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  • Haul: Flesh Beauty highlighters/blushes, Melt Twenty Seven Palette
  • Weekend plans: My family IS coming to visit for sure later on this month, so I’m trying to get ahead (because I’m particularly behind at the moment) to prepare!
  • What is your best tip for getting into a better head space?: I find doing something relaxing that allows me to either focus on my breathing or turn off my brain (momentarily) to be useful–like taking a moment to sit quietly and breathe or warm shower (hot bath for some) or listening to a favorite song.

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Mariella Avatar

Haul: nothing more than a bottle of LRP fluid sunscreen SPF 60 and it’s not even for me – I picked it up for my daughter and son in law as they like the light texture of mine and I can get it for 20% off on Thursdays.

Weekend plans: my older son will be leaving for training on Sunday and he’s been home for a week. My younger son will be coming in for a visit and we’ll all being going out to everyone’s fave Indian restaurant (minus daughter and son in law who are going to a cottage with his parents) to celebrate together as a family before son leaves.

Best tip for getting into a better head-space: I dunno – I’m from a different generation that wasn’t always so entirely focused on themselves (no ongoing selfies and instagraming and facebooking every single thing they do – which is mostly not a lot since they’re on social media all the time) – but I think what really helps is changing your mental viewpoint so it’s not so focused “inward” and on self, and you start looking “OUTWARD” – perhaps volunteering with those less fortunate, helping in a food bank or seniors’ drop in center.

Seraphine Avatar

I’m from an older generation, too, and other than this blog, I don’t really do social media at all. (It’s 2018 and I still don’t understand hashtags! Lol) But lots of things can make me need to get into a better head-space, such as difficult coworkers, terrible things I see in the news, really bad traffic, and all sorts of everyday annoyances. My whole involvement with Temptalia—reading the reviews, answering polls, interacting with other members—is one of the things that puts me in a better head-space. I agree with you about volunteering. It’s an amazing thing to do. I’ve learned so much about myself and other people from volunteering.

Oh, and I looooove Indian food. Have a great time!

Katherine T. Avatar

Awwww, I see Mellan is eager for his walks!
*Haul -nothing, have been busy with some not-so-fun projects, so just enjoying my stash at the moment
*Weekend -kids birthday party, more work on those projects
*When I feel a bit overwhelmed with all the stuff that needs to be done, I make a to-do list to help me prioritize, and it’s so satisfying to cross things off that list

Erin Avatar

Haul: Nothing yet but I’m in a little bit of a funk and will probably pick up some stuff.

Weekend: RECOVERY! I have fam and friends leaving today to go back home after being here all week. I’m pooped.

Changing Headspace: Usually doing something physical. Meditation, walk, swim, sleep… You can then take steps forward to go further, like gratitude journaling, helping someone else, or starting a creative project to boost you even more. Even though I’m a very “mental” person, using the physical to change things up is always the best start for me.

LindaP Avatar

Pat McGrath LuxeTrance lipstick in Beautiful Creature (BC).
I got on a kick to find a dupe for the ABH liquid lippie Kathryn, which I think was one of the prettiest shades on me. (I hated the feel so much.) So I had some fun in Sephora duping it and BC is super close. I think it’s more a fall shade, as I gravitate more to corals and pinks at this time of year. But the wear time of BC is phenomenal, it looks nice I think, and it feels great too.

Finishing up a talk and presentation slides for a four-day trip to Milwaukee. A few swims, doggie walks. I hope to get to a kitchen showroom so we can begin to formulate plans for redoing ours. We raised a family in the one we have and it could use a face lift. 🙂

Lots of things work for me:
Walking the dogs in the woods
Watching TV
Turning my attention to planning something fun
Stretching for at least 20′

LindaP Avatar

Re head space…It’s the biggest one of all for me. Can’t believe I didn’t write it up.

One of the major projects I work on is an almoner’s fund through a major (mostly private charity). $10 million/year to those who need help. It runs the gamut from buying someone an oxygen tank, putting in a ramp, or paying off a mortgage. Working with people in need, through no fault of their own, seeing their gratitude and helping them get back on their feet…yeah, that clears my head, gets me out of myself, and keeps me centered.

