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  • Haul: BH Club Tropicana/Carli Bybel Palettes arrived along with Becca’s Light Chaser Highlighters and Liquid Crystal Glow Glosses. It’s actually been a quieter week for me re: purchases.
  • Weekend plans: So, I bought a doggy pool for Mellan yesterday, which means that’s really the main event for today and the weekend… I’ve tried it once before, and he seemed more confused than entertained.
  • What’s your favorite way to stay cool in hot weather?: Stay inside with AC, LOL!
    Other than that: HYDRATE! I always feel better in hot weather when I’m drinking a lot of water.

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Hope Mellan is ok. Pics of him in the pool are needed 😉

Haul: I’m on a low buy right now. My stash is so enormous I’d need several lifetimes to use everything. And, as you know, I usually only wear makeup on the weekends. (So yes, I fought the urge to buy: UD Heat, the new Estee Lauder Summer palette, the Kylie Vacation release, the new Devinah palette, etc. I feel like I’m going through withdrawal!)

Juvia’s Place (10% off): Zulu Palette – arrives today

Neiman Marcus ($50 off): Molton Brown Rosa Absolue Body Lotion and Bath & Shower, Molton Brown Rhubarb & Rose Hand Cream, Molton Brown Luxury Travel Essentials GWP. NM was awful to deal with on this gift card. They had screwed up the order it originated from and, without going into the details, in trying to fix it, they dropped my gift card off that I earned. I had to call to place an order to use the card and the sales associate wouldn’t let me qualify for both a brand GWP and the NM Beauty Event GWP. So I ended up removing items from my order.

Origins (By Phone): Plantscription Gift Set (special offer from the store I use).

Tarte (20% off): Clay Stick Foundation (Fair-Light Neutral), Sweet Tarte Fragrance, Deluxe sample Setting Mist – arrives tomorrow or Monday.

Weekend plans: Not sure – depends on whether it rains or not. My daughter wants me to go yard sailing with her.

What’s your favorite way to stay cool in hot weather?: Shop 😉 LOL

Just want to share with your readers my recent multi-month experience with Deciem. I washed my hands of Deciem after what they did to me on my last order. I had ordered 2 of each of the new foundations and 2 months later when my package arrived, it only had one of each. I immediately contacted them via email and Facebook. Without going into the 3 weeks long details, which included me having to send pictures of the packing slip, box, etc. 3 times, they have refused to refund my money or ship the 2 foundations they never did in the first place. They lost me as a customer over $10 worth of products. I don’t know if their customer service is slipping or it has something to do with the fact that recently Estee Lauder acquired a huge stake in the company. I’m starting to hear similar poor service complaints from other beauty enthusiasts so I thought I’d share.

He’s good! Seemed like an upset stomach, which he is prone to, but nothing came of it and he’s been fine since 🙂

Best wishes on your low-buy! What are your terms for your low-buy?

I’m very sad to hear about your experience with Deciem 🙁 I doubt Estee Lauder has an impact yet, since they’re a minority stakeholder and news just came out – and Deciem has undergone a lot of growing pains, so it looks like CS suffered, especially if you were hearing prior complaints!

So glad to hear he’s ok!

My low-buy is kind of vague. Basically, it has to be either a superb deal (% off) or something special/unique. So, as an example, whenever KVD releases Saint & Sinner, I do plan on buying it. I’m also trying not to get sucked into color cosmetics in shades I know don’t work that well for me (i.e. UD Heat palette – I will probably buy 1 or 2 of the lipsticks though.) I’m also trying to do much of the same with fragrance. And I do need luck. This past week has been very difficult!

Elroy loves towels too. He loves being towel dried, rolling on towels and piling up towels on the floor to lay on.

Whenever we go swimming, he has to be “vigorously toweled” to his satisfaction. Once directly after swimming when we reach the car, and then when we get home. Plus when we get home he needs to be in a towel pile or in a towel burrito. He will also do something similar with blankets on the couch or in the bedroom but I can’t get him on a dog bed for the life of me.

That is funny! Mellan doesn’t mind towels, but I do not think he enjoys being in a towel burrito or wrapped in blankets, lol. But he DOES love his many beds, so there’s that. Dogs are funny 🙂

I’ve always had a hard time ordering from Neiman Marcus! Once I was trying to buy a dress for my mother’s wedding, since it was on sale, and I tried about 6 times over the course of a weekend, and every time it would say my card was declined, despite the fact that it had more than enough money on it, and I called the bank to make sure it wasn’t locked for any reason. I would call customer service and no one would ever pick up. I never did end up getting that dress, and NM lost about $300 on it!

