Free for Haul Friday, Volume #290

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul: Nothing this week, I think! 🙂
  • Weekend plans: Keep making progress through my backlog of photos/reviews!
  • What are you looking forward to in June?: Warmer weather!

Share your pet photos to the Temptalia Pets flickr group! 🙂

This week’s Mellan photo…

He’s so happy and tired he can barely keep his eyes open!

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Haul: I’m officially on a no buy unless it’s a replacement because I just found out yesterday I’m going to Europe next May!
Weekend plans: And the usual stuff: cleaning and blogging.
What are you looking forward to in June?: My trip to DC with my sisters

Congratulations! That was always a dream of mine! You can get anywhere so easily and just freely travel and see the world! Please be safe and enjoy! I hope you have a memorable experience with enough money saved to do as you need! <3 🙂

Thank you! Make your dreams come tree 🙂 Europe has always been at the top of my travel list. This cruise is finally getting me overseas. I will be on saving mode after my summer travels haha

Haul: Nothing so far.

Weekend plans: Play some more Deemo, since 2.0 is finally out. Be prepared to have all the feels.

What are you looking forward to in June?: Cooler Aussie weather. Summer is hell for me and my seasonal affective disorder, so winter is very, very welcome. Also, am I the only person who thinks there’s too much pressure to have fun in summer?

I think when you’re still in school, there’s certainly pressure to do something fun during the summer, since most people are on break, but as an adult, summer is just another season like the rest. That being said, I imagine if you’re an adult with kids, then you feel the pressure to make sure your kids have a good summer break!

Haul: Benefit Roller Lash mascara, Benefit Foamingly Clean facial wash, and the MAC Haute and Naughty Waterproof lash mascara (i’m still waiting on a shipment from Nordstrom with two mascaras I ordered from their buy 3 get 1 free mascara promotion)
Weekend Plans: I don’t really have plans so probably just hanging out with family or friends and relaxing
What are you looking forward to in June?: believe it or not summer weather and sunshine! I live in TX and we’ve gotten rain almost every day this month of May…

I got a third of my Nordstrom mascara order, lol! But it was sent from a local store, so I think the others must be due soon!

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Shine in Heavenly and Fairest.
Relax at home, no plans for weekend.

Hugs and a lot o kisses for the one and only Mellan from me and my boys. Have a great weekend Christine.

Awww, was he running around the beach? Lucky Mellan!
**Haul – Supergoop City Serum Sunscreen, IT Brushes from Ulta (16% cashback from Ebates!). Also got tons of great samples with my orders. Ulta was giving away a 20 piece kit of samples, so trying stuff from Redken, PTR, Living Proof, etc. And from Sephora, I redeemed points and also got free samples for D&G mascara, Bobbi Brown lipgloss, new MUFE lipgloss, Jack Black lipbalm, UD blush, and new Algenist SPF cream.
**Weekend – finally get a break from work – will be resting and relaxing! And my hair needs a trim
**June – LOL -What else? More summer releases from the cosmetic companies!

Oh, and Mellan had just visited my brother-in-law (with us) who also has a lab, no beach running this time!

Haul: From MAC Wash and Dry, Tumble Dry lipstick and Freshen Up highlight powder. From Colourpop, eyshadows in Erotic, Fizz, Daddy, Taco, Birthday Girl, and Flipper. highlighters in Monster, Stole The Show, and Butterfly Beach. From Sephora, Urban Decay eyeshadows in Tonic and Fireball, CoverFX Custom Cover Drops in G40, a replacement of the GlamGlow Supermud daily cleanser (my FAVORITE), Shiseido Eye Cream, Buxom Lip Foundation in Revealed, Sephora Collection Lustre Matte lipstick in Deep Dark Plum, MAC Matte lipsticks in Naturally Transformed, Instigator, Whirl, and Stone.

Weekend Plans: Church with my family, nothing too exciting actually.

What are you looking forward to in June?: I’m taking a master class with a professional MUA from Dior on the fourth, and I can’t wait!!! It’s a three hour course with food and drinks and personal tips and it’s going to be AWESOME.

It’s a fantastic cleanser for acne prone skin and sensitive skin. I can FEEL it pulling the gunk out of my skin (eew), and it doesn’t dry me out. As long as I keep using that, I don’t break out.

