Free for Haul Friday, Volume #147

Welcome to Free For Haul Friday!

  • Haul:  A few more pieces from Guerlain fall arrived finally!
  • Weekend plans:  Get through NARS + Andy Warhol.
  • Heels or flats?:  I’m really digging kitten heels/baby heels. I love looking at sky high heels, but not so much the walking.

Share your pet photos to the Temptalia Pets flickr group! 🙂

This week’s Mellan photo…

I wish I could sleep half as well as Mellan!

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How do you get Mellan to sleep in his bed? My husband & I have bought our 8-month old lab/German Shepherd 3-4 beds already, and he either tears them up or tries to sleep in ours. 😐

Oh no! 🙁

I bought Mellan his very first bed around ~4 months old, and the first thing he did was pee on it. Other than that incident, he has seemed to be receptive to the bed. Now, keep in mind, he’s not allowed on our bed, so he doesn’t exactly get to choose. Honestly, he might just be too young, or it’s that he knows if he destroys his bed, he can go to yours (not sure if you’re refusing him when he tries!). You might try a bed that’s designed for tough chewers, though having a lab tells me that little is truly indestructible.

Mellan’s had orthopedic beds for the past three years or so, more comfy than the couch! We also put his bed in his kennel, so he’d always sleep on his bed at night for awhile.

Hi Christine! If possible, could you please tell me where you bought Mellan’s bed? I’d love to get something that comfy for my Lab when she´s an adult (well…since Mellan is still not an adult at 4, she’ll probably won´t be either, but I mean when she stops growing!)!

I bought it from Orvis 🙂 It’s the deep dish orthopedic one. We have a small and then a large (medium is, unfortunately, only about 2 inches deeper than the small, and the large is fairly huge). The small was great in the apartment, and it also fit in his large kennel and fold-up cages. We keep that downstairs by the TV now, and then he has his massive bed in my office (which is where he stays primarily).

Yeah, good call 🙂 I’d just go with some cheaper solutions until she’s ready. Mellan never chewed on his bed, thankfully! I know Orvis makes a tough chewer bed or whatever, but honestly, I have no experience with it, and my experience WITH a chewer (on the right things, but still) is that nothing is indestructible to him… And Mellan doesn’t even try to destroy so-called tough toys!

Our dog did that with her bed. Destroyed it and ate it. We found that she just loves sleeping on a fleece blanket. Went to JoAnn Fabrics and just bought a few yards of cheap fleece. That way if she pees or chews on it (8 months old and hasnt yet!), it won’t be a big deal.

Please post photos of your puppy, Tricia. I love dogs in general but GSDs (of any variation or mix) are one of the BIGGEST passions in my life.

Haul: my glossybox was decent this month! I got ellis faas milky lips in a deep tangerine color, illamasqua purity nail polish, and .5 oz ole henricksen truth serum, and some other stuff. I also bought China Glaze For Audrey, Essie Mirror metallics Blue Rhapsody, Secche Vite, and an a pink shimmery metallic from orly that I can’t remember the name of!

Weekend plans: We’re going to attempt to leave puppy out of her crate at night and try to keep her off the bed as well. New training!

Heels or flats: I’m 5’9″ so I can pull off a three inch heels without looking insane, but I LOOOOOVE my huge chunky heels…to look at. They’re not really “office appropriate” with studs and chains and platforms. I do love wearing sam edelman’s flats everday. best flats ever. I have the felicia in three colors!

Haul: I’ve been pretty good (broke!) this week. Still on a nail polish kick so I picked up some China Glaze: Trendsetter, Smoke & Ashes, Emerald Fitzgerald, Jitterbug and Hey Doll.

Weekend plans: Seeing some friends who moved out of town recently. Not sure what the plan is but probably involves alcohol of some sort. Also, new sereis of Doctor Who!

Heels or flats?: I love the look of heels so much, but 9 days out of 10 I wear trainers or Doc Martens!

Haul: I found a counter that had Chanel’s Rose Initiale, so I brought that home with me. My first Chanel blush! I also picked up the Urban Decay “optical blending brush” to use with my new UD foundation. Have to say, I’m pretty impressed with both.
Weekend plans: Packing and getting on a plane. I’m headed to Switzerland on a business trip. I’ve never been before, so it’s pretty exciting.
Heels or flats?: I’m kind of known for sky-high heels, but lately I’ve been wearing flats more often. Honestly, I love them both…

Haul: Orly Galaxy Girl…been resisting this beauty for a few months because I wasn’t sure how it would look against my skintone and finally caved.

Weekend Plans: Haven’t made any yet. Maybe go lake swimming.

Heels or Flats: Flats forever! Heels can make the leg look nice, but I find them uncomfortable and hard to walk in. Nowadays there are so many awesome options for flats from formal to casual I that I see no need to wear heels. Heels have an ultra girlie vibe usually that doesn’t jive with my personal style in any case.

