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Because I have tan Asian skin, my lips are highly pigmented and uneven. I can’t ever wear a gloss on its own, my uneven lips show thru that’s not flattering at all. But I do layer glosses on lipsticks all the time. The liquid lipsticks tend to be very opaque and glossy so I don’t layer them,

Almost never…my lips are naturally a gross grayish color, so I always have to add a little color with lipstick before gloss.And it just lasts so much longer that way.

I wear lipgloss alone just as often as I wear it layered. A lot of times, I want color without having to go through the ordeal that is putting on lipstick, so I’ll slide a nicely pigmented gloss on and go πŸ™‚

I pretty much only wear lipgloss on it’s own, for some reason when I layer it it makes the lipstick look awful…

I love to wear Lipglosses on their own once in a while. Let the colours breathe out a bit..hehehe, But to be honest, since I have very pigmented lips, especially in the top part, I tend to steer away from wearing sheer-ish lip glosses on their own. I prefer those glosses that are pigmented, Like Chanel’s Jalousie. And some of Guerlain’s pieces.

And on an unrelated note Is Chanel Coco Shine abit like a lip gloss in a stick form? Was thinking of investing in one, but am afraid of the colours being too sheer and not making an impact on my already pigmented lips. :p

I agree with christine that the rouge coco shines are pretty sheer. I also have pigmented lips and the two colors i love to wear are Monte Carlo and Romance.

All the time! I rarely wear lipsticks since my lips are way too dry… Japanese glosses, such as RMK and Lunasol, are fantastically moisturizing on their own in contrast! And I adore the shimmer and shine of glosses.

Yes I do but they can be so annoying if its a windy day and your hair keeps blowing into it. I’m not comfortable with my ears showing (I’m convinced they stick out and will one day get this corrected) so I rarely wear it. I usually just stick to balms.

I have a variety of opacities of lip gloss and tend to wear all of them on their own. I tend to find them more forgiving when I’m in a hurry and more moisturising.

I got the Bobbie Brown trio for Xmas and they are very sheer so I’ll be using to try layering.

I never wear lipgloss, I find it sticky and inconvenient. I have long hair that gets stuck in it, and if I want to kiss anyone, forget it…

If I wear them, it is alone. But I’m much more a lip balm kinda gal because I’m always with bold eye make up and heavy eyeliner.
I personally don’t have the biggest lips in the world, so I really don’t think that layering gloss and lipstick is a good look on me and it feels quite messy.
Actually, I wear lipstick when I go out and just a tinted lip balm if I’m running errands. xoxo

All the time, but I prefer lipgloss that are hydrating and contain oils. I do not like drying products like LancΓ΄mes Juicy Tubes or long lasting products since I have sensitive lips.

I like the sheer colour of gloss on its own but I prefer tinted balms since I have really dry lips. I do have one Revlon gloss that I often wear on its own, a nice peachy coral. The other one I wear a lot of a Lanolips coloured lip ointment. It isn’t technically a gloss but the oily formula makes it pretty shiny.

Yes, but generally I can only get away with it when wearing lighter shades. For some reason, dark glosses tend to bleed like crazy on me unless they have a very thick, tacky base. (Generally, on the rare occasion that I do wear a vampy gloss without lipstick underneath, I’ll fill in my lips with a nude-toned pencil and layer it over.) Actually, I’ve been wearing a lot of lipgloss alone this month since my lips have been unusually dry lately. Over balm, it wears a lot more comfortably, without highlighting the flaking and peeling that lipstick would. πŸ™‚

Hardly ever, in case I prefer lipglosses in stick, less “shiny”. Yes to lipstick on its own, my lips are a bit too “beige”, but just the gloss…naaa!!

I hate lipglosses πŸ™ many are beautiful but I never wear them alone. I hardly even wear layered over lipstick… lipglosses just make my hair stick to my lips and ugh hate it :/

Hearing this always weirds me out. I have really wild, long hair and don’t get it styled or anything, so it blows all over the place when I go out in wind. It’s been this way since I was a child, but from when I first started wearing lip gloss at about 11 up until now (20) I’ve never had my hair stick to it.

lol that’s so strange. You’re very lucky. I always have that problem. Even if it’s not that windy, I will somehow manage to get my hair caught up in my lip gloss. ack!

That’s so strange! Mine always sticks to my lips – I do have quite fine hair though, and a lot of it. Do you have thick hair by any chance? Maybe its something to do with the length of it too? Mine is just below my shoulders. And I never tuck it behind my ears, would you say you do that to stop it? I’m so curious!