I had a similar issue with Deciem. I ordered argrireline serum and they sent argan oil instead. Frankly I had forgotten what I ordered and since I do use argan oil, I didn’t realize the mistake. The argan oil smelled like dung so I threw it out. Then I came across my original order and saw that I had not ordered it after all. The company wanted a picture of the box and even if I had not thrown away the argan oil, I didn’t keep the box. I let it go for the amount of money involved but I decided not to order from them again. I live in NYC and they are opening a store here so I will be able to check out the products in person. I haven’t been all that wowed by their stuff, inexpensive as it may be. The argan oil was really nasty.

Lesley, Funny you should say that. Part of the reason I switched from their skincare was the smell of some of their products! Like you, I also didn’t see any visible results from using their regimen. I also didn’t understand why they would want a pic of the box as it’s irrelevant to the contents inside. At least you’ll have the opportunity to test their products in person going forward as I think they’re the kind of brand that’s best to shop in person.

Haul: Nothing! Different budget now so spacing things out more.

Weekend plans: Supposed to be thunderstorming all into next week. But probably still dinner out tonight 🙂 I also need to get some summer clothes! I’m still wearing jeans & cardigans in high 80s!

What’s your favorite way to stay cool in hot weather?: Definitely the same lol! I spend hours every summer just cutting up watermelons into tiny cubes. I also make a lot of bruschetta with cherry tomatoes & basil from our garden. I steer clear of super hot food!

Thunderstorms really are the best. I LOOOOVE when it looks super gray and creepy outside. I enjoy those more than a sunset! Lol!

How’ve you been lately, Christine? Have things gotten better? ❤

Christine, the good news is that *usually* once we have a heat wave here (112°+), it arrives. Let’s hope that the tropical storm in the Gulf veers in this direction, and that the 120° fires that up bringing on the fireworks by Wednesday! ??⛈

Here on the east coast (Long Island) it started raining this morning, and they say it’ll continue off and on into next week! I’m glad, actually. I hope it breaks this horrible heat we’ve been having.

And I’m totally like you, until this year I never really got around to buying summer clothes. I’d just suffer in the heat because I prefer fall/winter clothes! I actually bought my first adulthood pair of shorts last August, but I’ve since been converted to the joys of cute sundresses.

Hi Kat! Yes I used to live in DE so I just kinda put up with it because it wasn’t so bad. But I’m in SC now and it’s just unbearable. I took my doggo outside to poop and I was sweating buckets standing still. Not cute.

My problem is I have unwanted fluff so shorts and summer clothes in general aren’t flattering on me. AND THE WORLD MAKES WEIRD CLOTHES NOW. What is cold shoulder ?

That was a lot of it for me, I had a lot of body issues as well as dermatological issues so I just wanted to cover up! And it’s so hard to wade through all the weird stuff at Forever 21 and HM to actually find something cute!

I actually just bought 6 pairs of capris, a shirt and 2 dress on Wednesday during a flash 40% everything at Reitmans sale. (not common up here).

One of the dress has a cold shoulder attach sleeve that I HATE but I’m going to remove. Below is the dress… the Sleeves doesn’t look that flattering on the model and look even more hideous one me. But without the sleeves the A line collar is awesome.

Ha, so it’s not just me. I don’t like things that are trend or that “date” and that cut out shoulder look (I didn’t know it had an actual name) is going to look dated very quickly. Not my thing – I like stuff that I can wear for 5 years and not look like I’m wearing an outdated trend.

Haul: just a couple of things from colourpop. Picked up the It’s My Ray Ray lip trio, sticky sweet blush, and the knockout blush/highlighter duo. Super disappointed in the face duo, the blush looks nothing like what was swatched on their site, zero pigment, and really not doable for anything other than fair skin.
Favorite way to stay cool: ice water, watermelon, & ice cream!

lol towel king
glad he’s feeling better

Haul: locked in Nashville for the eclipse
other purchases are: a Japanese screw punch, PVA glue, bone folder, and art brushes

Weekend plans: going to a Midsummer Smörgåsbord and either heading to a lavender farm (hopefully it’s in bloom) or going to see roses at the park

What’s your favorite way to stay cool in hot weather?: AC!! Or sometimes I’ll go to the beach

Oh please let us know how Mellan likes the pool! Our pups run around in the ponds at the dog park, so we tried buying one for them, and the response was “um, no.” Haha! Maybe if it gets really hot they’ll change their tune.

Haul: the ABH Aurora palette, since it *finally* came to Sephora (I had a gift card I was waiting to use), and I also picked up the Sephora collection eyeshadow in Flirting Game, which is a lovely neutral shimmer- perfect for a quick all-over lid color.

