Does anybody ever feel overwhelmed by their collection?

Not often, but I’m not usually faced with it on a day-to-day basis in the sense of having to use it, since I am usually testing something new. I think the key is good organization in a system that works for you, because this makes it easy for me to know where things are and can easily grab what I’m looking for at the moment.

— Christine
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Not quite yet. Yet being the operative word here. But it’s getting to where I know I am in dire need of getting better organized just to keep everything on some level of rotation! Sometimes, I really do get a chill when I realize that I probably won’t use up everything I own.

I do. I go back and forth between my go to looks that are easy and fast to do, so I use my favorite products over and over. Then I have products that I like that I forget about because I don’t use them daily. So, I find it hard to work them in to my routine. I need to tell myself … I either am going to start stepping out of my comfort zone , try new different things and doing something that’s not easy and fast or I’m not going to buy any more until I use up some product ? If anyone has some hints I’m interested in hearing them.

Sometimes but usually when I am overwhelmed that means I need to go through everything and toss or give away what I don’t use. Also agree, good organization system is key!

Anytime I travel I get a little overwhelmed, especially now that I’m more into skincare. When I had to decide what I’d take to NZ for my 10 month trip, that was really hard! I literally took about 50lbs of makeup and skincare with me.

I hear you! Trying to get it all in a small bag for a carry-on, even for a 4 day trip is near impossible! How does anyone with a 10-step Korean skincare regimen ever travel?

Decants and sample satchets.
I stopped using a full Korean routine last year (it was doing me more harm than good), but while I was using it, I had a ton of travel bottles and I had sample satchets of many of my staple products, and it took alot of stress out of traveling with skincare.

Oh yes… Just the other day I was “shopping my stash” and rediscovered things I had completely forgotten about. But the thing that really makes me feel terrible is when I have to throw away a product that turned bad although I only used it a couple times… especially when it’s a high end/expensive piece. Considering when I started collecting makeup it has just started happening, and I’m afraid I will have to throw away a lot of things in next year or two. Just thinking about it gives me anxiety.

Yep, I do feel overwhelmed sometimes, but I agree, the key is to get it organized. And try to rotate stuff, and do a purge once in a while, which is overdue for me. Thanks much in part to Temptalia, I’ve amassed a great collection already, there’s tons of good stuff to play with, so for 2016, I’ve been pretty selective. I admire a lot of stuff, but when it comes to buying, I try to buy stuff that is unique to my collection, which also pushes me outside of my comfort zone. And it’s come with a lot of nice surprises –never thought I would look good in pink eye shadow or gray lipstick!

It’s a matter of organisation; I love to place same product in the same place. I’m never overwhelmed in fact, I always have a giddy feeling when I see my babies

I definitely did since I started my makeup collection when I was 19, always had way too many things I never reached for, most of which I bought on a hunch (YouTube hype, cute packaging, sales you don’t need to grab…). Now I only buy products that I researched for, I read a lot of reviews / watch a lot of swatches videos, and try to avoid dupes that are just 90% similar. Seriously, you don’t need 10 coral lipsticks or 5 copper eyeshadows in slightly different shades! Temptalia is always the website to go on when I am considering sth πŸ˜‰ especially love the ratings you give and the dupes comparisons. Basically now I buy less, and spend more on each item (not saying expensive is better, but higher price point gives me less risk of getting sth I only use once) so my makeup stash doesn’t go out of control.
Also I used to be a victim of palettes hoarding. It’s a pain to open up all those palettes to find stuff that I actually wanna put on my face on a daily basis! So many shades went unvisited for months. So I now depot every eyeshadow / blush into Z palettes, even the newest buys, arrange them in color even if the pans have different shapes, and toss out the lesser quality one of the same shades. It’s just better for my own references to see the colors altogether every morning. I now buy more single colors I absolutely know I don’t have in my collection. 4 large Z palettes, instead of multiple cute-looking eyeshadow palettes and single blushes everywhere makes it easier for organization too!
Last but not least; knowing that I never run out of make up before expiry date holds me off from buying much more. It’s a pain to throw away barely used make up when you know you’ve had it for too many years. πŸ™‚

Hi Roxi,
I think your depotting approach is brilliant! Are there any brands of eyeshadows you have trouble depotting? What do you do with eyeshadows that are “molded” into the palette rather than panned?