Tammy B Avatar

It must be so amazing to have the funds to help people in need and be able to see what a difference in makes in their lives!

Mariella Avatar

Linda, your reply was just what I was talking about but people don’t necessarily need to be in charge of large budgets to make a difference and not just to those they help, but to themselves as well. So even without a large amount of money to contribute, people can still deliver for Meals on Wheels or help in a community center or similar type of involvement.

Seraphine Avatar

My church has a group that serves homemade food at a homeless shelter on Sundays. I do it on a pretty regular basis and it is an amazing, humbling experience. Some volunteers cook, some serve the food, and some do both. You don’t need to be rich to reach out and touch people’s lives.

LindaP Avatar

That’s for sure. It’s a unique position I’m in and I know that. To add to it, the % of people we help who help OTHERS is astonishing. They’re struggling, but will help at the food pantry, or babysit for someone in a pinch, swing a hammer to do a repair for an elderly person. It rights the ship in my head, that’s for sure and helps me get out of my own way.

Rachel R. Avatar


*MAC x Aaliyah — Age Ain’t Nothing Eyeshadow x 9 Palette, Street Thing Lipstick, and 1 in a Million Lipglass.

*Macy’s — Tarte Love, Trust & Fairy Dust Eyeshadow Palette and Fairy Flush Blush.

*Colour Pop (sale) — Perception Pressed Powder Shadow Palette; Lux Lipsticks in Trapeze and Check, Please.

*Amazon (add-ons) — Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Metallic Lipsticks in Gunmetal and Copper Rose.

*Glambot — MAC x Steve J. & Yoni P. Powder Blush in Sugar or Syrup

Weekend plans: Going through my mom’s jewelry, grocery shopping; laundry. I also need to trim the shaved side of my hair and dye my roots. The gray hairs are getting scary! 😉 😀

What is your best tip for getting into a better head space?: Take a break and do something fun, such as listening to music, playing a video game, or getting ice cream with your kids.

Deborah S. Avatar

Haul: Giorgio Armani Powder Foundation in shade 02, Laura Mercier Velour Extreme Matte Lipsticks in Clique, Dominate and It Girl, Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder (a repurchase) and for my daughter the Huda Beauty Gemstone Obsession palette and the UD 24/7 Glide On Pencil in Overdrive. Those were purchased yesterday at the Bellevue Sephora. I have always gone to the Downtown Seattle Sephora when visiting Seattle but a comment left on Thatayla’s YT channel mentioned that the Bellevue location was much better and they were so right. Much bigger and carrying more product. We are headed back today to pick up some PML lip liners and maybe the UD Born To Run palette. I wasn’t overly impressed with it when I swatched it in store yesterday. The tester was pretty messed up so want to look again and see if I can determine whether it was nice to begin with or whether repeated oily fingers have created a hard-pan situation. Also, the pops of colour were not very “poppy” to my eye. I rather prefer the Beach palette so I need to think about that one for a bit. I was able to swatch the Chrissy Teigen products, although they were sold out already but definitely going to pick up the bronzer and the glow mist. Other than that didn’t see anything I couldn’t live without.

Weekend plans: Spending the weekend in Seattle. My daughter purchased tickets to see Harry Styles over a year ago and so we are here to see him. I am going also. Sort of a last minute decision and was surprised to find the concert wasn’t sold out. Anyway, I am going as none of her friends really like him and she loves him so that is our big weekend. We are actually staying in Bellevue this weekend instead of downtown Seattle and we are both enjoying the area.

Getting into a better head space: I have to say that I don’t often get into a negative head space but generally one of two things help. I either take some quiet time, listen to music and just relax. I am an extreme introvert and a lot of times I have just had too much stimulation and need to pull back and just have some peace and quiet. The other thing that works well for me is doing something creative. I scrapbook, embroider, origami and many other “artistic” hobbies so that seems to work well for me.

Tammy Avatar

Did you pick up GA’s Luminous Silk or Neo Nude? Also, do you ever order your products directly from Tatcha? I resisted ordering from them last month when they were having their sale and now I’m kicking myself. I was wondering how often Tatcha has a sale on their website.

Hope you enjoy the concert!

