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  • Haul/Rediscoveries: Essence highlighters, Wet ‘n’ Wild highlighters
  • Weekend plans: More cleaning!! Hubby’s family arrives soon.
  • What’s your favorite part about your bed time routine?: That feeling when I slide into bed for the first time for the night!

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Celesta Avatar

Haul: I haven’t bought anything all month! Woohoo! I’m trying to hold off on buying any make up in hopes that I’ll get some make up or Sephora/Ulta gift cards for Christmas 🙂

Rediscoveries: None to speak of! I’ve been fighting my way through the stomach flu so I’ve been sticking to my tried and true, and easy, products.

Weekend plans: Cleaning. Oh so much cleaning. Them’s the breaks when you’re hosting thanksgiving!

What’s your favorite part about your bed time routine?: Putting on my Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask and reading for a little bit before turning off the lights.

Seraphine Avatar

Beautiful Mellan photo!

Haul: On a whim, I picked up MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick in Sultriness. The chemical-vanilla-plastic scent and taste of this lipstick are mildly annoying, but I can live with it. But the bigger problem is that this formula pulls into my lip wrinkles and looks very patchy. Vegas Volt does that, too, for some reason. They make my lips look rough, even though they aren’t.

Rediscoveries: Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Vol 1 Eye Palette. I haven’t reached for it in ages, but I decided to use it this morning and I still love it!

Weekend plans: Mostly planning and preparing for Thanksgiving.

Favorite part about bedtime routine: Stopping all activity and watching a comfort movie till I fall asleep.

Tammy Avatar


Pat McGRATH Liptrance Mini set: Elson, Obsessed, and Full Panic. I have not tried these yet but I assume the quality is there, as it tends to be with Pat. I blew all my $$$ on the Blitztrance lipsticks?

Dior Midnight Wish eyeshadow palette: This one caught my eye as soon as I saw Christine’s review. I wasn’t planning on getting it but then Macy’s had a 15% sale and ebates was offering 10% cash back, so I figured it wasn’t going to get any better than that. I had just gotten home from work and was rushing to the bathroom when I saw the package had arrived, so I grabbed it on my way. I was so excited I couldn’t wait! The next thing I knew my husband was coming in the bathroom with his cell phone, telling my daughter, “She’s on the toilet putting on eyeshadow,” lol! The palette is just as lovely as it looked in Christine’s review, and it’s got the same sparkly formula that made me fall in love with the Backstage cheek palette. I wore it to my 53rd birthday party (along with PM’s Blitztrance in Club Kiss). Such a pretty look!

The one thing I MOST WANTED during the Sephora sale was the Pat McGrath Mothership V palette. Sadly, it sold out within minutes of the Rouge part of the sale, and did not return until after Rouge discount was no longer offered. Yesterday I found out that Sephora decided to allow Rouge to shop again this weekend, and I noted Mothership V was in stock. So I placed my order at 12:15 a.m. this morning and have not slept since., haha. I got my shipping notice about an hour ago. I’m too happy to be tired???!

Weekend plans: It’s getting harder now, my son leaves for bootcamp in less than three weeks. I know I’ve mentioned this several times, just bear with me, this is hard. I know i’ll be okay once I know he’s okay. That is all I want for him. So we will again cook together and listen to music together and shop together, and I will try to remember every little thing about these final weekends while simultaneously blocking the sad feelings. I can cry after he’s gone.

Best part about bed time routine: Sitting down with my husband on the double recliner, putting my feet in his lap, and receiving my nightly food rub. It’s heavenly!

kjh Avatar

I deserve congratulations for doing the U sale with zero makeup. Bath salts, 3 Mamondes in things I need/can use, a Garnier blue top b/u (down to dregs) in case the Mamonde does not work, and 2 peach and Lilys. Aside from the remover, putting them away until some doc gets control of whatever is making my face so inflamed. Already started with the big gun rheum/derm…and it’s my feet, hands, small vessels in mucous membranes as well, Whatever. Christmas gifts for coworkers. Not sure of anything S, except a mini Elson. SSDW. Oddly, have today off, all day, when it’s usually a 10 hour day. resting with pups. At least there’s no shoveling, as the rain took over. Bedtime: hopefully have gone beyond just wipes for cleansing. I’m convinced the non-rinsing is poor. Deciding what moisture to put over the Differin, and what else, but snugging with the dachsies.