Haul: A lot the past 2 weeks!!!
Sephora: MUFE Artist Palette Volume 1 – Nudes and Mist & Fix mini
CLINIQUE Cheek Pop Melon Pop
BI 500 PT Marc Jacobs (liquid and pencil liner, lipstick, and mascara)

Arda Wigs from my Anime North trip in Owl, Candy Stripers in Blue Danube & Dryad, and Persephone. All multi colour wigs. 😉

Weekend plans: Work and school application work.

What are you looking forward to in June?: Relax!!!
May was crazy for me with both getting ready for Anime North and health problems. Not that I’m in bad health…. But I had to do tests, than exercising and sugar fasting, and testing again to confirm that I’m Type Two Diabetic (Confirmed last Friday when I was out of town on vacation. >_<). I had no symptoms (or the ones I might have have are too general to brush off like fatigue, and dry mouth randomly with a sugar spike.) and I only found out because I went in for a general physical. I've been potentially like this for years!

So yeah, get a general physical more often! Even every 5 years can help you find something like this out because you body compensates for high blood sugar till it can anymore and then you will start have really life altering problems.

The silly thing is I'm already close to a diabetic diet as I cut down on carbs and more veggies, it the eat more than large meals a day, to like 3 meals and 2 to 3 snacks that I have to get use to with small portions. And more arobics. And medication tweaking for the next 3 month. O_o

I’m glad they were able to discover it now at least, and it’s good that you already had dietary changes so hopefully making any additional adjustments won’t be too difficult.

<3 I'm sorry you went through all that! It gets frustrating! But they found it so that's great! Please take care of yourself! God Bless. xoxo! 🙂

Haul: A new Clarasonic Brush Head
Weekend plans: Brunch, helping my best friend move, and church.
What are you looking forward to in June?: Outdoor festivals

After years of nope nope nope I’m getting all three naked palettes tomorrow -_- I should buy things at the moment they come out rather than secretly denial lem for ages until I snap. And I totally snapped.

Anyway also meeting the finance’s family tomorrow soooo…..

And yes June is full of killer heat. I’m going to start swimming.

OMG THAT MELLAN PIC! Smiley happy loaf of a dog <3 My youngest, Monster, had a bit of a belly bug this week and is just now feeling like himself for walks and doggy cuddles.

Haul: MAC Matte Royal and Men Love Mystery, Touch in Sol Carrot matte orange liner (I now have Carrot, Galactic Girl [gorgeous light lilac], Astral Blue, and Eclectic Electric [listed as a teal but it's significantly more of a mint] and they are all AMAZING), Urban Decay Bittersweet blush, some ColourPop shades I didn't have plus their lip primer since I'm curious to try out a five dollar lip primer. The clothes side was the most exciting this week as Black Milk Clothing had one of their Museum Releases where they put discontinued items back up for sale until they run out of stock. I ninja'd pretty much everything I wanted 😀 Hope any other Sharkies on Temptalia got what they wanted too. Because of that MAJOR buy, which included leggings/skirts/swimwear/tops/dresses, I will be on a strict no-buy for a while. But I badly needed clothes and that's taken care of!
Weekend Plans: Looking at scripts and picking what I'll be reading for plus other work stuff and visiting friends <3

Happy to hear that Monster is feeling better now! 🙂 Is he true to his name, by the way?

So you’re telling me that Touch of Sol is worth trying, eh?

I think you’d like the Touch in Sol liners! They have amazing staying power on both the upper and lower lashlines. Even though they’re opaque in one swipe, they build really well. Total powerhouses! Plus, Galactic Girl is a very true lavender-lilac shade and that is tough to find in liner! It’s much lighter and less mauvey than Ardency Inn’s Lilac and they are super matte. Definitely think they’re Worth It 😉

And Monster very much lives up to the name. People who meet him always say, “Awwww but you’re no monster!” But they merely do not know his tricks of expressly using cuteness to take over the world.

Sorry to barge in here..but I think you should! They sound so fabulous. I’m writing them down now so I can get to bed and research them later. But, It would be much more comforting if you were to expertly review them. Just sayin’ Christine. I know you have like only a few things to review anyway,lol..( very sarcastic tone). 😉

Definitely recommend giving them a shot, Nicole! And I second your opinion that Christine should review them if she finds the time. I really love them all and have been using them more than almost any other liner in my collection of late. Hope you’re feeling well, hun. Best wishes.

