What eyeshadow palette would you recommend to someone who has no eyeshadow yet?

What eyeshadow palette would you recommend to someone who has no eyeshadow yet? Share your suggestions! ๐Ÿ™‚

LORAC Pro Palette (original) or Urban Decay Naked 1 (or 2, if they were cooler-toned)! I think either is a great way to get started with eyeshadows.

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I’d probably give them the Revealed palette with some primer if they were just starting out with makeup. They might not ever get into wearing eyeshadow and may want to just start off experimenting with different looks, so I’d wait to recommend more expensive options.

If it was someone who was already into makeup and planning to stay into makeup, I’d recommend the Lorac palette.

Usually Urban Decay Naked 1, but if they are particularly scared of shimmery things then the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette – if I really like them, I might take them along to MAC to build a customised 4 colour palette (as I am in Australia and until Sephora open in September and Urban Decay is harder to come by).

Probably the lorac pro paette, feels like it has anything.
Or one of the too faced eye kit, either the natural och the evning depending on what the feel they would use more ๐Ÿ™‚

My Naked 3 palette is my hg. It is so versatile. One can do day and night looks with it, and it looks good on so many different people. I think it’s a really awesome staple to have in one’s kit.

Too Faced The Chocolate Bar eye palette or UD Naked 1,2 If you don’t want spend too much money on the begining I think eyeshadows from Wet N’Wild is something you can enjoy playing with it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I dont have Lorac Pro 1 and Naked 1 … hmmmmmm i must get one of these i guess

i feel and i strongly feel and liking TOO FACED PRETTY REBEL a lotttttttttttttttttttttttt
beyond imagination ๐Ÿ™‚
havent played around a lot but am so loving the bright shades ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

I would definitely recommend a neutral palette! For beginners thats the best bet! For budget, Revlon’s Naturally Glamorous
For high end, Matte- Urban Decay Naked Basics and Shimmer goodness – Edward Bess Cosmic Bliss! (Love this one!)

Definitely Naked 1 or 2 depending on their skin tone! My very first palette was the Naked 1 and it was so versatile and really let me explore and create so many looks without feeling too intimidated!

I don’t have this palette but i’ve heard great things about it and thats too faced chocolate bar palette !
The Naked 3 palette

Coastal scents revealed palette 1 or 2 depending on their preferences on color. They are a much better value, very wearable, and if they don’t get into it they aren’t out alot of money.

The NYX Champagne & Caviar (it might have a new name nowโ€ฆ) 10-Pan Palette! A bit powdery, but crazy pigmented and beautiful!

I would recommend the 28 Color Neutral Palette by BHCosmetics. Also nice for beginners are by Sleek the Storm,Oh so special and Au Naturel Palettes.

i would recommend the naked pallate for sure !!! i think its enough if u r a safe player at eye makeup .. christine this is my ist ever post on anyblog .. love ur blog and lust over all the stuff u have ..

Depending on whether they are cool or warm toned I would recommend either the Naked 1 or 2 palette. I agree with you Christine, that Lorac Pro Palette is an excellent starter too.
If the person loved grey, I would suggest the Dior Gris Gris quint.

If you’re looking for budget friendly options, Sleek’s Oh So Special or Storm palettes. Both are a great mix of neutrals. And if Sleek isn’t available in your country (they do deliver internationally now), I’d recommend Wet n Wild’s eyeshadow palettes (Walking on Eggshells and Silent Treatment are great neutral trios each) and Maybelline’s Colour Tattoos in neutral shades like Barely Branded, Bad to the Bronze. These are just things that can help you start, and if you think you use eyeshadow frequently enough and want to expand your collection, you can buy a more high end palette.

I would totally recommend LORAC pro palette or the unzipped palette, which is more natural!
It hast the perfect basics of eyeshadowcolors in it and still has some other colors which are perfect to play with for a pop of color or so. What I love about it is the fact that is has the same amount of mattes and shimmers in it. And that texture of the eyeshadows?! It`s just perfect and makes it even more easier to work with!
That just makes that palette soooo perfect!

Their benefits are that they can be used wet or dry, which I think is a big plus!
I think as a beginner it`s good to start off with palettes rather than with single eyeshadows.
Palettes are easy to travel with or to keep them steady on your desk and you have everything you actually need for a variety of eyeshadowcolors in one.

And of course those palettes are a bit on the pricey side, but they have the perfect quality I personally could ever wish for.