Sarah Avatar

Haul/Rediscoveries: I actually did it. I pulled the trigger on the Pat McGrath Mothership V Palette. It was sold out on the Sephora site so I couldn’t use my Rouge coupon (seeing as though they extended their sale), so I went to the Pat McGrath site and lo and behold there it was. I got it in the MET packaging because I figure if it’s the same price, why not go with a fancier box? I’m so eager to have this palette, it’s the only large one I want!

Weekend plans: The usual cleaning; I don’t think I have anything planned except relaxing.

What’s your favorite part about your bed time routine?: So this is going to sound funny but every night my cat will come and check on me if I’m in the living room. And he’ll try to lead me to bed because he wants to curl up with me, and he knows when bedtime is. If I’m not moving fast enough for his royal highness he’ll check on me a few times. Then when I get into bed he leaps up next to me and puts his paws on my face. He does this nightly, I swear. His checking in and crawling into bed next to me is probably the best part of my routine.

Tammy Avatar

What a sweet story about your kitty! My Zoe has a bunch of sweet behaviors that melt my heart.

You and I both on the Mothership V. That is THE ONE. I ordered mine on Sephora at 12:15 a.m. Glad you were able to order yours. I wouldn’t be surprised if it sells out again on Pat McGrath’s website.

Brenda C Avatar

I love your cat! When I dog sit my daughter’s mini schnauzer he lets me know when it’s bedtime too. He gets vocal if I’m lagging behind. If my husband isn’t on one of his many trips I will tell him to go snuggle with grandpa and he will listen to me. It’s amazing how much they understand. Love my little grand puppy!

Nancy T Avatar

Waking up to Mellan’s sweet face is something I can so easily imagine would be a good thing to wake up to! Because I have Clarissa tickling my face with her ridiculously long whiskers every morning. If I open my eyes even a little, she’s right there staring at me, looking for signs of life! Both annoying and yet so loveable at the same time!

Haul: Last Saturday, I hopped into Nordstrom to check out the Nars holiday stuff, and bought Sheena Audacious Lipstick. Man, what a PERFECT autumn mlbb nude on me! Yesterday, I did go pick up that Deep Set Lipglass you had posted a review of only hours before. Was scared later on when it occurred to me that it may possibly be a dupe for Bite Prismatic Peacock, but no, not quite. Thank goodness!

Weekend plans: Getting over to Walmart for milk, cereal and a few other things later today. Tomorrow? Idk and Idc. Sunday listening into my meeting, but wishing like anything I could go in person. Unfortunately, my terrible sleep cycle prevents it.

Favorite part of your bedtime routine? Probably getting out of my day clothes and throwing on my pj’s! Next favorite would be eating my desert while watching a YT makeup related video or two! ???

Nancy T Avatar

Genevieve, all I can do is hope and pray that the half dose of 5mg holds me until late December when I go back in and receive the full 10 MG dosage. Also hoping for no extra side effects, but I know that it is entirely possible that it will. As for the crazy sleep schedule, I wish I could dial it back a few hours! Perhaps one day, huh? Hope all is going well for you and your family, too, Genevieve. You are good people!

Tammy Avatar


LOL when the cats stare right at me, waiting for me to open my eyes! Apparently if they’re up, I’m supposed to be up too, ?.

I tolerate Sheena but don’t love it. It looks a little dirty on me. It’s funny how we can have similar skin tones but not necessarily look good in the same lip colors. I’m guessing it has more to do with natural lip color, as our lip color definitely impacts the way a lip product looks once applied. My lips are mauve and cool-toned, despite my warm skintone. My granddaughter, who is neutral and fair, has naturally red lips.

