Do you finish beauty products regularly?

Do you finish beauty products regularly? Rarely? Only base/skin care products?

I finish skin care products, Jack Black Lip Balms, and the occasional foundation! I am kind of weird with foundation in that I will wear one for awhile but then stop right before it’s done!

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Kat Avatar

Wow… I don’t know that I’ve ever finished a product! Well no, I’ve finished eyeliners. Then there’s skincare and stuff, I’ve finished a few.

Monica! Avatar

Makeup remover, toner, sun screen, nail polish remover, lip balms and mascara! i usually use only one at a time until it is gone or dries up 🙂
All other items, takes me forever to finish since I have way too many and I am always switching products. But I am about to finish up my laguna bronzer yay! 😀

Ryou Avatar

I regularly finish skincare and lip balm, because unlike make-up which I don’t wear everyday, I follow my skincare routine without fail.

lol, I do the stop using something right before you finish it too, although not limited to foundations. In my case, it’s usually because it can be difficult to replace said products, so I hoard what little I have until I can get a replacement. Or maybe I’m just too attached and want a reminder of how great a product is even though I’ve moved on to other products.

Hima Avatar

Not at all. Skincare yes, but makeup stuff takes forever for me to finish since I don’t wear it all that often. I’m still waiting to hit pan on something xD.

breyerchic04 Avatar

I have finished three lipsticks and one cream eyeshadow in my life. Plus a few foundations but I also do that thing where I switch to something right before it’s finished. I do use up my moisturizers and sunscreens.

Keri Avatar

I finish my lip balm of choice on a regular basis. It’s from Biggs & featherbelle – Eskimo kiss. I’m an emergency communications operator/dispatcher and I can work though any crisis, as long as I have my Eskimo kiss at my console!
Other things? Not so much. I do usually finish hair conditioners, and I’ll toss the matching shampoo if I’m not planning to repurchase the set. The curse of long, thick hair…

CatherineM Avatar

I definetly finish lip balms, any kind of skincare and foundations regularly, as well as my tinted brow gel and my favorite bronzer. I have never finished a blush or powder eyeshadow, though, since I simply have to many. Cream shadows/blushes are tricky as well, aince they tend to dry out, when they’re almost empty.

Amanda Avatar

I don’t finish things regularly at all, and yet, I keep purchasing things. It’s terrible! I finish skincare – face and body – and haircare more regularly than, say, blush and foundation and such. I chuck mascaras a lot too, because I have a terrible habit of opening too many at once!

Gigi Avatar

I finish: foundations, concealers, setting sprays, loose powders, Format blush, mascara, primers, brow pencils, and lash glue
I’ve never finished a lip liner, eyeshadow, lipstick, or highlighter yet

Alison Avatar

I find myself replacing my one-and-only moisturizer (Seriously, it’s like I’m practically allergic to every other moisturizer, no matter how high end or well loved it is…) periodically, several times a year… As well as bottles of sunscreen, cleanser and all my other skin care items. As for makeup, I rarely finish anything! I’ve hit pan on things, but somehow powder products appear to last forever – even things that are used on a regular basis.

livnzoe Avatar

i finish skin care and hair care products regularly.

i also finish about two foundations, two concealers and three powders in a year. i always try not to have more than five foundations and powders at a time and also use the ones which i don’t like very much on the days where i don’t really care for my make up or when i stay at home. this helps me saving some money.

i finish about five other make up idoms (blush, lipstick, lipgloss, eyeshadow, mascara, etc…) within a year.

i try hard not to buy too much make up because it would just be a waste of money.

Georgina Avatar

I am trying to pick products that I want yo finish and keep a ‘Bought’ and a ‘Used Up’ list. I use up hand creams and lip sticks most frequently.

J Avatar

I go through skincare (esp moisturizer) pretty fast. I go through lip balms pretty fast too, but only because I am constantly losing them, lol. I very rarely finish makeup products – I have way too much! I’m trying to use them all more and not buy as much!

Dani Avatar

Yes, skin care, lip balm, primer, foundation, loose/press powder, lipgloss and lipstick…..Okay, I guess I pretty much finish everything except eyeshadows and blushes! Should I be proud of myself? 🙂

Jen Avatar

I think the only products I finish are my skin/eye care ones. Maybe an occasional lip gloss or lipstick. I also tend to get just near the end of my foundation and then replace it!

