Fall 2008 Fashion Week – Hair and Makeup Breakdowns by Avon at Cynthia Rowley

THE HAIR created by Avon Global Stylist Advisors Allen Ruiz, Anthony Barrow and Chie Sugwara was inspired by the romance of the Cynthia Rowley Collection. Ruiz, Barrow and Chie wanted to keep the girls looking beautiful with very soft romantic hair. The look is matte in texture for movement on the runway, and shiny to keep with the romance of the collection. The team used Avon Advanced Techniques Volumizing Mousse on damp hair focusing on the roots to create a volume foundation and gave the models’ hair “guts” and shine throughout. Hair was blow dried using the Avon Advance Techniques Two-Sided Oval Brush. To add texture and volume to the hair the Avon Advance Techniques Extra Hold Hair Spray was used while blow drying and back-combing the hair with the Avon Advanced Techniques Flair Styler Brush. Finally, they applied a mist of Avon Advance Techniques Mirror Shine Spray to create a “halo” effect at the crown adding to the contrasting of textures of smooth crown and texturized full body.

THE LOOK Makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury created a look for Cynthia Rowley that was inspired by a fresh, modern storybook Victorian fairytale girl who looks as if she has just come in from the cold. Tilbury mixed Avon Be Blushed Cheek Color in Pink Melon, Mandarin Glow and Golden Rose to give the model’s pale, fresh skin a luminous, soft rosy flushed look. To create complementing lip look, like the girls had just been eating berries, she then gently stained the center of the lips with Avon Be Blushed in Crushed Berry. Tilbury kept the eyes fresh by adding just a bit of Avon Glazewear Lipgloss in Clear along the lids from lash to brow. This gave them a subtle sheen with lids that catch the light. Finally, she curled the lashes and applied a few coats of Avon SuperSHOCK Mascara in black to the top lashes only, which added subtle definition to the lashes.