I almost wrote that taking off my bra is one of my favorite parts of bedtime. I can’t wait to get out of my work clothes at the end of the day and often start undressing on my way to my bedroom right after I walk in the door. I would probably live in pajamas if I didn’t have to leave the house for work.

Nancy T Avatar

Right, Tammy? Sometimes I can literally *feel* her staring at me! But she knows that if all else fails and her hooman has hit the snooze button one too many times (for HER) she gets me with her super long whiskers! I suppose we’re supposed to run on cat time, LOL! See Sarah’s comments above!

Oh, I can definitely see Sheena having that effect on some! I wear mine with a lip liner in a shade darker to mitigate that effect. MAC Half Red or Nyx Mahogany SLP ought to do the trick.

Z. Avatar

Haul/Rediscoveries: No haul; saving my $$$ because my phone crapped out so I’m going to have to start shopping for a new one. No new rediscoveries but I’ve been enjoying mixing my mac studio fix with bare minerals barepro liquid foundation this week.

Weekend plans: Dentist appointment to deal with my terrible gum erosion :/

What’s your favorite part about your bed time routine?: I hate the act of taking off my makeup but I love the feeling of having it off and my face clean (the sweet spot before it becomes overrun with oil in 5 minutes time, lol)

Marie-Estelle Avatar

Haul: Sonia G brushes crease one, smudger one and pencil one. After two weeks waiting for my beautylish package (this was a first for me to wait so long, beautylish did its part really fast though)! I am so happy about it. I think I will buy more and multiples of them very soon. It was a kind of revelation to use them.
ND Lila palette, after a whole year eyeing this palette and being in a constant purple/pink craving I finally caved when the brand landed on It is a lovely palette. I am very excited to create new looks with it! What I love the most? Like Pat McGrath eyeshadow the longevity is exceptional on me, and the fading is harmonious in the crease (#TeamHoodedEye) and minimal.

Rediscovery: Linda Hallberg metallic mysteries quad. And more specifically the Gold shade Collision. It is full a very fine glitters (no fallout during wear) it is glorious in the inner corner or layered on the center of the lid! ?

Weekend plans: the usual cleaning and tidying. Relaxing and cooking nice meals for the family as well as an apple pie, play some more with my brushes, paint with my baby girl… I am really looking forward to this weekend!

What’s your favorite part about your bed time routine?: reading with my partner sleeping on my lap. After a few years living together I realised this relaxes me so much I usually can’t read too! Haha.

Tammy Avatar


I am also loving my new Sonia G brushes. Lately I’ve been settling deep into my Pat McGrath and Natasha Denona palettes and Sonia G brushes, and the joy is real.

The Lila palette is so pretty. I am a sucker for purples, pinks, plums, violets, etc. Right now I am satisfied with my two PM purple palettes, the big Natasha Denona blue purple palette, and a few various purple palettes I’ve added to my collection over the years. Maybe someday I will add Lila to my collection.

I bet that apple pie will make your home smell wonderful. Enjoy your weekend with your partner, baby girl, and new brushes.

Sarah Avatar

Haul/Rediscoveries: Maybelline’s Touchable Taupe lipstick is probably the nicest-looking lipstick I’ve ever owned. I just keep ignoring it since it dries out my lips so much (not while I’m wearing it, more so after I’ve already taken it off). I’ve almost finished it off though, so maybe I’ll try to find a dupe in a better formula

Weekend plans: Cleaning and going to see the new Fantastic Beasts movie

What’s your favorite part about your bed time routine?: The few minutes when I can just relax and think before I drift off to sleep

Deborah S Avatar

Haul: I picked up 2 Chanel quads, one in store and the other being shipped. The first is Splendour Et Audace and the second is the discontinued Venetia. I also got the Stylo Yeau in Vert. Ordered Tom Ford Chadwick from Neiman Marcus. I picked up the 3 Pat McGrath Christmas palettes for my daughter and lip pencil in 1980. While at Nordstroms I saw and fell in love with the Chantecaille Butterfly blush so I got that as well. Online I ordered a few single shadows from Love Lux Beauty. Finally, the Charlotte Tilbury pressed powder which I was shocked to see it didn’t come with any tool for applying. I purchased it to carry in my purse so not thrilled.

