Fenty Beauty Holiday 2017 | Galaxy Collection Info + Release Date

Fenty Beauty Holiday 2017 Collection
Fenty Beauty Holiday 2017 Collection

The Details

Imagine a universe of wild special effects unlike anything you’ve seen before. This holiday season, the Galaxy is in your hands with Fenty Beauty by Rihanna’s hyper-limited collection: An over-the-top, glitter-drenched assortment that launches your look into new dimensions. Explore glitzed-out lipsticks, twinkling glosses, transforming metallic-to-glitter eyeliner, and a hypnotic eyeshadow palette of mega-reflective shades. Rihanna wanted her first holiday collection to “wow” from every angle. “Glitter on glitter on glitter. That’s what The Galaxy Collection is all about, no exception.”

Now online and in-stores

Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette, $59.00 (Limited Edition)

Hyper-reflective sparkle meets a rainbow of 14 celestial-inspired colors that range from sheer, glittering topcoats to smoky, shimmer-drenched hues. Like jewelry for your eyes, these glimmering eyeshadows and topcoats are the ultimate accessory to every look. From smoky violet with iridescence to gold glitter on mint, Galaxy is studded with unique color + glitter combos that deliver a phenomenal 3D effect. Featured in a sleek, oversized jewel-inspired case, this transformative palette is full of infinite ways to get mega-lit.

  • Oh-Zone Sheer platinum glitter
  • Xtra Terrestrial Smoky moss with iridescent glitter
  • Ultra Violet Smoky violet with iridescent glitter
  • Light Year Smoky charcoal with gold glitter
  • Sublime Sheer mint and gold glitter
  • Planet Ex Smoky brown with iridescent glitter
  • Milky Way Ivory with iridescent glitter
  • Mars on Fire sheer copper rose glitter
  • Cosmic Ocean Sheer aqua glitter
  • Midnight Bolt True blue with superfine glitter
  • Meteor Crash Sheer pink and gold glitter
  • Space Owt Smoky grape with holographic blue glitter
  • Jupiter Sand Smoky chocolate with iridescent purple glitter
  • Sunburst Amber with gold glitter

Starlit Hyper-Glitz Lipstick, $19.00 (Limited Edition)

When the stars align…metal and cream collide in Starlit Hyper-Glitz Lipstick. This shimmering lip color delivers the look and feel of your favorite lip balm dipped in liquefied jewels. In four lustrous limited-edit ion shades, Starlit’s color-soaked microshimmers reflect a jewel chrome sheen that’s buildable to your desired level of impact . And thanks to their irresistibly creamy texture, you get all the glitz, minus the grit , so lips look and feel beyond stellar.

  • Gravity Shimmering hot pink
  • Supermoon Sparkling peach
  • Schfly Glimmering garnet
  • $upanova Twinkling pink orchid

Cosmic Gloss Lip Glitter, $19.00 (Limited Edition)

Transform your lips, your look, your world. Cosmic Gloss Lip Glitter is a triple- threat fusion of pigment, glitter , and gloss that takes sparkle to astronomical new heights. Each hue is packed with iridescent glitter and drenched in mirror – like shine for a megadose of multidimensional shimmer in just one swipe. Cosmic Gloss is designed to be unbelievably smooth and creamy for out-of- this -world shine plus phenomenal comfort.

  • Gal on the Moon Holographic pink orchid
  • Spacesuit Glittering peach
  • Plutonic Relationship Holographic hot pink
  • Astro-naughty Glittering garnet

Eclipse 2-in-1 Glitter Release Eyeliner, $20.00 (Limited Edition)

Shimmer into a new color orbit with limited-edition Eclipse 2-in-1 Glitter Release Eyeliner. This transforming metallic-to-glitter liquid eyeliner goes where no other has gone before by letting you choose your own finish. Low-key metallic or high-impact sparkle? Eclipse delivers both worlds in one with its revolutionary blend of intense pigment and pearlescence that dries to a sleek, metallic finish. And it doesn’t stop there: Rub when dry to reveal a surprising glitter effect. Born in three otherworldly shades, Eclipse’s precision bristle tip and smooth-glide formula were made for effortless application.

  • Later, Crater Nude metallic/gold glitter
  • Nepturnt Green-black metallic/smoky emerald glitter
  • Alien Bae Blue-black metallic/smoky navy glitter

Galaxy 2-Way Eyeshadow Brush, $24.00 (Limited Edition)

Shoot for the moon, land among the stardust: The Galaxy 2-Way Eyeshadow Brush takes glitter eyeshadow application to stellar new heights. Created to be the perfect companion to Fenty Beauty’s Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette, its convenient dual-ended design features two essential eyeshadow brush shapes—the smudger and blender—now optimized for picking up and layering glimmering color. Super-soft, synthetic bristles are expertly tapered to pick up and apply shimmer with ease and control.