Thank you Celia. Means so much to have all the well wishes of so many fantastic people in this community. This blog is better than any support group. I tried that. It was such a downer,lol. I just noticed the Sephora is carrying them. Omg.. I think I need these Asap! Thanks for always suggesting new things. If not for you, I probably would not have tried Tom Ford’s mascara. I know you went with the colored. But, the black is my if now my hg!

I got you 🙂 No apologies for typos necessary <3 The Tom Ford mascara really is beautiful. And actually, as my tubes of the LEs dried down a bit the color got better! The classic black one is beautiful as well and I'm so glad you're loving it. And yeap, I picked my Touch in Sol liners up from Sephora 🙂

And I know what you mean. While of course I cannot fully understand what you're going through, I have the utmost empathy. I have a chronic pain disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Hypermobility. So just know you're in my thoughts and you can vent to me whenever you need. <3

Yeah, I find I prefer the TF a little into the tube as well. There is a lot of excess in the beginning. But, I just wipe the wand good first.
I actually did a small research project on connective tissue disorders in my graduate program in which I touched on Ehlers-Danlos. My heart goes out to you Celia. You can vent to me as well love. I will include you in my prayers. Take care!

Aww! Yay! Monster is better! 😀 Your hauls are so fun! Might YOU have the solution for my lower lashes? You’re pretty creative! 🙂

Hi Celia! Darling, I have extremely long lashes I refuse to not use mascara! The lower lashes hit my cheeks and I can’t find a formula or top coat to use that won’t smudge on my cheeks! (Sad, I know) But it is frustrating! I thought maybe I could find an indelible black liner and paint., no luck yet. If you can help, that would be FAB! Love you! Xoxo!

I have the same problem, actually haha. I have double-lashes that are VERY long so I know what you mean. It sounds like a brag but it’s really not! Makes lash makeup hard to apply. Unfortunately, I find we are somewhat limited in our mascara options. You may want to try old-fashioned cake mascara as that stuff dries down very nicely (Besame makes a good one). Also, avoid using wet mascaras.

If you are okay with tubing mascaras, they may be your best bet. I have the least amount of problems getting stains on my brows/cheeks from tubing mascaras since they don’t smudge, they just melt off with water. Blinc, Blinc Amplified, and Fairydrops ScandalQueen mascara are some of my favorite tubing options. If you need some more options, let me know and I’ll add a few. But I’d definitely give Blinc and Fairydrops a go.

Haul: MAC Matte Royal lipstick and Stolen Moment eye shadow.

Weekend plans: It’s my birthday Sunday so a group of friends is coming over, and we’re going to a movie and getting sushi.

What are you looking forward to in June: My brother-in-law’s wedding!

Haul: Not a thing… yet!
Weekend plans: Going to the movies (Far From the Madding Crowd) and getting treated to a couple of birthday dinners!
What are you looking forward to in June?: My niece’s high-school graduation!

Haul: A couple of Eco Tools brushes and a tray for my vanity
Weekend plans:Getting a pedicure with my sister
What are you looking forward to in June: Finishing my DietBets!

Haul: Caudalie the cru riche and Etage physical sunscreen ( it’s made for the skincare/plastic surgeon office where my friend works- it is the best sunscreen I have ever used!),The Sephora Hair favorites kit and Sephora ultra Violet gloss,Tom Ford Velvet Violet, Estee Lauder color envy shines in Blossom Bright and Intriguing and The regular Color Envy in Confident. I feel a low buy coming this summer. That usually happens when my daughter,Chloe, is out of school. She takes all my money! 4 days left! lol! I need to anyway to prep for fall and the Holidays. I also found out some bad news regarding my health condition Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia). So, I am taking some time off work unexpectedly to travel to a few medical institutions. My doctors here are stumped apparently. My body has mounted a immunity to my medications and the are not working I found out yesterday. My daughter needs me here and functioning. I am a single parent. So, I will go elsewhere-to larger cities-trying to find something. Been a bummer.
Weekend: Chloe and I are going to get our hair did tonight. Tomorrow, her BFF has birthday party and we will probably go to the festival down the street if it doesn’t storm. I need to rest and clean up the house and really clean out my closet. But, idk if it will happen. I seem to run out of time!
June: I am looking forward to lounging poolside, hot weather. I love hot weather. Have a great weekend! 🙂

I’m so sorry to hear about your health, Nicole! Fingers crossed that another hospital/physician will help you manage your health better and give you some better news! Keep us posted!