I missed last weeks FFHF because i took along weekend vacation to FanExpo so double the stuff. 😉

Coral Bliss Cremesheen lipstick and Local Wares Fluidline from MAC. Estée Lauder Pure Color Gelée Powder EyeShadow in Cyber Pink and Ultra Marine.
Lastly I got Guerlain Parure De Nuit Pressed Powder from a UK wholeseller. First I’m in love! Secondly why was the LE, it a nicer product then their meteorites pearls or pressed powder?

Weekend plans: I’m still sick for hopping to just chill this weekend

Heels or flats?: Flates or kitten heels/baby heels at 1″. It’s hard for me to walk in heel unless their boots with a bit of ankle support and even harder with no platform on the toe. Ouch!

Haul: No makeup 🙁 I spent way too much on fall clothing this week. And I still need to find a new backpack for school

Weekend Plans: Probably spend some time with relatives. That’s about it.

Heels or Flats: As much as I love a killer pair of heels, i tend to wear flats most days as they’re just much more wearable and comfortable and somehow I don’t feel ridiculous owning them in every color… (The J.Crew Cece flats are my favorite!)

I haven’t tried J. Crew flats, but I have good things! I’ve been trying to wear heels when we go on short trips more often.

Haul: Don’t know yet! Hoping to get my hands on some more NYX lip liners, those things are amazing!!! And super cheap O.O!

Weekend plans: Haircut and waiting for Christine’s NARS + Andy Warhol reviews! I’m so pumped for that collection, it’s been ages since I’ve been this excited about a new makeup collection! I hope the reviews are positive, especially the Debbie Harry Palette and the Beautiful Darling Gift set with the mint and white eyeshadow duo! 😀 😀 😀

Heels or flats?: Heels!!! For me, the higher the heel the better I feel 😛 (except at the end of the day when I need to soak my feet in ice. lol!!) But I really love both!

At least you’re honest about the pain, LOL! When I see people who walk in heels all the time, I always have to ask how they handle the pain (or if there is pain). I wish I could endure!

I find practice has a lot to do with it, as does shoe quality, but some people actually have a natural angle to the set of their foot that makes wearing heels easier (and flats harder).

It’s actually pretty easy to figure out – if you stretch your leg out in front of you and let your foot recline naturally, you should be able to measure a rough right triangle from the top of your foot to the heel. (Your foot is the hypotenuse of that triangle.) The invisible bottom “leg,” measured from your heel to the point where it intercepts the line from your toe, is the heel height that wears best for your body. (Mine’s about two inches, for reference, not that I let that hold me back. :P) So if you’re “leg” is really short, well, obviously that explains why flats are more comfortable!

Haul: Guerlain G lippie in Gracy, Armani ETK waterproof mascara, MUFE eyeshadows in a number of colours, UD super saturated high gloss lip colour in Naked and Stila stay all day liquid lipstick in Patina. Standouts are the Guerlain G lip and UD lip colour! Not so great = Stila stay all day lip. The formula just does not compare to the Guerlain and after time ‘balls’ up on the lip which is rather gross really. It make me think of Christine’s reviews of the similar Hourglass product.

Weekend Plans: I’m hoping to have some creative time this weekend, but with more hay laying in the field.. I can’t wait for winter! Don’t quote me on that when I’m freezing my a$$ets in a number of months.

Heels or Flats: definitely heels! But, I cannot describe the suffering. With my health issues, I shouldn’t be wearing heels at all. But, I still do. I do not wear the sky high heels nor anything I can potentially fall off like tiny stiletto heels. I gravitate to a lower chunkier, usually stacked wooden heel and boots are therefore a BIG part of my look. I lurve boots and have to buy at least one pair every fall/winter. It usually ends up as 2 and sometimes 3. I have no floor space in my walk-in closet. My shoe pigeon holes were full ages ago. I like to keep my ‘good’ shoes/boots in their boxes. I have cardboard boxes full of perfectly good shoes and boots in my basement. I donate clothes fairly regularly, and that part is relatively easy for me, but shoes and boots I have a seriously tough time parting with them. There are definitely elements of a hoarder in me. Boring story, I know, but I’m hoping by typing this I can spurn myself on to doing something about it.

Do you have a favorite shoe brand, Wendy?

Do you find that the Guerlain Extraits transfer on you? I’m very curious!

I have a number of favourite shoe brands and one I cannot afford all the time, but I splurge is LD Tuttle (pure luxury!). I buy a lot of Frye (great for my slightly wider foot and solid quality footwear), Donald Pliner, Rebecca Minkoff, Sam Edelman, Joie, and Ash. All very expensively affordale, if there is such a class for that 🙂 I cannot justify the high end stuff in my mind because I am quite hard on my shoes/heavy on my feet.

