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Oh I SO hate this, even though I know it happens to everyone. It drives me crazy though and I carry a little towel with me and a mist bottle filled with alcohol to wipe my compacts down when I’m done 😛 I actually find that my plastic compacts are a lot worse than my metal ones though

Yes. It bothers me to see fingerprints or smudges on almost everything (I think because I’ve been wearing glasses for so long and I’m completely OCD about the lenses being spotless). That’s the one thing I hate about Nars. I love the sleek look of their packaging, but that black rubbery material gets messy so fast! It just makes everything look worn and dingy. But those are really the only products that I have trouble with…none of my other makeup seems to hold onto fingerprints or smudges like the Nars compacts.

No, not at all. I keep my makeup either put away in a drawer or cabinet, so I really only see it when I’m using it. I also only touch up my makeup in privately, so noone else sees it either. The most important thing about packaging is that it’s sturdy & functional.

Yes but it never happens to me, I clean every packaging carefully in fact and everything is stored in boxes, away from light. Dust, fingerprints are not for me !

I don’t think fingerprints bother me too much. I get more annoyed when I see sparkles stuck everywhere, or makeup smudges, or what appears to be legitimate dust/dirt. Does anyone remember the old textured white MAC skincare packaging (Strobe, Fix+, etc.)? Those drove me nuts because they attracted all the dirty goodness they could find. Mine would always be dark, dirty, and have makeup smudges all over them after a while – I’d wipe them down with cleaner, lol. When I reorganize, I usually wipe everything down with a wet wipe.

Yes. I like to keep my makeup clean on the outside too. Unless it’s NARS packaging in which case I give up most of the time. I just can’t win that one.

Depends…on new product in the store? Total turn-off. On my own stuff? Don’t really care so much. The best packaging for staying clean-looking is either glass (heavy) or plastic (cheapy), so everything has its drawbacks. Metal gets fingerprinty, rubber gets gross, plastic scratches, etc. As long as the packaging functions, I’m satisfied. (I may get a little excited on top of that if it’s *cute*.)

Also, fingerprints and scratches on electronic devices are a turn-off, too. It’s why I’m glad my ipod has the brushed aluminum case.

Doesn’t bother me. It wipes off easily, and I have to wipe off such smudges from my phone all the time, so I’m used to it. I’m far more annoyed by stray powder and glitter on stuff.

Yes! Especially on black lipsticks, like Chanel or NYX. I can spent 10 minutes of my morning cleaning packaging in stead of doing my make up…

I think it’s pretty icky too. I’m a bit of a neat freak so it can be tough seeing fingerprints on my makeup. I recently got my first Rouge G (Gracy. I fell in love the second I saw it on you Christine!), and besides the fact that it’s SO hard to photograph, I literally wipe it down after I’m done with it every time because otherwise it’s just ewwww

It bothers me to see fingerprints directly in brand new make-up. I’ve had finger prints on a few eyeshadows that I purchased at a “help yourself” kind of cosmetics store.

Nope…so long as they’re my fingerprints, I don’t have a problem with it. I know a lot of people were so upset over the UD 15th anniversary palette’s finish because it showed every fingerprint. My wine glasses show every finger print too – I just wash ’em after I use them. The fingerprints on a makeup package are far less annoying. I’ve only got one Nars compact and so far, it’s dirt and finger-print free but I imagine that in time, that may no longer be the case. I suppose I can wipe it back to a more pristine condition but I’m more likely just to leave it since it really doesn’t bother me that much. Annoying and cumbersome packaging bothers me far more.

Yes I hate it which is why even though I love Nars, I avoid it lately. They’re products either get messy or the lipglosses all leak. So disappointing for such an expensive brand!

When I first buy something I can be a little bit bothered by fingerprints on it, but the more I use it, love it and get day to day wear out of it the less I seem to mind.

Yep. I think it’s poor design when they choose a reflective surface for packaging. There are so many easy ways around it that still look good. It’s not irksome enough to make me not buy a product if it’s great quality, just annoying.

High gloss black plastic, metal and lacquer leaves fingerprint so badly! Sun glass also but I wear mostly Blue blocker style ones so it not too bad.

It definitely bothers me. I’m a bit OCD when it comes to cleanliness and fingerprints make me shiver. Not just on my make-up packaging, but basically on everything 🙂

Surprisingly, no! I’m a super neat/clean freak, feng shui person but fingerprints don’t bother me on my makeup cases. My computer screen and glasses are another story hahaha!

Oh hell yes!!!! But there’s nothing a little makeup remover or a wipe can’t clean 🙂 (I clean my nars blushes cases with eye makeup remover) I also think I should clean my iPad too LOL

Um… no. Not at all. I’m *actually* mildly OCD so a lot of things bother me, but I know the fingerprints are mine and I don’t care. I use a lot of Asian cosmetics and most of those don’t have packaging that shows marks very often, so that probably helps.

I have so many BIGGER things to concern me, fingerprints (especially my own) rank pretty low on the ‘bothersome’ scale! I just wipe them off now and then without a second thought.

Yes, it annoys the hell out of me. I have a couple of those Guerlain palettes with the beautiful silver cutout compact and they drive me insane!! Chanel drives me nuts with their Black shiny compacts as well because they print up easily too. All the people that complain about NARS, well, I love that packaging. Yes, it does get dusty, but I just use a little face cleaner on a cloth and clean them up from time to time. In some respects, I like the cheap a$$ clear packaging on OCC products because I just don’t care.

First of all, I absolutely love all of your reviews. As a makeup artist, I am completely OCD whenit comes to fingerprints and smudge makeup packaging. I always like everything to look clean and neat, so when I see fingerprints, I immediately think “dirty”. But that might just be me!!

I usually don’t mind it. Though I love Nars’ make up products I hate their packages because they seem perfect at first sight but all messed up at the second!!

I only have one packaging with fingerprints trouble. I hate it. It´s a powder from clinique, i use it daily, i clean it daily and it always look dirty with every touch.

It bothered me until I started watching CSI the other day. Now I’m glad in case I’m murdered and the murderer touches my makeup and it can be used as evidence.

hmm. that’s actually a cool idea! One more reason for me to buy one of those hefty Guerlain Rouge Gs— you think if I keep them in my jeans pocket all the time, they can actually be used for self-defense? Christine says the’re really heavy *wink*

This is my biggest makeup OCD! every time I see peoples makeup and its dirty and finger printed I cringe, all my stuff has to be clean. Its strange to me though because I really dont understand how some peoples cases and stuff get so dirty.. I never had a problem with mine getting messy and dirty and I always clean my hands after if I use them to apply my foundation. Cant stand foundation finger prints on my powders, cases and brushes.

OMG YES, drives me crazy, all my makeup must always be free of fingerprints, excess makeup, or smudges etc. and be organized in it’s place always!!

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