Weekend plans: Tidy up the house since we’re having a couple of friends over for a BBQ on Sunday

What’s your favorite way to stay cool in hot weather?: Hang out in the shade with a cold beverage ?

Well, it’ll be a wading pool, so no idea. Last time I did one (four or five years ago), he seemed more confused than anything else. I actually have a bit of video from that on YouTube here and here 🙂

He does, however, LOVE real pools (my parents have one), but he is like a drug addict needing a FIX with the pool. It was so bad that we actually had to STOP him from swimming and for awhile, did not bring him to my parents at all (he would howl, cry, and whine like he was in the deepest pain possible because he was not IN the pool). He also would splash himself and bite at the water, which led to him drinking a lot of pool water. Labs usually love water, but Mellan has next level love.

Aw, my dog used to LOVE swimming! We didn’t have a pool because it’s just not practical in New York, but when we visited my grandparents who had a small lake/large pond on their property, she’d spend the entire weekend in there along with their dogs! She was half black lab, half German pointer, and my grandparents’ dogs were Portuguese water dogs so the love of water makes total sense. The bad part was when they’d come inside and the whole house would smell like wet dog.

AWWW! Elroy loves pools too, he’s the same way, he freaks out if you try to make him leave the pool! He’s only been pooling twice because of it. Pools aren’t as common up here in the PNW. He was a total ass about it so he got disinvited to the pool. Which made me quite sad.

The kiddie pool I have for him is hard sided/molded and big enough I can lay down in it totally stretched out. That’s is what he does too. He will also flop into it from the side to make waves but then bring me the hose to fill it up again.

He will also fight or play with a hose any time you let him!

Aww, poor Elroy!

Mellan will swim for hours (I’ve never seen him tire from it), and in order to keep him from drinking pool water 24/7, I’d have to throw balls/frisbees… but he would look so, so tired.

It sounds like he enjoys is kiddie pool, though 🙂

I’ve been trying to grab Fall Leaves 5ever but it’s always sold out or I don’t feel like paying shipping for a $5 clearance shadow. ?

Enjoy the BBQ! What kind of doggos do you have?

Don’t give up on Fall Leaves – I thought Flirting Game was gone for good because it had gone out of stock from clearance, then all of the sudden it popped back up!

I have 2 rescue mixes that are both predominantly herding breeds. I’m pretty sure Rocket is 50/50 Border Collie and Australian Shepherd, but Goose is a mystery- maybe part sheltie? The best way to describe her is that she looks like a miniature Golden Retriever except her ears a a little perkier. But they are both 100% CUTE 🙂

Swim lessoons for Mellan this weekend!
*Haul – Juvia’s Place Magic Palette -16 shadows for $35. Have only swatched on my arms, but the 10 metallic shadows are stunning, very pigmented, many colors unique to my stash. 3 of the mattes were very nice, but 3 of the mattes were dry and sheer upon first swatch (red, purple, blue), but they were buildable in 3 swipes, will be better over primer. But all in all, very pleased with the kit, lots of fun, interesting colors, great value, good quality. Thanks for the rec Michele! Also MAC mini sizes – Love Child gloss ( very pretty), and colored mascaras in red, blue, and green.
*Weekend -supposed to be sunny and warm, so get some fresh air and exercise, relax, haircut, usual chores
*Stay cool- drink lots of water, do my walks and errands at sundown

Haul: I didn’t actually get anything this week! Last week, though, I bought the Steve J & Yoni P lipstick in Spotlight Me. It’s a really pretty summer shade, and I kind of collect limited edition MAC lipstick packaging (as long as the shape of the packaging is the classic bullet – it’s kind of weird but I like the way they look all displayed in the same shape), so I’m really glad I got it. It looks even nicer blotted down with a tissue, it gets a little darker and more matte. Next week, though, I’m hoping to take advantage of the Sephora 2x points on makeup as an excuse to get some stuff!

Weekend plans: I’m going to NYC tonight to get dinner with my dad for Father’s Day, then I’m going to see the ABT perform Swan Lake at Lincoln Center (I got a series of 6 tickets for my birthday since I’ve always been a huge dance buff). After that, I’m going over to my friend’s apartment (she’s living in Manhattan for an internship this summer) and we’re going to go out to a bar or something. It’s been a rough couple of weeks so I need a fun night! Then tomorrow and Sunday I’ll probably just relax and work.

What’s your favorite way to stay cool in the hot weather? I absolutely hate the heat, and I actually get heat sick really easily. The best plan is to stay in the AC, but until a few weeks ago I didn’t have any (and my room would easily get up to 20 degrees hotter than the outside), so I’d just lay on my bed with a cold washcloth on my face and try not to melt! We also spent a lot of time hanging around other buildings that did have AC.

