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Yes it does! I am far more likely to buy products of brands that don’t test on animals! I should probably start buying ONLY brands that don’t test on animals, how about I start right now! It breaks my heart to think about how these little creatures are tortured in the name of beauty. That should stop alltogether! So thanks for this question, it’s a very thoughtful one!

What really bothers me is really unprofessional company pages (ie Urban Decay) where they have a really active community but sacrifice professional image. What do I consider professional? Not posting blurry, near black “teaser” photos from their crappy blackberry. I like that these companies are will to get more in touch with their fan base but they need to hire a professional communicator, not some intern. NYX does a pretty good job and tends to be one of the more active makeup companies I follow.

Mostly no. Quality is more important than image in advertising. As I saw in every brand there are bad products. So I’m mixing up and dont stuck on brands.

Actually, no. What prompted it was when I heard myself say, “I LOVE Laura Mercier!”–and later realized that I own exactly two LM products. What I was really saying was, “I love the Laura Mercier image. I want to see myself, and have others see me, as the beautiful, sleek model in this season’s ads, and I identify with the company’s target market–older (well, middle-aged) women who are into elegance rather than glitz.”

And by the same token, there are some brands whose image I dislike so much that I find it hard to buy their products. This is actually pretty rational: if I buy their products, I’m telling them that their advertising/PR is working and they should continue it.

I don’t care about the image, but if they test on animals or not. I don’t believe in animal testing, especially not for something like makeup. 🙂

Yes, definitely. I’m quite cautious about using products that aren’t animal tested and the more I get a sense of social responsibility- like MAC with their AIDS fund and recycling program- the happier I am to give my money to them.

Yes but not overly so. There is one brand that comes to mind that I will never purchase from just based on their lewd image.

MAC impresses me with their charity work so they will always have my support (aka major haulage funds).

Yeah, I like it when companies make a social or ethical statement, like MAC with Viva Glam, or how Fyrinnae and UD clearly state that their products as vegan, or how Smashbox has teamed up with peta and other charities, etc.

But just the “image” itself — like, the branding, packaging, etc, can matter, too. Like, for example, I just cannot get past the packaging of the Tarina Tarantino line; the products might be awesome but the brand image totally turns me off!

I agree completely, I just cannot get past horrible packaging. I like simple, elegant things and if I’m going to shell out money for a product it better be packaged in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

I third this, Tarina Tarantinos packaging is so UGLY I couldn’t bring myself to give the entire line a second thought.

Yes I think it does. There aren’t many brands I dislike, but I don’t buy products by brands that test on animals.

I recently found out that American Apparel (ok not a 100% beautybrand but they do carry nail polish) has an image and some views I cannot and don’t wish to support, so therefore I’m no longer buying any of their products..

Now that I’m learning more about animal testing, I’m trying to move over to more brands that don’t practice it. Though, my bigger issue is whether or not the brand is affiliated in anything discriminatory or illegal.

Brand image isn’t too important to me. I look for consistent quality, creativity in product lines, and products that work for me. Image perception is completely fabricated, both by the beauty companies and the consumers who use, review, and discuss their product lines. I take everything I hear and read with a grain of salt, whether it is directly from the company or word on the street.

As long as the company is not over-the-top pretentious and run by *ahem* douches (see: American Apparel)… I would probably be willing to try their products.

i am more likely to buy products from lines that i am comfortable, familiar, or previously impressed by. but for trying something new, i think that it is fun to explore the many brands. my favorite thing is finding small boutiques online and testing out their products. sometimes i find some very nice products! plus they’re more unique that the typical MAC product (not that I don’t love MAC! lol)

It can, but I’m more concerned with quality than the image. Pretty packaging can draw me in, but if the quality of the product is lacking, I’ll ignore it. Some of the best products have virtually no “image” but have the best quality products out there – think Ben Nye, Graftobian, etc. You won’t find them in Nordstrom’s but the products are excellent.

I’d have to say not typically, if the product is good quality, I’d be likely to buy it. I know theres ton of controversy over MAC ever since Estee Lauder acquired the company, changed the products, etc. but I still LOVE MAC and buy it all the time. I guess if it was a personal experience with the company, that would change my opinion.

I despise the celebrity “faces” that are so photoshopped as to be unrecognizable. Why pay someone big bucks to represent your company and then completely distort their image (Julia Roberts) or edit it to the point of absurdity (SJP)? That kind of dishonesty in advertising does make me think twice about the integrity of the company. I also think that now-a-days it’s totally unnecessary to do animal testing.

I don’t like buying from brands that test on animals. I also like brands that give back, like MAC with their Viva Glam line.

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