Have a great time with your daughter tonight! 🙂

Thanks Christine! Our hairdresser had an emergency and our appointment got moved. Now, I suddenly have 3 little girls running around my house,lol. Oh well, I get to chill and get stuff done. I think I may finally re paint my toenails. They need it badly!
It’s crazy how when your health suddenly goes downhill, your whole life changes. I always urge people to never take a day for granted. You just never know.
Did you get your TF mascara?

Oh no, sorry to hear about that Nicole. Hope you will find some doctors that can help you out, so you will feel better soon.

Thanks Katherine! Your kind words mean so much. I’m staying positive. I m not ready to quit an be a “sick” person. So,for now I am trying to keep busy and focus on positive things. 🙂

Hey Nicole: I’m very sorry to learn of your health challenges. I hope your doctors can develop an effective treatment plan for you. I understand only too well how it goes with chronic illness. Just as an FYI and I know nothing of your nerve disorder, but I wanted to mention I have an aunt in Holland with inoperable non-cancerous brain tumours. She has been managing nerve pain for, unfortunately, years. She just recently underwent a form of nerve blocking therapy. I do not think the process is easy by any means, but it is helping her to manage. Managing makes all the difference in the world. Good luck to you! xoxo

I know..managing is all I am seeking as there is no cure for my ailment. I have Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia. Basically, I woke up one night ,jan 13,2013 with it and it’s not left. Not going to. The left Trigeminal nerve which runs through the side of my face and side of head is just peeved to put it simple. It has always been there since that night. But they had me at a managed level with flare ups. But,the meds are slowly not being effective as my body becomes tolerant. Its excrutiating pain. Like my face has been crushed and is trying to heal. But cant .non stop. Then the attcks come and it’s like an electric shock that doesn’t stop. Its hell. As a result I haven’t slept much all week, I can’t chew because it affect my jaw area. Just a mess. I tried nerve blocks,ablation,i had a nerve stimulator which was good .but I got septic with infection and almost died . So,pulled it and no one wants to place another. So, I am..I’m just trying to have a good life again. I’m so sorry about your aunt . I will keep her in my prayers. Take it easy girl. Don’t work too hard this weekend! Sorry if that was tmi..xoxo

I keep meaning to ask my dad, but I swear this is what my grandmother suffered from for most of her life (that I’m aware of). I know she had a lot of nerve and face pain that could be triggered just by a breeze outdoors. I know she was using Botox for for the last few years and that seemed to help somewhat.

Stay positive, and I hope between your new makeup goodies and your daughter, you can be distracted a bit from what I know is very difficult and painful!

Sounds like it may be.There is a typical and atypical form. I’m pretty young to have it they say. I just woke up in the middle of the night with terrible pain. Different people have different triggers. A lot of people can’t touch their face. I’m happy that’s not one of my triggers because then I’d have to give up my makeup hobby,lol. It helps me focus on other things that make me happy. I use to be very athletic and I can’t do that really at all.
I tried botox for about 3 courses of 3 months . it helped. But, I think the Dr did not feel like it was helping enough to warrant continuing it.
Thank you. I’m doing my best to stay positive. I’m just hoping to find a better doctor with more experience in something this rare in a larger city. I feel like mine have just given up now. I am not ready to do that.

Good — I’m glad you’re not giving up, and I hope you find a new doctor that shares your positivity! We all have you in our thoughts, hoping for a new management routine for you, Nicole!

Thank you again Christine! Reading your blog is like my daily dose of escape,lol! I absolutely admire what you have put together here 100%. You help me in so many ways. 😀

I know what you mean about managing. That’s about all we who struggle with painful, incurable, life-altering illnesses can do. And it’s damn hard! You most definitely have my empathy for what you’re dealing with because ATN is a rough one to have! I have severe Crohn’s Disease along with a bunch of other autoimmune diseases, but Crohn’s is the one that very nearly caused my death 5 1/2 years ago due to a large perforation of my small intestine causing acute peritonitis with septic shock. But I’m alive. Please ALWAYS remember that where there is LIFE, there is (still) HOPE. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, Nicole. Also know that I and others on here know how difficult this is for you. And as Christine said, and I definitely second it, your daughter can give you at least some sense of distraction.
P.S. New makeup goodies help too!

