Have you ever had a makeup-related dream?

Have you ever had a makeup-related dream? Share!

Oh, yeah, I dream about writing a review for a product I tested the day before ALL the time. Then I wake up and get annoyed that I didn’t actually write it out!

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Yep, that I buy something that I really, really wanted….and then it morphs!!! Either it’s that a powder turns into a grease paint cream, or that the color changes into something I hate! Weird, huh?

I had a dream that I somehow came into the ownership of every permanent MAC product and I had an entire makeup room in my house that I was able to set up as a replica MAC store.

Yes! I often dream of being in a huge make-up shop, like sephora but way cheaper and also very good and i’m so undecided as to what to buy but i end up getting free stuff and not buying much lol.

Yes! They’re about finding the perfect color of something, or occasionally about an over-the-top eyeshadow moment. A few dreams have me looking through many stores for certain products that I just have to have, but I never do find them by the time I wake up.

My dream is more wedding related (I’m planning mine). I dreamt that It was my wedding day and all my makeup went missing. I also dreamt that every time I tried to blend my makeup, I wound up looking like a clown.

Christine, your answer made me laugh! I can so relate to the wishing I had written it out part. I’m sure that, if makeup was part of my work, I’d be dreaming about it. Maybe I’m lucky makeup just fun for me?

Just one. Several months back I dreamed that Oprah appeared to me and told me that the best lipstick ever created was a Maybelline shade called Magnolia. She said it would change my life and that I would never want another lipstick. So, naturally, I had to look into that. It turned out that there was a Magnolia in Chanel’s Rouge Coco line. Maybe Chanel is like Maybelline to Oprah. I don’t know. It’s a nice lipstick, but I think Oprah oversold it a bit.

Your story made me laugh so much, I had to read it to my family who wanted to know what I was laughing about. Too funny!!!

I do a lot! i think it’s actually when I am trying to decide if I should purchase something or not. I’ll be thinking about it. I’m not sure if i remember most my dreams. It just helps me get to sleep to think about something.Other things stress me and makeup makes me less stressed..that’s ridiculous I know. But, some people like to buy massive amounts of shoes or expensive purses. My thing is makeup and good skincare.

Yep–I’m the only one in Sephora, everything is 95% off and I’m randomly grabbing everything because hey, 95% off, why not? Then I get hugely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of unnecessary Stuff, have to go sit in the store corner to de-stress, and come back to only buy the things I really want/need.

I have this dream every couple of months, and always wake up strangely relieved that it wasn’t real!

Well I’m glad I’m not the only one! I’ve had several dreams where I go on shopping sprees at Sephora or find a drawer full of makeup I’d forgotten about and then I wake up disappointed that it’s not real.

I had a dream that I had one of those 24-hour bulletproof lip colors and instead of 2 parts like a color and a balm, it had a lip color, balm, and 2 sparkly glosses attached to it. Then I flipped it over and it said “mix the red shade and the fuchsia shade to create a new color!” So I did and I woke up and wanted to buy it but of course it doesn’t exist :).

Seriously? Oh my GAWD, do I ever!! MOST of my dreams are about cosmetics. I’ve dreamed about using them (especially the ones that I REALLY want but haven’t gotten yet), I’ve dreamed about shopping for them, Googling and flipping through pages and pages of looks I like. I’ve dreamed about brushes to the point when I woke up I had a handful of sheets that I was rubbing my face with. I see myself at one of those makeup artist phenomenal mirror with all the lights, playing with my cosmetics, inventing new looks. Once I dreamed about a counter that ALL my cosmetics were out and I could just open them all up and “go to town”. My biggest dream (the one I wake up most disappointed from) was finding the PERFECT pink lipstick – believe it or not, I used to have the perfect pink, it was from Sally’s and they discontinued it. So, yeah, I’ve dreamed about opening a drawer and finding out that I had a hidden stash of that lipstick I had forgotten about. I’ve dreamed that I just “grabbed” lip liner, lipstick, and gloss and just put it on randomly and it was the PERFECT look ever. A few times I dreamed that I was designing my own perfect eyeshadow palette. It’s ALL I dream about. Now, I’ve only had one nightmare about cosmetics, it’s awful. I’m in a store, there are only a few of this “dream” product available, we were pretty much clawing and climbing over each other trying to get to it (sort of an a la Jingle All The Way scene – only for cosmetics instead of toys). I’m elbowing my way through the crowd, I get right to the front and right when I’m reaching for this product I fall (Klutz is my middle name) and I hadn’t gotten it before I fell, I reached back up for it and it was like a ghost product because my hand went through the product and I couldn’t grab it. And then it was gone. I wake up from this nightmare sweaty, my heart racing, my mind screaming, confused and still reaching out for nothing. So…uh….yeah…I’ve dreamed about cosmetics a little. LOL.

Omg stupid dream I had, before kardashian beauty was out. I dreamt that I was helping kourtney pick out the packaging and swatching colors with her. Kim showed up and was being a bitch. Khloe was taking pictures with fans. Idk what my brain was doing. This was my only celebrity dream EVER! I’m not even a fan.. Lol

I don’t recall make up dreams but I do dream about colors. I often dream that I am flying like Tinkerbelle without a plane . Very fun. I also have work dreams where I don’t document anything I did during my shift. Very scary as I am an RN and must write everything down. It is also strange because I stopped working in 2007. Why sorry now?

I have the occasional anxiety dream about makeup where I’m doing it all wrong or I’ve done what I think is a great eye look only to look at it after wearing it all day to discover that I look like a clown.

Yes, tons of times! I even had one once where I saw a product I’d imagined in my sleep in a store that suited the EXACT issues I was having. Dreaming about an pencil eyeliner that will soothe my eyes when I have an allergy attack. Nice. If only it existed…

ha actually since we’ve gotten our wedding plans going, i’ve had a nightmare that i was doing my makeup and nothing was staying on my face… and i was running late. hahaha

i dreamt once that i purchased a mac eyeshadow palette & i was so upset because all the colors were dupes of what i already had. so stupid LMAO

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