Mariella Avatar

Like you, I tend to finish up skincare products but colour cosmetics, not so much, with the exception of lipsticks and glosses. And, like you, I find that when I get near the end of some products (blushes, for example, and MAC Desert Rose to be really specific – hit pan on it years ago but can’t seem to make it go “bye bye” entirely), they just seem to hang around in their “almost finished” state. I think it’s because by the time I do hit pan, I’m sore of tired of them and so many other products have come along that have nudged them out of my routine choices. I am really close to finishing my bottle of Clarins Skin Illusion foundation, thought – I’ve got maybe 2 or 3 uses left and then it’s on to a new bottle (I do wish other companies had programs like Back to Mac).

Laura_Lou Avatar

Bobbi Brown foundations and Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser are the only bases I’ve ever finished. I chop and change my bases a lot but I’ll always go back to those 2. I’ve finished MAC brule and wedge eyeshadows a lot. I use them everyday and have done for years.

Wwendalynne Avatar

Skin care=yes, Cosmetics=Hell no..I’ve usually moved on, but there are a few rare exceptions, Hair care=sorta..does it count when I shovel off my leftovers to my partner? He doesn’t care, would probably use dish soap.

Brenda Avatar

I only finish skin care items – cleansers, moisturizers and removers and some lip balms (I have so many lip balms and usually lose them). Foundations change w/seasons and skin conditions and mascara gets tossed or dries up.

Hannah Avatar

I finish everything!!!!! I try to keep my collection very, very small, and it only consists of products I truly love, that I have read reviews of and made research for.. basically it’s my everyday products + a few bits for night time or for a fancy day 🙂
I do have soooo many lipsticks though, but that’s cause i go through them like candy! 😀

Lauren S Avatar

I go through liquid liner like nobody’s business since I wear it every single day. I also regularly finish foundations and my Rimmel Stay Matte powders (which never seem to last long for me)! I go through mascaras quite frequently too.

Sara Avatar

I’m pretty sure the last time I finished an eyeliner was 5 or 6 years ago in college when I only owned black and maybe green! Same with eyeshadow. Now I have over 100 colors of liner and who knows how many shadows! I do regularly finish my face products though, like powder, concealer and liquid foundation. Mascara usually gets clumpy and tossed before it’s gone, I have quite a few of those too… it’s an addiction I tell you!

Mari Avatar

I usually only finish skin care products, lip balm, powder, concealer, black eyeliner pencil and mascara. The color products are the ones that never end. Some weeks ago I hit the pan of a blush for the first time. I rarely wear foundation, so it never ends too.

Jennie Avatar

I finish skincare up regularly, which is sad because it is probably the least fun to repurchase. I also use up lip products (balms, lipsticks, glosses) on a semi-regular basis. The day I finish a colored powder product like an eyeshadow or a blush will be a very happy day indeed. Hell, if I could just hit pan on one!

I kind of wish companies would put in less product in each eyeshadow/blush so I could feel the gratifying feeling of hitting pan.

Nichole Avatar

I finish staple, everyday beauty items every six months: Primers for lashes and shadow, mascara, just finished a brow pencil today, blot powder. It takes a while because I have one in multiple places, but I do finish lip balms. I get a ton of product in my loose powder foundation, so it takes about a year to finish.

I go through hair and skin care much more often. Then there is top and base coats for my nails and the occasional eyeliner.

kurohana Avatar

yes i typically need to finish a product before i go out and buy a new one so i finish skincare, blushes, mascaras, cc/bb creams on the regular. Unless it dries up, breaks, or i absolutely hate it.

Emily Avatar

I finish mostly everything except eyeshadow and lipstick. I try to follow the “when to throw away your products” rule within reason. I use up my skincare, lip balm, foundation, and mascara well before the use by date. Eyeshadow and lipstick are a different story. I wonder how long it would take to truly use up a product that only gets used a few times a year. Once in a while, I’ll find myself digging out an old shade and realizing that I bought it seven years ago. Sometimes it’s hard to part with a product I spent so much money on, even if it was so long ago. But then the voice of reason pipes up and tells me, “I don’t care if this lipstick cost $30! Everything that made it good in the first place is probably rancid now!” Gross, right? When in doubt, throw it out.