Actually I managed to depot all the eyeshadows I have, but before buying sth new I google “depot xxx” to see if someone has successfully done so. I threw away most of my quad eyeshadows from different brands because they’re old, so I wouldn’t know how to depot the “molded” ones haha. Also, I tend to buy more cardboard packaged nowadays, or the plastic ones that look like can be torn/burnt lol. Miss those days when Urban Decay and Too Faced were all cardboard.

Hi Roxi, I thought I was the only person who created custom palettes. I’ve been using a medium-sized Trish McEvoy double-decker magnetic palette for years. Makes it so easy for me to reach for my favorites for work and travel.
I will take a small embroidery scissor with very sharp, pointed blades and dig an eye shadow out of its packaging if I have to. I also buy samples of MAC lipstick from which come in small pans and place them in my palette. Like Roxi, I only buy eyeshadow, blush and lipstick shades I love. I personally find that many shades go unused in pre-packaged palettes so I carefully research colors and formulations and buy only what works for me. I keep a couple of extra palettes on hand so I can rotate in new or less-used colors from them into my go-to palette as needed.

I did, and that’s why I cleaned out about 50% of all my make up. Reading “The life changing magic of tidying” really helped a lot. I am still down sizing, but I also think you have to be in the right state of mind to be able to throw out so much.

It’s Marie Kondo. I found the general idea of the book very helpful, although I wouldn’t do everything she says (like talking to your handbag and emptying it every day…). But it really did change my view on things and sorting out make up is much easier for me now!

Not really, but I try to keep it pretty organized and rotate what I’m using. If I do start to feel overwhelmed, I do a purge and donate stuff to a women’s shelter that takes used items and sanitizes them. I also send them new products from beauty subscriptions, and unopened samples or GWP that I can’t use. I throw out anything that’s gone off or expired. I’ll also go on no-buys. A few years ago, I went on a no-buy for lipstick that lasted two years, and I used up quite a bit of my older lip colors.

What a great idea to donate to women’s shelters! I’ve always wondered how I could give away good make-up that I no longer use. Thanks for sharing!

OMG, thank you so much. When I lived in Missouri, there was a shelter I could take things to. But in Maryland, they refuse to take them. Thanks!!

Really? What’s the name of the shelter? I just ask because I wanted to donate to a woman’s shelter and they only accept unopened new makeup and never any used. I didn’t find any shelters that were an exception to this rule

YES! I have so much but why do I want more?
So much new to try!!!
I’ve started paring down though, anything that doesn’t work like I want it to gets donated to the local women’s shelter.

OMG do I ever!!! Because I have a Youtube channel I always feel like I have to be buying and trying new things all the time but at the same time it feels like such a waste to have so much makeup. I barely ever even hit pan on things never mind actually finish anything but you can’t just do tutorials or GRWM videos all the time. I really like to review products and keep on top of what is going on but it really does feel wasteful to have so much and not be able to use more of it. At least with powder products I don’t feel that way as much because they last so much longer than say lipsticks, foundations, etc.

No at all. In th eyes of a makeup lover, I don’t have much of a collection at all. I gave away a buttload of stuff a few years ago because it turned into an unhealthy, debt-inducing obsession. So yes at that point- I was overwhelmed!

Now, I’m pretty good. I typically don’t buy prestige brands unless there’s a sale or coupon going on. And if I can’t snag a limited edition product, no matter how much I wanted it, that’s ok!

Yes πŸ™ Especially when I am re-organizing, when I lay everything out and really good look at EVERYTHING. I feel kind of guilty that I have so much, but use so few things on a regular basis. Plus I am definitely a makeup magpie and always want shiny new things. I’m trying to slow my purchasing and focus on using what I have, but it’s hard!

