Free for Haul Friday, Volume #338

Share any beauty goodies you may have picked up in the last week or so, or maybe what’s on your way or on your wish list for next week or month. πŸ™‚

  • Haul: Cle de Peau #2 Lipgloss, Cle de Peau Golden Apricot Highlighter
  • Weekend plans: Try to take advantage of the lovely weather before it gets hot, hot, and hotter in May by going for some walks πŸ™‚
  • Last feel-good movie you saw?: I hope the Intern counts!

Share your pet photos to the Temptalia Pets flickr group! πŸ™‚

This week’s Mellan photo…

Morning yoga partner!

A photo posted by Christine M. (@temptalia) on

P.S. — I love seeing everyone interact with each other here, so I am also going approve comments without replying (with the intention of still replying personally!) as I can so that you can see each others comments ASAP!

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Haul: Tony Moly face masks and stocked up on my all time favorite makeup remover wipes from Aveeno
Weekend plans: lunch with a friend tomorrow and probably just relaxing cause it’s supposed to be a somewhat rainy weekend
Last feel-good movie you saw?: Chicken Little on Netflix

It’s a surprisingly cute movie! I’m on a mission to watch every single Disney animated film (the ones that belong to the Disney Animation Studios so they only release one per year usually) and I’m almost there so I was really glad to see that one on Netflix since it was one of the few that was left on my list πŸ˜€

And thanks, hope everyone has a great weekend!

Mac Vamplify in Pamela(on line)
No plans for the weekend
The Intern

xoxo for the handsome Mellan from me and the boys. Have a great weekend Christine.

I just picked up one of the new Urban Decay: Alice Through the Looking Glass lipsticks yesterday. I’ve been obsessing over the eyeshadow pallete and Mad Hatter for the past couple weeks online. A few of the shades in the palette seemed chalky when I swatched them so I decided it probably wasn’t worth the splurge and the lippie I bought was a disappointment when I put it on. It is just way more sheer than I expected and really emphasizes my lip lines. Sad day, I had such high hopes for this collection. πŸ™ I want to love it!

I also picked up Urban Decay Matte Revolution 1993 with the pencil and I love love love that! Perfect color. My new favorite.

Awwww! I can imagine what a let-down that was, Robin. Was it Mad Hatter that you picked up? Maybe try a liner with it!

It was Mad Hatter. It was beautiful swatched on my hand but the color just didn’t pay off on my lips. Maybe I will try putting a liner under it.

Aw Mellan is so cute with his lovey eyes!

Haul: ABH Glow Kit in That Glow (someone help me, I need a highlighter intervention!) and Sephora Formula X Alchemy II, which popped up in their sale section for only $7!

Speaking of frivolous highlighter purchases, is anyone else thinking of going after the Pat McGrath Skin Fetish 003? It’s painfully expensive but the marketing has me feeling like it’s magical and I just renewed my VIB status so I have a 10% off code. Anybody have any first-hand experience with her products?

Weekend plans: Lots of laundry and hoping that my recently planted herbs survive the low 40s overnight. I think I was a little too optimistic about our spring weather ?

Last feel-good movie you saw?: “Temple Grandin” (HBO produced)- based on a true story and very inspiring! Totally recommend, especially to those wth interest in the Austism spectrum and/or the humane treatment of animals

Julia, I ordered both shade of Skin Fetish 003. No clue when they’ll arrive. I can update when I get them. I can tell you, as I responded to Christine’s question, I bought 2 of her pigments in the past. Here’s a copy of what I wrote so you don’t have to look for it: I missed out on the Gold 001 and Phantom 002 sets but I was able to get the copper and fuchsia pigments when they released as individuals. Both are superbly well-pigmented, creamy, blendable, and great multi-taskers. Neither have any fall-out whatsoever and both last all day without fading. IN fact, I was wearing the copper pigment as an eyeshadow and also as a bit of cheek highlighter and a dab in the center of my lips when I got caught in a rainstorm without an umbrella – copper did not budge! They are two of the best formulated products in my stash.

Thanks for the movie recommendation – will have to check it out.

I will watch for your review/update for sure – the only photos I found online are promo pictures and one article (yahoo I think?) where people applied the produce to their hands haha – not super helpful! Do you have any idea if these are going to release as individual pigments?

I haven’t heard yet. My contact there just sent me my FedEx tracking for my order. Looks like they shipped separately but are both arriving tomorrow. I had planned to reach out and thank her after I receive my order – I’ll try to remember to ask for you about whether they plan on selling the pieces separately (although if it’s a business plan they may not tell me). I’ll let you know what i hear.

Haul: Just a bunch of last minute trip necessities
Weekend plans: Going to see The Jungle Book πŸ™‚
Last feel-good movie you saw?: Meru

Now that’s a downward dog πŸ™‚
*Haul – MAC lipsticks in Halsey, So Select, Finally Free. Wet N Wild Summer Coll – Highlighter in Precious Petals, Metallic Liquid Lipstick in In Your Own Way (purple gloss) and nail polish in Wild Wild Violet. So far, loving everything. Halsey is so dramatic!
*Weekend-going to a big fancy black tie event in couple weeks (very rare for me), so have to do preparations (dry clean, fix jewelry, look for accessories, practice makeup). But it’s given me new incentive to exercise and watch the diet, so I can fit the dress
*Last Feel Good Movie – hope Nemo and Frozen counts, as that’s what the kid watches

I’m probably the only parent of a 9-year-old girl who *hasn’t* seen Frozen, LOL! My daughter has absolutely no interest in seeing the movie, but she does have the Elsa Sing-Along doll & an Olaf humidifier, both of which she specifically put on her Christmas list…

LOL, my toddler is always grabbing the Frozen backpack of her bestie at daycare, but she gives it back after her bestie protests. She also loves this Nemo cartoon book and Nemo bag.

I overnight babysat a 5 y.o., who was snarky and refused to let me watch it. She never fell asleep (her older sister was having a baby) so I never saw Frozen. Boo kid! Nemo is great.

Haul: I got quite few things. Err, not really a good idea. ?

