol Enjoy your visit with your family, Christine. I wish you and all my fellow readers a Happy New Year!

*CHRISTMAS GIFTS — Pat McGrath Mothership V Bronze Seduction Palette; Becca Glow Macaron Collection; Huda Beauty Emerald Obsessions Palette; Too Faced Tickled Peach Mini Eyeshadow and Pretty Puppy palettes/; Too Faced Throwback Lipstick in That Girl, Hoochie, Pixie Stick, and Marcia, Marcia, Marcia; Too Faced Skinny Dip Makeup Bag; Fenty Beauty .Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer in Fenty Glow. I wanted a couple Viseart Palettes from when Sephora had a bunch of them on sale — my husband got me FIVE, so I hope I like them! I got Neutral Matte, Warm Mattes, Sultry Muse (requested), Boheme Dream (requested — I was really wanting this one!), and Bridal Satin (wasn’t expecting, but it’s really pretty in person!). He also got me Petit Pro 2, which I wasn’t expecting and know didn’t review great, so we’ll see. I’m not sure I really needed the matte palettes, but now that I have them I’ll try them out.


*Sephora — Natasha Denona Mini Diamond & Glow Cheek Duo, Ciaté Glitter Flip Duo in Candy/ Infamous Holographic (sale), and UD Perversion Mascara and Eye Pencil Duo (sale).

*Juvia’s Place (sale) — Juvia’s Place The Tribe and Afrique palettes.

*Notoriously Morbid — Black Friday 2018 R.S.V.P. Collection + Add-On Pack; (the rest were on sale) Morbid Mystery Bag 2018: Cosmic Gloss in Gruss vom Krampus; e/s in Splendid Fireflies, The Claw, Oh My Darlin’, and Wicked Children, and $10 off coupon; Visions Of Sugar Plums Mystic Matte & Changeling Set; Mother Night Diablo Lip Rouge; LE Litany Liners in Santa’s Jelly and Very Elfish; and Semi-Loose Shadow in Phone. Wallet. Keys.

*Chaos Cosmetics — Sisters of Fate Collection Liqui-Gel Multichrome Eyeliners Mini-Tubes and Mineral Shadow in Rev It Up.

𝐖𝐞𝐞𝐤𝐞𝐧𝐝 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐬: My younger son wants me to take him to see Aquaman, so we might do that. I’m hoping to get the Christmas tree down. Trying out the Viseart palettes so I can see whether I need to return any. Hubby and I usually have a nice lunch date on NYE, but we spent the evening at home with our sons.

𝐃𝐨 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐡𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐚𝐧𝐲 𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐨𝐥𝐮𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐧𝐞𝐰 𝐲𝐞𝐚𝐫?: I never make New Year resolutions.

Haul/Rediscoveries: I live in Eastern WA but was out of town for the holiday week in Scottsdale AZ with access to lots of things I’d normally only see online so I’d been saving up some $$ for hauling:

Fenty Gloss Bomb in Fu$$y: pretty lipstick topper for me over mattes. I’ve been missing the more glossy lip look as I think it’s more flattering to my maturing look.

Byredo Pulp fragrance: heard Michele Wang talk about this one and I love it. Someone online referred to it as fermenting fruit which sounds awful but is wonderful and complex in a sea of samey fragrances.

Chantecaille Moonlit Perle Glow Powder: this is the 20th anniversary compact released for holiday with the pearls on the top. I was on the fence about this one until a couple of weeks ago when I decided I HAD TO HAVE IT. It was 50% the product and 50% that magical packaging. Went to 4 stores and finally found one hidden in a back room on hold for a customer who never came for it. Felt like I won the lottery! Haven’t used yet. Just admiring while the mother of all breakouts subsides on my cheek. Thanks so much, hormones in my 40s.

Charlotte Tillbury Light Wonder Foundation in Fair 3: have had this in the past in 4 before I started religiously using sunscreen. Bought again in my search for a light foundation that isn’t awful during my tretinoin peelies. Haven’t used it yet on one of those days.

Charlotte Tillbury Magic Away Concealer in 3: this one is giving my usual Sisley undereye concealer a run for its $$. Hate the sponge applicator. Like the formula and coverage. Friendly to maturing undereyes. Not sure yet if I need to powder or not.

Tom Ford eye quad in Pretty Baby and Natasha Denona quint in Camel: haven’t tried either yet but looking forward to it! The lighting in the bathroom where I was stay g wasn’t good enough that I felt comfortable trying something new.

Tried to find a tester of Tom Ford Lost Cherry to smell with no luck. I love a few TF fragrances but really disliked F’ing Fabulous so cant get myself to blind buy at that cost.

Weekend plans: Clean house. A bit of work catch-up. Wash makeup brushes. Generally Re-enter the world after my vacation.

Do you have any resolutions for the new year?: Nope. I don’t tend to make them as the turn of the calendar alone doesn’t motivate me to create positive change in my life. Took me a long time to realize that.

Hi Shelley,
I shop a lot in Spokane as I live in western Montana. I am always disappointed at the makeup selection there although I should be happy that they have some HE brands. I was disappointed when the Sephora stopped carrying some of the HE brands in store there. I was looking for some things from YSL and couldn’t find it anywhere. The Macy’s at the mall in Spokane Valley doesn’t carry many brands either. So frustrating.
Do you find that the Byredo perfumes last very well for you? I purchased a sampler set last year and love several of the scents but they just don’t last on me. I have heard other people make the same comment. For the price I would like to have it last more than a few hours. In general, I think a lot of newer scents don’t last as well as older perfumes and I am wondering if it is a marketing ploy to make us buy more or whether they are not allowed to use certain things in the perfume that impact longevity.

