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Yes I do. Benefit plum, blue and brown mascara. The blue one is discontinued here but I just love the plum and brown mascaras. I also wear black mascara ( Bad Gal, They’re Real ).

I’ve never bothered–my lashes are really dark, like my hair, so I doubt it’d ever show up *g* I am tempted by that Sultra hair mascara, though, I have to admit. Anyone ever try it?

No; I tried back in the 80s, and although they showed up on my very dark lashes, they just didn’t apply evenly.

Max Factor had a blue-black, which was actually a deep, navy blue, and it was quite nice. Then, Revlon had one called Garnet Flash (I believe), and since I had black & crimson hair at the time, it looked amazing, and the formula was quite nice. Aside from those two, I haven’t found one that isn’t “sticky” or clumpy, nor have any colors appealed to me.

I would love to find one with a shimmery or metallic finish, in a deep jewel tone that actually has the same texture as “regular” mascara.

LOVE coloured mascaras!! Maybelline had a great limited edition teal-coloured one (called Teal Appeal if I remember right) that was out last summer but since I couldn’t find it this year, I picked up one from Inglot (in Electric Blue) and I’m really happy with it 😀

I have the same problem. I bought all of the Sumptuous colored mascaras from Estee Lauder as a treat one day and sadly not one of them shows up much on my lashes. :c I’m thinking of checking out my local costume shop that carries Ben Nye to see if they have a white mascara I use as a base to get them to show up. The mascaras are really gorgeous and I want them to work so bad…! Or maybe I’ll just check the Halloween makeup sets that are coming out this time of year…

Used to. I dont wear mascara anymore. My favorite was the blue mascara. I tried the light blue, black blue, cobalt blue….all sorts of blue variety. I bought all the colors from YSL…green, red, blues in the 80’s…but my all time favorite blue was Stendahl. It was not a black blue…just a dark blue….I have brown eyes, black lashes and Asian skin, and the blue made my eyes color stand out. The blue was not noticeably blue. I really miss Stendahl.

Never on top, but I do love to wear it on the bottom lashes now and then. My favorite colors would be deep burgundy, deep green, and plum. I just use gel liners or mix my own with pigments and lash mixing medium. F*** trying to find good colored mascaras in stores, I’ll just make my own!

I recently became obsessed with colored masacara. I love YSL and Dior. I have very dark brown eyes and almost black lashes. I use the MAC Pro Prime for lashes prior to applying the mascara and the color pops. I love it!

With red hair and hazel eyes, everything black looks blue and clashes with my skintone. I’ve been on a quest to find a great brown mascara, but have found that a plum or reddish brown looks even better. These colors are hard to find. There’s a company called “Just for Redheads” that sells mascara in red shades, but I have no idea what the quality is. Do you know of any reputable brands that sell quality plum/reddish brown/warm brown mascaras?

They simply don’t work on me. Most don’t show up on my sparse, dark lashes; and if I try to build them up to the point of showing, they always end up being a crunchy, clumpy, spidery mess. >:

I did in my early 20s 😛 I think it was Estee Lauder, they made hot pink, turquoise and purple…. I used to prime my lashes first with some white Dior mascara thing then use the colour, I thought it was pretty cool at the time!

Purple and dark red mascaras (Like Chanel Rouge Noir) are a must have for me. I rarely use black mascara, I find it too harsh so I rather go with brown if I don’t want any particular color.

Yes, but my lashes are so dark, it’s hard to tell unless I put a TON of it on. :/ Such a shame, because I think it’d be super fun to wear!

I used to, some years ago but now, I rarely wear any mascara at all, which I know some would consider a real blasphemy but practically every mascara I’ve tried (high end, low end, waterproof or not) leaves a smear under one of my eyes. Clarins has a product that helps and, oddly enough, Pur Minerals has a non waterproof mascara (and is it EVER non waterproof) that doesn’t do this but, generally, it’s just too much trouble if I can be almost certain I’m going to get that grey smear.

Agree with you. With black lashes, there’s not much color you can see with colored mascara. I tried Benefit Plum, may be it made my black lashes a little lighter black.

I used to have a blue Bourjois Paris one, but the colour didn’t really show up much. I’m sure some people can pull it off but on the whole I don’t think it looks good- the colour either doesn’t show up or you look like you’ve got some sort of eye condition… I had a classmate in high school who wore bright pink mascara, it always looked really weird to me.

I love, love, love colored mascara. Estee Lauder made a few shades that I absolutely love. My favorite being copper (I bought all they had on-line it was LE). Couple falls ago, they had garnet which made my green/hazel eyes pop and of course, they have violet which ends up looking like blacken plum on me.