No, but I do have to periodically edit and re-organize, or that could easily happen. I’m at a point where I need to do a bit of that now. It’s time to bring out some of the spring and summer lip colors I put aside in the fall and get them into my daily-use train case. I think I’ll wait until I’ve finished school (and know a little more) before doing a major edit.

I recently defeated the “overwhelming” feeling of a large beauty collection. The secret?! Dekrappifying! I went through my entire collection! Then I pitched out old products, gave away good stuff I never touched, & sold a few items still new in box. It was time consuming and hard to let things go…but now I have a carefully curated collection of items I know I will use. The trick is to be careful what I add from here on out. Focus on purchasing things that will enhance use of what I already have with the occasional splurge on something super special.

I used to before it was organized in a way that was intuitive to me. But now that I rotate so often and keep like products with like products, never. I’m also so familiar with what everything does/what it is/which specific effects I can achieve with it that it’s rare I’m not going into my collection with something of a plan.

Yes! I have finally reached a point where I have more eye palettes and lipsticks than I know what to do with. I’m trying to alternate palettes every week (or two for anything the size of the UD Vice palettes or larger) to make sure everything gets some use, but what I really need to do is come up with a better system of organization and do a no-buy for a while.

(But the Too Faced Peach palette and the new Tarte foundation and….???)

Yes when I can’t find something that I know I own. For the most part I have it organized by type of product and brands within that product. I still can’t find stuff.

Yes, but I rotate my stash to ensure everything gets used. Whenever I’ve given stuff away I’ve always regretted it in the end, especially if it was LE or hard to get hold of; six months down the line I’ve discovered a use for a particular item which I no longer have πŸ™ These days I’m more organised and before I buy anything new I check to see whether I already have a dupe.

sometimes yeah, because i feel i have too much for one person and when i do my makeup i tend to go to the shades i use the most or whatever thing i just bought and i forgot about some products.

Yes lately I don’t know how to organize it and I feel like I have too much. I need to buy a proper vanity to store it better cause so far all I have is one drawer where I keep my makeup and some jewelry and a bunch of makeup bags. One makeup bag with eyeshadow palettes, one with lipsticks, one with eyeliners/eye primers, one with high end goodies and mascaras. I don’t think I’ll be buying any more eyeshadows any time soon though so the plan is to limit my spending from now on.

Yes! I am actually in the process of reorganizing my stash and it has been great in the sense it has allowed me to let go of a bunch of things I do not use, rediscover products I have but haven’t had ready at my fingertips, but completely overwhelming in the sense I know beyond a fraction of a doubt, I will not ever remotely use the product I do have before I’m onto something new. After years of wanting to do a complete master bedroom bathroom/ walk-in closet redo (the two rooms have a common wall, but separate access from the Mbdrm), I’ve settled for setting up a separate area in my walk-in with a new makeup station. I did it on the cheap with a basic IKEA order for my makeup table, chair, and storage. I now have limited myself to 2 Ikea Alex rolling storage units, and the drawers in my makeup vanity table. I feel better for having tackled the project and paring down my clothes and makeup hoards simultaneously and donating to people who want/enjoy the contribution. Everything feels streamlined, and I have easier access to all my stash. Even better: I did it for less than $1,500. The big project will have to wait. We have other priorities.

I recently did a full inventory of my whole collection and organized it into an excel spreadsheet. I was feeling really overwhelmed with those numbers when I realized how much I really have. At the moment, I’m trying to declutter my life after reading “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and I’m trying to apply that to my makeup collection. I will always have a lot of makeup because its something that I love but to be fair, i don’t love every item in my collection.

I don’t feel overwhelmed by my collection anymore. I used to when I was younger and I had too much. My collection is well edited, I stick with what works for me, and I do my research before I buy anything new. I don’t have products I don’t use. My profession isn’t beauty, so I don’t need a whole room devoted to it.

