Feet Fit For Summer: Six Products to Save Your Soles

Feet–the bane of my existence–and yet, they just cannot be ignored, especially when we’re nearing the onslaught of full-time sandal and open-toed shoe season. Here are some of my product favorites to help keep my feet soft, smooth, and unscathed throughout the summer months of flip flops, high heels, and beach-going.  How do you keep your feet fit for summer?

AB happy feet ($95.00) is for those who really want luxury, without going to the spa, and they are also looking for a product of a higher grade to aid them in their foot care. Happy Feet has 20% pure glycolic, which has been shown to help treat roughness and calluses. Each jar of Happy Feet contains sixty treated pads, and you use these pads over the area you want to cleanse. Along with glycolic, it has antixoidants, vitamins A, C, E, Co-Q10, as well as green tea. www.abskincarestore.com

Fruits & Passion Pedicure Set ($24.00) includes a deodorizing cream (60ml), exfoliating paste (60ml), and deodorizing mist (60ml). The deodorizing cream helps keep your feet super soft, and one of the best parts about it is that it dries pretty quick. It’s tough for me to lotion up my toes and heels without finding some reason to walk about. The exfoliating paste gives you a taste of spa luxury in the privacy of your own bathroom. The deodorizing mist helps to neutralize odors and reduce feet sweat (I know, I know, EW!), but most of all, it is really refreshing to spritz tired feet. Hey, we spritz our faces with Avian and Fix+, why not our feet! www.fruits-passion.com

Earth Therapeutics Clean + Cool Foot Wipes ($5.99) are ideal for on-the-go foot fixes. The packaging is relatively small, so it can be carried in the majority of purses. Each wipe has both tea tere and mint to clean and refresh feet simultaneously. I actually really love to use these after a beach trip, because who knows what you might step on! These are also great after I’ve worn flip flops all day, too. www.earththerapeutics.net

Three more feet-favorites…

Nailtiques Avocado Foot Crème ($15.00) is a thick, green moisturizing cream infused with avocado oil. It is a great choice for those who have especially cracked, dry, or rough skinned footsies. I really love it for my heels, which can get rough from time to time. I tend to use this at night, then slip on some thick socks, and head to bed–letting my feet moisturize and soak up the cream while I sleep. www.nailtiques.com

Bodyglide Footgilde ($7.99) is a skin protectant stick (think blister prevention). It’s small, compact, and perfect as a purse accessory–especially when you’re spending the whole night on the town. You can apply this before you slip on your shoes, but you can also apply it whenever your heels or feet are getting chafed. www.drugstore.com

Summer Soles (prices vary) will save your feet from the terror inflicted by your most torturous high heels, sandals, and shoes. I love their Fragrant Footings line, because who doesn’t love a softly scented added sole for their heels? I used these in New York for Fashion Week, and my feet thanked me every night. Summer Soles has different sizes and types of insoles, so you can pick the right pair for the type of shoe you’re wearing. www.summersoles.com