Weekend Plans: Still in Washington and going to a 21 Pilots concert with my daughter tonight and then headed to Ocean Shores tomorrow to enjoy the beach in winter. Finally home on Sunday to clean and prep for Thanksgiving which is always at my house.

Favorite part of night routine: I almost always put a lite mask on for 10-20 minutes, usually the Dior Pink for hydration and then I do a few Sudoku before removing it and I enjoy the time for just relaxing.

Tammy Avatar


I bet Chadwick is beautiful again your fair skin. You got a colorful Chanel Quad, but even with color, Chanel still somehow makes it sophisticated.

That Charlotte Tilbury pressed powder is one of my favorites, I wish it came with an applicator too. I came home yesterday for lunch, swiped some on, and my makeup instantly looked fresh again. (I did not have the same experience with the new Genious Magic, which I need to return today.)

I love doing Thanksgiving at my home.
I am so looking forward to the week ahead, as I will be off for four days. We’ve had an unusual amount of cold and snow (it’s snowing again right now, for the fourth time in the past couple weeks), and I always prefer to be in my warm home during this time of the year. It’s the perfect season for cooking.

I hope you enjoy your time in Washington.

AJ Avatar

Haul: Went to the Sephora sale and bought the Pat McGrath Labs Bronze Temptation palette, the Urban Decay Hex Remedy liner set, some Sephora Collection false lashes, setting spray, and a crease brush.

Rediscovery: Now that the weather has cooled down I am wearing my Melt Gemini palette a LOT because it matches almost everything in my fall wardrobe and I looooove it.

Weekend plans: Oof, it’s going to be all over the place. Going down to Tacoma tomorrow for a private belly dance lesson, Sunday our favorite gin distillery is having their anniversary party, but also I have a memorial service for a local musician who passed last weekend. I wasn’t close to him but several of my friends were so I am going to go be there for them.

Favorite part of my bedtime routine: reading for about 30 minutes before I fall asleep.

Erin Avatar

Haul/Rediscoveries: no hauls and I’m not sure I’ve rediscovered anything but I’m f*cking loving my ZIIP.

Weekend: Not sure. I went to the ER last weekend. I haven’t really gotten better.

Favorite time of my bedtime routine: That’s tough. Getting into bed, ZIIP’ing, and pup cuddles are pretty awesome. My husband also reads to me some nights so that’s pretty awesome too.

thirteenthirteen Avatar

Haul/Rediscoveries: Nothing new, but I feel like I’m enjoying my Viseart Theory palette in Cashmere more than when I got it in 2016. Maybe my skills have improved since then, but I found it difficult to use and mostly ignored it for quite awhile.

Weekend plans: This is going to be my second weekend in a row shut up inside keeping out of the smoke. It feels rude of me to complain about it when people have lost everything, but it’s really difficult. I want to take a walk and run errands like a normal person but the air quality is just too bad.

What’s your favorite part about your bed time routine?: Climbing into my bed and curling up in my clean sheets. Sometimes I have a wee bit of bourbon and watch some Netflix before going to sleep and it’s really nice.

Genevieve Avatar

A beautiful photo of Mellon – he’s our boy too!

Haul – nothing much this week.
Rediscoveries: I took out my oldish Estee Lauder Emerald Oasis palette this week and the shades are beautiful, but unfortunately the longevity of the colours and their sheerness did not really impress.

