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To some degree yes – I do like to wear more bright and “out there” looks in the summer, often paired with a softer lip whereas in winter I tend to prefer a stronger lip – I dig redish-purplish plums especially with a soft smokey eye. That said, I will periodically bust out one or the other no matter the season. As the weather changes it’s more skin-care/skin-related makeup (foundation say) that I pay more attention to. As it gets colder I find myself reaching for products that offer better hydration for my face and lips especially.

The only thing that’s influenced is formula, or if it’s too hot & humid, I forgo makeup, and stick to a TM with SPF & lipbalm. If it’s cooler, then I’ll wear heavier makeup formulas. The colors pretty much stay year-round.

It mostly effects me in terms of what’s available in-stores. Of course, there are darker, richer colors available in the Fall and if I fall in love with something that I’ve bought during that season, I’m going to wear it often. But mostly, it doesn’t effect me. I like to wear neon nails year round to brighten my mood. And neutral shadows and bright blushes are always a staple

I mostly wear neutral eyeshadows, so season has no bearing there, but it’s a huge factor in what lip color I reach for. I save the darker colors like berries and deep reds more for when it’s cooler out.

Yes. I definitely feel the draw towards seasonal shades, but I don’t let that stop me from wearing out of season colors if I’m in the mood.

Ofcourse! Even though its sunny in sri Lanka all year round, its summer from match to June, and i go barefaced except for a lip.from November to Feb when its rainy weather i go for smokier eye colours and browns for my lips. The rest when ours b just comfortably warm, mild sunny and breezy, i wear a mix of everything.

Autumn is my favourite time of year and I love the colours associated with it – the deep plums and burgundies, slightly brown toned reds (anything but orange/pumpkin/terracotta or whatever the pundits choose to call it “this time around”!) And the cooler weather is more conducive to wearing makeup – in the hot summertime, I want the least amount possible on my face – a bit of powder to keep me from being shiny, a bit of blush, some concealer and lippie is all I can stand some days. But in autumn, wearing more, along with stronger eye colours, deeper, richer lip shades, is not uncomfortable nor does it look out of place.

I feel like the opposite is true for me. I live in Florida and we don’t really have seasons except for like 7 months of horrible summer, and October-Feb of tolerable weather but still not anywhere near cold except for maybe a week out of the year. Thus, for me, it seems odd to wear “fall” blushes and such darker things. Florida basically screams year round for tinted moisturizer, bright cheeks and lips.

Sometimes it does but I don’t really follow season trends since I like following my own trend. Sometimes the color I would wear would be influenced by what I feel that day

Yes! My collection has gotten rather large, so following seasonal trends helps me rotate through my collection more evenly. Otherwise, I would only use the same colors over and over, and it forces me to try out things I normally wouldn’t (I found out that berry lipsticks look fabulous on me this way).

Also, wearing makeup to fit the season just helps to get me into the spirit of the season. There’s nothing like wearing a red glitter nail polish in December to get you excited for the holidays!

Actually, it never used to because my makeup routine was so simple and I never gravitated to pastels or brights. Over the past couple of years though, I have greatly expanded my makeup repertoire, and yes, I do tend to change things up a bit by season. I may use the same colours, but just apply them differently or pair them with different shades depending on season. Some of my eyeshadows I tend to wear only in the fall/winter and those would be the really dark ones which look too heavy to my eye for spring/summer.

If it’s really hot, I usually will only wear eye makeup on my top lids (nothing on the lower lash line) and lip color, skipping any face makeup. For the most part, the season/weather has no influence on which colors I choose to wear. However, I love red blush when it’s really cold 🙂

The season does influence my make up choises. I tend to wear more “frosted” colors in winter, like white, grey, dark browns, purples. On the lips I wear more neutrals or reds.

In spring and summer I prefere pink on my lips and lighter textures and glosses. For the eyes I prefere shimmery colors like MAC Patina, Shroom, Vex, Nylon, Jest, Juxt, Performance Art, Sable, because they suite my tanned skintone better.

For sure it does! During the summer I hardly wear foundation and or powder. I also prefer lipgloss over lipstick and tend towards corals and bright pinks. During the winter I wear more make up and darker colors – reds, olive greens, browns and more muted pinks and plums.

The seasons do tend to influence the colors I wear with makeup.
Spring makes me break out my pinker lipsticks and glosses more,
Summer leans me towards my bronze and golden colors,
Fall has me breaking out the rich browns and rust/dark orange colors, with more of an emphasis on bloack eyeliner,and
Winter finds me with my deep red or burgundy lips and jewel tones eyeshadows.
I must add, however, that this past year I’ve been living in NC and the weather has been mainly mild and pleasant. Therefore, I am reaching more for the bronze/golden/golden brown colors more often, year round.

I wear more eyeshadow and bronzer in the autumn/winter.
during summer, I wear quite simple eyemakeup cos I have sensitive eyes in warmer weather and almost nothing on my cheeks as I have more break out during summer too.

This is my first year of seasons wearing makeup, and I do find that I’m wearing more bright/sheer/shimmery colors in the summer, and I have a couple lipsticks that I haven’t put into rotation yet because I feel like it’s not quite “time” for them yet. For example – i have both Lucky and Paparazzi from Dior’s Addict Extreme line, and I’m wearing Lucky a fair amount right now, but I haven’t brought out Paparazzi yet.

I wear the same makeup all year round, same make up for day and night. These are the products I use:
MAC Select Cover Up In NW
MAC Blush In Harmony
Maybelline Unstoppable Liner in Espresso
Yves Saint Lauren Volume Effect Faux Cils Shocking Mascara
Lancome Lipliner In Beige Rose worn all over my lip as lipcolor

In a way yes, I follow the weather which in some places comes with seasons. I have lived in a lot of areas of the world however and with different ambient temps these ‘rules’ don’t hold up. Some areas I have lived are warm/sunny like summer yr round so no need for much of any changes. I would have looked silly in deeper lip colors while wearing shorts and tanks just ’cause the calender says fall. With global warming, seems I am wearing spring/summer stuff where I live currently most of the year with zip fall hardly. It moves from warm to cooler winds fast. Sad as fall is my fav ‘season’ for clothing and colors.

I love to grab for my dark grays and browns in the winter. Dark purples and navy are also nice smoky winter colors. In the summer everything is turned up a notch. Lighter, and brighter! I definitely love yellows and chartreuses in the summer time!

Yep. I wear brights in spring/summer, purples and grays in fall, and red lips during winter. And in between, I do neutral eyes and pink lips.

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