Do you wear makeup that is appropriate for the occasion?

Do you wear makeup that is appropriate for the occasion? Or do you break those “rules”?

It depends on exactly the occasion. For things like job interviews, funerals, and the like – I absolutely would observe general rules of appropriate makeup. If, on the other hand, I know my family accepts but certainly thinks I’m prettiest in less makeup, I tend to do whatever suits me at that moment in time or how I feel.

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Eileen Avatar

Of course! Half the fun of makeup is the ability to transform my look to fit the occasion while remaining true to my own esthetic. Sometimes that means following established norms for things like so-called work appropriate makeup; sometimes it means being free to express myself more creatively.

Miss J Avatar

Yes, but I am the one who gets to define “appropriate.” 🙂 Unless there is some written guideline of what is appropriate/inappropriate for an occasion then I am the one who is deciding what is or isn’t appropriate, not everyone’s definition is going to be the same.

Kelly B. Avatar

100% agree!!!
I am my own woman who fully understands how to operate appropriately in our society without giving up my personal expression. I see wearing cosmetics, clothes & accessories all falling under the same category. To me, balance is the key, respecting the environment but respecting myself enough to allow my own style to be incorporated.

Jennifer Avatar

I would agree that on occasion there is a time and a place for flamboyant make-up. I’m not going to show up at a funeral with green and purple eyeshadow. I do work a job that requires me to wear a uniform everyday and for my hair to be above the collar. Different colors of eyeshadow and lipstick are the only way for me to be creative and show off a diffrent look. I still have to be conservative and tasteful to an extent because I am a supervisior, but my inner rebellious side wants me to look different than everyone else.

blueraccoon Avatar

I usually do, I guess. I mean, if I’m at a funeral I’ll either wear no makeup or very minimal and neutral makeup, and if I’m on a job interview I’ll try to look professional and put-together because that’s the impression I want to convey. At a wedding or a party I’ll be more sparkly or fun or bright, and when it’s just me and my friends I go for the basics if I wear anything at all. Work, though, I guess I break the rules because I can pretty much wear whatever I want so long as it’s not completely over the top, so I play around a bit.

Sunny Avatar

I try! My normal daily life is more about testing stuff out than actually wearing makeup (since I work from home). I wear some for fun when I go out with my friends, but I don’t tend to go all out. When there’s a blogger event however, I feel I can wear more without being self-conscious. I am there as a beauty blogger, and what’s the point of having all these cool things without actually using them? 😉

Alison Avatar

Absolutely! I see “appropriate” as being what seems right at the time. I don’t wear heavy makeup to go to the beach, and I don’t wear neon or New Year’s costume makeup to someone else’s wedding!

I don’t see why people view rules or propriety as limiting. I think that taking into consideration time and place is a sign of respect and kindness. As for others enforcing their personal “rules” of what’s right on you “No woman should wear makeup”/”Wearing makeup makes you shallow and stupid”, that’s not really a rule, that’s just their problem and has nothing to do with propriety at all!

Sarah Avatar

While I’d always wear appropriate makeup to something like a wedding or funeral, I don’t do “daytime look” which as far as people seem to shove at me, means MUSTBENEUTRAL. My work is as an artist so I can wear whatever I want, and I pretty much do. I don’t walk around with theatrical makeup but my daytime eye is often brightly coloured. People are just used to seeing me like that, though, and tend to think I look tired or unwell if they see me wearing brown or taupe shadows!

Yelena B Avatar

Usually I always wear appropriate make up to work and special functions like weddings. I will change my lip color most when I’m going out with my friends. For example my parents hate the red lipstick but sometimes a girl just needs to wear her red!

Lark Avatar

Probably not, but it’s so Eye Of The Beholder. I know when conservative is needed, but otherwise life is for living. I wear red lipstick to the skeet range; Shocking! Then the other women started it. It had just never occurred to them. People don’t care or get intrigued.

I do my thing, and bollocks to the boorjoys.

Kelly B. Avatar

Love your attitude! True to yourself and still respecting when it REALLY matters to follow the more conventional exectations, which isn’t that often.

I think 99% of women know when it is honestly respectful or wise to follow conventional wisdom like the funeral example given in many comments. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t put a touch of personal expression into your look. I don’t attend weddings or funerals unless I am truly close to the person…so if I wore a neutral eye with tasteful purple eyeliner…it would be appropriate. I wouldn’t wear lingerie or a clown face. It’s relative and as Miss J so perfectly stated “I am the one who gets to define appropriate”.

lexy Avatar

Meh sometimes. I don’t observe the ‘dont wear dark colors during the day’ (I’m caucasian). I guess the only times I would observe ‘appropriateness’ is whether or not I’m going to a wedding or church.

Rachael Avatar

Sometimes I wear bright red lipstick to go to class. It’s not exactly “appropriate”, but sometimes I need a little ‘pick me up’ to get me out the door.

Annija Avatar

Obviously, I wear what I think is appropriate, but I suppose some might disagree. I have worn bright red/fuchsia lipstick or disco purple eyeliner to work (I work in a news agency), but I think it’s ok, it’s a rather free-spirited workplace.
Putting on my makeup is actually one of the best parts of my day, so once I’m finished, I’m not shy about it!

Nikki Avatar

I always tend to wear what others probably consider “appropriate” make up because I like to wear natural make up (AKA the “no make up” look) on the regular. When I do dress up my make up, it’s only for festive occasions like the holidays, weddings, nights out on the town, and such.

Rebecca Avatar

Its interesting I saw this today, just this morning I was getting ready for a funeral and being someone who is very creative daily with makeup I actually had to think how I wanted to do it today so it was suitable. On my eyes I opted for matte neutrals rather than my usual deep or shimmery noticeable shades and waterproof liner and mascara and kept my cheeks and lips natural. I think people can do what they wish on occasions with their makeup but there are times when you should tone it down a tad and save the bright lipstick and sparkly shadow for another day.

Ensilumi Avatar

It depends. For a funeral, job interview, wedding, the like? Then I’ll do appropriate.
In everyday live, I do what feels right. I’ll wear bright pink or red if I want to if I know I can get away with it.

Layla Avatar

I prefer to think of “appropriate” make-up for certain occasions like funerals and job interviews as part of the creative process, rather than a way of stifling my make-up method. For example, I would put together a slighter sweeter/ fresh-faced (not sure if I’m describing this well) look than my preference (eg no eyeshadow crease, just a pale pink or taupe eyeshadow, and definitely less eyeliner and eyshadows coz I’m a winged liner fiend) for a funeral so that I convey my respect for the occasion.

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