Does makeup (or lack thereof) change your mood or outlook?

Yes, for sure! When I like my makeup, it puts a little extra bounce in my step. If I’m feeling uninspired, often playing with textures or colors and trying to come up with something fun will reinvigorate me. I really enjoy watching eyeshadows blend and play off each other, so just that process alone makes me smile.

— Christine
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Sometimes at night, to remind myself to stop picking at my skin, I put on a bit of makeup to cover up all the marks left behind after a bad breakout. Then I look in the mirror so I get reminded of how nice my skin can be if I would just be stricter with myself about touching my face. Being able to see myself with nice (albeit made up) skin really gets me in a better mood, especially now while I’m waiting for all these stupid scars to fade

You betcha! I joke with a friend that lipstick will make any bad day somewhat better. Feeling that I look my best (and seeing it in the mirror) absolutely enhances my mood or lifts it when it’s in the dumps.

Yes! Putting on a bold lipstick when things aren’t going well is an act of defiance — telling the universe in no uncertain terms that you WILL NOT be defeated! πŸ™‚

Yes! It is like playing, to some degree. I feel like I’m indulging myself a little when I experiment, and being surrounded by wonderful colors while I’m playing is a real mood-enhancer for me. I know some people do the “spa at home” thing to center and feel better, but I can’t do that — I get impatient, and just generally don’t enjoy it. But playing with makeup … instant good mood! (Doesn’t hurt that part of the ritual involves listening to music, and usually drinking coffee.)

Lack of makeup generally leaves me feeling half-baked — like I’m not finished with my morning routine and ready for the world. I mentioned this in another thread: It feels like the grooming equivalent of going around in sweatpants or with unbrushed teeth. I do it occasionally, but everything seems like it takes more effort when I haven’t properly prepared for the day, and I tend to be less focused. And I better not catch a reflection of myself in a mirror looking tired! That’s a kind of feedback I really don’t need.

I guess most of that is about having a routine and sticking to it — if my routine were only music and coffee, then skipping the music or coffee would likely throw me off in the same way (more so with coffee since there’s actual chemistry involved). But since makeup is a part of my routine, yes … not doing it impacts my mood and can affect how I move through my day.

Sometimes it really does! Especially if I’ve put together a look that I am totally enjoying the way it came together. That can give me a much needed boost. Lately, in particular. There have been far too many days where I don’t even have much energy to do my face, so when I do, I feel fantastic once I get done! Not so much looks wise as much as the “Woman, you got your act together today!” feeling of accomplishment.

Not generally. I mean, I like having makeup on that looks great but I feel just fine without it, so. And if I’m having a terrible day at work, putting on lipstick isn’t gonna fix it.

I remember going out and splurging on a significant haul of new makeup because I was feeling sh!tty about something, got it all home and immediately made my face up and when I was looking suitably glamorous, I went and asked my husband if he liked my new makeup (note: I never ask him for his opinion on beauty products, so I was obviously looking for external validation) and he looked very carefully at everything, smiled and said “I think your face makes it look great.”
That was a fundamental shift in my thinking.

I feel refreshed when playing with makeup. For me, it’s a creative outlet, and I feel more energized and relaxed when I put on a full face of makeup that looks as if professionally done. It makes me feel better when sick or groggy after a bad night’s sleep. I don’t even have to be going anywhere, the action of playing with colors in and of itself is enough.
On the other hand, going out in my neighborhood with a full face of makeup makes me feel self-conscious at times. In my community, a full face of makeup is usually reserved for special occasions, and even though no one’s ever commented negatively on my aesthetics, I still get some objections from my family when wearing a bold lip or a colorful or glittery eyeshadow look to anything other than a wedding reception! (I wear whatever I like anyway)
I do like the emphasis on natural looks in my community and being able to feel comfortable and confident wearing no makeup at all in any setting, even professional ones. But I’d also like to wear whatever makeup I feel is stylish without having to deal with any preconceived notions.

Yes. My answer is in a different context relating to the process.. Putting makeup on soothes me. If I am feeling crappy or antsy or anxious, putting on makeup actually forces me to focus on the small so it has a calming effect.

No; how I already feel typically dictates my makeup & clothing choices. If I’m getting ready for work, or something that I feel obliged to wear makeup to, but don’t feel like it, I’ll just do the bare minimum. On the other hand, even if it’s just grocery shopping/errands, and I feel like going full-glam, I’ll do it… I’ve been battling a sinus issue all week, and have had some swelling, so no amount of makeup would make a difference; instead, I’ve been more focused on skincare & sleep, which typically play second-fiddle to the “fun” aspect of beauty.

It sure does for me. I feel much more confident when I am wearing makeup and it always makes me feel happier. And a lovely bright, strong lipstick seals it.

I feel like makeup is like portraying a character. If I want to do an edgy look, an elegant look or a demure look. It can all refresh me and change my mood. Then I match my clothes to my look to finish everything off.

Certainly it helps make me feel more put together and I find it to be a relaxing ritual while I’m in the process. I love colors in makeup as well as in gardening my second favorite hobby after collecting makeup. The third would be enjoying the outdoors on my long run/walks and right now I’m admiring the maple trees changing colors around my neighbor and the mess they make in the streets is all so beautiful! A running buddy gave me a maple tree as a house warming gift and I planted it right by the entrance to the house which makes a beautiful mess on the enclosed porch leading to the entrance and I get to sweep it but I don’t mind it they look so pretty in a dark wine shade against the terra-cotta tiles.

Not wearing it, I feel the same with or without, though some makeup can make the occasional look in a mirror less scary. πŸ™‚
For me it’s the time applying the makeup that makes a difference. It’s my calm time, it makes me less anxious, it makes the bad days feel less bad, on the better days it makes me feel even better and that feeling stays with me for the day.

Having the time to put on makeup at a casual pace not breakneck speed really boosts my mood and starts off the day positively. It is well worth getting up earlier at least it usually is

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