Weekend Plans: Friday we had Lachlan over, he had had another badish episode of croup that landed him in hospital, but fortunately not as dramatic as the last one. The staff are getting to know him pretty well by now and the doctors and nurses in Emergency treat him like an old friend. He is well now and it takes him a couple of days to get over it all. By Friday he was all good and ready for a big play in the local park.
During the week we had Olivia for a couple of days whilst Lachie was in hospital.
Saturday – hair getting done and a big clean of the house. I picked up the Brio trainset in our family room and the vacuum cleaner nearly went beserk with all the little bits on the floor. Lots of washing too.
Sunday – we are going out for lunch at a lovely seafood restaurant down by the bay. And having a relaxing day.

Evening routine: Hopping into a warm bed (via my electric blanket) on a cold night.
Reading a good book before bed is a happy time for me too.

I continue to read with horror about the Californian bushfires, so, so similar to our Black Saturday ones in 2009. Extremely hot weather, drought, searing winds and faulty, unmaintained power lines is a disastrous combination. I hope everyone is safe and I can’t imagine the devastation the whole community there must feel.

Brenda C Avatar

I feel so bad for the people going through the fires. We always spend some time in California through out the year. It is like a second home to us. We will be spending Christmas holidays in California and Nevada. I wish them all the best and hope they can get the fires under control soon.

Tammy Avatar

Do the doctors have a long term plan for Lachlan? It seems there should be something that can be done, but after a decade of working in hospitals and at doctors’ offices, I know this isn’t always the case. Do they think his reactions will lessen as he matures?

Yes, the fires are unbelievable. My son showed me a horrific video taken by someone trying to escape the fire in their car. I’m guessing they survived (we have the video) but I don’t see how. I was raised in California and when I went home in May, my brother showed me the way over 20 years of low rainfall has changed the geography of the state. I am saddened that many people who were in the areas burned in the Camp Fire were elderly and/or disabled.

Tammy Avatar

That Secret Harden palette looks so pretty. What do you think of SauceBox shadows? I often want to try some of the less mainstream brands, such as Devinah Cosmetics and Sydney Grace, but the price point is often a little high for brands that I am not familiar with. What are some of your favorites for eyeshadows?

Rachel R. Avatar

I think SauceBox Shadows are really terrific. Very pigmented and blendable, and the pans are HUGE (the same size as SugarPill’s). The lady who owns it is super-nice, too. I recommend them highly.

For pressed shadows, Looxi Beauty’s are really good, too. Darling Girl and Notoriously morbid are starting to put out some gorgeous pressed shadows, and they have wonderful loose ones if you don’t mind using loose. Igneous Cosmetics on Etsy have fantastic pressed shadows. They ship from Canada, but shipping is reasonably priced and fast.

If you like loose shadows, also check out Apocalyptic Beauty, My Pretty Zombie, Fyrrinae, Black Beauty Cosmetics (Etsy), and Chaos Cosmetics. If you visit the magazine I write for and search their names, you can find something about most of them. I haven’t written about Chaos Cosmetics (not to be confused with Chaos Makeup), but I haven’t written about them yet. I’m planning a profile on them soon, though.

All of these brands are really good and reasonably priced. I have not used Devinah or Sydney Grace, but my friends who have love them. Aromaleigh also seems to get really high marks, and have lower prices and dupes for a lot of mainstream palette colors.

CeeBee Avatar

Haul: Korres mini body milks collection, Clinique Merry Moisture gift set, Origins mask sampler, Too Faced Peach lipsticks in Flight Plan and Bridezilla (which is going back because it arrived partially melted), Antipodes Joyful hand cream, Korres Wild Rose creamy foaming facial cleanser and Dr Dennis Gross Ferulic & Retinol Recovery Peel. And a Cuisinart Waffle Iron!

Weekend plans: Just some domestic chores, a walk up to the shops in the sunshine and a nap after lunch on Saturday, maybe watch a movie in the evening. My BIL and his partner are coming over on Sunday afternoon to watch motorsport and make waffles and hang out.

