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When you find a holy grail product, do you stop the search?

When you find a holy grail product, do you stop the search? Or do you always keep an eye out?

If it is TRULY holy grail, then I no longer actively search, but if it’s just really, really good and my current favorite, I might keep looking!

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If it’s really Holy Grail, I usually stop actively searching, but if by chance, I run into a new product, I’ll browse, but rarely buy it. If it’s really good but not holy grail, I will keep an eye out for new products and will try them out.

I would SAY I’m done looking… But I’d still keep an eye on new products to see if something even better comes around

It depends. I have absolutely fallen head over heels in love with my giorgio armani cheek fabric in 509. It’s a gorgeous bright fuschia pink which in and of itself is a fairly hard to find shade. The formula is so buttery, and not powdery whatsoever. I thought it was the best blush formula ever, but now I’m finding myself wanting to try out the tom ford formula, mostly because wicked is a gorgeous colour. The revlon gel envy formula is also the best I’ve tried, but the new l’oreal infallible double ended nail polishes and the opi gel polishes are rather intriguing.

Hahaha! 😀 I was wondering if dropping meteorites would make a third appearance! Haha! 😉 All with love! My answer is the same as Christine’s. 🙂 BUT, with some products, I ask myself if there IS a Holy Grail! 😉 It’s like pulling Religion into makeup. Controversial. Hhmmm yeah, dude.. So not, deep down, allowing the belief of that. 😀 Good question! We should go ask Jason and the comsticbots!

If my HG product has been found, then I stop the search. I am quite loyal to specific cosmetic products. In my case, my HG eyeliner is a waterproof gel liner (now dc’d) from a Canadian company. I bought back-ups when I realized that it would no longer be available. Until I finish my last gel liner bottle (which will be a very sad day for me), I will hold off on the search for a replacement.

Like there is a point when, by both volume and color as well as variety, I stop looking in that category for an unknown ongoing amount of time… And then, who knows, I might not be looking but hear of something sounding great, so having been away.. And captivated enchantededly.. Why not? Then it either stops for unknown time again or triggers a bank deficit. For instance, right now: Unless anything is totally something I have to have, or something that puts it all to shame and makes life magical, I am sat-is-fied and I no need nothing! 🙂

Never! I am always on the hunt for new and improved products. Everyday new formulas are found which may sit better on your skin. You can never settle for one thing. (Wow it looks like I will be a bad wife)

Usually I’ll quit looking…BUT…My HG mascara is Mally Volumizing, but I’ve looked around because it’s a little pricey and there are a lot of wonderful drugstore options. Nothing has come close, so I just bought the 6-pack from QVC. Comes out to about $11 per tube, which isn’t bad at all.

Not really. I may ease off for a time but there are always new formulas or breakthroughs in skin care that will grab my interest and make me want at least to try. I think the only place I have stopped is in the area of eyeshadow primer but everything else….I’m up to trying “the next new thing”.

Depends on the item! Like foundation or skin care, skin always changes! I’ve moved into sunnier climes and back into cold ones, so what was HG two years ago is now far very meh. For boring things like eyeshadow primer, once I have a HG, I’m set. For fun things, like gold/green duochrome eyeshadow, or red lipstick, the search never ends.

Haha, of course not! It just sort of goes into hibernation/autopilot while I finish the HG-whatever-it-is. When I run out (if I run out) the instinct to look for new and shiny things wakes up again, and I reassess the situation.

I guess I’m never really super intensely actively on the hunt for anything in particular, since I have a lot of ‘decent’ things alongside the HGs.

I really thought that I had found my holy grail mascara in Benefit’s They’re Real but then ipsy sent me a Tarte Lights Camera Lashes sample and WOW I like it so much better. I’m actually a little sad because I love the Benefit packaging so much. Haha.
So I wouldn’t say I stop looking because I’m always receiving samples in my subscription boxes and I love to try out new things.

I don’t have any product that is truly Holy Grail! I’ve stopped searching for a lot of products just because I wish to limit my stash to a reasonable size, but I know that when the time comes to replace products, I will not be purchasing the same product so it’s definitely not a Holy Grail – the search will continue, just not right now.

Yes! When I did have a HG foundation that’s all I used, but they discontinued the formula and they no longer offer the shade in their other lines.