Hi Deborah,

Yep, while I’m very happy to be back in my hometown after being away for quite a few years, I miss my old shopping choices! I am finding that lately the Spokane Sephora is getting a few pieces from lines they don’t generally carry like ND and PM so that’s kind of nice. They’re tucked away on end caps, in the aisle of doom by checkout and on the displays just as you walk in.

I do find that some of the more popular Byredo fragrances like Mojave Ghost and Gypsy Water just fall right off. I really like Bal d’Afrique but I’m afraid it might do the same thing. Pulp lasts on me. I’m with you on the disappointing last on lots of fragrances. Some of my faves with staying power are Chanel Beige and Tom Ford Soleil Blanc. The orientals always seem to have good last but I don’t prefer them.

Western MT is beautiful! Bet you love living there.

Nada on the cosmetics front, but did replace a hated short, poorly zippered Patagonia down jacket with a cheap men’s land’s end synth fill with a Patticake embroidered on it. Red. Can sit on it and zip/Velcro the pockets without taking the bloody thing off. Love, so far. I wanted to donate the short aqua before it gets too icky to do so. I have two other winter coats that normally are in rotation, but they need work. SSDD, SSDW. Resolutions: not a resolution person, but I relate to the destashing and donation, cut back thing. 70 means facing your own mortality. Anyway, color cos: 1. Mainly no net gain. I have to donate or toss one for everything I buy. 2. Make a donation to charity for every online order, other than replacement skincare. Read (short e)about a great one, too. Read (long e) about Happy, the elephant, if you want to weep. I think it’s Non-human 3. Tighten up the dupe rule, maybe to no buy, if 1 dupe over 90% OMBFG, I have far TMS. 4. Wear more, buy less. 5. Concentrate on healthcare. I have derm-rheum issues. 6. Get more into instructional vids, (for old broads!) like hot and flashy, than cruising new arrivals. Technique, before acquisition. Better skills. 7. No more rouge. Ulta Platinum or diamond is ok, as s/c, h/c, and bath are all Ulta. 8. Tools over color. 9. Work on face/base. Primer, concealer. The no net gain applies. 10. Toss all the nail polish, as will never be able to use it again. So, there’s a 10 step routine, that should trim the stash significantly.

Oh, bad words. I forgot No New Brands! Already worked on that: no Huda, Natasha, J*, Violet Voss, Dose…..Don’t expand on brands you have only 1-2 items, like Jouer, CT, Pat. Leave some brands behind: Lorac, possibly MAC. The way the industry is going now, what once seemed impossible, cutting way back, seems totally feasible.

Haul: Received my Wayne Goss 2018 Holiday Brush. I am swooning over it. My mom, who wears mostly foundation and lipstick asked if I could apply some blush on her. She really just wanted to feel this soft brush against her skin. I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing.

Haul from Christmas gifts: Chanel Le Lion Illuminating Powder, Chanel Ombre Premiere Cuivre Lame, Chanel Hydra Beauty Essence Mist, and Givenchy Midnight Skies eyeshadow palette.

Weekend Plans: Still visiting family. Have gatherings Fri and Sat night, and watching lots of hockey (NHL and World Juniors).

NY Resolutions? I don’t typically but I would like to stop dithering when making certain decisions and I do want to be much more selective where makeup purchases are concerned.

Haul – forgot when I posted last, but I have been wearing my new TF quads in Virgin Orchid and Superneuveau a lot. I’ve also been on a red lip kick since my Sisley Phyto Matte in Ruby came in; I’ve neen alternating between Ruby, Armani Rouge Ecstasy 400 and TF Patent Finish lipcolor in Red Corset while secretly lining for some other reds I left at home. I think I already noted that I got the Chantecaille anniversary powder – it’s beautiful to look at and the powder is gorgeous too. I only hope they put out a refill for that case.

Waiting on Delivery – I bought the new Sol de Janeiro Coco Cabana cream and Fenty Fussy gloss, plus a 500 point Amore Pacific perk. From Neiman’s I ordered the TF White Suede quad and finally managed to snag the Paint Me lipstick from Cle de Peau’s Holiday collection. I had mixed feelings on first seeing White Suede, but then I saw some of the looks Mel (formerly Puffins Wife) has been doing and fell in love.

Weekend Plans – still up at my in-laws in Massachusetts, so spending time with them and my nieces eating all the homemade Korean food I can stuff into me and reading a new Jasper Fforde book (ordered from the UK so I didn’t have to wait for the US release in February).

Resolutions – I’ve never really done them. I have some personal goals I want to achieve, but the timing is more coincidental that New Years is days away.

Haul: I got a new Bite Crayon in Sugar Flower and DE’s new retinol!

Weekend: I have company over and my mom is finally arriving. I went out for dinner on friday and will again for NYE as it’s my sisters bday. Family Christmas is this weekend now that everyone will be here.

NYE Rezzies: I should but I don’t yet!

Haul/Rediscoveries: UD 24/7 Love Drug eyeliner, Fenty Frost Money eye and lip crayons, Huda Beauty Emerald Obsessions palette. Marc Jacobs Enamored Love Buzz gloss, Colourpop Disney Designer Be Our Guest shadow and Jasmine lipstick.
Weekend plans: Worked and ran errands Friday the 28th.
Do you have any resolutions for the new year?: To keep my hot temper in check.

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