What would your dream eyeshadow palette consist of?

What would your dream eyeshadow palette consist of? Share!
Somewhere around eight to ten shades… A pewter, medium-dark taupe, olive green, rich teal, molten gold, pale golden beige, deep plum with copper shimmer, dusty purplish-mauve with a matte finish, deep almost cool-toned chocolate bronze, rose gold with a satin finish.

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Maybe 12 colors consisting of purples, golds, a couple of blues and a golden green. A matte brown for my crease. They need to be smooth and long lasting.

The In The Know palette by Stila is packed with warm toned mattes. Worth checking out if thats what you’re after, it works especially well with blue eyes.

Wow , your shade selection almost made me crazy and i wish you create something like this in association with brands like Guerlain ๐Ÿ™‚
I would be the first one to pick it up and a backup too ๐Ÿ™‚

my dream palette would consists shades like – emerald green , violet with multi color shimmer , a peach gold shade , matte raspberry purple shade , transition color like chocolate brown in two three variations and a highlighter which is in matte and shimmery form something like MAC Brule and Nylon

I would love a 10 eyeshadow palette – 5 shades in metallic/satin finishes and 5 of the same/very, very similar colors in matte to mirror each other.
Shade 1 – Very pale peachy pink
Shade 2 – Rich warm gold
Shade 3 – Medium pewter/grey color
Shade 4 – Blue based rich purple
Shade 5 – Smokey soft black

Right now, I’m thinking add the taupe from Wet n Wild Silent Treatment into the new Naked 3. I don’t ever wear blues or greens, and not many purples so that’s how I’d lean. I also use MAC Vex a lot, so maybe work it in there instead of one of the glittery shades.

Would love to have lots of bright colors with shimmer and few matt neutral colors. Right now whats coming in my mind is urban decay the mother lode palette.. if u can call it a palette then lol..

A matte / satin creme for highlighting under the brow bone, a rose gold, gold, medium warm tone matte brown, deep matte brown, deep burgundy, deep olive green and a matte black.

I like between 10-15 shades. I would probably like to see a lot of shimmery golds and champagnes, but with an olive and something pinky and orange toned. I would also like there to be a few matte shades: warm brown and mauve.

It would be a mix of urban decay and mac eyeshadows, so it would be UD shroom, sin, sidecar, half baked, toasted, knight divine, and MAC satin taupe, sumptuous olive, club, cranberry, coppering and prussian

I would totally buy your ideal palette! I have auburn hair and green eyes, so I love colors like olive green and gold and pewter. Who do we need to convince to hire you to make that palette happen? ๐Ÿ˜€

Anyone who is awesome at eyeshadow, LOL! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’d love to do a palette with a brand like bareMinerals (Ready eyeshadows!) or Urban Decay. Good formulas, well-versed in creating palettes, fairly accessible, and not too expensive.

I think you could do it with UD. They let you create your own pallet from their existing permanent single shades. Bobbi Brown also lets you create your own pallets using eyeshadows and blushes in the square containers
I just find her permanent eye shadow selection a little limiting. The MAC freestanding stores and the website allow you to buy pro pans to put on pallets. I have about ten MAC shadows in individual containers taking up too much space on my tiny bathroom shelf! I wish they sold them in pop out packaging like BB does. I have to give her a lot of credit for that convenience! If you find you have a bunch of individual shades you like, you can always buy the pallet later and just pop them in. You can also rearrange them, take some out and put others in, say if you want certain colors for a vacation or something. You can do that with MAC too, but you had to have bought the pans that go in the pallet initially . Once I had a few MAC shades that matched, it seemed silly to buy the next one in a pro pan to put in a pallet alone. And its not realistic to think I will use them all up and then refill with pans, so I am kind of stuck with MAC. But the ability to make your own custom eye shadow palette is out there. We could use your suggestions, Christine, if you put a few together, maybe from a few different lines, and reviewed them here!

Why don’t you depot? It’s unbelievably easy with mac shadows, when I first got into makeup I bought mac singles before I knew about their pro pallets, I now buy only the pro pallets (although tbh I don’t buy much mac anymore) and have depotted all my old singles and and b2med the packaging ๐Ÿ™‚ hth

How do you do it? Which pallet do you put them in? I would love to do that. Then I could put the shades together that go together, and not have a pile up in my BR! I just recently got into MAC shadows, and eyeshadow in general. I used to just put a swip of blush across my eyelids and run out the door ( I usually use brown toned blushes, so it worked). I look more washed out now when I don’t wear eyeshadow. I avoiided MAC shadows because the first light base color I bought caused a crepey look on my eyelids. Now I realize that not all the colors do that, and they really do have the best selection of colors. I’m a redhead, and lines like Bobbi Btown, which makes amazing shadows that don’t crease in the least, just don’t have the range of warm colors that I need. Also, her light colors do not show up at all. So maybe MAC changed their formula or maybe some colors are different, but I am having a lot of fun with their colors now.