Thank you for your thoughts Nancy . I am so sorry to hear about your struggles as well. I have been a RN almost 17 years now. I have seen all kinds of stuff. You just never imagine yourself in the other end. Krohn’s is certainly tough as well. No one deserves I’ll health. It’s the hardest challenge in the world- losing control of your health. I appreciate your prayers. I will keep you in mine as well. I must say this community has served as a a great distraction. I am so happy I found this blog!Such an amazing group of people Christine seems to attract. Yes, you are right- my daughter is the reason I’m here .She keeps me going for sure. 🙂

ha ha.. love it! Smellan photos are my favourite posts of all 😀

Haul: I already fessed up on my purchases: TF nude dip and TF oyster duo. They arrived late yesterday. I am wearing nude dip today and it’s perfect for my tastes and the shimmer is the usual TF gorgeousness.

Weekend plans: work work work – heading out shortly to go cuts 3 acres of lawn. Oy.

June: Looking forward to Girls Weekend next weekend. Me, and my closest gal pals from University get together at a friends cottage every year to catch up, cook exotic meals together, drink copious quantities of wine, go to bed far too late, and just have lots of raucous belly laughs. It’s always a revitalizing experience and complete blast! My women friends mean the world to me. We do not live on top of each other, are disdainful and bored by idle gossip, and strive to be good-spirited and positive support systems for one another. I feel so fortunate to have them in my life.

Have a wonderful weekend all!

He is such a goof! Always perfect to brighten any day.

Happy to hear you’re loving Nude Dip — I am so glad they brought it back permanently, as it is one of their best quads.

Your group of friends sounds amazing 🙂 We should all be so lucky to have such excellent support systems.

Christine and Nicole: They are all very inspirational women. My relationship with them is quite unique. Girl’s weekend is all about getting together as a group with no spouses/life partners or kids to muddy up the dynamic. I think this atmosphere promotes a lot of mental freedom and so insight is gained through the dialogue and experience; and it draws us closer.

Haul: Nothing this week!
Weekend plans: Run with my mom since we’re doing a half marathon together in August, hopefully with my brother too!
What are you looking forward to in June?: Warmer weather, my aunt & uncle from Nova Scotia visiting for a few weeks & my husband’s aunt & uncle visiting near the end of the month!

I’ve only been running about 2 years & my mom’s been running for 8 years. I started running because of her! She’s done a marathon and a few half marathons (she did a half just a few weekends ago, when I got married in Las Vegas). It’s something that we really enjoy & I’m so happy to be able to be able to run with her and my brother, too!

Omg, I feel exactly like Mellan now – happy, tired and can barely keep my eyes open! 😀

Haul: MAC’s Warm Soul blush (so pretty!)
Weekend Plans – Two kiddie birthday parties (= lots of cake) :)!
What are you looking forward to in June?: – De-cluttering, re-organizing my clothes and makeup!

The week isn’t over.. But I’ve still not gotten through my ColourPop haul! (Sick) And I want to play! I also want to hug and kiss Mellan and give belly rubs and ear scratches! He’s a precious one! (Are you sure he’s not stoned?) 😉

Haul: To be determined. Happy Birthday to Me! Well in 2 days..

Weekend Plans: Get better! And celebrate my birthday! (It’s a special one!)

What am I looking forward to in June: Money replenishment! My Mom’s birthday! Spoiling the hell out of her! Hopefully getting better! More fun here! Finding out if ColourPop will make that color I want… Probably a good haul or two.. Getting hair trimmed! Hoping someone solved my lash problem! (PLEASE?!) Flowers! 😀 XOXO!

Aww, thank you, Cecilia! We appreciate that! I celebrate her on my birthday because she pushed me out.. And you know how thespians are.. After me, she had her tubes tied. Saying I was difficult or marched to the beat of my own drummer would be an understatement! 😀 10 years ago on that day, we were in a hospital celebrating a birthday that wasn’t supposed to happen. So remember that! ANYTHING is possible! You go get em with your readings and cute outfits! I wish you the very best! 🙂 XO

Happy Birthday Lotus!
Man,that lash problem..Clinique bottom lash was a no-go? What about having them tinted and not wearing mascara on the bottom..just a thought.

Thank you, Nicole! 😀 Timting is a good idea but I fear chemicals that close to my eye. They are resting on my cheeks so it would be ideal! I’ve tried EL Little Black Primer for my lashes overall as a natural look and it is surprisingly so heavy! I don’t want to lose them! You know.. I haven’t tried topping Clinique lower lash with a water coat like from Anastasia or BM.. Possibly at the tips… I’ll have to play with that! I’d also like to find a close to permanent liquid liner and use a teeny brush to “tint” that way.. I can’t possibly be the only one facing this. Lol! 🙂 xoxo! 😀

Haul: MAC Hipness blush (I’m on a real blush kick lately; must stop buying blush), Chanel Vibrato nail lacquer (such a hot colour!).