Yes, the Guerlain’s do transfer on me. Everything seems to transfer on me so I don’t really notice. Food is definitely to killer for these liquid lippies. The saving grace for me with the Guerlain formula is the wear is fairly even and ‘fades’ rather than the Stila which creates gross balls of lip stuff on my lips. I can eat food with Guerlain and experience some fading, particularly in the inner lips, but it doesn’t seem to look that bad. I can squish my lips together and I’m good to go. It’s definitely a weird feeling lip product though and sometimes I’ll just wipe it off because I’m sick of feeling the synthetic/rubbery feel. If I am going out, I love these. If I am at home, I wear something that feels lighter on my lips.

What I noticed about Guerlain is that it feels like a liquid lipstick that dries down, but it doesn’t create that second-skin feeling like Hourglass/Stila, which is where I think it does the flaking/balling thing they do.

I still have the first pair of “good boots” I got…calf high black leather, and they are 32 years old this year!!! I can’t remember the brand, but they are supple enough that they stretched when my feet grew a size when I was pregnant. I also have a jean jacket that’s the same age. My little bit of vintage from my teen years 🙂

Haul: By Terry creamblush in apple glow and Laura Mercier lipglaze in lotus bloom

Week-end plans: taking our niece and newphew to an amusement park

Heels or flats: flats! the amusement park has go karts, so…comfort first!

Oh and Christine, some weekend! The Nars collection seems so daunting with all those products! There is no such thing as a ‘weekend’ here either, but on the upside, for us, it sure beats a regular ‘job’ any day :).

True story! I don’t know why I get excited for the weekend… because it’s really the same as every other day, LOL. Not in a bad way, but that’s just how it is!

Haul: Cocoa butter soap.

Weekend plans: I’ll be working and volunteering on Saturday, and on Sunday I have to fill a cupcake order for a friend. Yay for getting paid!

Heels or flats?: Heels. At 5’0 I am too short for anything else!

Haul: none!
Weekend plans: having a friend stay over and babysitting. Don’t be too jealous of my wild life 😉
Heels or flats?: interesting question because I don’t own any flats but would wear them all the time. I have a few heels (HAVE to be 4+ inches. I’m 4’10” and my husband is 6’2″! We look ridiculous together!) but I honestly just wear flip flops all the time. I should really care more about my appearance 😛

You guys sound like my parents. 🙂

Mom=4’11”, Dad=6’3″. Thankfully I turned out to be an averagely sized 5’4″! My teachers would always comment on how surprised they were when they saw my parents together since my height is so average and theirs isn’t.

Haul: A new MAC studiofinish in NW35, Smolder eye pencil.Impassioned lipglass. And 2 Too faced totally nude and 1 centerfold lipstick from theor vintage sale..these are my Fave nude lippies and they stay on forever.
Weekend plans: It is the Budweiser fest/ Jay Z fest here in Philly this weekend.
Heels or flats?: Heels preferably Christian louboutin, with practice they are wearable Lol…

depends on the style…CL, Lady Peeps are ok for about 6 hours. Manolo’s are actually the most comfortable because they are light and mold to your foot over time.

Haul: nothing, though I’m planning to buy some stuff tomorrow, when Shopper’s Drug Mart has their 20X the points deal (that’s how I fund my Guerlain purchases!)

Weekend plans: 3 yoga classes with my husband, checking out some car-pooling arrangements for our son, who has his co-op placement in a very inconvenient location,and then gearing up for back to school on Tuesday

Heels or flat: since my knee surgery, it’s more flats than heels, as much as I love heels. Heels are murder on my bad knee but I refuse to give them up entirely

From what tiny, miniscule bit I’ve gleaned of him, I never imagined Shaun as being the sort who is hugely into yoga. His intriguing complexities continue to grow!

I just want to cuddle with cutie Mellan!

Haul: More OPI polishes from the salon inside Wam-Lart. American Apperal polishes came yesterday. YaY!
Weekend plans: Put the new polishes away (American Apperal, OPI and some polishes from CVS. Try another cling film mani with bright colours. Check out Lane Bryants sale and stop off at Dillards and visit my Coach sales lady. SLEEP!!
Heels or flats?: Heels for work and going out. Flip flops for spring and summer time errands. Flats … ummmm for certain occasions.

Last time I went to the drugstore, I went in search of the LE Color Tattoos (which no store seems to have), and I walked out with like 30 polishes. *headdesk*

LOL! 30 polishes?! Okay, you make me feel so much better Christine!! When Spoiled came out at CVS, I think I bought about 20 – 22 polishes.

I went to CVS yesterday. I had a TON of coupons (CVS 20% off, CVS $4 off $20, CVS $3 off, CVS $6 off, CVS $2 off Sally Hansen and a Sally Hansen coupon for $1 off). I spent a total of $23. After all the coupons, I paid just over $3. I love how CVS lets you use so many coupons at one time.

My CVS has a few Color Tattoo’s and my Wam-Lart has a ton! The only thing I HATE about the display, I didn’t realize each ‘set’ is of a different types of texture. I bought like 4 pretty light colours and they were crackles. I did not want anymore crackles unless it was a colour I did not have. Needless to say, I will keep them but the set-up needs to be much clearer. Or maybe I just need to learn to read?