Haul: I ordered 90ml of clinique Moisture surge extended thirst relief, Biotherm SPF30 spray for spf touch ups over makeup!, Rose bud Mocha Rose Lip Balm, Shiseido SPF50+ Wet force Sunblock from sephora! Should be here early next week.

Weekend plans: I was invited back to my all time favourite invite-only training camp, that’s in early july. So my haul represents what I need for the 5 day trip LOL. It’s in a forest on First Nation Land. And it’s so amazing for my spiritual and mental health! So I’m excited!!

best way to stay cool in hot weather: I honestly dont know LOL. I get major anxiety in the heat!! It feels like the heat is pressing down on my chest, and I cant breathe. so I always freak out and have to avoid the heat as much as possible!!

Thank you so much genevieve! I like that suggestion!

I always feel so silly. Because I complain about the heat causing me anxiety. But I’m from CANADA, I could be from AUS and have it really hard with the heat like you!!!!

Shannon, take a look further down at my suggestion regarding the damp, frozen face cloths! Once they’re a bit less “frozen”, I’ll move them to my wrists or my face….makes a big difference in terms of comfort and “beating the heat”. I also have a spritz bottle that I put a small amount of water into and freeze, laying on a bit of an angle (leaning up against other things in the freezer) so I can fit the sprayer thingy back into it once its frozen. Then I take it out, add some tap water and a bit of facial toner with a nice scent and put the sprayer back inside. I often take these to the gym and mist my face with nice, cool water as needed but they’re also nice to have if I’m out and about when it’s really hot.

Haul: Becca light chasers highlighter Champage with Bellini . It’s just OK no real flash just looks like pink with a secondary gold shimmer.

Weekend plans: working both days with free time in the middle of the day may stop in at the pool.

Way to stay cool: pool; if riding ride the shaded trails. Eat watermelon and ice cream.

I’ve bought the molded children pools for my poms. Most wouldn’t get in there but the ones that did just stood in it and acted like it was a big water bowl.

Haul: Laura Mercier primer ‘blemish-less’ (I’m liking a lot); awaiting orders from Anastasia and Paula’s Choice I can report on next week

Weekend: routine tasks, errands, pilates; I was going to go to a local ‘endless’ yard sale along a state highway but it’s supposed to storm the entire weekend, so expect I’ll do indoor projects after all

Staying cool: appreciating my brand new HVAC system. I am good about hydrating year round but all the more in summer — I keep some 1.5 liter bottles of water in my freezer for use during hottest days because they thaw slowly so water is cold almost all day. Also, thanks to posters here, I’ve just started keeping make up wipes in my fridge and use those as needed to cool and refresh/clean up.

From Beautylish; Jouer Cosmetics Long-Wear Lip Crème in Papaye & Guava, and Skinny Dip Collection Ultra Foil Shimmer Shadows.

From Sephora;
Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid-Peach and Jean-Michel Basquiat 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Vivid
MILK MAKEUP Liquid Strobe deluxe sample in Beam – 0.10 oz/ 3 g
boscia Porefecting White Charcoal Mattifying Treatment Primer deluxe sample – 0.34/ 10 mL
Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation Stick deluxe sample in Fair-Light Neutral – 0.158 oz/ 4.5 g

Weekend plans: Same old, work, resumes ande repeat. Monday I visiting my Grandma for her birthday.

What’s your favorite way to stay cool in hot weather?: Stay inside with AC as well…. Stay in the shade as much as possible…. lots of mineral sunscreen so that I don’t burn up later. lol

Forgot to mention this but I’m going to GenBeauty Toronto on June 24. I got an early ticket even though it is expensive (at $110CAN at the time, now it’s $165CAN), I want to check it out and see if anyone else is going.

On my way to Sephora after work, for the kvd Lolita, and prob some of the Tarte color splash lipsticks. Beach Waves, 5 o’clock, vaycay. Missed a few things recently, like RayeRaye, but no great loss. The only order I did was ll bean, for some swim trunks/sports shorts. The color block pair was just like stalking m.u. Who knew ll bean suffered from limited edition syndrome? W/e, yeah, taking out the dog pool. Mine is really a turtle shaped covered kid’s sandbox. Has to be shallow, ’cause they’re dachshunds. Can’t believe that we had days at 97 degrees, then one am, it was 60 in the house. 40 degree difference from one day to the next. That’s New England for ya! Night job sat and sun. Stay cool: well, I never ac below 75, so I couldn’t call it cool. Have dipped the dogs on the bay side, but am sure the ocean side is far too cold, still. I got exposure sickness taking the diving test a long time ago on Mem Day w/e, and still get vasomotor spasms in my feet, if the water’s cold. Back then, I could not walk for 3 days, but at least I got certified!