Weekend plans: Going to a food fair with a friend.

Looking forward to in June: Flying to Colorado for a friend’s wedding!

As someone who has no desire to be a mother but loves the poop out of her corgi, I appreciate your Friday posts so I can virtually fist-bump with a fellow dog lover. It seems that so many “beauty gurus” are popping out kids left and right. CHRISTINE KEEPS IT REAL

Haul: Dior Addict Tie Dye Lipstick in 002 Coral Trip and 005 Fuschia Utopia
Weekend plans: It’s amazing how much free time I have now that I’m done with school. I’m going to a friends/coworkers BBQ on Saturday, then just Netflix on Sunday, lol!
What are you looking forward to in June?: My summer job! I’m waiting to hear back about one possible job, and have an in person interview for another next week.

Haul: Some acrylic makeup organizers.

Weekend plans: We have nice weather, so hopefully something outdoors where the cottonwood fluff isn’t blowing around like snowstorm. Good luck with that in Oregon. *snort*

What are you looking forward to in June?: I’m hoping it to have enough warm, dry days to haul my rolltop desk outside and sand and repaint it to match my makeup room.

The body will be hot pink. The roll top and drawer fronts will be lime green, turquoise blue, and bright purple to match my shelves and accents. I want to put a sheet of clear acrylic over the top to protect it. My hubby is going to use his 3D printer to make some flower-shaped drawer pulls in hot pink plastic for me.

Haul: nothing this week.
Week-end plans: my first 5K race tomorrow, brewery tour, and a BBQ on Sunday.
Looking forward to in June: hmmm nothing special?

IT- your brows but better- need something that works better and thought I’d try this. A cologne for the husband.
Plans- lots of running around for errands- yuck.
June- not a heck of a lot- vacation is in August 🙂

Haul: MAC extra dimension shadows from Nordstrom in Smokey Mauve, Sea Worhip and Stolen Moment; and Urban Decay shadows in Lounge and Sideline. Placed an order for more ColourPop, summer releases! Guess I forgot I was on a no buy. 😉
Weekend plans: BabyQ and chillaxin’
Looking forward to in June: Not much lol. I’m not a warm weather person, so I’m kinda not loving that it’s here (in the northeast). I don’t mind it in the 70’s, but warmer than that and I get cranky.

Haul: Lise Watier 24 Hours Glam Bronze Glam Eye Shadow pencil (amazing!), Smashbox Under Eye Hydrating Primer, IT Cosmetics, CC Radiance Cream, Vitality Face Disc, Pretty in Spring eyeshadow trio, Deluxe No Tug Dual Ended Eyeshadow Brush and Radiance Wand Brush (it was all in a value set), some QUO knock-offs of the beautyblender mini-sponges and a QUO powder puff for body powder (it’s baby powder weather here already and I needed a puff to keep it from going everywhere).

Weekend plans: I should go to the gym and/or yoga but probably won’t; hoping to visit our son at uni and take him out for brunch and so he can do some shopping

What are you looking forward to in June: the end of the school year and the chance to get back into my fitness routine, which has seriously fallen by the way-side for several reasons. Oh, and seeing my peonies bloom!

Now, does it last 24 hours? LOL! Did you put it through that test? I

I love peonies. Are they a lot of work to maintain?

I’d never leave any makeup on for 24 hours but I wore it the other day from 6 am til bed-time and it didn’t fade, crease or budge. I want to get a few more of them (there aren’t that many shades – I hope they add more) – it’s sort of like those UD 24/7 jumbo shadow pencils except that it’s amazingly blendable for 30 seconds or a minute before it sets.

Peonies are pretty much no work at all. I’m not much of a high maintenance type gardener so most things in my gardens have to be pretty easy to care for.

Haul: Absolutely NOTHING, YAY!
Weekend plans: A wedding shower and a moving-away party. I just want to be home so bad!
Looking fwd to in June: Going to Punta Cana for a late anniversary getaway! Just a weekend but I will take what I can get!