Ahahahahaaa! Too funny! I always joke with my favourite CVS cashier. I tell her “It’s dangerous for me to shop in here.” And she always responds back “Have you seen the new … BLAH BLAH BLAH?” 20 minutes later my little red basket is loaded down.

Will you be doing any reviews on them?

Haul: Guerlain Rouge G lipstick in Bonnie (to wear with Les Fauves eyeshadow and Chic Pink blush)

Weekend: Getting my hair cut and coloured, having my mom over for BBQ steak, cleaning up the spare bedroom, taking puppy to the dog park

Flats/heels: Flats all the time, except special occasions (at most once or twice a year)

YES! They’re definitely a “puppy” until about 3, imo, though, in your heart, he/she will be a puppy forever! 🙂 What’s her name? I like how she’s posing with a little head tilt in your avatar/icon.

Her name is Roxy, she is 1/2 mini schnauzer and 1/2 chinese crested powder puff (that’s a mouthful!). I usually just say she’s a schnauzer mix.

That definitely *is* a mouthful! lol. I know almost nothing about the typical personality of a Chinese-crested but Schnauzers are extremely smart! Enjoy the true, full puppy years; the teenage ones can be exhausting. 🙂 You know what I miss the most about true puppy years? Puppy tongue. My boy finally stopped doing it nonstop and I’m so sad. Puppy Tongue gets to me like NOTHING else!

I hope he never grows up! I want more Friday videos of him, especially at play because I’m not sure I believe some of your stories about how exuberant and naughty he can be. He always seems wonderfully calm and the perfect gentleman! (Lucky you! The Hairy German can be a wild dervish. And he rarely sleeps!)

Haul: Nothing really, more like picking up my Blacktrack fluidline and a couple more things from my Spanish home to bring it to the Netherlands.

Weekend plans: Enjoy the company of my parents and friends during today and tomorrow in my hometown, on Sunday I am flying back to the Netherlands. It’s being a short but intense time here!

Heels or flats?: Flats. I can’t really wear heels (they destroy mercilessly my poor little feet no matter what I do), plus I am that kind of small girl who likes being small – I am 1.54m and I LOVE it! Especially when living in a country in which everybody is sort of giant haha 🙂 It kinda makes me look extra cute. If I want to wear something a bit higher I go for either kitten heels or wedges but that’s about it.

Mellan just makes me want to go back to sleep -.- zzz

Haul: Estée Lauder Gelée eyeshadows in Cyber Pink, Cyber Green & Fire Sapphire And Lipstick Luminizers in Lamé and Pearlescent.

Weekend Plans: More cleaning! We did get quite a bit of stuff done this week even with taking Wednesday off to do my hair. Getting There! … slowly and painfully LOL

Heels or Flats?: The Shoes I wear to walk around are either flat or have 2″ heels. Less walking(an hour at best)and I can go up to 4″ but that’s pretty much my max. And I have a total sickness for jelly shoes LOL

The luminizers: the Lamé one is sheer very frosty goldish beige. The Pearlescent one looks white in the tube and applies clear with little kind of iridescent super teensy sparkles. I can feel a tiny bit of glitter texture but hardly anything, definitely less than MAC’s Ruffian Gold. I prefer the Lamé one, I think it has more uses and will blend better with more things and It looks ok on it’s own too.

<3 Mellan

Haul: Just one thing this week: a face primer. Cost me 50 euros, though. Hence the "just one thing" 🙂

Weekend plans: I don't know yet. And I like it!

Heels or flats?: Depends. Usually heels but I'm getting (literally) more into ballet flats lately.

Haul: Replacement eyelash curlers and maybelline dream matte powder, mac satin taupe, nyx pinched blush, gonna look for the new maybelline color tattoos in fuschia and teal.

Weekend plans: have 2 appts to do makeup on people (nervous!), working nights.

Heels or flats?: Definitely heels (most flats are so uncomfortable to me!), but often I’m too self-conscious to wear them, since I’m already five nine lol.

I’m also 5’9″ and I love my heels! I love towering over people. I feel like a super model (even if I don’t have the body for one) and strut it.

My mom’s 5’11” and grew up in the 70s wearing big, huge six-inch stilettos. She figured men already found her intimidating, so why bother trying to look shorter? ;P

PAWS!!!!!!!! Fat, chunky PAWS!!! Crossed daintily. PAWS!!! *desperately trying to resist the urge to kiss*

Haul: No makeup. 2 tops in teal and red that I loved on a friend.

Weekend Plans: Not sure yet other than a birthday thing for my nephew.