Haul: Tatcha 15% off event: the starter ritual normal to dry skin (i wanted a nighttime anti aging set but i have oily skin so idk what i was thinking then), the travel size indigo body butter, and sunscreen!
I also bought Becca’s Rose Quartz flashes Seashell. Returning!! Just shows up straight up pink.

Weekend plans: Visiting my boyfriend in NJ! Living in MD rn so it’s a drive 🙂

What’s your favorite way to stay cool in hot weather? Ice cream, fan (max it up!), and chilled fruits. Living in a subletted apartment where the AC is broken is hell of a journey.

Haul: Angel Baby nipple balm ? For nursing
Weekend: Saturdays are my escape from the baby days, so gym and maybe a pedicure.
Staying cool: the beach. Although now that I have a baby and beach this summer won’t happen, I may pull out the sprinkler!

Just love your haul this week! it’s all about the baby at the moment and how is your little treasure going?

How did your weekend go with your in laws Sarah?

One day, prob 50+ years ago, my parents caught me eating out of the Vitamin A + D tube and were howling with laughter. They were kind enough to tell me that A/D had been my mother’s nipple cream. I craved it. Since it was cod liver oil in that era, prob explains my enduring love for sardines, too. Moral: watch out for the addictive potential of nipple cream, lol. Have fun!

Haul: So I fell for MAC’s promotion of buy 2 lip products get 1 free lipstick (from the 6 lipsticks they have chosen to promote) so I picked up the pro longwear lip pencil in Talking Points, the Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor in To Matte With Love, and got the free lipstick in Capricious.
Weekend Plans: cleaning the house and maybe hitting a water park with the family
What’s your favorite way to stay cool in hot weather?: eating ice cream and drinking water

The crazy ups and downs of furbabies​! Glad Mellan was feeling better rather quickly, but poor you once he got his 2nd wind!

Haul: UD Jean-Michel Basquiat Tenant Eyeshadow palette! And I am loving it! Been using the 2 blues as liner in every look this week, and they don’t break down or wander away from where I applied them. Also bought a super pretty shade of aqua nail polish at good ol’ Walmart: Pure Ice “P2” Volume Gloss in Old Maid. Got a MAJOR hair cut yesterday! Went from near waist length to just past my shoulders. Did it only because the weight of my hair was giving me neck pain and headaches due to almost always wearing it up in a high ponytail or topknot. Unfortunately, I don’t think the stylist knew what she was doing with my curly hair….she cut too many layers into it, far more than the pics I showed her. I wasn’t able to see what she was doing, either, because without my glasses I cannot see. Oh well, I’m lucky that my hair literally grows 3/4 to a full inch per month! Besides, there’s a better hair place just up the street!

Weekend plans: Touching up my root growth with my usual plummy black-brown dye. Meeting on Sunday.

Favorite way to stay cool during summer?: Swimming!!! But no pool where I live, so the public pool? And staying indoors with my AC and lots of water, raspberry lemonade, and more water! Supposed to hit 110° today, 114° tomorrow, and 120° Tuesday. ?

Haul: Still trying to get my Chosungah 22 C & T Luminous Light Foundation in shade 01 Porcelain. I have contacted Mecca Cosmetica in Australia (only place I can find this product in the shade I need) at Genevieve’s suggestion and am waiting for them to get back to me. In the interim, I have ordered the Chosungah 22 Hidden Foundation in Porcelain and the Chosungah 22 C & T Bounce Up Pac Foundation, also in Porcelain, both from Ebay. The seller contacted me to see what I was looking for and I told her but she says she hasn’t seen it in awhile. If one of these other products work then I will just stock up on them for now. I also ordered the Etude House Tear Duct Liner in white/silver and rose gold and a powder lipstick. I have tried the Sephora powder lipstick and loved the color but didn’t care for the feeling on my lips. I have used it to matte out other lipsticks that have too much slip for me but it really changes the color and that isn’t always what I am going for so one would wonder why I would purchase another one but it was so cheap and appears to be such a lovely color I am willing to try it. Since it is made in S. Korea it might have a different texture to the one from Sephora.

Weekend Plans: Not much. Both my daughter and I are having minor procedures done next week (wisdom teethe removed for my daughter and back injections for me) so we are just having a quiet weekend. Will probably cook a nice dinner for my ex-husband and my brother for Father’s Day.