Deborah S. Avatar

Hi Tammy,
I picked up the Luminous Silk powder foundation. Still kind of trying out foundations for the trip in the fall. My HG is way too bulky to take and of course is a two part so not ideal to take out of the packaging and mix ahead of time. I would love to find something that would be a powder or mineral foundation that I really like so that I don’t have to place it in the liquid bag.

I haven’t purchased directly from Tatcha’s website. I usually try and stock up at the Sephora spring and fall sale so haven’t paid attention to sales on their website. I probably should pay more attention!

Picked up three more Pat MacGrath lip pencils today. Thought of you when I was looking and swatching. I got Bare Rose, Suburbia and Major. I love those pencils.

kjh Avatar

Only scored an acrylic organizer and a train case at the Ulta 20, bec I used the coupon in store. Embarrassed to say the large case is totally filled with Nars, even though much has been depotted (container, not product rot here), but I have been there since he started. Weekend: well, it started early, because of flash flooding and thunderstorms. The computer was acting as if it was intending to electrocute me, then I had to slog through a puddle with water half way up to my knees to get to the car, and drive through puddles that were half way up the hubcap. All with lightning strikes all around. Quite scary. The friend I drive to night job hurt her ankle, so I called in for both of us. Decompressing by reading Temptalia. Tomorrow is off with good weather in store. Who knows what could happen? Good head space: Well, I love Mariella’s answer. I volunteered for years at the wildlife center, and have been thinking of volunteering at a local animal shelter, but Monday holidays screw up my day schedule, and alternating night job makes that variable as well. I know so many downtrodden people that it’s sort of an inverted Schadenfreude. How can you not feel you have no right to resentment or bad head space, when a coworker’s ex had an affair with her sister AND HER MOTHER? Really? And others suffering from substance abuse, mental illness, sex abuse, poverty, etc? Working in the low end service economy gives you a completely different perspective on your life. I may have to have one pro job and one retail job at nearly 70, but at least I can!

WARPAINTandUnicorns Avatar

I was able to visit her during the day on Monday. She was starting to feel better but very tired as well.

I think she knew though and was holding out to see me, my Mom along with her other grandchildren because her health turned very quickly on the next day.

She was surrounded by her 2 children that she raised on her own, and her one grandson that came in from out of town all of that day and passed on in the morning hours.

Seraphine Avatar

Mellan looks worried that the offer of a walk might be forgotten! My dog gets that expression, too.

“Sigma Sale” Haul:
Two E34 domed utility brushes, two E43 domed blending brushes, and one F15 powder/blush brush, plus a free E05 mini eyeliner brush. I often buy two of the same brushes so I can always have a clean one ready. (I’m kind of a clean freak when it comes to makeup brushes.) It looks like Sigma sold out of the E43 during the sale, so I am so glad I was able to get a couple because it’s my favorite crease/blending brush!

“Self-Medicating After a Hard Day” Haul:
Marc Jacobs Enamored Hydrating Lip Gloss Stick in One Mauve Time. Turns out this product is kind of a waste of money for me, but it feels nice on and I am too lazy to return it. There are a couple of annoying things about it that are worth mentioning: You can swivel this stick up, but you can’t swivel it back down, so you have to be careful not to swivel up more than you’ll use. And it’s a loud clicking swivel, which seems kind of cheap to me.

“Free Sample” Haul:
Over the course of many posts, Nancy T piqued my interest in Lancome Teint Idole Foundation, so I finally decided to give it a try and picked up a sample bottle from Macy’s (shade: 100 Ivoire N). I put it on at 7am, and other than a pat of powder on my T-zone about halfway through the day, it looked good until I washed it off at 9pm! Definitely on my list as something to buy next time there’s a good sale. Thanks, Nancy T!

Weekend Plans: Dinner with friends, chores, and volunteering

Best tip for getting into a better head space: At home, I’ll curl up with my dog and watch a comfort movie or show on TV. If I’m in my car, blasting Beethoven does the trick. At work, I look at makeup blogs and videos. Sometimes I browse makeup counters, which can be kind of expensive (coincidentally, see MJ haul above).

Nancy T Avatar

You can really see him keenly listening for any little sign, for real! ?

