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It isn’t brand-specific, more color-specific — emerald greens, teals, blues, purples, reds — depending on the finish and texture can sometimes stain. Neons, too, across the board.

Thanks. I don’t use neons and reds very often, but I love greens, purples and blues (and my stash is huge). I’m lucky that so far I never had a problem. 🙂

A big no for me. I Recently visited Estee Lauder store and tried their cheek stain (thankfully on my wrist), It stayed for one and half day. My neutrogena makeup remover couldn’t get it off. Thank god i didnt put it on my cheek as insisted my MUA. I would have looked like a clown.

I try to avoid/minimize as much as possible, but acknowledge that it can come wifh the territory for things like neons. I’ll just plan accordingly so I don’t wind up with stained lids when I can’t afford to have it.

Okay, NOW I get it!
The reason I’ve never had this issue is that I never wear brights on eyes. I’ll go neon on lips, but since my natural eye color is bright green, I prefer neutral eye makeup that doesn’t “compete” with my unusual eye color. Even so, I *have* worn some pretty dark browns, grays, and plums, but they didn’t stain. Maybe that’s because I always wear a good eyelid primer (Trish McEvoy Eye Essentials).

I don’t like them. And, I think pigments that are that intense, are harmful to the skin and health of the eyes.

I don’t like it, of course. I generally find that some patience and an oil-based remover can get it off eventually, but yes, I will avoid the bright, staining greens, or I will try to apply it over a pretty opaque base first.

I switch my look an eyeshadows every day, so I am not a fan of ones that stain. It is hard enough to wash my brushes every day (sometimes the quick clean does not get the intense colors out well enough) but having to deal with skin that is changed is the worst! :>

I can’t imagine anyone wanting this! All of that tugging on the eyelid area, just to try to remove it, is enough of a reason for me not to go there.

Maybe I just haven’t been adventurous enough, but I haven’t come across an eyeshadow that stained my skin, but I can definitely tell you I’d hate it! haha I’m glad to know this happens, that way I’ve been warned so that if it does ever happen to me, I won’t freak out and think I’ve had an allergic reaction or something.

Any product that stains the skin bothers me on principle, including lip stains. Just the idea that a pigment is soaked into the skin and stays there – it squicks me!

OMG , i know how badly MUFE e/s stains and they scares the hell out of me – Purple / Fuchsia / Raspberry …
not a fan but addicted to colors and it is so difficult to remove them

I haven’t yet experienced skin-staining eyeshadow – but I’ve had a Kanebo Kate liquid black eyeliner stain my eyelids. That was unpleasant!

I have this problem with strong reds and purples, but they also happen to be extraordinarily pigmented so it’s a reasonable trade off for me.

I haven’t used any that stain, but I don’t think I’d want to. Not really necessary, and it seems kind of gross to me to think about what kind of chemicals they had to put in the makeup to make it do that. =P

Actually, it’s likely the *opposite*. It’s the “chemicals” that typically prevent staining, and the purer pigments tend tp stain.

Lipsticks that leave a stain on the lips are one thing, especially if it’s a pretty, natural-looking stain, but I just don’t want stained eyelids!
My ideal eyeshadows do stay on without creasing for hours; they may have faded a bit by the very end of the day. But when I’m ready for them to come off, I want them OFF, so I’ll have a clean, healthy canvas for next time. All that said, I really can’t recall ever having this issue. The thought of it is rather unsavory, though.

I’ve never had a serious issue with staining, but I always wear a cream base and/or primer. On the occasion I have been left with a bit of discoloration, it has never been something a wash of flesh-toned shadow (cream or powder) couldn’t take care of.

I don’t think I have really had a problem with this that I can remember. I am always paranoid that red shadow will stain my lids, but it never does.

I never experienced such a thing and I don’t want to. But I have a friend who does it on purpose. We were going to Asia and she wore a strong purple smokey. When asked she told me that she is going to remove her smokey in the plane and that will leave a soft pink shadow for a fresh/innocent look. She looked amazing after 13 hours flight. She is the stain master.

With the rare exception of caving to a yen for Sugarpill, it’s a huge deal breaker for me. Even with SP, I have washed my face, used eye makeup removers and oils, and even gambled with the delicate eye skin by scrubbing repeatedly to get the red stains out because I look as if I’ve been up for 72 hours locked in a windowless room with a huge bong and a gang of potheads toking 24/7 while I take the battery out of the smoke alarm because I’m sick of resetting it dozens of times every hour. In other words, RED stained eyes are a VERY, very, VERY unflattering look on me, and I have risked premature aging and chemical burns in efforts to remove what I cannot cover with concealers and foundation. I have to be in a really special mood to wear Love+, or Flamepoint, or really, any of those pressed matte SP colors.

Oh… but how I do love them!! 🙁 Such a shame!!

There simply are too many excellent options to subject myself to the disfiguring effects of staining red pigments. I have never had any red eyeshadows from BH or Sleek stain me! Not quite as good as SP, but much easier on the skin.

I hate it for health reasons – I just cannot believe it’s healthy for pigments to be entering the body in that way, and for them being impossible to remove.

I love using Sugerpill eye shadows, especially the reds, they have never left a stain on my skin. Maybe it’s cause I have always used a primer first? (I use either Kat Von D primer, or Too Faced primer). This is surprising to me hear that they stain.

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