Tom Ford – Patent Finish Lip Color in No Vacancy, Eye Color Quad in Nude Dip, Lip Color Matte in Pussycat, Cream Color For Eyes in Opale.

Chanel – Rouge Coco Stylo in Message and Histoire.

Make Up For Ever – Artist Shadow in Lagoon Blue.

Surratt Beauty – Lipslique in Perfectionniste.

Weekend – I’m spending it with my parents as it’s my Dad’s birthday.

Feel-good movie – The Wedding Singer. It always cheers me up.

I haven’t tried everything yet but here are the ones I’ve tested and love. ❀

I’m loving the Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color. I already have one (Stolen Cherry) and these LAST! I didn’t touch up my lip colour all day and it lasted through multiple meals, snacks and drinks. I’d say about 85% of the colour was there at the end of the day. That’s unheard of for my lips!

Finally for the Tom Ford products I really love the matte lipstick in Pussycat. It’s definitely a colour that I don’t have and I think it’s just gorgeous! ?

I also love the Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow in Lagoon Blue. It’s a beautiful colour and I like to smudge it under my eyes to contrast with the peach colour on my lids. It’s a nice combination actually. ?

Stretch it out, Mellan! Lookin’ good πŸ˜‰

Haul: Pat McGrath’s Skin Fetish in Nude 003 arrived by surprise yesterday so I’m hoping Gold 003 comes today! Fairly pricey but with three times per bag I can understand. I wish we could get the pigments individually like with 002 because of the cost and the pigments being my real favorite part, but Nude is beautiful. The stick duo included (clear nourishing balm on one end for tint-free highlighting and a highlighting stick on the other end) has a nice nude-beige-gold tint on the highlighting stick end which makes Nude versatile for many skin tones. The highlighting stick is warmer than the pink-opal pigment so they balance very well, allowing far more versatility. The pigment itself is, as mentioned, my favorite part and I’m in love with it. The brush is alright. Nothing amazing but serviceable. I’d like it slightly denser and softer. Also ran out of NARS Volga so I grabbed another.

Weekend Plans: Wish for better weather, rehearsal, and Game of Thrones! Maybe some WoW if I have time to get ready for Legion.

Last Feel-Good Movie: One of my besties revealed to me she’s NEVER seen The Princess Bride! So I got to show her that and of course it is an ultimate feel-good movie.

I wish the Pat McGrath stuff was just… available. The hype and quickness that everything sells out is frustrating. I bought the prior releases but might abstain from the Skin Fetish – there is no point for me, just money down the drain since I can’t review it before it sells out!

Happy to hear it is good, though! πŸ™‚

Agreed. Normally I totally ignore a product with that much artificial hype (I say artificial because while they’re nice products, I personally find them mostly dupe-able* and limiting a product like that is going to create way more hype. Obviously I find some of the products worth it to me personally, but it bothers me a lot). The Skin Fetish came at a perfect time when I badly needed new work kit highlighting products since most of mine I need around for daily use but the crashing site and ridiculous hyping were awful.

I respect Pat a lot as an artist and want to support her work, but I honestly can’t wait until she just releases her line ultimately (which she plans to do). Since the makeup is all about being universal and working across tones it sucks that it’s suuuuuuch limited access. I think you made the right call on not reviewing as it’s just an unfair, totally random process. I’m glad they’re experimenting with releasing at Sephora as well but I imagine that goes wicked fast too.

So I hate the limited nature but there’s also one more thing….THE PACKAGING! Ugh. Those sequin bags! They fill them up so high! I had to fish the makeup out of the sequins. There are definitely black and silver sequins all over my apartment in various nooks and crannies because even careful opening results in SEQUINS. Still happy I have it but yes, you are making the right call not reviewing. It’s so frustrating.

*Examples of dupeable: I found the black eye gloss from 002 to basically be a black primer. It’s fine, but so is my cheap NYX black primer. Gold 002 IS lovely, but so is Sugarpill Goldilux or a million other beautiful gold pigments that can be used all over. Blue 002 is also lovely, but again I have cobalt blue pigments and shadows that could take its place. They are high-quality but not wholly unique. Skin Fetish is more unique. The finish on the pigment is wonderful and while I have reminiscent colors (any opalescent white-pink-lavender) it definitely does do something unique on the skin. Like it looks as though you magically sweat unicorn tears instead of looking like you put on a metallic highlight. Really very cool. But again, I would just like to buy that and skip out on a brush I don’t need, a nice but dupeable highlighting stick, and all the time spent ordering.

Be extremely careful when opening haha! Definitely open it over a magazine or something.

I am glad I caved on it, despite my criticisms. There’s a little warning on the pamphlet that comes with it saying you’ll be looking into mirrors a lot and that is absolutely true. Every time I caught a reflective surface I wound up gazing lovingly at the highlight.

Thank you thank you thank you for giving your insight on Skin Fetish! I am wavering on even trying to get it from Sephora and it’s so hard to find any legit information out there. Great details. I agree about the hype also AND wish that I could buy the pigment alone, but it’s not too far off in price from Guerlain Meteorites (depending on the iteration), and to your point, there are multiple products included. See, I am great at justifying this to myself…!

So happy to help! Finding info is definitely hard. Mostly it’s just people really excited about the products when you search out actual information on them. And clearly I wound up justifying both kits to myself so I know that feeling πŸ˜‰ While I’m fine with 002, I’m absolutely very happy I wound up splurging on 003 (even though, yes, just selling the items separately would also be great). It’s like any more luxury purchase. If highlighting is something you love a lot and use all the time, a splurge one can be worth it (like with lipstick and a Rouge G/Tom Ford, choosing a special Meteorites tin, etc).

And I’ll definitely update with details when I wear it more as well. Nude 003 so far is absolutely amazing on eyes and lips as well. Hopefully Gold 003 will arrive soon so I can gather some thoughts on it before the Sephora release to share here. And while the highlighting stick is for sure more dupe-able, I still really enjoy it and it does work excellently for layering with the pigment.