Heels/Flats: Flats, much to my mother’s horror. Apparently, midgets who are 5 ft (and that OH SO IMPORTANT 3/4 of an inch!) need the extra height. PFTTTTT! I *do* own towering heels but I can’t really last in them beyond a few hours before excruciating pain sets in. Besides, I like being petite and pocket-sized; my childhood response to people who thought I needed heels was: “Tout ce qui est petit est mignon, tout ce qui est grand est con.” 😉 (For politeness sake, I won’t translate. *grin*)

🙁 <~~~~ 5'10.5.

Kafka, I had to Google that. I took French from 1st – 5th grade and I only remember like 3 words and 3 phrases. I would strave and pee on myself if I had to go to France. 😡

Dinitchka, I said “childhood” expression, so you have to forgive my immature 14 year-old, defensive, insecure self. I was about 4 ft 10 at the time (oh, how one grows. Lol!) and would have given anything to be 5 ft 10! 🙂

Awww. Well, let me tell you being tall isn’t the greatest either. I wear an 11 shoe, have to have most all my pants tailored (I need to learn to sew) as regular lengths are flooders and about 1/2 of all talls are too long, no matter where I am, if something is on a tall shelf … I’m asked to get it. And lastly a lot of long sleeved average priced shirts are too short in the sleeves. Not a cute look. LOL!

BTW, A very Happy Birthday to your nephew 🙂

It’s hard on both ends of the scale, no question! And, believe me, I feel your pain on the tailoring/hemming issue. Last year, I got so fed up trying to get nice pyjama bottoms in a fun print, I just opted for *CHILDRENS’S* XL. Actually, now that I think about it, I have an incredible number of casual clothing items from the children’s department. LOL! And thank you for the birthday wishes vis-à-vis my nephew. He’ll be 14. I feel for my poor sister…. *grin*

LOL, I also shop for clothes at the kids department! I don´t mind either to be petite, though sometimes finding nice shoes is a pain! Oh, and my puppy Lab sends you kisses – I owe you the photographs, she just won´t let me take any. I’ve only been able to take blurry images and close-ups of her nose…

I *rarely* wear pants for that reason. I’m 5′ 3″ (barely, LOL), but I have slightly longer limbs for my height; my inseam is 30″. Petites are typically 28-29″, so the hems must be let down; regulars are about 31″, and therefore must be hemmed. I’ve grown to really appreciate skirts.

Leticia, yay for people who shop in the children’s section. *grin* Have you tried taking photos of Kasumi while she’s asleep? Or bribery? LOL. How is puppy training going?

Hi, Kafka! Kasumi is just too playful; she immediately realizes I have a camera with me and jumps at me. If she´s sleeping, she’ll wake up, move and then jump! I’ll try bribery, good idea!! Training is not going that bad, though – she already understands the basics like sitting (at least a few seconds) while she waits for her meals, giving her paw and “sort of” obeys when we tell her to let go of something she picks up in the garden, like branches. She has this new habit of picking up figs (we have a couple of trees), so we have to make sure she doesn’t eat them green!

Haha Mellan looks so carefree 🙂

Haul: MAC 217, 219, & 231. I wanted to pick up a backup for 217 and 219, but I saw 231 and thought it might be useful. Well it is so yay for my impulsive purchase LOL

Weekend plans: Definitely need to take some more photos, but otherwise just chilling with the boyfriend who was away on business for a week!

Heels or flats: Flats, definitely flats. I really enjoy how people (including myself) look with heels, but I never learnt to walk properly in them. I have some for grand occasions, but most of the time I’m just in my ballerinas 🙂 I do adore wedges though! Those are something I can walk with relatively comfortably!

Yup! Oh and an update to my weekly haul: my Illamasqua Swinger just arrived! I HAVE to try the formula after what you’ve said, and Swinger is something I’ve been looking for so yaaaaay

Just a word of caution, Swinger was one of 2 Illamasqua nail varnishes that faintly crackled on me. Weird, thin fault-lines like an earthquake. They were fine lines and the nail varnish didn’t chip off, but definitely a weird result that occurred regardless of whether I used 1 coat or 2, base/top coat or without. It’s never happened to me with any other brand, so I’m a bit baffled as to what I’m doing wrong or what is the issue.

I think Swinger is still worth it. The colour is really a knock-out and the fault lines are not noticeable amidst the glitter. Illamasqua’s Caress, on the other hand….. *spits* I’m actually wondering if I can still return it to Sephora, even though it’s been about 6 months. It’s really that bad and that constant. Plus, the lines are glaringly obious with the pale, cornflower blue colour.

I returned an eyeshadow palette to Sephora after well over a year, without a receipt, even. They asked no questions, gave me a credit, and I bought a NARS duo.

YAY, that’s good to hear. Thanks, Amy. Normally, I wouldn’t bother and would just consider a loss. But I get annoyed every time I see the bottle now and I’d rather get Scarab instead of just having this almost-full bottle just sitting there.

Haul: I resisted temptation for the most part. The only item I picked up was Maybelline Mega Plush.

Weekend plans: Celebrating a relative’s birthday, and COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!

Heels or flats?: Heels! <3 shoes.