All the time πŸ™‚ I tend to go in phases–some times I want gloss, sometimes I want lipstick. I rarely layer, for some reason.

ugh, never. I’m so not a gloss person lol I have a weird thing where I rub my lips together a lot. Any product on my lip has to feel completely invisible or I rub them raw.

That’s the only way I ever wear lipgloss. I prefer lipsticks to lipglosses but I wear one thing or the other… layering feels heavy on my lips (or it’s just my imagination) and I don’t like messing lipgloss brush with lipstick.

Now that I know KIKO I often wear gloss. That is I have been wearing gloss for a few weeks ! I am more a lipstick or a lipstick shine woman ( Coco Shine, Guerlain Rouge Automatique Shine etc.. ) but glosses are quite long-wearing and give a natural look.

i wear lipglosses only to use up the 1s i have. i quit buying lipglosses long time ago. don’t care for them. i consider them a waste of money, cos i like things opaque.

On it’s own is usually the only way I wear gloss. I feel like layering feels too heavy and messy, and I want to take it off right away.

Occasionally if it is for a night out I will put a touch of nude lip liner under my gloss to make my lip shape more clean and perfect, or I will dab a teeny weeny bit of gloss on my lipstick to make the center pop, but thats the most layering I do, and I do it pretty rarely.

I wear lipgloss all the time in class and in school. I wear lipstick to school too but not as often. So since school my life right now, I wear lipgloss a lot!

I wear lipgloss more frequently than lipstick. While I like to layer lipgloss it over matte lipsticks, I almost always wear it on its own. I have full lips, so I prefer a sheer, shimmery lip over an opaque lip.

I prefer and virtually only ever wear gloss, on its own. I haven’t bought into the red/berry-lipped hype either. My darkest and least glossy lipstick is Nars Dolce Vita. Gloss forever!

The only time I ever wear gloss alone is when I’m home and I need moisture like NOW. Otherwise, I’m more of a lipstick girl who likes to dab on a tiny dot of gloss and let that give a nice calm shine to the whole situation, lol.

Of cause I wear lopgloss on its own, especially colors which are similar to my lip colour like Nars Orgasm, Pivee, MAC Prrr or Baby Sparks.

I do like lipgloss alone. It is easier to touch up and I worry less about how it looks throughout the day. The only time I layer is when I don’t like the lipstick shade I put on and want to still use it up.

Yes. When I was younger (11-14) that was what was normal. Young girls didn’t wear lipstick, but gloss was easy to wear and cute. Now I usually wear bare lips, but plain lipstick or plain gloss are the next most common, then layered.

YES, Sometimes a sheer wash of color compliments a strong eye. I keep a nude shade in my purse at all times, in case I need a hint of color.

Yes! It’s practically all I wear on my lips 99% of the time. Gloss is my all time favorite beauty product. I’m infatuated with them and buy them on a regular basis! I tried to love lipstick as well, but it tends to dry out my lips (so I must layer gloss on top). I’ve come to realize that pigmented or opaque glosses are a better choice for me: they give me the color punch I want along with the shine factor I prefer in one step. MAC’s Tinted Lipglass is my absolute favorite formula! If you can’t tell already, talk of lip gloss excites me! Lol

I take a one-product-at-a-time approach for lips in general, with exceptions for some balm when I need it. I’m drinking water and tea constantly, and if I’m going out for a while there’s probably going to be food involved at some point, so I just don’t see the point in doing a complicated lip look when I’m going to be redoing it several times!

Not usually. I like to layer lipgloss over a lipstick in a matching shade–lipgloss is usually too sheer by itself for me. Occasionally, I’ll wear lipgloss by itself if it’s a really pigmented color.

I started out wearing pigmented glosses alone on my lips, then got obsessed with lipsticks, and now, sometimes, I wear a gloss alone on my lips. I don’t do it often. I really prefer pigmented glosses, but I’ve come to appreciate gorgeous sheer ones that layer well on other shades.

I mostly just layer on top of lipsticks. But if the gloss is very pigmented I could wear it alone. This new gloss I have my eye on, Chanel Marveille seems to be perfect to be used alone. But I will have to wait until february to get it πŸ™ . I would never use a sheer gloss alone though.

BM in Dolly only because it`s quite nude on my pink pigmented lips and doesn`t wash me out. Not longlasting, though:/. Guerlain liquid l/s extrait something in Luxure is beautiful brick red and has good lasting power. Tricky to apply on thinner lips so I have to use a lipbrush.

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