Haul: Nothing, so far. But I haven’t been out all week, either. I do have the Becca x Chrissy Teigan cheek palette in my cart for an entire week almost!

Weekend plans: Nothing out of the ordinary. Just my usual stuff.

Best tip for getting into a better headspace? Get physically active! Getting up and dancing or singing to a favorite tune. Getting outdoors, going to the duck pond park, weather permitting. Even just distracting myself by going food shopping helps! There is just something about having a change in scenery and physical activity of some sort that I believe releases endorphins and helps me to get less negative. I also believe that the distraction of getting out of the house (or even just up off my couch!) helps a great deal in changing my mood and attitude.

Lesley Avatar

I have never seen a Lab sit still. I hope he had a nice walk.

Haul: I ordered the KGD yellow make up base from Nordstrom in the hope that it will blur some discoloration. It has not arrived yet. I requested a sample of Hourglass Mineral Veil primer, which I tried once and hated but I may not have applied it correctly according to YT.

Weekend plans: It depends on the weather. If it isn’t too hot and humid, we may go apartment hunting.

My best tip for getting into a better place: Listening to favorite music usually does it for me.

Tammy Avatar


A few weeks ago I purchased the Dior Backstage Glow Face Palette on impulse. I decided to not use it until Christine reviewed it. Even after her review I waited a little longer to be sure I really wanted it. Once I was certain I was certain (lol) I opened it up and started using it. I am so glad I did not return this palette! I love all the colors and every one of them looks nice on my medium warm skin tone. The shimmer is more fine and sophisticated than any of my other highlighting products. They buff into the skin beautifully and give that “wet” look I just love. A tiny bit gives a touch of something extra to my workday makeup and they can be built up with little effort to full-scale glam.

I picked up Makeup Geek’s Starry-eyed and MAC’s Haux eyeshadows. I paired them together this week with MAC’s Yogurt Eyeshadow on the brow bone. It is a pretty everyday neutral look.

I would like to buy something during the upcoming Nordstrom sale. I have a Nordstrom card and was wondering how I go about seeing all the items that will be on sale, not just the items included in the look book. Does anyone know how to access the full sale list?

Weekend plans: I will likely be grilling jerk chicken with carmelized pineapple. I am still undecided about second meal (I always make two large meals and at least one jumbo salad to feed us through the week). I took my granddaughter shopping for her 13th birthday on July 4, so I will probably wrap her presents this weekend. I need to pick up something for my hisband’s birthday as well. We will be having a dual birthday party next weekend.

I had to laugh at this week’s question, as I use an app called Headspace to get in a better head space, lol. I do use mindfulness, meditation, and grounding all the time; in fact, yesterday when I was experiencing some stress, I did two meditation sessions (one in my car) to help bring me back to a calm state. There are many ways for me to regain perspective or just shift me out of a negative mood, with exercise being one of the most effective. Talking to friends or close family can also help. Sometimes just allowing my negative mood to run it’s course (as opposed to fighting it) is helpful. Self-care can be beneficial, such as reading, taking a break, laying down, sitting in the sun, watching a favorite television program, listening to music, or spending some time with my cat. It also helps to look around, focus on others for awhile, and recognize it’s not all about me.

Deborah S. Avatar

I had the Dior Backstage Glow Palette in my cart and took it out based on mixed reviews. Now I feel like I want it again. I am still in Seattle until Sunday so I am going to check it out before I leave. I don’t know why I chickened out because I generally like Dior products regardless of reviews. I was hoping to get some By Terry products here but the Nordstrom’s in Bellevue, Washington doesn’t carry the brand. Oh well, wasn’t meant to be. Thanks for the information about the Dior though.

Z. Avatar

Haul: Too face peach setting powder, juliette has a gun moscow mule travel spray, dr jart cicapair cream

Weekend plans: I’m going on vacation in 2 weeks so finalizing my packing list and other pre-trip things (currently have 5 different spreadsheets on what I’m going to pack, and I’m only taking a carry on… you could say I like to be prepared)

What is your best tip for getting into a better head space?: I’m a big fan of going outside and going for a walk. I’m lucky enough that I can walk home from work, and I find that always helps transition me out of stress/negative headspace I can be in when I leave.

xamyx Avatar

Haul: CoverGirl TruNaked palettes in Sunset (very similar to ABH Modern Renaissance) & Chocoholic; I *finally* got my hands on Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer in Bronzer (it’s always OOS…); Maybelline lipsticks in Concrete Jungle, Smoked Silver, & Silk Stone; Melt Cosmetics Twenty Seven palette. I also picked up my Sephora Birthday Gift (bite lippies) & a 100-point perfume perk, both of which are going to my daughter.

