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I do tend to go for darker reds and vampier colors in fall/winter, and brighter colors in spring/summer. Although I usually go for sparkly or shimmery anyway, so my nails are usually pretty bright (and right now, way too long but I can’t see my nail tech until Thursday).

Absolutely. For some odd reason when the seasons change, so does my overall make-up routine. The colors and finishes that I’m drawn to tend to vary from season to season. So my nail polish choices definitely change as well- I tend to prefer brighter, more vibrant shades in Spring/Summer, and dark or neutral/nude colors in Fall/Winter.

I use more saturated shades during summer/spring and pale shaes during fall/winter, but sometimes I “break” the rules and go full bright on gloomy days for a nice standout !!

Not really on toes but yes on my hands ! I am currently wearing MAC Carine Roitfeld Underfire red on toes and nothing at all on my hands but when spring/summer arrives I really wear all colours on my hands for a limited time though.

I tend to go for dark shades in winter and bright in summer. But whether it’s winter or summer I nearly always have dark nails for a night out. I love short dark nails, I have so many deep, dark, blackened purples & reds, and navy blues. But in summer I adore bright shades, especially on my toes, usually topped with something glittery. And like Christine says – it depends on my mood too!

Not so much… I go from Zoya Ivanka ( I still can’t believe they haven’t done my name) to Revlon Valentine to BL Jaffa. Doesn’t matter the season or weather, I’m just a sucker for changing my polish- it’s so meditative. Since I found these dollar polish removal wipes from Wags, I’m a virtual Tasmanian Devil of polish painting.

Sort of. I’m more likely to wear black or red nails in fall and winter and less likely to wear brights. Conversely I’m less likely to wear black or red nails in high summer and more likely to wear brights. But really I just wear whatever I feel like wearing.

They change more with my mood and plans than the seasons. 🙂

Little time/much to do: light colour that only requires a layer and that doesn’t look dreadful if it starts to chip and I don’t have time to fix it.

Much time/little to do: whatever I feel like. Right now, often dark, metallic colours. 🙂

No, Back in home we don’t have seasons and people just use any color. When I move to the states I kept the same routine.

No, I was wearing neon pink with bar glitters on top all winter. It just cheers me up when I’m having the winter blues. Like right now, because the roads are closed and we’re having yet another snow storm.

Like Christine, I wear what I want, but I am influenced by the season at times. I tend to wear more brights in the spring, but the whole “pastels in spring, vampys in winter” thing is not an ironclad rule with me.

I no longer change my polish colors based on the season. I do my own manicures and change my polish several times per week. I have a large collection and prefer neutral colors over anything. I will use bright colors if the weather is really bad, makes me think Spring.

I half-follow the rules for seasonal nail colors, but only because certain colors in certain seasons make sense. Ultimately though, my mood dictates the color I wear, regardless of what the rules say I should be wearing.

I never wear pastels in fall and never extremely dark colors in late spring/summer. Even thought I restrict myself somewhat I still feel like I have plenty of options. Lots of colors and finishes to choose from.

I wear whatever catches my attention. I change my nail polish several times during the week anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. When I ran out of choices and shade ideas, I just search your blog for polishes that have gotten good reviews. 😀

In the spring/summer I wear more brights/neons/pastels and in the winter, I wear darker blues, greys, purples (almost black). But I’ll break it up with whatever fits my mood or if I’m planning a specific look for an outfit.

Another vote for mood. I can’t wear fingernail polish so it’s only on toes. It can snow September thru June with some in July. I like summery colors if winter is getting to me or dark navy in July if it fits my mood.

I don’t have any seasons where I live so it just epends on my mood. I’ll usually alternate between something in the pink/red/coral family and something completely different (blue, green, yellow, taupe, etc.) just so I don’t feel like I’ve been wearing the same colour for a long time.

No not really. When I started wearing polish I always wore the bright colors whatever season it was and now I am more of a tone downed polish kind of girl. I just wear whatever I like

I never used to do that but the older I get…..although I was recently wearing a hyacinth color as it snowed so maybe I’m getting braver again!!!

I change mine up somewhat for the seasons. Dark/vampy in fall and winter, pastels in spring, bright in summer. Glitter anytime. 😀 I have so many polishes that I have plenty of colors to coordinate with the seasons! 😉

yes!! Mostly just because of all the new collections..right now I’m wearing a lot of nudes and softer colors transitioning to Spring..it’s a nice break from all the rich/deep colors of fall. But..I’m not afraid to rock a dark nail in the summer!!:))

I probably reach for neons less in winter and avoid deep reds and dark neutrals in summer, but if I really want to wear a certain color, I’m just gonna wear it!

I’ve always said I will wear whatever colour I feel like wearing regardless of the season, but over the past autumn/winter, I definitely found myself steering towards the miserable dark/neutral shades. I love wearing bright pink normally but I just thought it wasn’t the right time, so I guess my nail polish does change with the season.

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