Lucky for me it’s the Nude 003 I’m after – so your information was ideal! BTW I was reading your comment about the packaging like “Wha!?” because, having never experienced the brand before, I thought the sequins were just a design printed on the bag! How unique and kitschy and potentially annoying πŸ™‚

Hahahha THE SEQUINS! LOL. I opened my pigments over the trash can! I duped out her black pigment with both the Milk Makeup Eye Vinyl and the MAC paint pot (which has sparkle but makes for an interesting twist). I agree that gold and blue are dupable (which is why I passed on the blue which was still available when I bought) but I feel that the copper is a pretty tough shade to dupe. It truly has those soft pink undertones you would find in a freshly minted copper penny. The fuchsia I bought may be close to dupable in shade but not in wear, blendability, and pigment. And buying it as an individual, the cost ratio is decreased (so it became more affordable as compared to potential dupes esp. considering the size).

For me, I was interested in getting the stick/balm as well as an additional brush; esp. since the brush is intended to buff the products together rather than my regular highlighting brushes which would simply lay down and blend the product on my skin. But I can see where a lot of people would prefer the products as individuals. I think I may be up to a dozen or more highlighters in my stash now (when I get the McGrath ones). I’m thinking maybe Julia and I should start an anonymous highlighter support group!

I opened over the box but my cat immediately discovered the shiny things and…haha

And definitely the copper is very lovely, as well as the fuchsia. A MUA who works on me often for stage and sometimes film has the full set and the copper is the standout, IMO. But for me, 002 was far less successful than 003. 003 has been great fun! You’ll really enjoy playing with yours when they come πŸ™‚ Definitely enjoy layering it over blushes, glosses, and lipsticks for extra magic. The balm stick is great, especially if you don’t have things like that in your collection. Being more dupe-able than the pigment itself is definitely not a mark against it. It’s a very good stick duo and definitely increases usability on warmer tones.

I’ll join that highlighter club πŸ˜‰ I WISH I had twelve edited picks. I lost count long ago but the highlight count i somewhere around 30+ (might be 40+ at this point between Colour Pop, Looxi, and various other indies included)! But work and daily use ones are often kept separate since work ones are in different storage/travel situations than daily ones. Plus bronzer isn’t much of a thing for me so I always went to highlighters instead. Sounds ridiculous of course but obviously it’s a pro kit thing. If work didn’t involve needing so many, I would have a more edited collection. A dozen or so sounds great!

I only wear makeup on the weekends (or the rare times when I need to leave the house during the week) because I work from home. So I can literally go at least a month and a half without re-using a highlighter. Your stash would last me 4 months or more with no repeats! (Actually, I think it would be fun having so many to pick from…intervention required…) I never was a highlighter person and really only starting buying and using them when I restarted my blog. Ironically, I’ve used contour for years. Not a bronzer person either – my skin is fair/light and I don’t tan. I only have 2 in my stash right now ISH and LORAC and both work for me/look natural; although I have only used them for testing for the blog.

Oh, and I was really looking forward to the brush but I can definitely get the same/better results from others in my collection for me. However, brushes are SUCH a personalized experience and it is of course a fine-crafted Japanese brush that is nice to use. I hope you really like it! Unfortunately I think it needs a tiny bit more density to buff properly but it’s nothing that angling the bristles can’t fix. It’s still a very nice touch even if it isn’t the solution to finding my HG highlight brush. I hope it’s yours, though!

Haul: Sephora Disney Minnie Beauty: Minnie-ature Cream Lip Stain Set I have to say the formula of some of the minis are thinner but still very pigmented to the Full size i have and from the testers.

What I didn’t get:
The EstΓ©e Edit Flash Photo Powder…
I wanted to love it but 1. It’s tiny for a face powder and for $40CAN. 2. It’s very dry looking both on the skin and over foundation…… last thing I need!

Weekend plans: Drowning in code again and income taxes. lol

Last feel-good movie you saw?: The Good Dinosaur… the cuteness level…..

Mellan does yoga the way I do – Laying down with big puppy eyes!

Beautylish: Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick (Redrum) and Velour Lip Scrub (Root Beer -2), Bioderma Sensibio H20 500 ml with pump, RCMA Makeup No Color Powder Trio (pre-order), Sugarpill Cosmetics Loose Eyeshadow (Paperdoll, Strangeling, and Clickbait). Received all but my pre-order and Sugarpill shadow (coming Monday).

MAC: Brooke Candy Vamplify (Pamela) and Lipstick (Doo Wop), Lionbabe Liquidlast Liner (Lion Babe). Arriving Monday.

Pat McGrath: Skin Fetish 003 (Golden and Nude). Not shipped yet. When I bought the eye pigments from her last release, it took roughly 2 weeks or a bit more to receive. I am super excited to have gotten in on both sets.

Saks (10% Off): Molton Brown Eau de Toilette and Body Lotion (Gingerlily) and Japanese Orange Body Wash (GWP) (Back-ups and I wanted to try the eau de toilette. I’m hoping it’s another nice, light warm weather fragrance.)

Sephora: beautyblender liner.designer by beautyblender, Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer Light Warm, Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer Light Neutral, Sephora Collection Dry Clean Instant Dry Brush Spray, Milk Makeup Eye Marker, Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid (Peach)

Ulta: Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Pro Primer (2, BOGO 50% off), BareMinerals Travel Size BareMinerals Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara (GWP), Tony Moly Cats Wink Clear Pact, Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover and Nail Rehab Xstrength Treatment (BOGO 50% off), Real Techniques Concealer Brush (2, BOGO 50% off), 3-pc Philosophy Amazing Grace Sampler (GWP), Diane Foot File. Have to say this, I picked up the Rimmel primer when I ran out of my non-mattifying primer. I bought it as a fill-in but ended up liking it better!

Ulta: Urban Decay Cosmetics Alice Through The Looking Glass Palette, Urban Decay Cosmetics Alice Lipstick (Mad Hatter (bright purple shimmer)), Urban Decay Cosmetics Alice Lipstick (Alice (sheer nude w/pink shift)), OPI Alice Through the Looking Glass 4 Pc Mini Set (2). I used points and only paid $43 for the entire order – WOOHOO! This order is arriving today. I can’t believe Ulta got me this order OVERNIGHT! I ended up getting the Alice lipstick as an “impulse” buy. I’ve recently b ought so m any warm tones, I think I can get some good use from it.