How to handle summer heat? Since we only have higher temperatures for a brief period of time here in Northwestern Montana no one has air conditioner up here so we are forced to try and live through that period of time. Last year the period of time was blessedly short so we just stayed inside and drank plenty of water. This summer so far hasn’t gotten out of the 70’s and todays high is going to be in the high 50’s and low 60’s with some serious rain falling at this time. I prefer a cooler summer and that is why I left California to return to Montana. We would love to get some swimming in this summer and there is plenty of time for the temperatures to rise and allow swimming in the lake.

I really hope that Mecca Cosmetica gets back to you soon Deborah on your requests. And I hope your medical procedures go well. Getting out wisdom teeth can be so painful, I wish you and your daughter well.

Thank you for your help in recommending I contact them directly. Yes, it is a crazy week ahead between my back and her teeth. She has never had any surgery and although this is minor you just never know how anesthesia will affect a person. Thanks for your well wishes.

Well……….it’s been a week. So I shopped…………some people are stress eaters I am a stress shopper.
Non beauty…… Adidas superstar sneakers in Navy..

Bobbi brown illuminating blush bronzer in Maui
Marc Jacobs blush in Lines and Last Night eyeliner in earthquake and gloss in sup a dupatta fly
New Dior mascara Plump and squeeze or something like that
Dior lip ink in Rosewood
Glam glow fizzy lip treatment
Pixi overnight glow serum
Pixi mask and peel treatment duo
A haircut and color
A new turn signal relay switch for my car 🙁
That’s it!!!

MAC Shy Girl and Yoni Crush (thanks to Nancy T’s look – LOVED the way it looked on you, Nancy T!) lipsticks
MAC Mineralize Skin Finishes in Medium, Medium Tan (I use it as a blush), and Medium Deep (I use it as a bronzer)
BH Cosmetics Foil #2 and Tropicana Foil palettes (ordered but not received)
Chanel Jardin De Lumieres (ordered but not received)
HUGE nail polish haul from What’s Up Nails, Color4Nails and Live Love Polish – love my holographic colors! Most of them will be toe colors because I keep my fingernails short (just a little longer than the fingertip) and I don’t like wearing too bold or non-traditional colors on my hands. I’ll be playing around with all of the holo top coats for different color combinations. I have dotting tools and detail brushes but have held off (for now) on buying stamping plates and stampers. I want to get a little more comfortable with the dotting and just general nail art., not to mention color combinations. It might be too much for me and I’ll just go back to one nail color and all that, but I’ll have a few neices I can give away to if that’s the case.

Weekend plans: Just finished weekend chores, now it’s off to a winery for a light snack and a glass, then maybe having a few friends over tonight for grilling and more wine. Sunday – brunch and a movie.

What’s your favorite way to stay cool in hot weather?: Inside anywhere with the AC on! Movies, malls/shops, houses – as long as there’s ac and the fan, we’re okay. I don’t like ice cold anything, though – it makes my stomach cramp up.

Haul: Nothing so far. I did just see Sephora has double points on makeup, so I might pick up a few things I’ve been waiting on.

Weekend: I started pregaming the weekend on Thursday with a two-step at home facial, so I’m ready for anything. It will probably be an easy weekend with food shopping and maybe a movie, as I have yet to see Wonder Woman.

Keeping Cool: Right now, the weather is doing it for me. I like to have AC but it’s not something I’ve had since 2010! I have small portable one I just got and it’s nice I guess but it’s really only able to do one room despite being advertised for almost 1000sq ft. I love to swim when I have the option, but I’m pretty pool bereft. The waters around here while nice to look at aren’t really swimming friendly other than one of the beaches at a lake by me. The water isn’t clear easily see-through-able in the ocean here or the lakes. I’ve got a massive phobia of sharks, so unless I can see the through the water at shallower depths, I’m not keen to go out. You may think that is silly, but after TWO face to face encounters with Great Whites, I just can’t.

I also think we need some puppy pool photos. Elroy loves his pool, he loves flopping in it. He loves to swim too. He’s got a life vest now that he’s got spinal arthritis, just in case.

Erin – OMG encounters with a Great White – I would have a Shark Phobia too. Where was this?
We have a lot of sharks around our waters here because they are so warm in summer. I only go to a patrolled beach.

I was 10 when the first one happened in Fort Bragg, California. I’d just taught myself how to swim and was hanging out at a state beach not to far from some Abalone divers. The shark came up and went after the diving propeller that one of the divers was using. It quite literally looked at me and it was about 15 ft away. I froze for about half a second, swam like a fish right the fuck out of there, I was about 30 ft from the shore. My sister was also in the water as a toddler at chest deep not too far from my father who was wading next to her. I picked her up by her hair, threw her over my shoulders like a sack of potatoes, and kept running until I reached the campground on the other side of the highway. This was in early October.

