Does your makeup routine change if you're not going anywhere?

I’m very fortunate that the more recent events hasn’t turned my everyday routine upside down, inside out, and then set it all on fire. Not going anywhere is pretty much the norm for me, so my routine hasn’t changed and doesn’t normally change. My routine has stayed the same: throw as many products as possible onto my face to test per day ?

— Christine
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I never ever wear makeup at home — which means I’ve had nothing but skincare and pajamas on for the last 4 weeks ha! In the calendar era B.C. (Before COVID19), I would leave my makeup on whenever I get home from work just because I’m lazy, and only take it off when it’s time to get in the shower before bed.

If I want to, I can be a bit more “un-neutral” when I’m home, using colours (mainly eye colours) that I’d be less likely to wear if I were going to work or hanging out with friends since most of the people I work with and am friends with aren’t the sorts who would go out in the sort of eye look that Christine has used to illustrate this question. And I might go “full on” with foundation, just for fun. But if I’m home and can be bothered to put on makeup (I’ll be gardening today so it’ll be sunscreen and tinted lip balm, probably, with some concealer), I can go smokier or more glittery or break out MAC Steamy or other colourful shadows.

You mean like during a pandemic? YES, totally changed! The only makeup I’ve worn has been on my eyes on those rare occasions when I go to the store because you can’t wear makeup under a mask. Actually, I was part of a Zoom happy hour last night and I put on a full face of makeup for the first time in weeks. Otherwise, I’ve been completely makeup-free for the past with the exception of covering a couple of odd breakouts (because my skin isn’t used to being naked???).

I haven’t been wearing any makeup while working at home but I still put it on when I go out to get groceries or have to pop into the office. I was thinking I could practice some eye looks while I was in confinement and play with what I have rather than shopping because I’m bored.

Yes, I don’t wear makeup at all.

BTW, is the pop-up ad window on bottom screen new? I don’t recall this ad before. Even if I hit the right-corner “X”, the ad box continues to block the bottom 1 inch of my screen and at least once, it moved up to fill half my screen (I think when I was scrolling). I’m on Firefox.

We started running a video ad again on the site but we started a month or longer ago, so not that recent, and the new requirements require it to float on the bottom right, but if you click the X, it should close and it should stay closed for the remainder of your session. It should not fill the screen… If you mean an actual pop-up, we don’t run those… a pop-up is actually a completely separate window, but a unit that floats isn’t considered an actual pop-up! Just in case you mean an actual pop-up (which wouldn’t be an allowed format).

What device are you using?

Just a desktop computer. Yesterday the pop-up came back after I hit the X. I’m referring to the one near center–not the automatic vid one that plays in right corner. It seems better today (so far) in not coming back right away but I just tested it here. Weird behavior on it though in that when I first get on the page, it comes up in bottom corner and then it creeps up about another inch or so before going back down. I don’t know if the creeping up happened because maybe I moved my screen to view something–happened pretty quickly. I’ll see what happens later and then contact you through your tech website issue link if it seems out of place or weird behavior. TY for getting back to me.

Oops I meant it comes back in bottom center–not bottom corner.

It just did it again. I went to write my clarification here and the bottom thing came up and then it automatically moved up about 2-3 inches and then went back down so is just an inch maybe from bottom of my screen. It doesn’t remember that I just hit the X to get rid of it.

I actually was able to replicate this, and it’s not an allowed format, so I’m reaching out to the network about that now and I’ve paused the line item that allows that code to run, so it should cease in 10-30 minutes. Thank you for letting me know!

You can send me a screenshot at christine[at]!

The only thing that could show up in the center is a ‘subscribe to our newsletter,’ which should only trigger periodically, but there shouldn’t be an ad that pops up over content at all!

Mine hasn’t changed much, I’m keeping to my usual routine despite being able to work from home. I find that keeping the routine helps things not feel so weird. Plus my partner is essential and has to deliver mail every day so in a way our life hasn’t changed much. I’ve had so many conference calls and on some of them the people have been weirdly insistent on using cameras so I haven’t really had the opportunity to go feral yet.

Overall, more switches. Some change ups to base, often just s/c at home, just s/s for dog walk and out in the ‘hood. Day job l/s and blush; night job e/l and masc, s.t. shadow. Trying to use all, and masking is now in at night retail. When I’m home, playing with different eye looks s.t. Day light vs night light, varying a 3 shadow look on both eyes with 2 added different shadows on each. Thema con variazioni. Using BM ready now, Naturals, Sensuals, and Aurora. You really do forget the formulas, if that formula/brand is not in rotation.

Nope! I read it’s important to have a routine if you normally go out to work and are now working from home. I would also feel like I am wasting product if I let it sit unused, because we don’t know how long this will last. If anything, I get to experiment more.

Not that I left the house that much before the quarantine, but at least I know I had the freedom to do so if I needed to or wanted to. So a lot of times I would get all gussied up, put on a full face of makeup, cute clothes, and go nowhere! Unfortunately this is not what I’m doing now… I believe I’ve only worn makeup maybe five times in the past 3 weeks or so. This is so not like me! And it doesn’t feel like it’s going to get any better until the quarantine lifts. I just don’t feel very creative or very energized to do anything with my looks if I’m not going anywhere. I’d like to get unstuck out of this rut somehow!