3-4 inches for work and more casual activities, and 4-6 inches for going out, etc. 2 inches or less platform. I definitely don’t wear heels for grocery store trips, etc. I just love shoes – flats, sandals, heels, boots, booties…SHOES! Haha.

I haven’t, yet, actually. I whipped it out immediately after I bought it, but I think I have a clogged/infected lash follicle on my right eye, so I didn’t want to irritate my eye/contaminate a new product. I will definitely let you know when I test it out – it’s the waterproof version, for reference. Maybe later tonight I will test it out on my left eye since that one’s all good. 🙂

Just tested it on my left eye! First impression: I don’t like it on its own. 🙁 This might largely be due to it being waterproof, as I don’t usually like waterproof on its own. (I may get the non-waterproof to compare.) It didn’t go on my lashes easily – it wasn’t coating evenly and it wasn’t dark enough. I got the Very Black, which is what I usually get with Maybelline mascara, but this was a lot softer than Very Black in other formulas. (Very Black is supposed to be blacker than Blackest Black, right? I always forget which is supposed to be the darkest.) It left my natural lashes showing through a lot, and it took a bit of going over a few times to get an even coat. It highlights the natural length of lashes, but doesn’t emphasize it, and the volume isn’t a thick/dense volume. Overall, it’s a very natural looking mascara on its own – it separated and gave a fluffy, fanned out effect. They felt very light and soft. I added Rimmel Lash Accelerator in Extreme Black, which really amped up the mascara. It didn’t create that full, voluminous, thick, dense look, but the Lash Accelerator added the blackness I needed, emphasized the length, and added a hint more volume while maintaing the separated, fluffy, fanned look that Mega Plush gave. If this holds my curl with the Rimmel on top then I think I will like this as a layering mascara, but wouldn’t use it on its own.

Let me know if there’s anything else I didn’t touch on that you’d be interested to know about it!

Haul: Two Bobbi Brown high shimmer lip glosses (Pink Tulle and Beach), Laura Mercier setting powder in shine control, Fresh lip treatment in Honey, Rouge Dior in Samarcande Brown, and I made my pre-order for Burberry for the Nordstrom Trend Show. Also Kate Somerville oil free moisturizer, if that counts 🙂

Weekend plans: work, work, work. I’m covering for a co-worker tomorrow from 7am – 1pm, and then Sunday I’m either working 7-1 or 7-7, depending on whether someone can cover for me, and then Monday I’m working 7-1 again. At least I get a comp day out of it, right?

Heels or flats: Flats. I like heels, but I like being comfortable more, and my husband is like half an inch shorter than me, so he prefers it when I’m not three inches taller than him, so I tend to stick to flats.

Hm. I have a great pair of just BP ballet flats from Nordstrom that I love. I got another pair from DSW but I can’t remember the brand, so that helps you not at all. I have “comfort flats”, slip-ons from Merrell that I adore, and I once had a pair of Born flats that were amazingly comfortable. My go-to brands for comfortable shoes are Merrell, Born, and Dansko, although I just bought a pair of Romika sandals this summer that are amazingly comfortable so I may look at them some more when I buy a pair of everyday shoes for fall 🙂

Christine, Nordstrom, I believe, best place to buy shoes of any kind. You can even do so by phone. Describe you size, width, bunions, etc, price range & they will send you (ASAP) by e-mail pics for you. I & family have NEVER been disappointed! Hope this helps

I have to add more, as I went out today: Two Maybelline color tattoo eyeshadows (Audacious Asphalet and Painted Purple – I wanted the new ones but they didn’t have them, boo), Dior Addict Extreme in Cherie Bow, Bobbi Brown High Shimmer lip gloss in Plum Gold, NARS blush in Dolce Vita. I now have six or seven Addict Extremes and five high shimmer lip glosses. The collection, it grows…

Haul: The new Michael Kors Gold Rose perfume.

Weekend plans: Trying to get out & enjoy the nice weather! Thinking about going crabbing and to the water park that I usually go to during the summer.

Heels or flats?: I like both. It depends on the outfit that I have on but I am definitely more comfortable in flats! Haha

Haul: No make-up. 🙁 I did just have to get a new hairdryier ’cause mine exploded yesterday morning.

Weekend plans: The big purge. I wanna get rid of everything in my house I don’t want, clothes, books, old make-up, random stuff. I plan to make a bunch of runs to Goodwill.

Heels or flats?: Heels, heels, heels. I wear heels at work everyday (so much so that my coworkers mock me a little for them). Most of my heels are at least 4″ but with platforms, they can approach 6″. Tho’ I usually wear flats for running errands on the weekends.

that is nice you donate to Good Will..Hopefully they can accept some of your makeup if it is still usable..sometimes I donate my extra makeup to my neighbor or put it in the recycle bin

You are definitely my kind of woman!!! Here is an idea for makeup & actually all you give aways: highschool kids love all that but most can’t afford. You could put an announcement at schools to come to your garage a particular day to give them away, that way it frees school of any legal complications. 2nd, a friend of mine gave a notice to our highschool to show how to apply makeup. Because she wasn’t selling any, no legal problems. Then she rounded up everyone she trusted to get barely used makeup, still fresh & cleaned with alcohol. With some funding, bought those inexpensive makeup applicators (beauty/ she had a large turnout (at her home) & lots of fun. No-one had a bad reaction.