Once in a while a do. I’d love to narrow my collection by things I just love, but I have a hard time letting go of the products I have lol, little by little I am learning to pick and choose my products better rather than just collecting.

I went to clear out some makeup from my collection yesterday and just ended up rearranging it…so yes, it’s a semi-problem. What I usually do is wipe everything down so it’s all clean and usable and then keep my everyday products in my caboodle for ease of use. The rest is staying in my vanity until I run out of room.

No, I feel very happy and blessed to have a collection of beauty products that I love to use. I used to be somewhat overwhelmed when I was holding onto every single item that held any sentimental value, but I let that go and realized that the memory is beautiful and lasting whether or not I have the lipstick case.

I love having choices and I usually have a very clear idea of what products I’m in the mood to wear. Now that my daughter is exploring and enjoying beauty products, we’re both having fun with my collection. When I see her really loving a particular item, I truly enjoy gifting that to her.

I never feel overwhelmed by my collection of beauty & skin care products. I’m glad to have so many. I may not be able to find a particular 1 sometimes, but that is because I set it down in another spot & it is not in its usual place. I’m just glad to have a good collection.

OMG yes, every day. I keep thinking I’ll de-clutter and purge stuff as I am rapidly losing storage and counter space, but yet I can’t seem to part with anything in hopes that I can find use for them somehow. When I finally do manage to throw something away, it feels like a major achievement.

No, not really. When it’s organized, as it is just now, then I feel it’s manageable. I plan on getting better storage for my makeup soon.

I get use out of pretty much everything I have unless it performs poorly or doesn’t suit my skin type or skin tone. I learned a long time ago what works for me and what doesn’t so I’m good at avoiding products that are no good to me, no matter how pretty they look.

One day I’ll reduce the size of my collection. I know that I do not need hundreds of lipsticks to be happy and prepared for any eventuality and that keeping things for years ‘just in case’ means I’ll likely never use them. I’m not ready to let go just yet. When I can start to downsize it will be a wonderful day I think. I think I’m close to giving up this addiction. I hope so! I can still buy and enjoy makeup but not to the same degree as before. ?

I do. It’s so unorganized. I have a cabinet that I had made. But, I never got around to buying dividers for inside. So, it’s still overflowing my Ikea Alex and some small boxes and on top of my vanity. A mess! I have way too much stuff honestly. I bought too many palettes and sets at Holiday. I haven’t even used some of those once. I’m trying to be better about that now. I really need to pull it all out , sort,get rid of stuff, and organize it. I think I’d feel better. I love my stash. I don’t regret any of it. I just can’t stand the mess right now, lol! I also have doubled and some good stuff I could probably sell. So, I need to figure that out too. No idea how to sell makeup. So, if anyone does, feel free to LMK. ☺️

So funny. I was just thinking about this. I do sometimes feel that way regarding my nail polish and lipstick collections, even though they’re well organized. The eye shadow and blush are more under control. But the nice thing about having a lot of colors is that when a new shade comes out, you can usually find one in your stash that matches it.

I did before I reorganized. previously, I had everything in acrylic storage but then I moved it into my Alex drawers and now almost my whole collection minus my skincare fits in the top two drawers. I also recently streamlined my skincare routine so now it all fits in my shower/one shelf of my medicin cabinet which is awesome! I’m a new beauty collector though so I’m always looking to experiment with new products, which is the best part for me!

Yes. I get overwhelmed but nothing is organized well so I am not surprised. I sometimes get upset at myself for buying things I already have in similar colors or just plain forgetting about things–so it just sits there unused. Christine’s response is inspiring, BC her collection seems enormous.

No, I’ve got a smaller stash of everything other than lip products. I got rid of a lot when I left the USA to live in the EU. I haven’t been able to really haul significantly since returning. What I need to do is organize what I have.

Words cant describe how happy i was to see you use my question! thank you so much Christine and everyone who participated.Its great to see im not alone in sometimes feeling overwhelmed but i do agree though organization is key.

