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I do wear blue shadows to go with my eyes but I don’t wear it very often alone; usually in a combination with another colour. But still don’t do it that often, experimentation has lead to finding colours that make my eyes pop!

My eyes are brown, so yes I do! I wear all shades because I work in makeup, and I don’t think there are any rules forbidding people to wear different colours if the application technique is right!

No I don’t really wear any browns on my eyes. I’m far too fair for it and it washes me out. When I do I try to keep them much softer than my eye color.

I have green eyes and wearing green is just a no-no, mostly because I hate the colour green lol. I usually wear purple and blue eyeshadow cause it really makes my eyes pop! Neutrals are boring.

Yes, I do. It’s kind of hard to avoid, since my eyes are the oddest mixture of green, blue and even grey, depending on the lighting. It’s quite annoying, actually, but I do love my grey eye shadows and will keep using them.

My eyes are multicolored, and I don’t think I’ve ever worn blue and green eyeshadows together that actually match my eyes. Otherwise, I love greens, but don’t usually like blues.

Not the exact same shade, but I do wear colours in the same family since my eyes are dark brown and it’s kinda hard to avoid brown shades. The colour I’m least likely to wear is blue, as I don’t think it does anything for me.

I have light blue eyes and I wear blues although not a lot- turquoise, cobalt, navy, etc. but nothing that matches exactly though, I tend to avoid greys too for the most part since they tend to make my eyes look very grey.

I have dark brown eyes and most of my shadows are neutrals so, yes indeed, I wear shadows the same colour as my eyes. I’ve read that brown is the one eye colour to which that rule about not matching your eye and shadow colours does not apply. I don’t wear a wall of dark brown…I’ve usually got something lighter on my lids or at least on the inner 1/3 if I’m wearing dark brown shadow in the crease and outer lid and I’ll sometimes use a bright teal blue (like MAC’s Birds n Berries) under my lower lashes for a little hit of colour and contrast.

My eyes are dark brown and I love wearing browns and neutrals. I usually mix it with a little bit of purple or taupe eyeshadow, for some contrast. 🙂

Yes because I love blues and golds (blue with a gold inner ring lol). Honestly what shade your wear is a personal preference.

I personally love peach/apricot tones but I’m also aware that my eye can look green with it on. ^_^

My eyes are blue-green, and I don’t really like those colors for shadows. I will wear teal, navy, or deep emerald eyeliners. These make my eyes look greener.

Yes I do – my eyes are hazel (green/brown) and I find it’s not so much the overall colours to make them “pop” but the application. And with hazel eyes, there’s usually several colours in there anyway so it’s a bit hard to get away from!

I do not! I have blue eyes and am terrified of wearing blue eyeshadow! I am not experienced enough to figure out a way to wear it without looking totally 80s.

I have really dark brown eyes. I do use a dark brown eye shadow everyday, whether it’s in the crease or as liner but I only occassionally wear a dark brown all over the lid, as a smokey eye makeup.

My eyes are brown, so yes. I tend to use browns as shadows, since I wear a lot of neutral eye, and my fair skin makes very dark colors – like blacks – overwhelming if they’re not done subtly. Additionally, there’s a tiny bit of green around the edges of my irises, so I’ll occasionally mix khaki shades into the brown to make it stand out.

My eyes are a deep moss green. As much as I love green, I never wear it alone because then people see my green shadow; not my green eyes. When I do wear green, I smoke a dark reddish brown around the lashes for contrast. Using opposites on the color wheel makes eye color pop. Guerlain’s quad in Les Verts (Greens) is a perfect example of this concept: two beautiful shades of green, a soft taupe, and a dark brown with red undertones to use as a liner.

I’m blessed with eyes that are so bright green that I’ve actually been asked if I’m wearing colored contacts, so I want to play up my eye color to the absolute maximum.
I do that by wearing neutral shadows and either black or dark plum liner and black mascara.

I have green eye, and my favorite look is actually a green one! I love Humid, Lucky Green and Bows & Curtseys, that’s my ultimate green look 🙂 Every time I wear a green look I get complimented for it, so I suppose that I’m doing something right :p

The short answer is yes. I find lighter brown tones or brown shimmery eyeshadow really compliments my dark brown eye color in a way no other color does. Of course I wear other colors often as well!

All the time!!!

My ‘legal’ eye colour is hazel but they are never just hazel. What ever I wear, my eye colour picks up. I usually pair eye look with what ever shirt colour I am wearing.

I do love neutrals. Neutrals are my go-to eye look when I am in a rush or a loss for a look.

My eyes are a pale blue-grey with a few green flecks. I don’t really wear much green but I do love to wear a dark navy because I love the contrast between light and dark. And I love wearing greys, too. I love to do a little Groundcover (LE from MAC from this past summer) on the lid and Soft Brown in the crease to blend it out. The cool and warm combo is really flattering and even though those shades aren’t really striking on their own, together they look a bit unexpected.

Totally. Wearing cool or dark browns intensives my eye color (brown obviously)while warm browns make my eyes look more golden. Its awesome what color can do!

My eyes are blue, and I have, on occasions, worn blue eyeshadow. Though mostly dark blue, in the crease… anything lighter looks odd in my opinion.

I wear any color. I just love color. I find browns a bit boring so I rarely use it unless I use it with a color that pops. Or if I WANT a neutral look which is rare 😀

If I wear blue, blue-grays, blue purples, turquoise, or blue-y greens, it looks as if I haven’t GOT an eye colour. Literally. Or perhaps as if I haven’t got eyes, they look that insignificant dressed in blues. So, no.
I think perhaps because my skin colour is also insanely cool and pale (PALE!), the effect of matching gets even more intense? Because there’s no eye colour-intensifying dissonance between the tones of my eyes and my skin, I just look completely washed out. Cool bronzes, glowy browns and pinky apricots are infinitely preferable!

Nope, any green eye shadow makes my eyes look dull and less green.
Navy, on the other hand, makes the gold flecks of my eyes pop, it makes my eyes look lighter.

yep . A shimmery brown eyeshadow is my go to for when I dont know what else to do , or if I need to look professional that day

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