Plans: My daughter has her social skills group tomorrow, but it’s really too hot to do much of anything else… I also have to work in a load of laundry, or two, and pick up my Melt palette from my mailbox, and hopefully my ULTA haul from last weekend (it shipped almost immediately, for the first time ever, and should have actually been delivered Tuesday, but the holiday threw everything off…).

Head Space: I try not to dwell on anything from the past, or stress about anything in the future. I live every day in the present, and keep my focus on positive things. I keep all upcoming events/deadlines circled on a wall calendar, that I can see at a glance, and that helps me to not schedule too many things at once, as that is a personal stressor.

I also drop people from my life as soon as I feel they’re pulling too much out of me, and not giving anything back… My circle is very small, but tight, and I prefer quality over quantity.

AJ Avatar

I have a very similar approach to dropping people from my life. I’m introverted, so if I am going to spend time with people I want to feel like I am getting something out of the experience to make up for how tiring it can be to be social. Not to say that people can’t ever be downers and need support and thus be completely draining from time to time. That’s part of friendship, is occasionally having to give without receiving when that’s what your friend needs. But if I find that the energy (so to speak) is always flowing in one direction, I pull away.

CeeBee Avatar

Haul: Mecca Beauty Queen, NYX Countour Intuitive Warm Zone and UD Born to Run eyeshadow palettes, UD 66 lipstick, NYX Magical Halographic finishing powder (LOVE!) Origins Rose Clay Mask and a Nivea lip balm. And a BH Cosmetics brush set.

Weekend plans: My friend Jennifer is coming over tonight so I am making chicken, bacon & leek risotto with parmesan and lemon self saucing pudding (our tree has gone a bit crazy) and we’re having a few wines and then brunch on Sunday. It’s 8.30am Saturday morning here right now and I’ve watched Belguim beat Brazil at football, cooked a hot breakfast, done laundry, made up the spare bed and cleaned the bathroom. So I’m planning to nap later!

Better headspace: Walk away. Go outside. Mentally throw everything in the garbage, put a lid on it and go and do something else for a while. Take some deep breaths and give yourself a few minutes or an hour before you go back to whatever it was.

Anne Avatar

Haul: Nada as we’re moving so the budget is down to the wire for the next few months.

Weekend plans: Packing while trying to deal with a sinus infection so that’ll be fun…

What is your best tip for getting into a better head space?: Meditation on the regular is great for that. I used to do it on my own or listen to something like Carlos Nakai or The Tao of Peace, but with the pain thing I can’t do it unguided anymore. The app Headspace (and Calm as well) are really good options for guided meditations, and they even have 3 minute “emergency” meditations for when things are really bad. I also just do a lot of deep belly (diaphramatic) breathing which helps regulate the parasympatheic & sympathetic nervous systems which helps anxiety (meditation does that as well). When I was able, going a walk was a great way to clear my head, as were mindless tasks like cleaning or hobbies like baking. Pets help too. Also agree with you, Christine, about music, and used to about the relaxing shower but these days mine cause pain so not so relaxing, but for most people I’d definitely recommend it. And of course if you find you’re out of sorts consistently for a while, things like therapy are great if you find the right person.

Denise S. Avatar

That’s so cute melon is on the lookout!! Hope he enjoyed his walk with dad!
Haul: Violet Voss Flamingo palette, Pat McGraft Highlighting trio and Bite lip stick in Saffron Fire. Love they shadows and highlighters. The lip stick is pretty but similar to several that I own.

Weekend Plans: Just chill. May have dinner with a friend. I’m enjoying streaming “The Handmaidens Tale” on Hulu.