Andrea Avatar

I’ve hit pan several times. Eye shadows and blushers. Purchased the same product over 3 times (MAC’s Satin Taupe, Dame and Well Dressed). Same with skin care products, lip balms and hair care products. The only thing that I don’t think I will ever finish is a foundation. Mainly cause don’t use them as much. On the contrary, I devour tinted moisturizers and stuff like that.

redacted Avatar

Finish Jack Black + Paula’s Choice regularly. Now that I use PC barely there + Resist SLDWD as foundation, they get replaced. Other foundations: seldom, though Bare Minerals once + Jane Iredale a few times. Color cosmetics: never, though had to replace some gone bads, like Nars lipsticks. So hopelessly addicted that it seems I need MUA: make up anonymous. Too much new + hit Red @ Sephora. Said: “Please… I don’t want to admit it.” Throw out mascaras, but seldom adhere to the guidelines. Even if it’s a love, there is so much to rotate through, so it never gets used up. Plenty of hit pan, though.

Danielle Avatar

I use up skincare fairly regularly, but not all the time (I probably have to repurchase stuff a couple of time a year). When it comes to makeup, the only things I use up somewhat often are under eye concealer and mascara.

patsyann Avatar

Gosh…I was just thinking in terms of make-up. Of course, I finish hair products and skin care products on a regular basis and I rebuy the same ones as they work for me.

Lisa Avatar

Yep! Skincare products (cleanser, moisturizer, hand creams, etc.) and hair products mostly. I don’t tend to finish any makeup products unless it’s stuff I use on a daily basis — and only have one of! — like eyeliner, foundation, lip balm, eye primer, mascara, eyebrow pencil, and concealer.

Melissa Avatar

I finish foundation regulary, I just opened a new compact this morning. I wear makeup every day to work because of the environment I work in. I usually finish lip balm, eyeliner, concealer and mascara. I never run out of anything, I have a stockpile of backups. I just finished a huge container of Cera Ve moisturizer, I’m pretty sure I purchased it in 2012 at my dermatologists recommendation. I purchase Neutrogena Wipes from Costco and finish them regularly. That’s about it, I have a ton of blush, eyeshadow and finishing powders that I haven’t hit pan on. I have so much makeup that I didn’t even bother using my Sephora 15% off coupon.

fancie Avatar

Actually I do! I don’t give myself enough credit now that I think about it lol. I usually finish brow pencils, skincare and primers. I need to work on finishing lippies, foundation, concealer and powder now. It seems like once I hit pan on something I stop using it smh

Veronica Avatar

Depends on the product, but yes. Any matte, beige eyeshadow usually meets it’s untimely end (or pan) by the end of a year because it’s my go-to brow shade. I work through concealers like nobody’s business, and I’ll generally stick to one foundation/face product until it’s gone.

Skin and hair care products obviously go much faster – I can work through a large bottle of Clinique moisturizer in 3-4 months, while Cetaphil’s SPF50 moisturizer is a daily must, so I always have a backup tube on hand.

Sophia B. Avatar

I finish skincare and haircare regularly and then for make up in decreasing order: mascara, mineral foundation, concealer, eye primer, eyeliner, brow powder, lipstick. I have never hit pan on a blush, bronzer, highlighter or eyeshadow, and I don’t know if i ever will finish an eyeshadow. I’m really into lipstick atm so I keep buying more without using much up :/. I don’t buy expensive lipstick though–never anything over $10 so if I enjoy it I don’t think I will feel too guilty if I don’t use it up completely by the time I have to throw it out.

Silvana @GlitzGlamBudget Avatar

It’s so hard to finish products particularly as a beauty blogger and overall beauty product addict where I literally have one of every color of every product. Products like foundation and skincare which I tend to use the same on a daily basis, I use up fairly quickly, but shadows, blushes, bronzers, etc I don’t tend to finish those often or even at all.

Rachel Lisa Avatar

I have a few tried and true that always get finished…
-Effaclar Duo from La Roche Posay keeps my face acne free
-Ouidad Climate Control Gel keeps the frizz out of my hair without making it crunchy
-NARS Laguna Bronzer never looks orange
-OPI Nail polish in Bubble Bath is always in style and looks more put-together than bare nails.

Michele Avatar

I finish skincare products, a liquid foundation, makeup remover & wipes, mascara & a favorite powder that unfortunately is no longer available. I rarely finish lipsticks and have enough e/s to last several lifetimes so I don’t think I’ve hit pan on any of them. I love trying new things so I may switch between several foundations and such at the same time but there are a small group of products that are really my favorites that I so seem to always go back to and repurchase. Those are also the products I regularly use when I need to get out of the house and go in a short amount of time. I tend to try more complicated or new looks/combos when I have more time or don’t have to go anywhere important in case they don’t quite come out as hoped for.