YSL (Pre-Order): Mascara Vinyl Couture (3 – Green, 6 – Pink, 8 – Dark Sparkle, 9 – Gold Sparkle). I think these ship sometime between May 10th-20th.

Weekend plans: Hair appointment tomorrow morning at 7:30. Then meeting my Mom for an early Mother’s Day. Weekend mani (probably tonight – plan on using Kat Von D’s Adora. It will be my first try of her polish). Work on writing blog posts (most likely for a number of items in last week’s and this week’s hauls. Also, I was asked by a writer friend to proofread/edit his manuscript (I may have mentioned it). So, I need to work on that too. The book is over 300 pages and I’m only about 1/4 through it.

Last feel-good movie you saw? OMG – I caught a real oldie on tv the other day. The Glass Slipper with Leslie Caron. It was a super cute take on the Cinderella story, especially bc she was so adorable!

I missed out on the Gold 001 and Phantom 002 sets but I was able to get the copper and fuchsia pigments when they released as individuals. Both are superbly well-pigmented, creamy, blendable, and great multi-taskers. Neither have any fall-out whatsoever and both last all day without fading. IN fact, I was wearing the copper pigment as an eyeshadow and also as a bit of cheek highlighter and a dab in the center of my lips when I got caught in a rainstorm without an umbrella – copper did not budge! They are two of the best formulated products in my stash.

I didn’t get a shipping notice before my first highlighting kit came, just so you know. I’m not sure if they’re all going to be like that, but mine was a total surprise. I ordered Gold 003 after Nude 003 and Nude 003 just magically showed up from FedEx. I’ll update if Gold comes the same way. But it’s fully possible the initial email confirmation that your order was placed may be all you’re receiving. I couldn’t believe one came already! Last release definitely took longer for me as well.

Celia, lucky you! Wow that is fast. Last time I received a shipping confirmation. There was actually a snafu with the last shipping. They were supposed to ship via FedEx (per the checkout) but they shipped mine USPS (no clue why). Because of that, instead of the 1 day from NJ to where I live, it took 5 days after they shipped. I rarely get this excited about a product, but I am so excited to get mine. I think there’s going to be so much we can do with the sets. I think it’s really great she included a buffing brush with the set. Now you have the weekend to play with yours – you’ll have to let me know what you think!

Oooh, that reminds me I need to check my ULTA points, since I’m also getting some UD Alice lipsticks. . And ULTA is getting faster and faster. During the last ULTA sale, I ordered a big box of miscellaneous stuff, and they shipped it out the next day, was at my doorstep in less than a week. I couldn’t believe it, it used to take them 2-3 weeks! And I know people have had issues with their packing, but I’ve been pretty lucky. They always put liquid stuff in plastic bags, but I’ve never had anything break or leak, even delicate stuff, and while the packing material is minimal, it has been adequate.

My Ulta order arrived a little earlier today. I had a chance to swatch out the lipsticks (I’m not reviewing the palette bc so many others already have I feel I have nothing to add). Madhatter swatched beautifully. On my hand, it swatches darker and more purple-toned than Kat Von D’s Wonderchilde (if you look at that blog post you can see my swatch of that). It does have the same iridescent quality though. Alice, which for me was an impulse buy, swatches very differently on me than on Christine. On Christine, it was a really lovely shade of peach with pink undertones/shimmer (which is why I bought it). On me, it swatches distinctly yellow with an uneven pink “flash”. I will most likely get to test these out sometime within the next week and now I’m really curious to see what they look like applied.
I’ve noticed the drastic improvement with Ulta as well. I used to have random issues with items breaking or spilling but nothing recently. I’ve also seen a huge ship time improvement – same thing used to be 2 weeks to receive and now they seem to be right on the order so I’m getting them between 1-3 days. I hope you have enough points to be able to score some things for free!

Madhatter is on my buy list, can’t resist a pretty purple, and even if I have a dupe, have to get one just for the Alice packaging. Was also debating Time, but KVD Poe scored higher, although I like the shimmer in Time more. I’ve been a little cautious of Alice -it sounds really intriguing, but I’m hoping to swatch in store. I have some yellow undertones, so a lipstick with a yellowish tint can make me look pretty sick, and not in a good way. And I’ve been enjoying your blog !

I strongly suggest you swatch Alice if you are considering buying it. Often, shades swatch and look different on me than Christine bc our skin tones are different but it’s usually not enough to rule out a product (you can normally gauge what the difference may be). But with Alice, it’s very different on me as a swatch. That being said, bc I also have pigmented lips like Christine, it may apply more similarly (fingers crossed bc it was a pretty warm/neutral on Christine..who looks pretty darn good in just about anything!). But if yellow undertones are something you need to avoid, you may want to see how it does for you. Oh, and thank you!

Haul: Finally picked up Benefit Skinny Jeans (which has been on my “to try” list for years) because it’s getting discontinued, and I’m so glad I did. Exactly the greenish-grey colour I’ve been looking for!

Well, it’s already been discontinued in the UK where I am, but it might be different in the US (like Soft Brown, one of Mac’s most popular shadows has been discontinued in the UK for a years).
But I heard from the SA that Benefit is redoing their whole eyeshadow line within a year or so, so it might be time to grab anything you’ll miss.

At my last Ulta trip, I picked up the Lorac highlighter in Twilight (loving it) and a Maui Moisture bamboo thickening treatment (makes my hair so soft). I’m not sure when, but I’ve really been itching to make my first Colour Pop purchase lately! I’m trying to narrow down my list.

I was really good this week and don’t have anything new to play with but actually have returns to do. I’ll probably force myself to go to the grocery store, I hate it so much. But other than that I think I’ll be hiding inside all weekend. The weather last weekend was cold and rainy and I think this weekend is supposed to be the same. Looks like Netflix and my sofa. Or I might have to binge through GoT from last season to be super caught up on everything.

Haul: Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap, Christine, I’m obsessed! Cleans my brushes really well and I also tried it as a shampoo, really like it! I also tried it as a tooth paste… which was… interesting…

Weekend plans: More birthdays – my brother and his wife.

