Do you wear any makeup when you workout?

Nope! I definitely prefer to be totally bare-faced when working out or doing any type of activity where I know I’ll be working up a decent sweat. If it was just a walk around the neighborhood (and not in 110+ degree heat), some makeup would be fine but not a requirement.

— Christine
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Usually I do but it’s because I’m coming to the gym from work or another activity. I don’t wear a lot on my skin (usually just a hydrating sunscreen or IT CC and some blush) but I don’t really worry since I’ll be wiping my face a fair bit as I work out and then giving it a quick clean (with micellaire water or a toner or plain ol’ water) before heading home.

No way! I like to give my skin a chance to breathe with out any product on it not only when i’m working out, but at least one day on the weekend when I know i’m not going anywhere.

Sometimes, though not on purpose – I just don’t take off any makeup I had beforehand or avoid makeup because of it.
I don’t sweat enough for it to be an issue (even after running 5 miles!).

I always go to the gym directly from work, so I already have makeup on. I would never put on anything but tinted moisturizer otherwise.

It’s a funny thing I go minimal makeup in terms of face products during the summer but I try out a lot of face products during 40C weather (104F+ ish we get into the high 40’d with a humidex if the temperature is over 28C during the summer month from May to August.) for cosplay purposes. I usually wear my makeup for up 16 hours so it’s got to last through sweat, stage lighting, studio lighting and wearing too hot clothing and thick wigs all day. lol

Most days I just don’t wear foundations, it concealers and colour face products for me. I do have some slight the redness (very faint pink in the cheeks and chin) in my skin that people consider my natural colour (natural flush in my case). But when I come to not staying cool my face goes bright red very easily so this is why I need and love good full coverage foundations to mask it. 😉

When I do manual labour or working in a restaurant I might wear a long wear liquid lipstick and waterproof mascara but that’s it.

If I go to for a run or at a gym I never wear make-up. I prefer to have my face clean.
I wear minimal make-up if I go for a hike; and sometimes I would wear foundation and waterproof mascara when I attend races, since pictures are taken.

No way, I can’t be bothered. Any time I know i’m going to get sweaty, I don’t want to be wearing makeup. Especially if it’s outdoors, like on a hike, because I want to be able to reapply sunblock easily.

i do if i already had it on from earlier in the day or sometimes i’ll test new makeup in a workout just to see how it might perform in the summer when i’m sweating bullets

No I don’t. It feels gross to me to have makeup and sweat mixing on my face and neck. If I am going to work out after having makeup on such as going to the gym from another activity where I was wearing makeup, I would remove as much as possible with a makeup wipe. I have frequently applied makeup at the gym before going somewhere else.

I’ve got a confession to make; I do not workout. Not unless one considers my bi-monthly food shopping excursions and catfood run marathons “workouts”! Or my occasional getting up off the couch to dance to a song or two? Yep, I have a full face of make-up on whenever I go shopping. Before anyone wonders how I can call this a workout, let me provide some insight; I don’t drive, I haul everything back home in a large fold-up shopping cart that can weigh upwards of 150-200 lbs., and for 5 months of the year, I’m doing this in 100°+ heat! By the time I get home… I am one sweaty, stinky mess! ?

Hah I’m pretty much the same way. I do some dance workouts occasionally, but most of my exercise consists of walking to and from school for 30 minutes each way.

I can relate because a little sunlight + heat makes me dizzy and ill. I go for night walks and some daytime walks but I can’t leave the house for any reason without something to fix me up a bit. There’s always stretching and indoor balancing yoga. No one but my cat twins see me like that. ?

no, I don’t wear any makeup at all. I sweat so much and I usually hit the sauna when I lift. I also try to do double days where I go for a run after an intense lifting session. I do sometimes think that I need to look more presentable when working out or running errands.

I used to run marathons with my awesome Roadrunners group in the beach Venice – Santa Monica and them some. 10 full ones 26.2 those are the ones the real ones the entire thing when you feel the burn baby! Lol! You can still get a burn on a 13.1 and go all the way out since you know your not going to die is only half way so it is tons of much fun and many 10k’s, 3k’s. We all called each other crazy but it was a blast! Except the two falls I had omg! Lucky I still have a face to put makeup on! ??? Big Sur marathon was my last one trained like a horse for those hills! I pace lead for one season a group also.
I hate wearing spf but I had to of course face and body you must but I hated it especially on face. So ok. I would wear spf religiously, Chapstick the hard one since the softer ones like Burt’s Bees melt in the heat and will fall half off. I would wear only a bit of whatever is left on my blush brushes just swiped quickly early mornings cause I’m pale, later on running I do turn red then look rather healthy. My cheeks will turn red! I’m not a big sweaty girl though unless I press for the timing much faster not even in Summer though. Good thing I guess?

For a workout class or sports groups, then I would if I look sickly or very tired (BC of allergies or not sleeping well) so in that case then I might wear some concealer or foundation mixed in with sunscreen along with some lip color. I socialize in my workout classes and groups so it’s mainly to ward off concerned inquiries. But for a walk in the woods or solitary workouts then I wouldn’t.

This was a good question: I like that someone said they like to test makeup through a workout or mentioning photos for races. Useful tips.

I don’t do workouts as I have my two grand children around enough to give me lots of exercise – running around parks, taking them for walks, having Lachlan sitting on my legs and me lifting him up, carrying him around when he is tired.
And yes, I do wear makeup full time.

Not a chance. That would be hilarious.
I am a sweat-er. I mean a honest, water-rolling-off-my-head-in-rivulets kind of sweat.
Even my husband says I sweat more after a run than anyone he’s seen.

I figure that’s why I’ve always had such clear skin. I sweat all the impurities out, LOL.

I actually do! But it’s primarily to test my makeup before I try a product or a look for work.
Usually it’s nothing more than a tinted moisturizer, and I test either powders (highlighter or blush or setting powder) or eye pencils/eye liners or lipsticks over the weekends. I have very oily skin and I’m a beginner so I need to test products before I use them – I have had products fail on me in the past.
And during the week I just go directly to the gym.
But I make sure that I wash my face as soon as I’m home and clean it with a good cleanser; followed by skincare of course.

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