Inner-city schools around prom/graduation, or you can check to see if your area has a program that helps women entering/re-entering the work-force.

Haul: I picked up two of the new Maybelline Great Lash colored mascaras–one in the blue and one in the purple. I love putting colored mascara on my bottom lashes as a subtle pop of color.

Weekend Plans: Grading papers and writing midterms–I don’t think students realize midterms are just as stressful for us teachers :/. Hopefully I’ll start painting the living room too…it is a three day weekend!

Heels or Flats? I’m definitively a flats type of girl but I love a good pair of heels.

Haul: I just hauled a bottle of Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille. I’ve been obsessed with the scent since I got a sample a month ago and finally broke down when I saw that Beauty Habit was having 20% off.

Weekend: Heading to the beach to see my folks.

Heels or Flats: Flats all the way! And, I’m barely 5’2″. The only time I wear heels is for very special occasions – like weddings and funerals. My favorite pair is from Anne Klein but they’re now discontinued. The Anne Klein “Bassin” is the closest to the pair I’ve got. – with no toe cap.

Oh my!!! my younger daughter wanting nice vanilla scent. Would you describe it please? Where do you buy it? Thank you & have a nice weekend.

Awwwww my Mellan fix. Much needed this week because a beloved neighborhood chocolate Lab died. She was so sweet. I think our whole neighborhood is in mourning.

Haul: NARS Schiap lipstick, replacement of MAC Primer, Skin Smoother, MAC Hidden Treasure blush, Ben Nye Bella Luxury Powder, Banana Visage & Essie Nail Polish in Don’t Sweater It, Head Mistress, Skirting the Issue and Stylemonics.

Weekend plans: Relaxing with the family, cooking out and savoring the warmth & sunshine of summer while it lasts.

Heels or flats?: HEELS! From 1 inch kitten to 5 inch wedges, & everything in between. I LOVE heels. Comfort is definitely a factor. I don’t care who the designer is, and I buy high-end shoes, but my experience is that shoes have the potential to hurt the feet. Comfort depends on the design of the shoe and the the material from which the shoe is crafted AND the condition of the feet, regardless of the price-point. i.e.; An $800 pair of shoes will hurt if the design pinches a protuberant bunion, and I’m sure that painful bunion would probably prefer to be in a pair of non-constricting $8 flip flops. 🙂

Aww! I’m so sorry to hear that about the neighborhood lab 🙁 It’s so tough that man’s (woman’s) best friend only lives a fraction of the time we do!

I’m very sorry too about your neighborhood Lab…..I can imagine what a sweetie she was and can perfectly understand why the whole neighborhood is mourning. Dogs are really part of our neighborhoods and families.

Haul: I’m still waiting for 2 nail polishes and one lipstick from the new Sephora + Pantone Univers collection that I ordered last Sunday. The shipment was scheduled for delivery yesterday but it didn’t come! Hopefully it will arrive today.

Week-end plans: some backpacking.

Heels or flats? On a daily basis, flats. I also dig kitten heels, but like you Christine, I don’t feel very confortable wearing really high heels, at least not more than a few hours if no walking is involved.

Haul: UD Ocho Loco set, 10 UD Vintage shadows, Shu Uemura Orange & Pistachio palette and the Rouge Unlimited RD 185 lipstick, and a MAC lip liner (Kiss Me Quick). Basically, a bunch of stuff I really didn’t need lol. I am now officially on makeup haul restriction!

Weekend plans: Catching up on some writing that I need to do and editing the first 3 chapters of a book. Oh and if I’m luck…a little time thrown in to just relax.

Heels or Flats? In theory, heels. Love them…the higher the better. But every since my car accident earlier this year I really can’t wear them for any length of time. So I’m usually wearing flats by default.

Haul: I finally ordered two more Burberry eyeshadows, Midnight Blue and Mulberry. I’m really enjoying the Burberry eyeshadows and I’m slowly adding more to my collection.
Plans: going hiking at Stone Mountain :).
I never wear flats. When I’m not going hiking or exercising, you won’t catch me wearing anything lower than 4.5 – 5″ (heels or wedges) because I’m only 5’4″.

No haul yet, but I hope this weekend I can go for the first time to the Sephora that opened last year in Mexico City…it´s exciting because I’ll finally get to see Make up forever, Urban Decay and Nars products (among others) in person! I’m still working on my wish list, which will have to be limited!
I prefer flats to heels because I use the subway to go to work and have to walk for about ten minutes from the station to the office, so there´s no way I could go through a whole day in heels!
Oh, Mellan… adorable!! I want to tickle his paws!!