Last feel-good movie you saw?: Wish Upon a Star lol. Wasn’t sure how it would fare to an adult viewer, but it’s a rather cute, watchable movie. I had a nostalgia craving for the makeup Katherine Heigl wore: the cool, frosty lids and lips. And her wardrobe, which I thought was soooo cool back then (nm the fact that it would never fly in an actual school). I definitely tried to copy her look a few times. When I searched for the movie I was shocked to see the date on it was 1996. That’s twenty years ago ::gulp::

YAYYYYYY!! So glad you goti t AND it is working. That stuff is super versatile from what I hear, though I’ve only used it as a brush cleanser myself, lol!

I love Wish Upon a Star! Super cute.

I’d heard of it before but didn’t know it was sulfate free (but it still lathers, and lathers a lot, so you feel clean). I bought Peppermint, which smells very strong, but doesn’t taste so strong (as I found when I mixed a little with baking soda and brushed my teeth–tasted salty/soapy, although the aftertaste is a bit minty). I’d like to make it work as a toothpaste. Maybe I need to replace the baking soda with solid coconut oil and add some peppermint oil.

Hiya Mellan!

Haul: KVD shade + light eyeshadow palettes (I totally LOVE both the plum and smoke palettes), Viseart palettes (should be here today..yay!), Lancome Visionnaire foundation duo, BBlender minis, UD colour correcting fluids, Cover FX illuminating primer, Jouer longwear lip creams, Dior addict lipglosses

Weekend plans: Back in the tractor this weekend to cultivate fields in prep for planting. Lancome Visionnaire foundation will be tested today for durability and wear. Is is tractor approved? Dunno quite yet.

Last feel-good movie you saw? I tend to go for the weird foreign film subtitled depressing gut wrenching stuff, but a couple of weeks ago, I caught a repeat of the Ben Stiller (remake) of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. I love the movie and the soundtrack. Ground control to major tom….

Wishes for a great weekend to everyone. ?

Pretty certain you will love them Amy. I wore the plum today on a base of MAC painterly. The smoky plum colour (3rd from left) in the plum palette is so gorgeous. The deep intense red plum (2nd from left) is the reason I had to have the palette.

Wendy, I came *this* close to buying KVD Plum quad!!! And I loved Smoke, too!!! Both swatches quite nicely on my hand, just a bit more powdery than I was imaging, even though I read Christine’s and Phyrra’s reviews on both! I’m a ditz!

Nance: that’s ok.. I bought it not liking the big pan of rose colour on the extreme left. To me, it makes the palette too monotonal. Is that a word? Anyhoo.. I love the two middle shades (sadly, the smaller ones), but I’m a ditz too.. LOL Maybe I can find another use for the rose shade. Thinking transition. I usually do two transition colours to create dimension and flatten down my ‘hoods’.

They are powdery, but I didn’t get much fallout while applying so there are far worse products I have worked with. I go for cream base layer which always helps. For mattes shadows, I think they are entirely respectable.

p.s. I totally dig the huge pan of tan colour in the smoky palette. It’s everything I love in a crease colour. It also lends such an interesting look to the traditional black, grey, white shadows. A winner as well in my eyes.

Haul: I scooped the Givenchy Magnolia Couture LE Carmin Escarpin from Sephora, but honestly I’m underwhelmed. I got sucked into the packaging, which turns out to be kind of MEH. And I already have a bunch of reds. I think I might just return it.

Weekend: Maybe some gardening and yard work.

Movie: Hector and the Search for Happiness. Such a great movie!

Haul: A bunch of Asian beauty items that I ordered on Amazon are coming tomorrow. I also got a bunch of UD lipsticks from Ulta/Sephora
Weekend plans: Take pictures of our furniture to list on Craigslist, getting ready to move cross country to San Diego
Last feel-good movie you saw?: I watched Deadpool again last night… I dunno, makes me feel good cuz I love him <3

Haul: Bought Clarins Lip Perfector for my MIL, ordered MUFE Artist Florals palette.

Plans for weekend: My fiancΓ© has booked us on a printmaking course on Sat and Sun at an art gallery, we’ll be going for 2 hours each day while my MIL babysits. Looking forward to it! We had a great time in Paris, saw loads of things despite it being cold the last 3 days we were there. It’s nice though to be home and have our baby girl back again from my parents, she’s 2 and a bundle of energy!

Last film I watched: Django Unchained on Netflix.

It is! I’ve not done anything like that before. I misread the film question, haha, feel good movie, Django Unchained is not quite that! Hard to remember the last feel good one I saw, maybe it was Frozen on DVD ?.

Yoga partners! Our cats like to help my husband when he does yoga by walking around him, rubbing up against him, and sniffing his face while he’s prone and vulnerable.

Haul: Sephora Beauty Amplifier Afterglow Primer & Luminizer, Sephora Cushion Glossy Eyeliner, Pacifica anti-frizz serum and cleansing conditioner (I’m a total sucker for Pacifica’s packaging), Not Your Mother’s styling cream and volumizing powder, It Cosmetic Bye Bye Redness and Becca Radiance Set.

Weekend plans: Niece’s birthday party tomorrow, maybe volunteering at the Humane Society

Last feel-good movie you saw?: I’m not usually into that kind of movie but Win Win (is that a feel-good movie?) was pretty good.

LOL! Your poor hubby. Lucky for us, Mellan can sit in one spot for awhile, but as soon as we do ground work, he has to come to me (usually if I sit on the ground, it means “sit in my lap”).

Have a great time at your niece’s birthday party!

I feel like we share so much more than make up on our Friday haul chats. Wanted to let you ladies know I’m at the hospital with my daughter and she’s having a miscarriage. The baby is still alive and I am sitting with her while she says goodbye?

Oh no, Tammy! πŸ™ That is heartbreaking to hear, and I’m so sorry for your family’s loss. Sending all our good vibes your way!

Thank you for letting me post, Christine. I feel a little guilty, I hope I didn’t bring our group down.

I am reading through the posts: so many interesting and varied purchases this week! I love reading about everyone’s new goodies and hearing all the excitement.