Haul: Mac Mattes in Matte Royal and Naturally Transformed. Should arrive at my home today! EEEEKKK #overnighted
Plans: Relaxing with my new husband – bourban chai lattes, lobster rolls, and such LOL.
June: the end of the fiscal year at work! Whoo hoo!

Haul: Nothing this week aside from another cheap acrylic three drawer unit. Or does a decent stool to sit on in front of my makeshift vanity count?

Plans for the weekend: Decluttering, mostly in the kitchen and living room.

Looking forward to in June: More baseball–we’ve got tickets to a bunch of local minor league games and we’re hoping to go into SF for at least one Giants game.

Haul: No make-up but I got a tooth whitening gel/LED kit and a dermaroller kit to try out. We’ll see how they work.

Weekend plans: If it doesn’t rain (looks like it will tho’), mow the yard and other outdoor chores. If it rains, probably lots of sleeping. 🙂

What are you looking forward to in June?: I was gonna say sunshine (it’s been flooding here in Texas) but it’s out today and it’s hot! So maybe not quite so much sunshine but not so much rain either.

Haul: my tom ford eye and cheek palette arrived! first tf purchase and it’s lovely and sure to be a summer staple.

Weekend Plans: crafting, going to a bbq where we will be playing ultimate frisbee, having a fish and chip dinner for my english dad’s birthday

June: there’s a fair that happens in june, summer salads

Haul: Sometime last week I remember I couldn’t sleep… I was up until almost 6:30 in the morning… just laying there. Conciquently all week I’ve been getting packages in the mail of things I forgot I bought. A new purse arrived today from Etsy along with my MAC Matte lipsticks (those I ordered yesterday though) and some Koyudo face brushes. Various body washes from Philosophy came yesterday… those two new face brushes from Besame, new collars for the dogs and a few pieces from Laura Mercier’s summer collection. I think that’s it.

Weekend plans: Yard work? Hopefully some video work!

What are you looking forward to in June?: A friend is coming up to visit from LA for a week… hopefully road trips and beautiful weather!!!

Haul: I ordered some indie nail polishes and took advantage of TooFaced’s sale…finally got a Melted lipstick!
Weekend plans: Nothing concrete…just relaxing:
What are you looking forward to in June? The end of the school year and the beginning of my summer vacation!

Christine, has anyone told you recently they were having trouble following your blog on Bloglovin’? I was on there the other day…suddenly your page said there were no new blog posts to display, then your blog disappeared! I followed it again, but it still won’t let me view your posts. It’s very strange.

Hey Toni!

I just got a tweet about it on Friday, and I didn’t know — Bloglovin’ removed our blog, and I don’t know why. I tweeted and emailed them on Friday, but I haven’t heard back. I’m really not sure what happened, and all I can tell is it looks like everyone who was following the blog is still following me (my actual profile as an individual), as that has about 19,000 followers (which was what the blog was at, or around there, I think).

I was very naughty – stuff from a few weeks ago (I shopped while on vacation and had lots of boxes from USPS/UPS waiting for me) Let’s see: Sephora: The Sephora Favorites sun safety kit, and the Bronze Kit (to practice bronzing, I typically don’t use any bronzing stuff) COOLA Classic Sunscreen for the face, SPF 30. and a couple of Tarte items that were on sale ( – I like to stock up on pallets and great deals to give to teens/women shelters). HSN: Soap and Glory: Hand Food trio. Too Face Sugar pop pallet and a Too Faced lip primer semi-matt (did not like), some Soap and Glory stuff (hasn’t arrived yet). Ulta: Anastasia Brow Wiz in chocolate, IT Cosmetic Vitality Lip Flush “je ne sais quoi” , Cover Girl lip perfection in beloved, CG Clump Crusher, CG lipstick 410 Ravishing Rose, CG eye liner in black, IT Cosmetics Brush Crease brush. Nordstrom: Mac #21, Laura Mercier anti feathering lip pencil (hope it works!). From Fred Meyers: Maybelline Berry Chic and Purposeful Mauve lipstick (I love the packaging on the 100 years lipsticks!) and a Wet and Wild single eye shadow in cream brulee.

After this, on a low-buy… I want to save for Disneyland! 🙂 but I’m still in the market for the perfect foundation….

Weekend Plans: Meeting a friend for lunch on Sunday – it’s my last pig-out!

Looking forward to in June – not a lot really.

Have a great weekend!!!!