Best regards from Germany ๐Ÿ™‚

I agree with the Lorac Pro palette, particularly the original . But I also like the idea of building your stash based on single eyeshadows versus a giant collection of eyeshadow palettes. I’m not sure why, but there is something about individual palettes that locks my mind creatively so I find I reach for my custom palettes far more often than any other. From that perspective, I would recommend the Makeup Geek Starter kit as a great way to get your feet wet and to find your way, build confidence, and evolve from there. Great price point too.

One of the 88 palettes. They’re perfect for playing with different shades to know which are the most flattering without spending too much money.

Possibly one of those MAC 15 shadow palettes (either the Cool or Warm, depending on their colouring). There are lots of shadows I’d love to own in those palettes but since I’ve already got about 5 permanent shadows from each, it is pointless for me. Also, either Naked 1 or 2 (1’s downfall is Sidecar – beautiful but almost unusable because of glitter fallout), Naked Basics (perfect for someone just starting out since it’s not overwhelming) OR Stila’s In the Light palette – reasonably priced, great range of shadows that are wearable for all occasions and not intimidating.

I’m loving my MAC Warm Neutral 15-pan palette. I have used it a lot of times, and I do a different eye shadow combination each time. I love it! The cool one is really good too.

So I would recommend those two.

I would definitely recommend the Naked 1. I am slightly partial to it as it was the first palette I purchased, but to this day I still think it is amazing!

Since you are new to makeup here are some suggestions. Go to Mac or Urban Decay and get a palette made for you with help from a sales lady. . Purchase the Wet and Wild, Comfort Zone and if you like those and don’t get bored, then go back for the Naked line.
Stila palettes have a nice variety too.

I agree with Lorac Pro pallete – it’s very versatile! There’s a good mix of shimmers and mattes. Not to mention it not only includes neutral colors, but also a few brughter colors too. Its PERFECT!!

The Coastal Scents Revealed and Revealed 2. With these palettes they’d have a great selection of neutral shades, a variety of finishes, and an affordable price. The icing on the cake? Both palettes have great dupes from the UD Naked palettes.

I’m the same as you. NAKED2 or LORAC Pro. OR. ORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Inglot freedom system since then they can choose and it’s not very expensive. They could start out with a little quad and get the exact shades they want.

I love and recommend the Inglot freedom system as well. It stinks they discontinued the round pans because I have the round palettes. ๐Ÿ™

Love the UD Naked 1 Palette, but Love the Ben Nye Theatrical eyeshadow palette even more! There are some really nice smaller palettes as well by Pupa Milano ( or even Canyon classics by Physician’s formula) that would be really nice for someone starting out I think! The quality of shadows from Ben Nye and Pupa Milano is really amazing!

I get this question a lot since everyone knows me as the makeup connoisseur! I always recommended the UD Naked 1 or the Naked Basics. I recently gave in and bought the Lorac Pro(and the second one too!). I’m sure it may be one of the best starter palettes considering it has 16 great quality neutral eyeshadows, half matte, half shimmery. I’ll decide once I break in the Lorac Pro, but for now, Naked or Naked Basics.

I took my friend to Inglot and we created a custom palette, that way she had shades she would actually use.

Aisde from the Naked 1, I’m really into the Laura Mercier Artist Palette! It’s surprisingly versatile and I’ve never worked with such buttery shadows before. The colors are gorgeous, blending is effortless, and it’s almost fool-proof/extremely difficult to “mess up”

Honestly, any of the Elf palette’s just to get you started or the Coastal Scents palettes. Love the Revealed ones! Then go up in price points, just in case palette’s aren’t a thing you like, you prefer single eyeshadows or loose shadows.

Hey I have been a silent reader for years.. However, I chose to comment today because I can relate to it so well. Six months before, I was ‘someone’ without any eyeshadow. I ended up wasting money at times, but gained an insight ๐Ÿ˜‰

High-end: Lorac pro (original), too faced chocolate bar
Drugstore – Sonia Kashuk Eye on neutral palette

C’mon people! We’re talking a beginner here! You tell them to buy expensive and you will scare them off. I’d recommend NYX, Coastal Scents, BH Cosmetics, Wet n Wild, or even the big ELF palettes. Let them play a bit and when they’re hooked and want something better, then I’d introduce them to Urban Decay, MAC, Lorac, etc.

Definitely the Urban Decay Naked palettes they all have something for everyone. I’m in Australia so
You can’t yet get Urban Decay products here but I saw it published in a magazine and went on the hunt to get it I finally found it and it was the best money I have ever spent on makeup it doesn’t disappoint the colour pigment is exactly what you see it lasts and very versatile you can make so many looks with these palettes great investment and the must have in my personal makeup kit!!