Fave part of bedtime: I don’t really have a routine, I just get into bed and go to sleep. I am a champion sleeper. Love sleeping, excellent at taking naps and and also very good at just lying in bed doing nothing. 😉

Tammy Avatar

CeeBee, In my next life I want to be just like you. During the week I’m always running (work, gym, dinners, household chores, errands) and on the weekend I just switch to a different schedule of activities (RPM classes, weight lifting, laundry, shopping, and meal prep for the week ahead). Nutrition and exercise are at the top of my priority list and it takes a significant time investment for me. There are four adult children, three grandchildren and three cats, plus my husband, and I happily invest my time into those relationships. I never have time for a movie or a nap, unless I’ve just had surgery and have to rest. I actually look forward to getting sick because it means I will be able to sit down on the couch for a few hours, lol.

Champion sleeper? That is my DREAM?

CeeBee Avatar

I live a very relaxed life – I don’t have children or a busy activity schedule (mostly because I’m lazy!) because I deliberately make myself a priority.
I have also consciously disengaged from a large amount of the emotional and social labour that women tend to take on (or have dumped upon them), that so often goes unrecognised and undervalued. I just refuse to do it or feel guilty about it.
It allows me to be generous with my time and resources as it suits me – which somewhat unsurprisingly is generally when other people actually need me the most… like babysitting my one year old nephew at very short notice on a Friday night or cooking a weekly meal for my best friend who has a newborn and a toddler and an injured husband (until he gets his sling off anyway), things like that.

It seems very mercenary and selfish but I’m a lot happier – and on the odd occasion where someone has questioned why I don’t “do more” I always say “Why should I?” and I have not yet had a satisfactory answer… that isn’t because it makes other peoples lives easier, y’know 😉

I really enjoy cooking but I refuse to do it all the time – I once got asked why I ‘made’ my husband cook dinner sometimes and I replied “Because his arms aren’t f***ing broken” and the expression on that person’s face was EPIC.

I would encourage to you make time for yourself to do nothing and be purely self indulgent and laze about doing nothing productive – I have a friend who schedules time to herself every 6 – 8 months and she leaves her kids, husband and house and books into a posh hotel room for a weekend and has a spa and a massage and eats ice cream for lunch sitting by the pool and goes out to find little French bakeries and read magazine or takes a boat ride or just does whatever the heck she pleases on a whim and she is much happier and healthier for it. It’s wonderful to invest in those important life relationships and spend time with family and make a happy home and all of those things but if you need to have surgery or be sick in order to actually rest, then I don’t think you should wait for your next life – you should start doing it now! 😉

CeeBee Avatar

😉 😀

My motto is “If you like to eat, you better learn how to cook,” and my husband has embraced that wholeheartedly. He now makes better risotto than me which I am both a little annoyed about and immensely proud of.
He’s also been known to just eat corn chips for dinner if I’m not there, so eh.

I have also only touched a vacuum cleaner maybe 4 times in the last decade, so it all works out. LOL. I bring a lot to my relationships but cleaning floors is not one of them 😉

Brenda C Avatar

Haul/Rediscoveries: Nothing new this week.
Weekend plans: I have a Gala at The Bay on Sunday evening, I go every year with an ex co-worker, I don’t need anything (I know I say that all the time) It’s a very festive evening and very fun with different events going on at different stations. Maybe I can find something for my Mom.
What’s your favorite part about your bed time routine?: After washing the day’s dirt off my face I have different tools that I use on my face, whether I choose to do facia blasting, dermal rolling, jade roller, using my diamond buffer, derma flash, or my Nurse Jamie roller. Then I put my essence, serum, moisturizer, oil, hand cream and foot cream on, eye drops in. It all relaxes me and put me in my zone, and hopefully I drop off to sleep.