The thing looked me right in the eye, it was huge. It was about the size of an 80’s Lincoln continental in length, but beefier and with a much bigger grill 😀

My mother says she’s never seen a human swim or run that fast before, even at the olympics. I’m not sure I could have beat the best but I’ve never moved that fast before in my life and probably never will again!

The second time was in Bodega Bay at 14 or 15. I was swimming at night with friends and I saw a whole bunch of little waves. It wasn’t waves, it was great white bellies in the moonlight. They were mating. This was September… I think it was Labor Day. I was able to get everyone out of the water calmly with a lie about the food being done. Then I showed them and they lost their shit.

Holy Moly Erin – you were so lucky in your first encounter because these sharks can really move. It was, again, lucky he was more interested in the abalone divers (food) than you.
We’ve had a number of shark attacks along our beaches in both the western and eastern sides of the country where the water is warmer. Sometimes, here too in Port Phillip Bay that is home to many of Melbourne’s suburbs.
I think your experiences would put anyone off swimming in non patrolled beaches and at night time.

Up close with whites? Twice? I screamed at a dogfish, when I was diving, and they do nothing. Almost lost the regulator, due to a ….dogfish? I would literally die, if I saw a GWS. You’ve earned your fear of low visibility water. Does Elroy have a script?

Haul: Laura Geller Diamond Dust Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator arrived. It’s so intense and stunning. I’m glad I caved and got it. Zodaca Purple Spiral Unicorn Makeup Brush Set. They just arrived this afternoon, so I haven’t tried them yet. They’re very pretty and feel soft. I’ll try them out this weekend. Wet n Wild Megawear Mascara. I don’t think I’d buy it again. It’s not bad, but it’s not great. I think I’m becoming sensitive to it, too. 🙁 LA Colors Nude Eyeshadow Palette in Traditional. I got it to keep in my purse’s emergency makeup bag, as the little e.l.f. quad I used to keep in it broke and is no longer sold. The L.A. Colors palette is surprisingly good.

Weekend plans: Celebrate Father’s Day. Hubby wants taken out to dinner and to get some time to himself.

What’s your favorite way to stay cool in hot weather?: Go to the coast. If not, stay inside with the AC and drink cold water with lemon slices in it.

Haul: I just received a candle haul from Bath & Body Works – not that I need any more candles but they were $10… I also ordered a set of shower oils and a candle by Cinq Mondes from Beautyhabit (candle fixation), and the foundation lightening drops from The Body Shop (that order must be coming on foot, based on the time it’s taking).

Weekend plans: resting tomorrow as I’ve been out basically every night this week, and a wine tasting tour on Sunday!

Favorite way to stay cool in summer: cool showers, staying in the shade, and going to a place that has AC, which my house doesn’t! I don’t do well in the heat at all, I’ve suffered heat exhaustion a few times in the past despite drinking gallons of water so I just avoid exposure. Turns out tropical climate is not for me!

Another “can’t stand the heat” gal here (mind you, I can’t stand the cold either and living in Canada, these 2 extremes are part of life). Years ago, when I was pregnant and we didn’t have a car with air conditioning and were making a car drive to visit family on a blistering hot day, I put damp face cloths into zip loc bags and into the freezer! Draping one over the nape of your neck is the MOST refreshing thing you could imagine. I still do that on really hot days (rather than turning down the a/c and putting a strain on the grid) or if I’m going to be working in the garden, etc. (I have tried those “magic towels” and they don’t really work all that well and I’ve had them stain my clothes!)

No haul this week ! Saving for Botox for my lip lines .

Weekend plans up in the air because of the weather . My goal is to sit outside as much as possible and read !

Stay cool – AC or our pool .

Stupid question but how do I get a picture next associated with my name for commenting ?

Hey Rob,

If you register, you can upload an icon of your choosing, or you can use Gravatar (I think… it’s been a long time since I’ve commented on a blog without an icon, lol).

Haul: Kat von D Rock Candy mini lipstick set & MAC Solar Glow x 9 eye shadow palette.
Weekend plans: Hubby’s away working, so I can catch up with all those DVDs I like but he can’t stand! Also, planning to enjoy the gorgeous weather we’re currently having, and I shall make a Malaysian Style Pork Salad for myself and my daughter.
How to stay cool in hot weather – Sit in the shade when the sun it at it’s highest (between 11am – 3pm), drink lots of water, and don’t wear black! 🙂

There’s nothing like an upset tummy to make person and doggy feel bad – I hope he is better today.

Haul: My Clarins Natural Brown palette arrived yesterday, so I plan on using it today. Looks beautiful
Rimmel Match Perfection foundation in light porcelain – the cream/gel one – quite like it.