For reference it was the Everyday Minerals Intensive Foundation in Olive Fair……
Now I feel like I’m still on an odyssey to find shades/formula that work for me.

Another is my Purely Cosmetics Diamond Perfect Finish Powder, but it’s expensive so I’m using a few others and keeping it for days I know I’m doing photography or special occasions.

Is it really bad that I always keep looking…? Haha! I’ve found my HG lip balm, but I’m ALWAYS trying new ones. I’ve found my HG cleanser, but I’m always trying new ones! The only exception is the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer…I am 100% loyal to that because it is the best I have ever used!

The search always continues for me! UDPP is a perfect example. For some reason, after the repackaging, it didn’t work quite as well for me and I ended up going back to the drawing board.

That said, if they ever change anything about MUFE HD Foundation, I will likely need a day to mourn before going back to the hunt!

I agree! I find UDPP somehow more liquid-y after the repackaging, whereas it was thicker before? And it certainly worked better keeping my shadow from creasing before it was repackaged. If you haven’t already, try Nars SmudgeProof Eyeshadow Base! It reminds me of UDPP before the change, but better.

There was a short period between the repackaging where UDPP was, in fact, reformulated. Lanolin was added to the formula, and that apparently made a huge difference for many. It could be you just had an older tube, but I don’t think the packaging was what made the difference. I personally like both versions of the formula, but I have excessively dry lids.

I always say I’ve found my holy grail this or that, but I always seem to forget about how well I liked it as soon as I find something else. I can’t help it! I have to keep trying new ones!

Even items in a “permanent” range will be DC’d or reformulated, so I always find it necessary to find an alternative. That said, as long as a product is still available, I will continue to repurchase, but I may try alternatives as well, particularly with “disposable” products like mascara, eyeliner, etc… I also find myself trying new foundations regularly, as that is the most important product to get right, and is most likely to be DC’d/reformulated.

If I really think it is, I wont really do a full on hunt,lol. But, then if I hear of something, I will check it out. For example, I thought, I thought i had found the best I was going to get for my under eye circles with corrector and brightener. Then, I saw the Cle de peau concealer mentioned several times in one of last weeks questions. So, I researched it a bit more. it is on it’s way to me now! Anxious to see IT is my new HG!

Great choice! That cle de peau concealer is my holy grail of undereye concealers! Heard about it in some interview with Dita Von Teese and gave it a google…so pricey but so so worth it! Covers my super dark circles and lasts all day…won’t leave home with it!

I never stop searching because new products excite me so much, I love Hypnose Doll Eyes by Lancome, and have’t found anything to beat it yet. I’m still waiting for that day, but for now I will keep repurchasing 🙂

I like trying as much new product as possible and while I have few items I really like and have repurchased in the past I don’t feel like I am so in love with anything I won’t try other brands or versions. I see makeup as being creative and rarely have the same makeup from day to day.

I very rarely find a true “Holy Grail” product. If I do, I keep an open mind for trying to new products. Maybe I’ll find a new HG. I’m more likely to have 2 or 3 almost-HGs that I can switch amongst as availability, cost/sales, and whims dictate.

I’m the same way with certain products. Like brows, foundation and concealer. Sometimes I like to switch it up and try something new or different.

I never truly found a holy grail until I found the It Cosmetics CC Cream and Marcelle BB Cream. Literally nothing I put on compares to these to I’ve stopped searching. I’ve even tried to find something comparable multiple times, but nothing compares and no matter what other foundation I put on it looks so cakey compared to those others. I have stopped my search currently for foundation. I’m not against trying new things out of curiosity, but I doubt I’ll be purchasing a full size foundation for myself for a while.

Aren’t those great products? But have you tried the Marcelle CC cream? I like it even more than their BB, which I really did love but I think the CC is even better. As for IT’s CC Cream – it really is pretty much the end of my search (sort of….)

Always on the hunt for my new favorite! There are certain products though that are placeholders like Milani’s baked blush in Luminoso but I can’t fully commit to one item.

No, because products are always being improved. That being said I don’t stop replenishing what I love until I know for certain I found something better.