Thank you everyone for your kind words.

So horrible and tough to go through. I’m glad you are strong enough to get your family through this. It’s the kind of thing you get used to, but never get over. So very sorry for all of you.

Oh honey, I’m so, so sorry. *hugs* praying for you all. Let me know if there’s anything I can do. ❀️❀️❀️

It is hard, and most women don’t talk about it. While we were at the hospital, the women who were helping my daughter shared their own stories of miscarriage with tears in their eyes, and other friends and family members also revealed their memories of miscarriage as well.

Yes, her heart was broken. The baby was still alive during the sonogram, which made the event that much more emotional. There was the initial joy–the baby was still alive!–then the sadness once we saw the falling heart rate.

This is such sad news. I hope your daughter is doing ok. I know there are support groups for parents going through this loss, maybe she would benefit from their help in the next few weeks.

I think she will be okay, as long as they are able to conceive again. She has severe endometriosis and her doctor is doing everything he can to help her with her baby dreams before she has to have a hysterectomy.

We knew this was a possibility so we made a plan to love this little one for the days of his or her existence, whether or not the child was carried to term.

Oh no!!! I know all of on here were pulling for her and the baby, hoping for a happier outcome than this even with the odds being poor. I know how devastating this must be for her and yourself.

Haul: Blackbird Cosmetics “Blueberry Pookie” blush and 2 “De la Luna” balance powders (the balance powders are discontinued now).

Weekend Plans: Finishing tiling the bathroom, having the roof inspected, finishing the last bits of filming for my group’s final video production project.

Last feel-good movie you saw: Last night we watched the 2003 live action Peter Pan.

Awww, I want a yoga partner like that! Would make everything much more enjoyable! πŸ™‚

Haul: This week nothing! But I did a loooooooooooooooooooot of hauling in Belgium the other week, so I needed to reign myself in a bit, lol.

Weekend plans: Meeting up with friends for dinner tomorrow night. Going to my favorite restaurant, woot.

Last feel-good movie you saw?: Same here, The Intern! I saw it on the plane back from Japan and I really liked it!

Haul: Nothing. I was considering a Sephora trip to sample foundations but my washing machine flooded my house last night. Since I’m buy myself, I’m beat from cleaning and not looking forward to the repair bill!

Weekend plans: Wrapping my ankle and elevating it. I may reward myself with sushi on Sunday.

Last feel good movie: A Little Chaos

Ahh, those great big puppy dog eyes! Can never say no to those, huh?

Haul: On Monday I received everything that I had ordered week before. So far, I am loving it all, especially MAC Dej Loaf lipglass, CP Wattles and Flower Shop eye shadows are both gorgeous, the Cry Baby pencil liner on the lower waterline is the MOST eye brightening shade I have ever used there! And we *know* I’m loving those Ultra Satins and surprisingly, Cheap Thrills.

Weekend plans: Do my hair. Seriously thinking of going shorter, like just past shoulders. Looking into a mild version if “oil slick” dye job, too. This head of hair is a pain in the neck! Meeting on Sunday. Going to Sephora later today for some skincare items , hit Ulta @ Tempe Marketplace, I hope anyway!

Last feel good movie you saw: “Up” with my son and 2 granddaughters about a year and a half ago.

Found your comment in spam! I do not know if I accidentally hit spam at some point yesterday or if it was a false-positive. Either way, it has been fished out!

How much length would you be cutting off? I am in dire need of a hair cut myself.

Thanks, Christine! It was truly weird when I went to look for it to edit it, because I went just a *tiny* bit nuts at Ulta with UD lippies!

At present, my hair is just past my bra strap. But I want to get it around 4-5 inches shorter with shaping on the ends. But still enough left for a high pony tail? The weekly process I have been doing isn’t so easy with so much hair!

EDIT: Late Friday afternoon, I DID hit Ulta!!! Came away with 4 UD lipsticks: Bad Blood, Bittersweet (yeah, another purple!), Alice, and Time. I love all of them on my pigmented lips ( my Dad used to tell me I had “liver lips”, whatever that means!?!) Then off to Sephora to get more Ole Henriksen Truth Serum and Marc Jacobs Blaquer Highliner. I may still buy UD Sheer Rapture….

Haul: Urban Decay Sheer Liar lipstick; Tarte 7-piece full size set: Empowered foundation (light neutral), Exposed blush, Glitzy Lipsurgence, Gunmetal eyeliner, Lights Camera Splashes mascara, dual ended face brush, pink makeup bag. I really wish the Rainforest of the Sea foundation was an option!!

Weekend plans: church cleaning, help friends move, schoolwork

Last feel-good movie you saw?: War Room

I got a lot this week! (For me, anyways!)

Sephora: lip tint in Tangerine, Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation and free sample of the Perricone MD Cold Plasma

Elf: bronzer kit, Foundation Serum, eye primer (backup), and free eye liner gel (turquoise)

Target: Laneige bb cushion in light

Colourpop: Ultra Satin lips The Rabbit, Boogie lippie, brow pencil
(Well, these are on their way, but they haven’t arrived yet.)

So, something fun… I made a list of all my lip colors (41- a dignified number, I think:)). For fun, every morning I ask Siri to pick a number between 1 and 41 and that’s the lip color I wear that day! I love the suspense of it. Lol!

This weekend, a sleepover for 3 10 year-old boys and Dart Warz, a nerf wars place, for my son’s birthday. I’m afraid I might need some more caffeine!

That’s cute, but why doesn’t your son pick the number? Can you tell I hate reliance on devices? I disabled ‘her’ when I got an iPad, after the third time ‘she’ reprimanded me for telling ‘her’ off. I think caffeine before and maybe ETOH afterwards if desired…

From Nordstrom, I bought a bunch of the Lancome Juicy Shakers (Show Me the Honey, Berry In Love, Piece of Cake, Maga Melon and X I think), a new Tom Ford quad in Titanium Smoke, Moisturecore lipsticks in Mustique and Ortranto, a back-up Bicoastal and the pencil eye brush. I also picked up the new La Mer Perfecting Treatment and Renewal Oil and finally a new neuLash lash growth serum. From Sephora, I picked up a new Sunday Riley Luna Oil and my first BeautyBlender. I haven’t used it yet, but I’m going to give it a shot.