After watching Laura Mercier, Clarins, Chanel, and UD release palettes too warm or dark for my complexion, I feel like beggars shouldn’t be choosers, so I’d take anything cool-toned and neutral at this point. ๐Ÿ˜›

My fantasy palette would probably have about 10-12 shades in it with mostly subtle finishes: matte beige, matte greige, peachy pink satin/metallic, light and cool toned satin taupe, medium-dark taupe with strong grey undertones, metallic silver with a touch of blue, satin dark taupe with plummy undertones, matte medium-dark grey, dark matte brown, pewter or gunmetal shade, and a soft matte black.

Sigh. Yours sounds pretty much perfect. I’d probably add a deep velvety black matte for lining, and one or two cream eyeshadows (maybe golden beige and duochrome purple?) as bases.

I actually have a few ‘dream’ eyeshadow palettes. I am constantly depotting large palettes from other brands and rearranging them into Z Palettes. You can fit so much more into a Z Palette without all the bulky packaging. And this works for all types of products, not just eyeshadows!

I like the size and layout of the 12 pan Naked palettes, but I’d like the design to be a bit more delicate and sophisticated. I’d do a very light beige (matte), a silver-beige (frost), a pink champagne (frost), a cool light green, a light blue-based purple, an emerald, and a violet (all satin), a light and a medium mauve-taupe (satin or matte), a light and a medium gray (matte), and a black (matte). Absolutely no glitter, blue, or orange!

A legit bright rainbow road palette including all tertiary colours in matte/satin finishes laid out like a naked palette or a more in depth palette laid out like a modern colour wheel.

My dream eyeshadow palette would be a 10 pan palette of.

Pale matte light creme, taupe matte brown, warm matte brown, a shimmer champaign, Light bronze/gold (like Urban Decay Half Baked), Peach gold shimmer shade (like UD X), Light shimmer pink (like A Natural Flirt from MAC), deep warm shimmer brown (Like UD Roach), a light silver taupe and a Matte Black.

Christine, I should ask you- what are your fave mac shadows, that a girl should have in a neutral palette? Nc15, dark brown hair and eyes. I’m trying to build mine!

NYX Butt Naked Eyes palette is pretty much my ideal palette, although I could do without the face products, and I’d switch out the somewhat sparkly white with one with a pearl finish.

Another palette I adore is Kat von D Sinner, but again, I’d have to add a pearl white, and a matte beige.

I’ve never had a strong desire to put together my own palette, as there are just far too many really great ones out there, already. Perhaps if NARS created larger empty palettes (along the lines of MAC palettes) to depot the duos into…

I would love to see your dream palette become a reality, Christine! You could create countless looks with that range of shades.

I would love to see a palette with 10 to 12 shades with mostly satin/metallic finishes. There would be a range of champagnes, golds, and bronzes, a medium olive-bronze, a light turquoise with gold microshimmer, and matte navy and olive for liners. Oh, and in my dreams, each shade would wear equally awesome! There’s usually at least one dud in any palette…

I would love a palette that only had dark and mid tone colors with a separate detachable palette that had only mid tone and dark colors. Both would have an equal balance of shimmer and mattes but be all neutral colors

Matte deep turquoise blue, bright teal blue, iridescent blue sparkle, deep charcoal grey matte, pale iridescent pink-gold sparkle, Vivid fuchsia, vivid magenta, bright acid chartreuse, deep purple shimmer, metallic silver… yeah probably something like this.

My dream palette would include multiple sets of 3 coordinated eye shadows. Like one of blacks/grays, one of greens, one of purples, one of neutrals, etc.


I would pick 6-8 shades including: a vivid matte emerald, a vicious lime satin, a satin kelly, a silvery sage, and a few gold/green duchromes of different tones and intensities because those are always awesome. Maybe expand it to 10 or so shades to include a neutral matte peachy-beige or a deep bronze to finish off a look but honestly I already have favorites of those types of shades.

Your dream palette sort of reminds me of the Tarte “Ten” palette from a few years back…which I get a fair amount of use out of. I’m unsure of my dream palette, but I second/third the idea of the Naked3 being all matte as a dream.

Nice question. I think…
-a sheer white satin
-a light golden beige satin
-a light champagne satin
-a rose gold satin
-a matte skintone or slightly darker brown
-a matte dark chocolate brown
-a satin taupe
-a satin bronze
-a satin darker cocoa
-a metallic blue hued light grey
-a sage green satin
-a wine satin
-a matte plum
-a matte black

I loved Nina’s Nugget by Benefit, but I’m afraid it’s been discontinued because I can’t seem to find it anywhere. It is a beautiful gold / goldy-taupe cream eyeshadow, no sparkle or glitter.