Have you thought about wearing flats on the way to work and switch to higher heels when you are in the office? I do this all the time. In the beginning it was a bit wired, and co-workers are wondering what I’m doing, but they accepted it.

I sometimes do that when I have somewhere else to go after work, but I guess I could try to do it day to day, in spite of co-workers weird looks :)!

Leticia, if you really love heels, then I echo Nicole’s suggestion: wear flats or sneakers to walk to the office and then change into heels. I used to do that when I worked in San Francisco; climbing vertigo-steep hills like a nanny goat in heels was not my idea of fun, esp. after a long day at the office. I learnt the trick from NY-ers who do that nonstop. As for the big, new Sephora, how exciting. It makes such a difference to see things in person. I hope they have a vast NARS section. 😉

LOL, nanny goat in heels!! Loved that!!
I was really excited about the visit to Sephora! It is large, but from what I’d heard from a few people here in Mexico, I thought it was bigger. No dissapointment, though, because it was a lot of fun – it’s definitely like a candy store for the makeup addict, but too expensive :(! The NARS section is large, but it seems it´s very popular because it was a little empty! I did not get any NARS this time due to a lack of budget, but I’m definitely eyeing Laguna bronzer and maybe an eyeshadow duo and a blush…I know you’re an expert in that field!

Oooh, which ones are you considering? That’s too bad about the Sephora and the prices. Perhaps eBay could be an option? I know a lot of sellers don’t ship outside the US, but a number do! 🙂

I am liking Dolce Vita and Deep Throat! And maybe Orgasm – probably I’m the only makeup junkie who doesn’t have that one on her stash!
It is a shame that prices are so high at Sephora here; I understand there are taxes to be paid, but it´s never clear to me how these are calculated. Maybe I’ll try e-bay shopping one day, though I’m really the kind of person that needs to see the product before buying. It worries me a bit that the products arrive broken or are “slightly tested”!

Haul: I managed to find in a discount bin China Glaze Classic Camel, China Glaze Going My Way, OPI Siberian Nights and OPI Suzi skis in the Pyrenees. (the CG’s had the defective brush Srangie warns about!! I’ll have to trim them).

Weekend Plans: Cleaning up my gardens, harvesting and prepping for fall 🙁

Heels or Flats: Flats – I’m to clumsy and too tall for heels even though I LOVE them. Once in a while I bust out my heels but my husband is the same height as me so it feels weird if we’re together and I wear them.

Haul: Nothing, again. I *finally* found the Milani single shadows, but I had just picked up my daughters uniforms, used all my cash, and left cards & checks at home. I plan to go back in a few days, though.

Plans: Going to the movies; we’re taking my daughter to see Oogieloves (something like that), then maybe hitting Ulta for the first time, and Target & Nordstrom. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to get to CVS, as well.

Heels or flats?: I have horrible shin splints, so I have to wear a shoe with a bit of a “lift”, so I actually find heels more comfortable. While running errands, I usually wear flip-flops with a bit of a wedge, so they’re at least an inch higher in the back. As for my actual feet, I was a dancer for *many* years, so they’re completely screwed up, anyway; whether I wear heels or flats, my feet hurt.

My dog is currently spread out on the floor in almost the exact same position as Mellan.

Haul: Prestige lipliner in Diva, Maybelline Great Lash in the LE teal color, and L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Endless Sea. (Which I have to exchange today because I opened it up today to find that some jerk had taken out the little compressor and swatched it with a finger.) >( Not a whole lot, since I’m preparing for the move…and I’m kind of lying in wait so I can tackle that NARS illuminator for the Warhol collection.

Weekend Plans: Working, packing the for next weekend’s move, studying for the PCAT, and proof-reading two fiction pieces for friends. Not my wisest scheduling setup.

Heels or flats? Ah man, I think both have their appeal, but judging by the fact that my flats collection is about ten pairs, while my heels are easily somewhere around the 50s…I’m a heels girl. The bigger, the better. Chunky, stiletto, wedge, platform, kitten, they are all so fabulous. Come to me, my loves.

Haul: I think I wrote my gifts in last weeks post. So this week nothing. I am so proud.
Weekend plans: 2 meetings and tomorrow lunch with my parents and lots of relaxing.
Heels or flats?: I would love to walk in high heels, but I can’t walk the elegant way. So I stick to flats.

Just the new Nyx Curve Eyeliner and a backup of my favorite Nyx Skinny Eye Marker since I’ve had the other one a whole year and it’s finally running out. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Weekend Plans: I actually had a date on Friday, its not the weekend but it’s close enough! Second date and it’s going great so far! I just did some simple everyday makeup like the stuff I would wear to work. I think next time I will be a little more adventurous!

Heels or Flats: Flats! I wish I could wear heels, god knows I need them being only 4’9 lol.

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