Elizabeth Arden Double Intrigue Eyes Fall 2008 Eye Color Story

ELIZABETH ARDEN FOR FALL 2008 | Double Intrigue Eyes

This season Elizabeth Arden launches Color Intrigue Eyeshadow Duos ($24.50) in seven different color combinations. Each compact is imprinted with one of Miss Arden’s most famous beauty maxims, “To be beautiful and natural is the birthright of every woman.” Alongside the eyeshadow duos is Advanced Eye-Fix Primer ($21.50) that soothes eyelids while giving you a great base to apply these shadows over. Pair the new duos with Color Intrigue Gel Eyeliners in or Ceramide Lash Extending Treatment Mascara ($20.00) in Midnight. For the face, Elizabeth Arden Shimmer Powder ($29.50) comes in handy.

Let me share some of my thoughts on this latest launch from Elizabeth Arden! Plus, more product photos and swatches.

The duos I tested out were Peacock (left) and Blue Smoke (right). What’s interesting about the duos is one shade is shimmery, while the other is more of a matte texture. The five other shades include Autumn Leaves, Illusion, Golden Moss, Pink Clover, and Black Currant. I’ve never been a huge fan of matte shadows, just because I do find they are more difficult to work with and blend into a look than shimmery textures. I tried to use the colors, but they just weren’t working (but it was a very off day for me, so nothing was working either), but I’m going to give it another shot using their Advanced Eye-Fix Primer.

Available in Black or Brown to coordinate with the new eyeshadow duos–not exactly new, but gel liners are always a great option for those looking for long-wearing liners. I think the black is a nice way to do black without it being over the top or too intense (of course, I love intense black… but there are days when something tamer is better).

Left to right: Peacock Eyeshadow Duo; Blue Smoke Eyeshadow Duo; Black Color Intrigue Gel Eyeliner

Find your perfect duo at www.elizabetharden.com!