Haul: Bare Minerals The Magic Act Palette and it was on sale! It’s actually coming Monday, but I’m excited! 😀

Weekend plans: Nothing major. Just catching up on Korean dramas. *__*

What are you looking forward to in June?: I would’ve said warmer weather like you, but it’s been way too hot lately. Way above normal this time of year. Besides that, I look forward to all the birthday goodies/promos I should get in my email like Sephora’s birthday gift from NARS. It looks so good.

And I just have to say… MELLAN LOOKS SUPER ADORABLE IN THAT PICTURE! ^_____^ <3

Haul: Hourglass Film Noir, Dior Extase, Chanel le Volume mascaras
Plans: Enjoying the sunshiny weather!

Mellan looks utterly ecstatic!!!! What a HUGE smile! One day I’ll upload pics of my 3 furbabies!

Haul: I wandered into a 99© Store looking for one of those Elf 4-pan empty palettes, none, but I did score a Maybelline Color Tattoo in Fierce & Tangy and a Revlon Colorstay nail polish in Seashell. Cheapest haul evah!

Weekend plans: the usual, I think? Hair blowout ordeal (I think it needs a few inches off the bottom!), nails, meeting on Sunday, perhaps something afterwards.

What are you looking forward to in June: a 3 day Regional Convention in Tucson! My first ColourPop haul! And the beginning of Arizona’s monsoon season! Hopefully, California gets more rain this summer too because a friend of mine lives in Encino and she wants RAIN! I don’t blame her.

Haul: It was all about clothing this week. I picked up some cute, summer tops during Macy’s sale. Oh, I also picked up two eyeshadow trios from, of all places, the Dollar Store. I wanted to get out of the house so we decided to go there and poke around for a bit. I picked up two L.A. Colors trios in Sunflower and Iris. I’d never tried anything from the brand before and, to be honest, I wasn’t expecting much. I was blown away by how smooth and pigmented these shadows are, especially the ones in Sunflower! I’m going to play around with them this weekend to see how well they actually perform on the eyes. I know my youngest daughter would love a cheaper eyeshadow alternative since having a baby is expensive. =)

Weekend plans: An exciting trip to Home Depot to check out various bulbs for my vanity. I really want the LED bulbs because they stay cooler. However, due to the spectrum limitations of LEDs, I have a feeling I’ll end up with the incandescent bulbs that I’ll be able to bake cookies under while I do my makeup… :-/

What are you looking forward to in June?: School being out and having my son at home with me! Staying up late with him and just goofing off. He’s my (17 yr old) baby and this will be his last high school summer break.

I used the Sunflower trio yesterday, over primer and with setting spray, and they stayed perfectly pigmented and in place for at least five hours. At seven hours, I noticed some fading of the outer V and crease color but, since I have hooded eyes, that happens with pretty much every pressed shadow I wear. My daughter and husband loved the colors on me, said they really brought out the blue in my eyes… so I’m calling this $1.00 eyeshadow trio a definite win!

I haven’t used the other trio yet. I’ll probably get to it sometime this week.

Haul: Steam Heat from Mac’s Wash and Dry, wasn’t able to snag it online, so I had to brave the store!

Weekend plans: Working! But this is the last weekend I have to work before transitioning to my new-old job. 😉

What I look forward to in June: Not a whole lot, but that’s not a bad thing to me!

Yay!!!!!! Haul completed! 😀 😀 😀

Chanel Stylo Yeax Waterproof in Orchidee & Iris! And.. Giorgio Armani ETK Intense in 01: Blast of Blue, and #34: Blue Beetle! Wooooooo!!!!!! *Happy Birthday* 😉 😀

Haul: I think the only thing I bought was the NIOD Photography Fluid. It’s a type of primer, you mix it with your moisturiser or primer – whatever you’re putting on before foundation – and it provides a kind of soft focus luminous but not dewy finish. It’s designed to help take down redness and make skin give a good showing on camera. I found the effect subtle but definitely there on my first (and only thus far) try, and similar to that of the pale yellow Ambient Lighting Powder (Dim Light?). It’s an interesting product and I’m looking forward to having a play with it.

Weekend plans: saw Tomorrowland at the cinema today, which was really good. Tomorrow will be just doing stuff around the house.

June: I’m looking forward to the Foo Fighters concert at Wembley Stadium! Got my tickets in the post now; I bought them last autumn some time, but they mail them out closer to the gig date.

Have fun at the Foo Fighters concert, El! 🙂 I used to be a concert-goer in my younger days but haven’t gone to one in a long time.

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