I relate to what you’re going through. At the beginning of the stay-at-home period, I thought I’d take the time to experiment with different looks just for fun, but in reality, I have no motivation to touch any of my collection other than a dab of concealer here and there.

Not really. I regularly wear makeup when I’m at home and have not altered that routine. I’m wearing softer looks and also experimenting with colour. I can’t in good conscience see all the makeup I’ve purchased and not use it.

If I am going somewhere I take more care to make my makeup last longer, such as using setting spray or extra powder, and I might use lipliner, even if I just use gloss in the end. Otherwise it’s the same.

Before all the virus things happened… well… I always went somewhere. I hate staying in house, so for me “not going anywhere” doesn’t exist. Even if I don’t go at an event or something, I’m out and about walking, hiking, running. But if I don’t do something in particular, I either wear less make-up or non at all (if it’s a strenuous physical activity).

Nowadays with the quarantine, I still wear makeup to work from home. Maybe a little toned down, but applying it each morning makes me feel normal.

Not typically. However, if I’m going to test out a new primer, foundation, or other product where I’m not sure about performance, if it will oxidize, etc., then I do that on a day where I don’t have to go out.

I have had to be indoors for awhile except for quick errands due to a family member’s severe autoimmune disorder and I always try to wear make up to feel as normal as possible. I feel better when it’s on for some reason.

No, my makeup routine doesn’t change even if I am not going anywhere. I still like to have a full face on, to add some colour to my day. The only concession to the quarantine is that I am not wearing mascara to give my eyelashes a break, only if I am staying at home all day.
I figure my makeup is still there, still needs to be used and I am doing my best to rotate through all of my eye palettes on a daily basis.

It hasn’t changed at all during the work weeks while I’ve been working at home. But, I generally wear less makeup on the weekends because my toddler has super sensitive skin and I just don’t want it smeared all over by little hands lol.

Hi,i live in France so we are in quarantine since almost 1 month…Usually i wear makeup eveyday, if i go outside i wear a no make up make up or nude makeup, but at home like i want. Since the confinement i decided to use everyday one of my foundation who are like 30/35 in my collection like that i can see and remember how they work,what i like,what i really dont like,and remember how they looks like in my skin and the same with powder! And for the eyes i use more colors and everyday i try new look and go out my confort zone. And sometimes i am like using only one brand for all my makeup,or trying all my favourite products in the same time,or stuff like that you know 🙂 I try everyday staying at home to make experience with my makeup,and try to find some results and also open doors…Thats really fun and its also good because my husband he’s here with my 3 babys and i want to be confortable,confident and a little more prettier in good times and bad times too 🙂 Hope to be understood and hope you’re all fine ?

I haven’t worn a drop of makeup since 3/12. I’ve been conscientious with skin care so my skin looks great though.Your comments were very clear. When I was young and in the early years of my marriage, I almost always wore makeup too.
Be well.

My routine has not changed. Though I don’t go to campus to teach my classes, I still teach them via Webex, so I still put the usual makeup and face my students in our virtual meetings. I didn’t go out that much BC (before Corona) since I was busy with school, so it’s not a huge change for me. I miss the gym though, but I am thankful for all our trails (the Cuyahoga Valley National Park with all its trails system is awesome, and I’m lucky to live near it). And yes, I still put a little blusher and lipstick and eyeliner even when I go on the trails– it feels good to feel normal.

I’ve been practicing looks a lot at home (more often than usual and practicing alongside my fav beauty bloggers). I needed to go to the grocery today (first errand I’ve run in 3 weeks), and I played up my eyes more bc I was wearing a mask. There’s a power to rocking a strong eye look from behind a mask! Not that I’m trying to spin this pandemic in a positive light but if you must run an errand, dramatic eyes pair well with face masks.

I haven’t worn a drop of makeup since 3/12. I’ve been conscientious with skin care so my skin looks great though.

I haven’t left my apartment in almost a month, and I wear makeup nearly everyday. I used to wear makeup when I worked from home before, as well.
I have been wearing foundation and mascara more sporadically. In the evening, I sometimes add more to try more bold/creative looks. I did this less when I was coming home from the office around 7-10pm.

I love putting on makeup (sometimes gets me out of bed when I really want to sleep in). It also makes me happy when I see the look I’ve created when I glance at a mirror. It’s something I’m definitely keeping up.

Been working from home for the past 8 years so life hasn’t changed a whole lot for me. I do my makeup almost every morning while I catch up on the news; it relaxes me, and the more I practice the better I get at it! I was afraid to experiment with colors when I was younger, but not anymore hah.

While my business is essential, I only have to go into the office 2x a week. The rest of the time I’m working at home. I thought it would be difficult to stick to a routine and commit, but I end up working just as much, if not more at my home office (although I do enjoy a break in the garden or with my dogs), and even more surprising is that I’ve actually stuck to my “make yourself up in a different look each day” motto. Doing so has helped me refine my technique, but also made me realize that some of the products I have are just not worth the effort to make them work for me. I’ve unloaded a ton of stuff this year and it’s helped me focus on the items I really like.

Yep. Not leaving the house means I don’t have to wear sunscreen so I then don’t have to try and deal with the sticky residue on my face. It always ends up making my foundation really heavy and I look so “overdone.”

Staying at home also means I can be more creative with eyeshadow and use things that need more love. Lipstick and eyeshadow are makeup items I absolutely love and will wear every day for fun. It’s nice not having to bother with the rest of it.

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