Tip for getting in a better head space: Prayer, meditation and exercise really help me to focus and relax. Also complaining to my mom and sisters, lol

Genevieve Avatar

Mellon’s organized for his walk, now where is everyone else?

Haul: Absolutely nothing this week.

Weekend plans: At the moment it is freezing cold and pouring rain, and it looks like staying that way for the weekend.
I am putting together a Vet Dramatic play workshop for Olivia at the moment – laminating signs, getting a medical kit together, some toy animals and dress ups for her to play with when she comes over. I purchased the bundle on “little lifelong learners” and it has fantastic ideas for toddlers and pre kinder kids. It will be set up in our family room.

Better Head Space: A couple of things I do – read a good book, go and see something beautiful – either a museum or a drive into the countryside and/or arrange an outing with friends.

AJ Avatar

Mellan is so cute! I love when dogs have an idea of what’s going to happen and they’re paying close attention to make sure they’re not missing out 🙂

Haul: Went to Ulta on Saturday with the 20% coupon. Didn’t actually buy any cosmetics! Got some dry shampoo, one full-size and one travel-size, and my partner got an anti-frizz product for their hair, and I picked up a Real Techniques brush. I keep thinking going to Ulta will be exciting because of all the indie brands they keep snatching up, but it appears either they are online only, or my store doesn’t have them. They don’t have any MAC either, except for a couple small products by the register.

Also, I FINALLY received the Espionage Cosmetics nail wraps that my partner and I ordered back in… March? April? They were supposed to ship around May 25! I got malachite and corgi patterned ones, and they got DNA patterned ones, and the brand sent us a free package of lapis lazuli wraps to make up for the delay. My partner has never worn anything on their nails so this will be a fun experiment.

Weekend plans: Tomorrow we’re going to go for a long walk with the dog in the morning, maybe get some doughnuts. Then I might catch up on some blogging or something, and I think we’ll go out for dinner. Sunday we’re looking at possibly going to a food festival.

Getting into a better headspace: It’s hard for me. I dwell on things, a lot! The first step is to remove myself from the situation, then I try to distract myself with music and dance, or reading, or sometimes I do some therapeutic cleaning (y’know, when you get to throw out a bunch of crap you’ve been wanting to get rid of and you throw it in the trashcan or shove it into a donation bag really hard).

Nikki Avatar

Haul: Nothing this week.
Weekend plans: Today was errands. Tomorrow I work all day and then plan to tune into the weekly Law & Order: SVU marathon. I’m not sure what I’m doing Sunday.
What is your best tip for getting into a better head space?: I try to distract myself somehow-either by focusing on something else in my environment or by imagining myself in a different situation.

Tracey E. Avatar

Haul: YSL The Curler mascara, Nars Orgasm illuminating powder, and Bobbi Brown brush cleansing shampoo (a gift to go with a set of MAC brushes I’m giving to my neice for her birthday) I placed a skincare order, using a 25% off discount, hat I’ll report on next week.

Weekend Plans: Enjoying time with family and friends. Temperatures and humidity are soaring this weekend, so keeping cool and hydrated are top prioities.

Getting into a better headspace: Deep breaths and meditation, enjoying nature, listening to music, having a good laugh, and a change of scenery all help, as does chatting with family.

Alecto Avatar

Haul: I actually did some spending this week — Bite Beauty glosses in Black Coffee and Vanilla Latte, and the Amouse Bouche lipstick in Smoked Za’atar; IGK Mixed Feelings Leave-in Blonde Drops; Fenty Summer Nights Lip Luminizer Trio, and her Freestyle Highlighter Duo in Sand Castle/Mint’d Mojito; Milk Holographic Powder Quad; Sephora cream blushes in Young Love, Crazed and Confused, and Out of Control; and Madam C.J. Walker Silkening Blow Out Cream, and Silkening Leave-in.

Weekend plans: Some office work, but not until tomorrow. What I really want is to do some very necessary gardening, mostly weeding.

What is your best tip for getting into a better head space?: Still trying to figure that out. I started using an app called Headspace last year and felt like it was very calming, like it was having a beneficial effect, but things got hectic at work before I had made a habit of it, and it fell by the wayside. I’ve resolved to pick it up again and make a point of doing it daily, and I WILL, STARTING TODAY.

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