Fenty Beauty Galaxy Collection for Holiday 2017
Fenty Beauty Galaxy Collection for Holiday 2017

Fenty Beauty Galaxy Collection for Holiday 2017
Fenty Beauty Galaxy Collection for Holiday 2017

Fenty Beauty Galaxy Collection for Holiday 2017
Fenty Beauty Galaxy Collection for Holiday 2017

Fenty Beauty Galaxy Collection for Holiday 2017
Fenty Beauty Galaxy Collection for Holiday 2017

Fenty Beauty Galaxy Collection for Holiday 2017
Fenty Beauty Galaxy Collection for Holiday 2017

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My thoughts exactly. I think she should have released a few shadows and lipsticks at the start instead of releasing these for the holiday.

People need a foundation in their shade more than they need eyeshadow. They’re hundreds of palletes out there. She released a huge collection at once. What does it matter if she has lipsticks a month later? Most brands launch with only 1 type of product.

This is so correct. And whether it was Rihanna herself or whoever she has working for her- releasing 40 shades of foundation is GENIUS. It instantly made
her line beloved and talked about. Releasing it widely in Sephora all over the world, at the same time, was also genius. The makeup industry is “shook.”

And like you said, everyone has done an eyeshadow pallette. Lipstick and eyeshadow are not skin colour dependent.

Disagree. I finally found a foundation shade that matched my skin tone and my skin type. Her foundation in 370 is a perfect match for me. Perfect. And it wears beautifully on oily skin. I like that she focused on skin first. Plus, the eyeshadow palette does seem very holiday bc it’s super glittery. It’s not something that would make sense to make permanent IMO.

Ditto! I said this the day I purchased the foundation, which I’m not crazy about, the sticks yes, but not the foundation. And the Sephora staff mentioned that Rihana’s style wasn’t so into colored-eye shadows, but more of a multipurpose makeup user, so as to use the highlighters for eye shadow (say the gold one I presume). I don’t know whether that’s true or not, but I’m soooooo glad she did a palette.

I love the aesthetic to this, it’s like….simultaneously scifi and 80s. A cool alien chick in a scifi movie made in the 80s would have an eyeshadow palette like that.

Star Trek Discovery, here I come, somehow from across the waters! Anyone buy the BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic for similar reasons? I think you’ve all inspired me this morning to “glow” to work, sci-fi style. It’s Friday right? 😉

The palette will be a pass for me (I don’t need another all-shimmer palette), unless there are some really unique shades based on swatches. But I’m intrigued by the lipsticks – packaging looks fantastic – and lipgloss line, since the one lipgloss released at the launch was pretty good.

I love the concept behind this new collection and the packaging! Small details but they are well thought out. I will check out the lipsticks. I like the eyeshadows but I have way too many shimmery shades for my needs.

This palette looks like all shimmer, therefore easy pass. It looks like any expanded version of urban decay Afterdark palette. I have it, no need for more.

The colors in that palette are refreshing in sort of an 80’s sci-fi mall punk way. I’m pretty sure I have dupes for everything in it, but I wish I didn’t so I could justify getting it.

I’m sooo excited for this! Hopefully, it swatches and applies as beautifully as it looks in its pans. But even happier to see more lip products showing up!

Just as i thought my wallet could rest and recover but no? I have to pick up a few pieces. I have a love hate relationship with these holiday releases.

Ahhhhh!!!!! I need some loving family and friends this holiday season, for my gifts. Ha! (Of course, I’ll want to share the love too.) There are too many goodies; Natasha’s Lila for which I still haven’t taken the plunge, Pat McGrath’s Mothership palettes (at least two of them have schemas that just say, “Yes!”) and now Rihanna has gone and surprised us (at least “I” would not have thought she’d has a holiday set so soon). And I have seen from the reviews that I may want to try out her glosses. What’s a woman to do, but send her gift list out? 😉

Jaw dropped when I saw this. I’ve got my eye on those lipsticks. Pretty colors in that eye palette but I don’t think I would get much use out of it

I’m super excited for the launch of these color products. Especially being that folks were complaining about it. To me, it was smart to launch complexion products first. That was an area that the industry was lacking. But color products, we can get that anywhere. I seriously don’t need another palette, but the lipsticks look great!

Ha ha! I am another Christina and I regularly gasp while reading Temptalia. Whether something is just beautiful and takes my breath away or a product gets a D or F score like earlier this morning. It’s my favorite website and I get overly excited about makeup. Glad I am not alone!

Now this collection looks like something to get excited about. That eye shadow palette, OMG. And the liquid liners 🙂 Very excited for your reviews, Christine!

Rihanna is bringing her A game with this makeup brand. I like that she is keeping it very fashion minded. This looks like it could create looks that would go with her Puma Fenty line. These aren’t my types of colors, but her mindset makes me think that there will be a release in the future that’s a must-have for me. The packaging on this reminds me a bit of Urban Decay.