I have yet to find a HG product. The closest is UD’s Primer Potion, but I’m still working my way through several different brands thanks to subscription and I’ll switch if I find something I like better. I kind of think a holy grail product is like the Holy Grail itself, unattainable, so you just keep looking. 🙂

I usually try everything new that comes out, unless it’s obviously not something that would work for me. Items are constantly being discontinued so it’s nice to have “reserve” favorites.. also you never know when something better will come along. Additionally I find myself wanting a broad knowledge base about all the products available good and bad, or just different.

I typically stay with my HG foundation and powder products as I know what works best and keeps my very sensitive skin happy. But, like clockwork, my HG foundation is discontinued within a year or two of me finding it. Latest example is Dolce & Gabbana Perfect Finish Creamy Foundation – it’s now history. Thankfully, I think I actually like their new Lift Foundation even more. Which means I better not get too attached to it either 🙁

With color products, I think there are so many nuances that you can find your HG, but still have room in your heart for others.

There’s always something new to try, but I have stopped looking for face cleanser (Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Wash!) and pen eyeliner (Jesse’s Girl). Both are inexpensive and work great, so…

I agree that if it’s holy grail, then you stop looking but for some reason, things that I make holy grail seem to disappear over time. Like Chanel is discontinuing it’s Ambre color line in foundations… They said that they are coming up with a new range of foundations for women of color but it won’t come out until probably summer. So i’m on the look out again! But I also look for HG foundations in different formulations like I’ll have a HG matte foundation but then i’ll look for something that has an illuminating property to it, LOL!

Never. It’s like stereo equipment, computers, phones. cars – “state of the art” means “for now”. There’s constant study and experimentation geared toward “new and improved”. I won’t go on any actual missions to hunt down something new if I’m happy with what I’m using, but I always keep my eyes open for what’s new. Often I’ll wait till I read some unbiased reviews, then I might try to get my hands on samples or small sizes of new products, or I keep my eye on what’s going on with my favorite brands & try those new products.

If it is the Holy Grail product I am looking for at the cheapest price, then I stop looking. However being such a makeup addict I will start looking for something else sooner rather than later…..

I’ve never found a face concealer I love more than Makeup Forever Full Cover #2 (if though I have to beg my pro friends to get me the color!). Nothing else covers as seamlessly and completely so I don’t even try other ones. It’s MUFE for me!

I keep searching! I like trying new things, and I have quite the back-up stash so I have a bunch of different stuff already. I also feel very accomplished getting through a product (mostly skincare or haircare, makeup seems to take longer to get through save for mascara).

Nope. I wish I did, but every time I see something new come out, I figure maybe it has BETTER ingredients, NEWER properties and maybe I’ll like it MORE than what I already have. Sometimes that’s been true, but I’ve had quite a few disappointments, too.

When I find a holy grail product, I usually buy backups and stop actively searching. That being said, new ingredients and technology allow for exciting discoveries and improvements, and I do enjoy trying new products.

I’d say it’s more serial monogamy with an eye open for me… I haven’t strayed from my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in a long long time but I’m not going to say we’ll stay together forever. 😉

If a product gives good results, especially when it comes to my skin, then I am good. I am not actively looking but it would be nice to find a HG foundation.

I don’t stop looking. There are the usual concerns about products being discontinued or reformulated, and I don’t want to be in the position (again – lesson learned!) of having to find a replacement quickly. Reformulation is the bigger pain there, as there is rarely any advance notice that they are making a “new and improved” version.

Additionally, I have a lot of allergies and product sensitivities. I’ve found that my skin responds better when I rotate what I’m using, rather than using the exact same products every day. I think of it as being a bit like avoiding blisters by not wearing the same pair of shoes too many days in a row, as they always rub in the same spot, and different shoes will rub in different spots.

And, skin changes. My face in January needs different things than it does in July, and it may need different things two years from now as I get older, too.

Although there are some products that I love, I’m not sure that they’re HG. Probably there is something even better out there. And after some time using the same product I always get bored.

No I never really stop the search. You never know if something bigger and and better will come out. Maybe that’s just my excuse to be a makeup addict! Lol

So far, yes! After finding my holy grail face primer, mascara, and contouring powder, I haven’t even been tempted by anything else in those categories. I agree that if something is truly a holy grail, the search for more won’t be necessary 🙂 When I still have to keep looking for the holy grail, I’ll know it, lol.

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