Taylor Avatar

Skincare, lotions, primers, lip balm, mascara, liquid liners, nail polish remover, makeup wipes, eye makeup remover, body wash/soap, hair conditioners…I think that’s like it, lol. Occasionally, I’ll finish a lipgloss, lipstick, concealer, or foundation but it’s rare. I only hit pan on powders and I never finish pencil eye/lip liners. I’m always switching because I have so much! I need to wear my makeup more often and stick to certain products for a while so that I can finish them! I just keep buying more so it makes it hard to get to everything, haha.

anne Avatar

i finish most skin care products like serums, lip balm, moisturizers, etc, unless i decide i don’t like them, and then i throw them out. most make-up, blushes, shadows, liners, foundations i don’t finish. usually something else catches my interest and i’m trying to find room for the new product while keeping the old one (or, more honestly, ones).

Vanessa Avatar

I wouldn’t say “regularly”, but yes, I do finish items up eventually.

It’s not perfect. Say, I have a quad, and one is gone, two are almost there, but one is still going strong. I call that “done” and move on.

Of course “basics” like haircare, skincare (sunscreen!!), lip balm (+ sheer lippies / gloss), eyeliner, brow pencil, brow powder, concealer, powder I do finish up “regularly”.

I don’t think I’ve ever finished up a highly pigmented lipstick…I have one blush that is getting close to done, but it’s not there yet!

Shelley Avatar

I’ve used up every type of product at least twice but a highlighter and bronzer. I keep my mascaras, concealors, brow products, powders, and foundations to a reasonable number so I go through them somewhat regularly. I’ve gone through MAC shy girl x2. I’ve used up 2 blushes but that was in the days when I only owned one at a time-sadly I probably own about 30 now. I’ve only used up a few eyeshadows. I’ve gone through 2 Estee Lauder rose confetti (sadly now discontinued). I go through skin care frequently. Now my collection is large enough that I don’t think I’ll get through eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, or highlighter any time soon. My goal is to hit pan on one of each of those.

Elizabeth Avatar

I try to regularly use things up, and the things I do use up are mascara, lip gloss, lipstick, concealer, foundation, and blush. I switch out my colors of eye shadow, lip stick, blush, and bronzers with the seasons and trends, so I don’t always use them up as quickly. I am a sucker for palettes as well, so it takes me longer to get through those as well. Most of the time, when something works really well for me, it always seems as though the colors or product I fall in love with get discontinued or LE so it seems as though I am always looking for a backup or replacement product or color. I have even had a 4 color palette recreated by 3 Custom Color.

Cas Avatar

Liquid eyeliner, pressed powder and mascara- that’s about it. Which is probably good, hitting pan on a product is certainly a bitter-sweet occasion :/

Clara Avatar

I finish skin and body care. But I rarely finish perfume or make up. I just have too much products. Soon, I will finish a mascara and a powder. I guess it’s my first powder product in a long time.

Lotus Avatar

I rarely finish anything but skin care and lip balms. However, I do lose and/or break things that I have to replenish! 😀 My skin is so temperaments these days that I’m never consistently reaching for the same thing so I think that has a lot to do with it. I have many options for a plethora of unique situations, yet I’m only in one a day. <3

Quinctia Avatar

Hmm…I finish off “shower” stuff all the time. Shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, body scrub, mint julep face mask, and, after a kick where I didn’t use bar soap in the shower, I’ve killed quite a few bars of Villainess soap in the past six months or so. (I switched from exfoliating body wash to using a nice moisturizing soap with an exfoliating bath sheet).

Skincare, I manage to get through, too. Face wash, face wipes, moisturizer.

Makeup…I do finish off foundation/BB cream, setting powder, mascara, eyeshadow primer…and that’s about it. I’m also a bit terrible about making sure I have a backup of the few things I’ve gotten nearly close to finishing. I have half a tube of UD Midnight Cowboy lipstick left, so of course, I have an ebay search set for it.

Aaaand, with nail polish, I go through tons of acetone, base, and top coat, but I have enough polish to last decades at this point. And, again, the only color I’ve used up considerably? I bought a backup. (It’s Sally Hansen DVD, for the record.)

Astrild Avatar

Skincare, of course and sometimes a BB Cream. I use them more than regular foundations. I fell that it’s imposible for me to finish other makeup ítems because I rotate them a lot.

I only wear mascara on weekends so I have to usually they get dry before I finish them.

AbigailOD Avatar

The most regular I finish would be foundations and skincare, my most controlled beauty product purchases. Huge turning point for me was realizing three foundation bottles lasted me two years!

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