Brenda C Avatar

Genevieve, It might be an exciting drive to the event. There is snow on our side streets right now which is fine. They are calling for freezing rain in the afternoon, ugh! The Gala starts at 6:30, so the sun will be down which means the temp will be dropping and if the moisture is still on the roads it could be a fun drive! I do have my husband’s truck and it is a 4×4 but that doesn’t matter for ice. It will be worth it though! Anything for beauty lol!

Lea Avatar

Hauls – Armani Maestro Glow and Essence in Cushion Foundations, Tom Ford Virgin Orchid quad and Chantecaille 20th Anniversary Perle Glow Powder. Loving the Selfridges + program, I got my items in two days. It was impressive! I also got the Cle de Peau holiday collection a few weeks ago, but I haven’t posted in ages.

Rediscoveries – technically the Maestro Glow since it’s beeen D/C here. I was so happy to get my hands on it again! I’ve also been working on trying to rotate through my shadows more, so those in general.

Weekend Plans – working all weekend and sleeping when I’m not.

Favorite part of my nighttime routine – a tie between washing my face and crawling into bed. I work all night these days, so my bedtime routine is everyone else’s morning routine.

Tracey E. Avatar


Chartlotte Tilbury: Rose Gold Eyes to Mesmerise;

Nordstrom: Supersonic Girl quad and Bobbi Brown Brush Cleaning Spray (my HG spot cleaner is back, I had a tear in my eye at its return);

Sephora (20% off): Natasha Denona Blush and Diamond Palette in Darya, Milk Gel Eyeliner in black, Laneige Lip Sleeping Masks.

Shopper’s Beauty Boutique (20% off): Chanel Lip Gloss in Flaming Lips, Ombre Premiere Cream Eyeshadow in Rose Lame, and Le Rouge Lip Crayon in Cool Plum. I have it on good authority that Santa will be bringing me the Chanel Le Lion Illuminating Powder/Highlighter (it’s sinks into my skin leaving an exquisite bronze sheen ?), and the Cuivre and Vert Lame Ombre Premiere eyeshadow singles.

Weekend Plans: Enjoy my last weekend visiting family and friends in Canada. Preparing presents and stockings for niece and nephew and their parents to put in the mail for Christmas or to give to those traveling to see them.

Favourite part of bedtime routine: I really like my skincare routine and enjoy taking whatever time I have to cleanse my face and apply products that keep my skin looking healthy, with a focus on hydration, anti-aging, and calming periodic redness.

Alecto Avatar

Haul/Rediscoveries: No rediscoveries. Haul — Smith’s Rosebud Salve and pocket-sized Rosebud Salve/Balm. I normally can’t stand rose-scented things, but these don’t give me the “rotted” smell I normally get from rose fragrance. I’m quite liking them so far. Also, a mini of MAC Russian Red and a duo pack of Neutrogena face wipes.

Weekend plans: Clean, organize.

What’s your favorite part about your bed time routine?: Now that I’ve finally learned how to cleanse my skin, cleaning is my favorite part.

Mariella Avatar

I’m tardy to this Friday Haul Party because I’ve been out of town, doing the Time Warp!

Haul/Rediscoveries: a new Lise Watier Ombre Souffle eyeshadow (these are cream to powder, along the lines of the original Chanel Illusions d’ombre) in the colour Jet Set, a very, VERY shimmery taupe-y shade and I found 2 tubes of Cake Beauty Heavy Hand Cream on sale at Shoppers (if they’d had more, I’d have bought more); Rediscoveries – Tarte A Natural Beauty blush and Chanel Tisse Rivoli quad (took both away with me for an overnight get-away)

Weekend plans: I just got home from a 2 day stay in Straford Ontario so spend today shopping the lovely shops of that town; tomorrow, it’s the gym and catching up on sleep.

Favourite part of my bed time routine: I like to turn on my bedside light but leave the overhead lights off; my bedroom looks so inviting and restful that way; I usually have a shower before bed and love coming back to my room, seeing the soft light. I try to remember to mist my pillow and/or sheets with linen spray and the scent is so inviting as I climb in.

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