If I find myself not using a product as much or loving it I pass it on or sell it. I have also set a monthly budget for makeup. I have been working on not falling into all the hype of new. Products and really working on making smart purchases for products that I need. It’s hard to do but it feels good to cleanse my collection and only keep what I truly love! The reality is makeup does go bad and I could save my money for other things. It’s nice to have a lot but it’s also wasteful.i recently purchased a small makeup organizer and I rotate my products weekly to ensure each piece is getting loved.

I’m trying to do these thing too, especially researching products before I buy and not giving into the hype. I need to get better at letting things go.

Of course they do., its part of the OCD gene ir trait tht all hoarders share. They cant move and even have panic attacks when going into store to look at bew collections. One gal confided she had to leave mall and get composed before she could go back. It overwhelmed her..too many choices and she naturalky wanted it all.
I feel sorry for all the gals on here who cant stop. Millions are hungry and old folks hines and hospitals are great place to donate.

I try to donate anything I don’t use (get as a gift/part of a set/in my Glossybox/etc) to my local women’s center (along with a care package I try to send in when I can with socks, underwear, tampons & pads, toothpaste & toothbrushes, Vaseline-type stuff, deodorant, chocolate, etc). A lot of women there leave their homes with nothing and items like makeup & chocolate in addition to basic necessities are a really good pick-me-up or way of reclaiming their bodies.

No, I never feel overwhelmed with all the makeup that I have. It’s very well organized and I know what I have. But sometimes I don’t know what color lipstick to wear or eyeshadow or eyeliner! The best way of resolving that is I reach in and grab something and whatever I grab is what I use for the day. πŸ™‚

Not any more, but I did. Then I read the Art of tidying up, by Marie Kondo, and changed my perspective on not only make-up, but everything I have. I’m much more of a minimalist these days, but I still love an array of eye shadow palettes.

OMG I can’t wait to be able to sort out stuff that way (though a bit altered to suit me of course), but I have to wait until my spine is sorted out and that may be a while and it is driving me up the wall! I’ve got the spring cleaning jitters + some OCD that’s been more of a problem lately so I just want to organize and downsize EVERYTHING and I can’t until my body is okay. Argh. I shall live vicariously through fellow Kondo-ites for now!

I don’t (anymore). I am organized about it and do a different look weekly so that it gets good use. I have come full circle with my trying out other brands am back to only buying from a few brands – it keeps things simple and I don’t have FOMO anymore when I see launches from other brands. I love my stash and have gone to great lengths to curate it and have exactly what I like. It makes me happy just thinking about it – how it looks displayed, my options, the brands I have and collect from, etc. I have dedicated areas for display and organization and that’s helped me keep a lid on overbuying as well.

A tad – I do have quite a few eye shadow palettes…….
But luckily I am working through my lipstick collection, tossed a few and I am using them all up. I decided awhile ago to just use one foundation, blush and mascara at a time and that has helped.

What did you find were the best ways to sort out your lip products? I find that’s the one area where I could stand to get rid of a few. I’ve already started (mainly ones I haven’t used in a while, or got in a subscription box/as a gift and will never use) and swatched a bunch, but I still feel like I could do with a bit more of a clear out. Any advice?

I feel overwhelmed all the time. My collection is still pretty new and small-ish. But I have a ridiculous amount of liquid lipsticks that I have purchased and don’t even use. I’m a huge fan of unconventional lip colors, but went without wearing any kind of lip products for the longest time, because I had the feeling of my lips being slippery or sticky, and especially with darker colors I hate that they move around and need to be kept up with. Then I got introduced to KVD liquid lipsticks, and bought a TON of colors so because previous to that I had no lip colors. Now that I have discovered LA Splash liquid lipsticks I don’t even touch my KVD ones! The LAS had more colors that I like and I prefer the formula. I’m also digging the Colourpop satins as well. Now I don’t know what to do with my KVD LL in all these colors I don’t even like πŸ™ other than that though, my collection is pretty small.