I think they’re pretty but they make my lashes appear shorter and lighter (I want them to look longer and darker) so I don’t wear them.

Well, I wear auburn mascara which I’ve seen some people use as a colored mascara but on me it’s a neutral. Otherwise, no, the colors are usually so dark, you don’t see a big difference from black or they’re very bright which isn’t that flattering outside of editorials. But back in the 80s (in high school, I’m old!) we used to rock bright blue mascara.

Sometimes when i wear blue eyeshadow i’ll wear blue mascara. It actually makes the blue stand out more.

Sometimes, but it’s pointless. I’m always expecting to get more ooompf out of coloured mascaras, but it just doesn’t make that much difference on me.

Benefit plum all the time. I have black lashes naturally, but the plum just looks softer and brings out the green in my eyes a bit. I think it looks best with no other eye makeup, but I’ll wear it sometimes with neutral shadows because it looks more casual.

I feel the same way! I was all excited when I bought this purple mascara, but then I put it on and it just looked like I was wearing black. 🙁

I love them, but I agree that they’re kind of a bummer if you have very dark lashes. Mine aren’t quite black but very dark brown, and it’s enough that most colors only show up under strong lighting.

I do own a few purple ones but you can’t really tell that it is colored mascara. However like someone else mentioned it does look good with green eyes. The only mascara that I really thought worked though was from Lancome and a special edition called Lavande. I am also insanely fond of the Guerlain mascara that was gold. It was a special edition as well. You can defiantly tell when there is gold on the lashes but it is more of a top coat.

As much as I like colored mascara, I have yet to find a formula I really love. And a lot of the time, I can’t even seen the color in the light that I’m in.

I would LOVE to find a reasonably priced purple one with a good formula. I have very blonde lashes so if they’d show up on anyone, they’d show up on me.

Yes! On my bottom lashes. It’s a great way to add a hint of color to any look–especially for a neutral girl like me who is timid when it comes to wearing color.

I love blue-black mascara. I bought Cover Girl’s Lash Blast in blue and it turned out to be not very dark and barely shows up on me. I use it as a second coat over black mascara to give it a blue tint.

I absolutely love colored mascara! I think blue, purple or teal look best on me. The plum was just dreadful. My favs are BadGal Blue by Benefit, but I think the formula is too dry, so I add saline. Buxom Blue is also really nice. I prefer the deeper cobalt blues that have a hint of purple. They make brown eyes look amazing! I also love Fattylash in that turquoise color. That shade was surprisingly beautiful on. I just bought Maybeline Great Lash in Teal, so I’m hoping it looks a little like the Fattylash. I used to think no one could see the color on my black lashes either, but people always comment on how cool it looks, so they can definitely see it! I usually use 2-3 coats to make the color show up.

I am currently using MAC Zoom Lash in New Hue, which is a lovely soft violet color. I love the mascara, but the violet shade is not noticeable on my lashes; it just looks like a black mascara.

I notice here that among those who favor colored mascara, Benefit’s Plum and UD Fatty mascaras are popular. To those who think colored lashes are pointless, I’d suggest trying one high-end brand with undertones intended to pull out eye color. When I want a brown mascara I get one of DIOR’s beautiful CHESTNUT mascaras. They sell blue with deep VIOLET blue undertones that rocks for brown eyes or dark skin. I have been known to buy MAC mixing medium mascara base and add the pigment I want for fun. In a pinch I have dusted my lashes with eyeshadow to contrast my eyecolor, then brushed mascara over this and continued alternating coats. YSL also makes vividly colored mascaras. MUFE now sells a bunch of pretty ones, I have not tried but they seem keyed to match the liquid eyeliners. Lancome sells some brown and mostly black-brown colors, also a few blue, but they don’t seem to ‘pop’ much. I’d be in favor of adding a deep pewter or steel gray to the range of common choices, and maybe something ochre or golden for the blondes. Imagine, a copper with gold undertones to pop a blue-eyed blonde!!

FOr all you ladies with dark lashes…. Dior has a cobalt blue color in their Showstopper mascara line that pops more than any other color I’ve tried to date. I primed my eyelashes with a white eyelash primer, and sometimes when I was out I used white eyeshadow that I applied with a dampened brush.
Priming the eyelashes with white first REALLY helps.
Good luck!

I LOVE colored mascara, I’ll wear any color but lately I’ve been rocking purple. Also I love using glitter eyeliner over my lashes for a great effect or mixing pigment with clear mascara as well…I like to get creative!

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