Weekend plans involve helping my mother move and watching my team in the NHL playoffs on Saturday! Go Caps!

I don’t really watch typical ‘feel good’ movies, so the last movie I watched was Jurassic World and Chris Pratt made me laugh, so that counts as feel good I suppose.

They’re adorable honestly. I don’t own anything LancΓ΄me and probably haven’t since my teens, but these are nice. The sponge feels like angel food cake – it’s the closest I can come to a description. Super soft. The pigments give really nice color too. More than the YSLs, which is nice if you want a little more boost, though YSL has the more ‘adult’ packaging. Definitely worth trying one or two. The La Mer Perfecting Treatment has been really nice too. I’m still deciding if I want to use it as a primer or serum, but it feels amazing on the skin.

What a GREAT haul! I forgot to add that I got 2 beauty blenders from Sephora. And that I re-discovered my Artis Brushes which are AMAZING for concealor, Colourpop shadows, and foundation!!!

Haul: Sephora #1- Repurchase of the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum
Sephora #2- Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick in 1993, Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick in Anarchy, Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Rapture (yaay for 50% off lipsticks!).
Tarte- they had a create your own custom kit thing for only $59 which is a lot but you got 6 full size items (and a makeup bag) which is insane. I got the purple makeup bag, the empowered hybrid gel foundation, an Amazonian clay 12-hour blush in Celebrated (It’s been on my list for ages!), the lights, camera, splashes waterproof mascara, a smolderEYES Amazonian clay waterproof liner in Gold, the LipSurgence skintuitive lip gloss in Energy, and the bronze & glow contour brush. Pretty sweet deal.

2 Teavana orders because sales… Teavana order #1- Bloom and Petal Collection- Citrus Lavender & Sage Tea, Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls Tea, and a gorgeous white ceramic infuser mug with the amazing print that looks like when you drip purple coloring into water and it spreads out in the current. (this guy:
Teavana order #2- Lime Teavana 16 oz Perfectea Maker (we now have 3…), Teavana Perfect Tea Spoon (we now have 2…), Monkey Picked Oolong Tea (one of my faves), White Satin Macaron Tea Tin, Black Satin Macaron Tea Tin.
Palais des ThΓ©s order: ThΓ© des Sources green tea, ThΓ© du Hammam green tea (this place is amazing and currently they have a free shipping code if you spend only $35 as opposed to their usual $75.

Weekend plans: No idea. Not spending any more money XD

Last feel-good movie you saw?: I haven’t watched a film in a while. Does The Princess Bride count as feel-good?

Yeah tea is my other weakness aside from makeup, but I found that once I got their loose tea “Perfectea” things I used less tea and used it multiple times so I guess that saves some money? But yeah, good tea is always a great thing.

Yesterday I ordered 2 lipsticks from MAC’s second collab with Brooke Candy: Whirl and Witching Hour. I have to admit I only bought Whirl for the packing, since it’s a permanent shade. Sooo pretty! I also got the gold eyeliner from their collab with Lion Babe.. I can’t wait for delivery. πŸ™‚

I was also planning on getting the Finally Free lipstick, but it sold out in seconds so I have to wait for restock. Instead, I’ve ordered two beautiful lipsticks from NABLA Cosmetics: Kernel and DOMINA. I haven’t tried this brand yet, but their lipsticks and eyeshadows look a-ma-zing.

I’ve ordered so many great products, yet I’m still sobbing a bit. I’d looooove to get my hands on some Colourpop products and MAC’s So Select lipstick, but both are impossible to buy and ship to The Netherlands πŸ™

Haul: Nothing this week. I’ve been saving for UD Alice collection.

Weekend plans: Pick up my son from my BIL’s house in Eugene. Buy the UD Alice Collection, hopefully.

Last feel-good movie you saw?: Probably “Lilo & Stitch” on Netflix with my son last month. I don’t watch feel good movies often. I don’t care for most of them, unless they’re animated.

Hi! I’m so late now! I’m so sorry. I had an interview last Fri for a position within my company. But, it is in our office. I got a call back on Fri at 4:30 pm to start on Mon! We had a girl quit for family reasons suddenly. So, I landed a promotion! I had to take it! I miss checking in frequently with all of you. But, I have been reading daily. My health is the same. but, I’m just managing it and handling it the best I can for me and daughter. I’m hoping i can swing this in the winter as the weather here is really hard on my ATN symptons. So far , I’m worn out a little. But, I actually feel a little better to get out I think.
Haul: The only makeup for me this week was Laura Mercier Bronzed butter face and body Veil. Still doing good on the low buy. I did have to go buy a ton of chlothes for the new office job. It’s nice though because we can wear ” business casual” stuff.
Weekend Plans: Tons of house stuff sand bills to do , bleh! Hopefully some fun too! But, nothing set in stone. My dtr has her first babysitting job tomorrow!
Last feel good movie: Jungle Book! the new version, It’s really good!
Happy Weekend!

Still Friday, lol! Not late at all πŸ˜‰

Congrats on your promotion! I am sure getting some good news was really nice to get after some of what you’ve had happening lately!

Nicole, congrats on your promotion! And congrats too for sticking to your low buy. When I started my current job 15 ago, the dress code was business, so I had to buy a ton of business clothes. And 3 months later, they went business casual! But I couldn’t return anything, because everything had been altered to fit my petite size πŸ™ So they sat in my closet, until I finally donated them to charity. But so glad we went to business casual – in the long run, I saved a ton of money on clothes and dry-cleaning. Good luck on Monday!

Haul: a bunch of sheet mask that I picked at the Japan Center mall in San Francisco, and finally a new smartphone! My old one was over 3 years old, wouldn’t run many apps any longer, and the call quality was awful.
Weekend plans: not very sure yet but I’ll be celebrating my b-day.
Last feel-good movie: Star Wars episode VII

I have commitment issues – when it comes to mobile phone carriers at least! – so I have a no-contract plan with Virgin Mobile, and I just ordered the new phone from their website. I had to pay the full price up-front so that limited my options, as much as I’d love the Samsung Galaxy Edge S7, I don’t have $600 for a phone! So I got a “cheap” phone with very good reviews, the Moto G 3rd Gen, and with a promotion it was 100 bucks. Not bad for a phone that does everything I need and that I’ll probably keep 2+ years I’d say!
What phone are you thinking to upgrade to?