NOPE!!!!! I always reorganize every few weeks. I have a system that I have used for years, especially being I have OCD!!!! I am so organized because of this. If I haven’t used it in a few weeks, I give it to my granddaughters, because I now I’ll probably never use it again. I just have to learn to stop buying so much makeup. But I am sure this will never happen.

Yeah I keep my really organized too (Generalized Anxiety Disorder with some OCD tendencies) so I have a rule where I can only fill X space or X slots with Y product, and then if I want more I either have to declutter my stash, or redo my storage if I think it’s warranted.

There are times when I am overwhelmed by all I have and end up just doing something very simple so that I do not have to deal with it. I do have everything pretty well organized and once a month I will rotate products in or out of my top draw just to make sure that I use them. I also try to declutter once every other month.

Yes! I sometimes wish I hadn’t pursued collecting so much. I love makeup, but if I don’t use it, I end up passing it on to my mom or friends or donating some of it. I wish I had a smaller collection to be able to rotate through it more (especially the eye shadow palettes), but I’m getting better! I do need to come up with some strategy to rotate through palettes including waking up a bit earlier in the morning πŸ™‚ haha

Do feel overwhelmed by my collection of lipsticks. Skin care… I usually finish those off. Even other makeup stuff more or less. But not the lipsticks. Ireally wish lipsticks came in mini sizes.. So i can use them up and not be overwhelmed by the quantity. Also, i keep rotating my makeup according to seasons mainly.. So that everything gets used up atleast somewhat

Sometimes I wonder why I buy so much when I know I have plenty already……but justify it in that I don’t smoke, and rarely drink so its alright to have one vice right? *grins*

Dawn that’s totally my answer too. Every woman needs at least one vice to keep her human and interesting. As vices go it isn’t a very bad one: make up is not hurting my body, just my bank balance!

Not usually, but lately I’ve been a little daunted as I haven’t been able to apply makeup (physically my hands/arms/neck/back are not having the best time) and so the “staring at things I can’t use” aspect is jarring. BUT, I just got a really revealing CT scan a few weeks ago so we FINALLY know what’s wrong with me after over four years of decline, and it should be either fixable or very manageable. I think because I’m having to wait until late April to see the specialist about it and don’t know what specifically they’re going to say/do about my spine, my stash is being kind of triggering at the moment as it’s reminding me of the long wait. I think once I have a “plan” in place (hopefully just a few minor/minor-ish spinal surgeries) and start to see some difference, having a plethora of lipsticks and highlighters will actually be really freeing, as part of the “I am able-bodied” feeling I get is being able to sit down and pick out what I want to use for the day, and be reminded that I CAN use makeup at all.

I got extremely overwhelmed last year and major anxiety when I looked at my “collection ” when I first started watching YouTube I thought I need everything even if it dosent work for me I still want to keep it because it’s a “cult” fave . One day I woke up and realized all this stuff is gonna go rancid what’s wrong with me in only one person ! So whatever I was able to return back to the stores I did ( stuff that I didn’t love and never used) some stuff I donated to women’s shelters other things to friends and family them from there starting project panning and using stuff up and dwindled down to having only holy grail items and a year later I’m proud to say I’ve accomplished just that ! I only have one of each thing I love and I use stuff up before repurchasing and I even managed to make it 80% drugstore items to save me money in the long run woo hoo ! And of course the stuff that’s high end its because I love it and can’t find something better in the drugstore of that particular item . I’m no longer overwhelmed and love my little holy grail makeup collection nothing will go rancid and I feel pretty everyday wearing makeup that actually compliments me. Thank you for the project panning community even existing it’s amazing I recommend you guys checking it out πŸ™‚ as well as minimalist makeup collection videos I got great ideas from that

I definitely become overwhelmed with my make-up collections. I apps have very mediocre to poor organizational skills. I wish they could be taught for reasonable price. I know it takes too much time for that.

*raises hand and waves it around like crazy* LOL!