I’ve made my own in a z-pallette, all mac (NW20, hazel eyes, black-brown hair)

-matte shade exact tone of my skin but 2 shades lighter – orb
-matte deeper shade for contouring – copperplate
– a matte off white highlight – blanc type
– a matte nearly back liner shade – typographic
– a matte shade for brows – concrete
– a shimmery version my skin tone – jest
– a shimmery highlight – shroom
– a shimmer taupey-brown shade – satin taupe
– deep gray that make my eyes pop – smut

the rest are all colors I love that I wear on my lid: cranberry, nocturnelle, deep truth, humid, amberlights. I <3 it!

Your palette sounds like a dream but I have to say I’m intrigued by the Naked 3 as an all matte fantasy too, lol! I would probably suggest an all or mostly matte palette since our choices are limited to theBalm’s Meet Matte, Meet Matte Nude and Stila’s In The Know.

I’m not good to think of color combinations, but here I describe the palette with the colors I would love most.

Number of shades: 12 (2 cream, 10 powder)

CREAM 1: Matte beige, perfect to use as eyeshadow base
CREAM 2: Matte taupe, think Chanel Notorious in cream form. Can be used for contouring.

POWDER 1: Deep matte neutral chocolate brown, for crease and powder liner
POWDER 2: Pigmented, INTENSE matte blue. The pop of color of the collection (Sephora “Surfin’ USA”, maybe?)
POWDER 3: Intense gold, metallic, like Too Faced “Instigator”
POWDER 4: Matte peach, for highlight and browbone.
POWDER 5: Duochromatic dirty tone, like “Label Whore” or “Club”.
POWDER 6: Duochromatic light tone, like “Triple Impact”, to pat over a darker color.
POWDER 7: The perfect rose gold, metallic.
POWDER 8: A satin gray, like NARS “Transvaal” but satin.
POWDER 9: Olive green with gold shimmer, like a beautiful cat’s eyes.
POWDER 10: A great warm toned plum with pink sheen, satin.

LINER: Dual ended black liner (“Perversion”, more or less), and eye brightener.

It would also be perfect for it to be cat inspired, and donate the proceeds to cat shelters, as I’m totally for kitties ๐Ÿ™‚

I have a fascination with color so a single dream palette would be more related to texture, wear and versatility than color. In fact, my dream palette would be one of high quality shadows that I could swap out as needed.

It would need to travel well, have a smooth formula excellent blendability, color payoff, low-to-no fallout, 15 hours of wear, and yet still wash off easily. There should be an excellent quality mirror with a portion that has10x zoom for close-up work. A few of the shades would be satin or shimmer, with most being matte.

The formula should be creamy and disguise fine lines and wrinkles. At least two shades would need to be able to provide depth in the deep-V area, at least 2 lid shades, at least 2. Crease shades, 1 blending shade, and 1 brow highlight/inner corner shade – in shades that don’t make me look green or ruddy.

All the Burberry eyeshadows! Love their formula so much — even their somewhat shimmery shades look matte with an added light/glow. I’d like to have a smaller quantity of the whole range instead of $30 for one large shadow. Their quads are good but aren’t their permanent range shadows (which is good for collectors of the brand but not noobies).

Mine would be compact, with 10 square eyeshadows

5 mattes: ivory, caramel, taupe, espresso black
5 pearl: white, pink beige, apricot beige, sauge green and lilac

Oooh, A flat, compact little black book that buttons up with all my favorite shades in it so I could take them everywhere!

It would contain:

A buttery, soft black (for lining and defining, like Le Metier de Beaute’s “Fin” shade),
A deep, darkened teal,
A stunning champagne-ivory-gold glow,
A warmed dark charcoal,
A taupe with a subtle shimmer/hint of texture to it,
A blackened, smoky antique gold,
A perfect slightly cool-toned neutral brown,
A dark rich plum shade,
A light gold,
And a pan split into two that would contain a stunning violet (the perfect mix of red and blue that just subtly glows), and an incredible blackened violet/dark midnight blue for a liner.

Basic every day palette:
peachy yellow satin/matte high light; one or two duo chrome shades that would be suitable for all/most eye colors (purple or brown are good bases), a good mid-tone matte brown (for blending), and a black (liner shade)

Some neutral mattes: a beige, a brownish gray and a dark brown.
A lot of satin: champagne, taupe, pewter, olive, a bright purple, a dark “blurple”, an antique gold.

Right now the Laura Mercier Artist Palette has been my dream palette, but something with a little more pink in it (Naked 3, wink wink) would be nice, too! I like the purple/pink tones with some mattes, some glitters, and satins ๐Ÿ™‚

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