Weekend plans: Saturday we are going out to lunch at a restaurant up in the Hills to celebrate my younger son’s recent exam results – he got a Distinction. He’s doing his CPA for Accounting – a post graduate qualification. This is a great effort for someone who works full time and has a young family. We are very proud of him.
On Sunday we are taking Olivia and Lachlan to a miniature railway park – it has a couple of play areas, pony rides and miniature steam train rides through 20 km of bush and country side. Our sons loved it when they were little too.

Staying cool in hot weather: You will find me in my favourite spot nearest to the air conditioner, with a good book or heading out to a shopping centre.

Distinction! Excellent. Though I cannot say I enjoyed those business school style grades. The best I ever did in accounting was a high pass. But I’m clinical at heart, rather than a quant jock. Being an auditor, often one’s first post MBA job, would have been a nightmare for me. Your son is doing so much, with a lot of responsibility already. You taught him well.

Haul: Sephora Beauty Amplifier Afterglow Primer and Luminzer, Sephora Beauty Amplifier Set and Refresh Spray (unless that was last week – I honestly don’t remember!) and samples of the Nars liquid blushes in Orgasm and Dolce Vita – I really like them but wish there was a more true pink shade

Weekend plans: My son’s Convocation is tomorrow so that’s a big deal and a family celebration; we’ll be continuing the festivities on Sunday with a combined Fathers Day and Graduation dinner at a favourite restaurant in our neighbourhood; son’s best friend since junior kindergarten will be joining us too.

Favourite way to stay cool in hot weather: Indoors in the AC (I’m a climate control kinda gal), a cooling shower after a day like today – in a very hot and stuffy and NOT air conditioned school, hot airless classrooms filled with over-heated teenagers; a white wine spritzer or a frozen yogurt pop (or 2 or 3). Crazy as it sounds, there are times when hot yoga is amazing….no matter how hot it is outside, it feels cool after the heat and humidity of the practice room!

Haul: I went my the CCO nearest me as they got the MAC X Selena collection in! I got literally every piece I didn’t already have as it was 30% off to begin with and then another 50% off as well! I also picked up 3 MAC lip liners in Burgundy, Hip’n’Happy and Vino. And then realized I already had the first two XD. Oh well, backups or gifts for people in the future!

Weekend plans: OMG DOGGY POOL!!!! The video of it made me happy when I was stuck in bed this afternoon. Not much. My birthday is on Sunday and it’s the worst day of the year for me, particularly since I got ill, so probably just staying in bed and avoiding the world.

What’s your favorite way to stay cool in hot weather?: Also AC for me (especially since I got sick) and I have to drink a lot of water anyways because of meds and illness stuff. But I mainly just avoid hot weather if I can.

Wow, what an awesome deal on the MAC Selena products!!! Sorry the medical issues continue, will be keeping you in my thoughts

I hope Mellan enjoys his new pool!!


Chanel (10% off): I purchased and returned 2 Chanel Premier Ombres cream shadows as the new formula irritated my eyelids to the point they were red when I removed the shadow. The Chanel powder eyeshadow Talpa disappeared into my skintone when worn on it’s own. Exchanged them for Illusion D’Ombres in Melody and Rouge Noire. Am waiting a restock of the new red powder eyeshadow. Also purchased Chanel Le Crayon Yeux in Prune Noire (gorgeous!) and Chanel’s brow gel (though Chartlotte Tilbury’s Legendary Brows and its wand remain my HG.)

Bobbi Brown ($30 off $80): Rose Lip Liner, Tulle Lipstick, Sheer Powder Brush (for travel), and blotting papers.

Macy’s ($10 off $50): Clinique x Alder eyeshadow palette, which is a gift for my niece (backordered to June 26), and a travel-sized UD Potion Primer.

Weekend Plans: locating the rest of my summer clothes and getting the place in order following a visit from my in-laws.

Staying cool in warm weather: I’m not bothered by a dry heat (well, up to 90F) but I am not built for the punishing humidity that afflicted the Midwest this past week. My fave method is to be out of town or by/near the lake. Otherwise, keeping the place as cool as possible, having on hand plenty of liquids, fruit, salad, and planning for quick meals or dinner out. I do use the a/c to be comfortable but I seem to get a sore throat and congestion with prolonged use.

Haul: Nothing but a little Pixi Glow Tonic and some sunscreen

Weekend plans: Grading some tests and then relaxing

What’s your favorite way to stay cool in hot weather?: I’m with Christine – stay inside with A/C! But if I have to be outside: lots of water, sunscreen, and wearing something cool.

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