I actually like the Naked 3 palette best. I have cooler toned skin and I’ve found I can work with all of the colors. Besides pinks, beiges, and browns are really non-threatening. I’ve also really like Sephora’s eyeshadows and they have custom palettes now. So I’d probably take them there and get them some neutrals in a couple of different finishes so they could play around.

I’d also gift them some of Too Faced’s primer cause I’ve found it works great and the packaging is less wasteful than Urban Decay’s. And most importantly, I’d get them a few really nice eyeshadow brushes. I used to use the little foam things but once I got older I realized how big of a difference the brushes made. I wish someone had told me sooner. So I’d get them started there.

I would recommend getting a 10 palette from Inglot and fill it with shadows from light to dark, different undertones and finishes.

If I have to choose a premade palette I would go for UD Naked 1 if the person have a warm skintone (I would NOT recommend it to those with very fair cool toned skin). Otherwise Naked 2 and Lorac Pro are great options.

UD Basics is very non-threatening + easy. Add a few colors from MUG in a Z, or duplicate her choices with Inglot freedom. Infer the recs based on her coloring, general style, dress. If she’s glitzy, UD. If colorful, possibly a big Sephora/Pantone palette or UD XMAS, like Vice 3 (Please UD, make that one!) Note that i don’t have either Lorac Pro, but you guys are making me cave pretty soon, to be sure…. If she’s young, I’d probably go for ELF or Coastal Scents in varied textures, leaning neutral. You don’t want to set up a young woman with no dough with higher end stuff as her template. That’s kind of like giving a fifteen year old an iPhone + no means to pay the ongoing service charge.

Any Too Faced palette in the shades that appeal to them. I love the matte eyes palette and the holiday ones are usually great but probably the chocolate bar(which I don’t own)but it has a good combo of neutrals and colors that aren’t scary. Or the WnW Comfort Zone palette because it’s affordable and good.

Too Faced Pretty Rebel Palette. Only because there’s a nice range of colors to play around with and they’re good quality shadows. I wouldn’t want to give them straight neutrals, if they have no shadows, they should explore. This palette has enough colors and combos for all occasions.

If you’re on a budget , I would start off on the makeup geek palette that’s already have shadows in it , I think it’s $69

I think all 3 Urban Decay Naked Palettes are good for anyone who wants to start using eyeshadow and getting palettes. Sleek palettes are really nice too and the price is pretty good. If you want more than neutral colors I would check out Sleek makeup.

For budget friendly eyeshadow palette, I recommend Makeup Academy (MUA) Undress Me Too, Heaven and Earth or E.L.F. 32 piece Eyeshadow Palette ๐Ÿ˜€ and for high-end options I recommend Urban Decay Naked 3 or any Too Faced eyeshadow palette.

In terms of my personal stash? UD Naked (1, 2 or 3 depending on preference I guess, 2 for me). Having said that, I’d probably *get* someone a UD palette with more bright and sparkly colours in it. There are usually some neutrals in every large palette, and although neutrals are awesome for every day/work/school, life is too short not to have at least a few outrageous colours to play with!

If it were cheaper and permanently available, I’d actually say that lovely Laura Mercier artist palette from this past holiday…

Custom Coastal Scents; good quality at a low price. One should not start with expensive eyeshadow, because if they don’t like wearing it (or are too lazy, like me :D), then they would be wasting money.

I would say Naked Basics- it is amazing and great quality. For a palette that has both shimmer and mattes: Lorac Pro (original). Naked 1 palette is VERY shimmery and can be intimidating for a beginner. Coastal scents and BH cosmetics have very inexpensive palettes for those that want to practice before spending.

I started experimenting with different eye shadow colors with the 88 shimmery palette. Now that I’m older (and wiser) I save my money to buy more expensive eyeshadow, like the Naked palettes from UD. But the 88 palette really helped me to know which colors looked good on me. I practically don’t use it anymore but you never know you need an unexpected color, like yellow or something!

I ordered mine from Zoeva, but nowadays you can get it anywhere ๐Ÿ™‚

I would recommend any of the UD Naked palettes; not forgetting the little Naked Basics palette. If one is inexperienced, the basic palette allows trial colors in matte, making it easier to work with and learn from. Fewer colors would be less overwhelming. I actually own all 4 and love them.
I also like Two Faced Matte palette with 9 neutral colors. .

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