I wondered at first why Rihanna didn’t have eye products and only one lip product with her first launch and this confirms a bit what I figured out.

I suspect Rihanna wanted to first address what is a real gap in the market- which is the lack of colour diversity in the foundations- and have that be the signature part of her line. Because anyone can wear any of these eyeshadow or lip colours, but having a foundation that is suitable is a heck of a lot rarer. She wants to get people talking and loyal because she addressed a need.

It’s pretty genius- I don’t know if it’s her or the people she has around her, but whatever combination it’s a winning one.

I hope that eye shadow palette performs well because I would like to buy it and perhaps one of those lipsticks (the case alone is stunning!). I like what Rhianna is doing with her line.

I really like the concept, packaging, and colors on display here, so I hope they review well. I think I would consider this palette over the Urban Decay metal one, because the packaging looks more reasonable. And I really don’t need more lipsticks, but I might get one anyway if they swatch and wear well.

I am really intrigued by the finish changing eyeliner! Can’t wait to see swatches. If it works as described j will definitely need all three!

Way too much glitter, i.e. no offerings without glitter. That’s going to limit the audience for this new group of products. Too bad that there’s not a cream lipstick or lip gloss in the bunch.

Oh, good. A “hyper-limited” collection. I guess that ought to give MAC and UD a run for their money. I wonder how many seconds it will take between release of this and “sold out”. Maybe it will set a new record.

This was my reaction. I was excited…until I saw that word.

The “limited edition” trend needs to be phased out. At least come out with a different term. Somehow “hyper-limited” is even worse. Wonder if they did marketing research on that term.

Adding some permanent lipsticks and shadows would have been a welcome addition.

Oh, you know they definitely did the market research! “Hyper-limited” is used purposely to deliberately cause anxiety amongst potential shoppers. I mean, how often do you look at an item, debating whether or not to purchase it: if you can afford it, if you really need it, if you really want it after all, I mean, is it all that great…? But then if someone comes along and tells you “hey, by the way, that’s ‘hyper-limited,'” your mind immediately jumps to “well, gee, that means I have to buy it NOW!” Because even if you’re not 100% sure you like it all that much, if you wait on it, it could be gone tomorrow, and you’ll regret not purchasing it when it was available. Terms like “limited edition” are often just used to strike up this faux sense of urgency, at least when it comes to the major brands. They have the means to make sure they have enough stock. And also, those terms are used for exclusivity purposes. How many people do you know (or have at least heard of) who like to brag that they have “one of ONLY (insert small number) ever made” of something, or something similar? Something “hyper-limited” will surely be rare and ultra-exclusive, haha

Ugh, resellers. I’m not sure how greedy you’d have to be to get into, of all things, the makeup reselling “business” where you do something like that. I mean, some of them aren’t so bad, like the ones who sell permanent products from brands that you can’t get in your area for a REASONABLE price are okay, but the ones who prevent legitimate customers from buying a highly desired limited edition item and then jack up the prices tenfold are sick.

This was available and well stocked at my nearest sephora today, which is in a small city. I wasn’t expecting it to make out here at all, so I don’t think shortage will be a problem.

The packaging is gorgeous! I think I found my daugher’s Christmas gift and the eyeshadow selection would compliment a NC42 complexion nicely.

Hmm, I have one Mothership palette on the way. I’m interested in the eyeliners, maybe something for the lips? I’ll wait for the reviews but I know I’ll be purchasing something.

A lot of people are liking this collection. Personally, it doesn’t speak to me at all. I think the Galaxy trend is kind of getting old and I was never a fan of it to begin with.
Also, the products themselves are not my cup of tea. From what I’ve seen the lipsticks are pretty sheer, the palette is very glittery and the lip glosses just aren’t really what I’d go for.
i might pick up one of the liners to try them out. The concept behind them is really cool, I’m just not sure how the whole rubbing thing is gonna work on the eye. But I’ll see I guess.

I’m suddenly feeling old–been there, done that.
On the upside, the quality of makeup has improved dramatically since I was drawn to these shades. I’m so NOT the target market for this line and that’s okay.

If I get the palette it is strictly for collection reasons because it’s too glittery for me. I HAAATE those lipstick tubes. IDKY but those tubes get me mad lol like they offend me so I’m bummed because I most likely will not buy the lipstick just because of the tube (super petty…I knooooow). I will pick up a gloss tho!

I came here knowing you’d have the pricing deets! Everything is priced nicely right now and pretty affordable. I like how she released this line; first the base of every look with the focus on foundation and glowing skin then now a holiday collection with a cute retro design. I love it.

I saw this shadow palette at Sephora, and it’s very pretty but also very glittery. VERY. It’s a hard pass for me but I think it’s a beautiful option for those who do like to wear glittery shadows 🙂

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