Flawless Foundation – Napoleon Perdis – China Doll Foundation

NAPOLEON PERDIS CHINA DOLL FOUNDATIONNapoleon Perdis’ China Doll Foundation ($50.00) makes me feel like I’m living in a bit of my own personal luxury with how creamy this product is. It is described as a “lightweight, long wearing luxe liquid formula” that is a self-setting foundation and powder in one. It sets to a soft velvet finish (very matte), which is quite dreamy. My skin feels softer than it normally does when properly moisturized!

What do I look for a holy grail foundation? I want my complexion to look flawless, and I don’t care what it takes to make it look that way. If it means a dewy finish, I’m there; if it means no SPF, I’m down! I have found through experience that I have a definite preference for a foundation that sets or dries to a matte finish, has a high liquidity, provides light to medium coverage (preferably the ability to build from light to medium easily), and wears all day without requiring touch-ups.

How does this one stand up? Very well. I honestly couldn’t feel the product on my face once it set (this product is designed to give you several minutes to add blush, contour, etc. before it sets), which is an absolute for me. I also love that it does have SPF 15 in it, because I’ve been using Napoleon Perdis’ Dream Cream beforehand, which doesn’t, and I just have to have SPF!

Initially, I was shocked by how small the tube is, but when I looked at it by weight, (30ml), to discover it is the exact same amount in my usual foundation (MAC Studio Fix Fluid). However, this is a creamy foundation, not quite a liquid in my opinion, so you may use a touch more. Nonetheless, you do not need much for good coverage. The line comes in four colors – I was look 3, which only leaves one darker shade, two lighter ones. For a comparison point, I am a NC30 in MAC foundations.

China Doll evened out my skintone subtly, and it looked very natural. It also photographed well, which is a concern to be noted for any foundation containing SPF (as it can reflect light at times). The foundation also lasts throughout the day with no need for repair – no melting or sliding off that I noted. I love that it is a foundation and powder in one, because I never bother using a powder to set, so I finally reap the benefits of it without changing up my routine! I used MAC’s 182 brush to apply this, sometimes gently spritzing the brush with water to thin out the foundation, and I enjoyed the results.

I definitely recommend this product to anyone who’s been curious about China Doll or in need of a great lightweight foundation that finishes with a polished look.

Find China Doll at www.napoleonperdis.com or www.sephora.com.

Left half – bare (gasp!); Right half – China Doll