I have been with AT&T since my first cell phone, haha. I think that was over ten years ago at this point!

We would go for whatever is the latest iPhone, which is why we’re in this weird zone of waiting until September to see if they release another one or not…

Another gorgeous doggie photo – he looks so relaxed.
Haul: Mary Lou Manizer – just had to try it, more Physicians Formula Argon Oil, Clinique Peach Pop lippie and I am going shopping today, so I may pick up a few more things.
Weekend Plans: Well it is meant to be autumn here, but it is still very warm. I will take my grand daughter to a children’s farm tomorrow and do the usual clean up.
Last Film – The Martian – awhile ago now, but it was really good.

Haul: Just bought some Colourpop Matte X lip-colors (mixed reviews but we’ll see), the Alchemy set, and PC Sunscreen and Retinol Boost (trying to same money on NOT buying dupes and investing in skin care. Who’s with me?)
Weekend plans: Going to a lecture at 8am tomorrow, then dinner with da hub/friends
Last feel-good movie you saw? The Big Short. I loved it even though the topic was so horrible.

Looking good, Mellan!

Tom Ford: Bicoastal blush duo, Disco Dust eyeshadow quad
L’Occitane: Almond Oil for shower, L’Occitane & Deborah Lippman Pretty en Provence nail and hand lotion set
Alterna: Caviar Anti-aging mist for hair, Alterna Caviar 10 in 1 CC for hair
Pefume: Philosophy Pure Grace rollerball, Lavanila Vanilla Lavendar fragrance, Tocca Violette edp
Decleor: Rose d’ Orient serum, Iris oil serum
NOW Foods oils (for skin/face/hair) Almond, Apricot Kernal, Avocado and Jojoba
My first Scentbird box came in but is still at work so that’ll be nice to have it waiting for me on Monday. I picked Tom Ford Black Orchid as my first order, so I’m excited.
Weekend Plans: Pressure wash the house in preparation for painting, cleaning house, laundry, play with some makeup, brunch on Sunday maybe.
Last feel-good movie you saw?: Pitch Perfect 2

I have never seen Pitch Perfect (1 or 2), but I have thought about it. Maybe I will make a point to see it now πŸ™‚

Haul: Tarteist blush palette, NYX colorless setting powder, UD Manic lipstick (but they were $11 at Ulta), Bare Minerals lipgloss in Hypnosis – the vast majority of which was paid for with Ulta points! I think the no-buy might finally happen now that my Ulta points have been spent!

Weekend: Laundry, a birthday party, and some major cleaning.

Last feel-good movie: I can’t remember the last movie I saw in its entirety, feel-good or not! ?

Was good and just replenished Paula @ all-on-sale price. at least had only really run out of 1 item, but am way low on a few others. No color cosmetics.
Question, y’all. (Went to UVA, so even though I’m a damned Yankee . so I’m entitled). Has anyone tried the Hourglass Ambient Primer? Verdict?

Great pic of Mellan!!

Haul: Bobbi Brown Art Sticks in Bare and Punch, Bobbi Brown sheer lip color in Pink Gold
Weekend plans: The last symphony of the season; paperwork project, watching NHL playoffs.
Feel Good Movie: Frozen or Star Wars original trilogy

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Haul: Oof. I kind of went crazy this week. Bobbi Brown: Touch Up Stick, Stick Foundation, Pink Glow Highlighter. MAC: Tattoo My Heart Versicolour, Ionized Mineralize Lipstick, 266 brush, Chickory Lip Pencil, Bittersweet Prolongwear lip pencil. Sephora: Cover FX Click Sticks in Green and N110, YSL Babydoll lash mascara, mini Laura Mercier setting powder, Tom Ford Naked Bronze and Golden Peach eyeshadow duos, The Afternooner palette, Tom Ford lipstick in Solar Affair, Urban Decay 1993, Bad Blood, Fiend, Rapture, Sheer Rapture, Rush, Naked, Naked2, and Blackmail lipsticks, Urban Decay One and Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector, Viseart Minx Theory Palette, L’Occitane Cleansing Oil, Burberry Optic White highlighter, Anastasia Ashton and Kathryn liquid lipsticks, Marc Jacobs Blacquer highliner. Bergdorf Goodman: Tom Ford First Time lipstick, Nude Dip quad, and Sphinx Cream eyeshadow. ColourPop: Ultra Satin lips in Frick N’ Frack, Marshmallow, Petit Four, TooLips, and Botanical; Ultra Matte lips in LumiΓ¨re 2, Kae, and Are & Be, Black N’ Brown brow pencil, Where The Night Is quad.

Weekend Plans: Get my hair done and my family is having a carne asada tomorrow- should be lots of fun!

Last feel-good movie: I know it’s probably weird, but The Force Awakens still is a comfort movie for me. (I saw it in theaters 13 times!)

Those eyes! Oh, sweet Mellan!

Haul, well it was last week, and you can hardly call it a haul. I finally found Clinique Cheek Pop in Ginger Pop, I’ve been lusting for it for what feels like years. Finally mine, and I love it. I also bought a lipglossy thing, Happy Pop, it fades rather quickly on my lips, but I do love the colour. I bought it to get a rather nice GWP that contained a lipgloss, a mascara and three or four skin products.

Weekend plans. Sorting out a lot of stuff, I got when my ex sold the house, most belong to my son. My livingroom looks horrid, it looks like I’m going to move.

Last feel good movie, I can’t recall, I mostly watch shows on Netflix. It might have been Vacation, I think it’s called, with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet. It was al bit too long, I thought.
Quite a few of you mentioned The Intern, is that the one with Robert De Niro?

Ginger Pop! Yayyy! Even better that you love it after such a long search!

Yes, it features him and Anne Hathaway!

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