Yep I do. I’ve been in decluttering phase for a little while now. Along with identifying my “go to” products for everyday stuff like primers, mascara, etc instead of trying every new something that comes out.. Plus I’m re-evaluating my buying habits. I do a good job at rotating through products for the most part. Even I got rid of half the makeup I have, it would still be “too much” for one person. I do agree that organize is key. I have a couple of ideas I’m toying around with it. It’s an ongoing process.

Yes!! I’ve been downsizing over the last couple years. My goal is to get my collection down to two alex drawers, one for everyday use and one for fun/special occasion/holiday use. My big goal is to have little enough that I could use each item in my every day drawer at least once a week (so 7 or less blushes, 7 or less lipstick, etc.) with the exception of eyeshadow. And any other stuff with less usage has to fit in my special occasion drawer and if it doesn’t fit then I have to downsize/toss/or don’t get anything new.
I really love makeup, but I get overwhelmed trying to use stuff up (especially stuff I don’t love) and not using things I like. I’m sick of having 10 foundations, and not loving any of them. I’m just kind of done. I want to love everything I have and feel like I’m using it all.

I’m impressed that so many of you are organized and don’t have too much. I’m incredibly overwhelmed at the moment. I have too much of everything. Normally I’m on top of it but I’ve been in and out of the hospital lately and things have piled up. Hopefully my mojo will return any day now and I can sort through the palette pile on my vanity. It’s making me nuts!

I Do .. so I decided to challenge myself to use an eyeshadow palette per week and created different looks and colors. Lipsticks wise, different brand every day.

Also. I am on a no buy starting April till end of November. A huge challenge but I believe I can do it ..

Good luck! I was on a low/no buy last year and am doing one this year too. It has definitely helped me though sometime it’s still really hard! But I’m starting to change my thinking and I figure since I’m buying so much less now, if I really really want something, then I should just go ahead and get it. πŸ™‚


I think if I can think about makeup logically, I’ll be able to have more control on spendings and quantity.

If I like something, I look for dupes first to see if I own something like it or not. Then see the reviews on it.

This makeup addiction is bad :”D

Occasionally, but mainly with lipsticks more than anything else. I have somewhere between 60-80 lip products (I’ve lost count) and I LOVE lipstick so I often spend way too much time sitting there trying to decide what lipstick to wear to finish a look, or even what lipstick to wear when I’m only wearing brows.

I know how you feel! I started doing looks around certain lipsticks so that I would remember to use them. When I’m more organised I go through and decide which lipsticks I’d like to use that week or even the night before (giving myself plenty of options), then I do looks around those colors.

I tend to end up with similar things and it can sometimes feel overwhelming to have to go through them.
For instance I like to buy value sets, but almost all of them have trial size mascaras in them. Now I have 10+ mascaras that I need to get through, before they dry out!

Yes, sometimes…Realistically, I won’t be able to use up most of the products I have, but I like having lots of different options and trying out new products from brands that I like. As a result, I end up having much more makeup than I can wear and ever finish…but what can I say, I’m a huge makeup lover/junkie. :/ I AM trying to gradually cut back, though…

Sometimes I’m a little bit overwhelmed, specially because my collection is all over the place. I’m trying to organize it in a better way to have easy access to everything because right now is a nightmare to reach some of the products.

I could spend hours reading all the comments! haha. I felt completely overwhelmed about 1-2 years ago, and I still do a little bit. I love makeup and trying new things, but I realized that I am definitely not a collector and I hate clutter. I also really hate the idea of products going bad and it used to stress me out a lot to think of all my liquid/cream products going to waste. Anyway, 2 years ago I started low/no-buys and decluttering. Last year I really got into the project panning thing. I have definitely reduced my collection to a more manageable size in some categories, and some categories, like lipstick and blushes are still huge. I’ve found through panning how long things take for me to actually use up so it’s really helped me think twice about buying lots of stuff. I try to do a lot of research before I buy products now. I agree with most of the others on this thread as well, organisation is definitely really important. I go through my collection regularly and re-organise and declutter.

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