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I don’t have much time or patience in the mornings before heading off to class, so I tend to wear the same thing every day I have class. other days, I might switch it up, but more often than not, I stick to the same ol’ same ol’. if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, yeah? :]

If I don’t have a lot of time in the morning, I just stick with one of the two basic looks I have. Otherwise, if I have some time to play around, I’ll try something new.

I change my makeup to match my outfit. I love neutral-y eye makeup (like browns and golds), but I sometimes utilize peach shades to make it less predictable.

During the a heavy work/class week, not so much. The only thing that sees a lot of variety during the work week is my lip color – that I try to change up every day. Part of it’s because I work in an IV room, so all makeup has to be cream based with no fallout, and I’m currently in an organic chem lab that technically doesn’t allow for makeup at all. (Which, I assure you, not a single woman in the class pays attention to, instructor included, but I try to keep it light.)

On my days off, however, I do get more experimental and play around more with eye makeup. Those palettes need love at some point!

that is so funny. in my orgo labs no one ever mentioned not wearing makeup. are they afraid of eyeshadow particles getting in the way of Grignard reagent formation or something? LOL.

I think it’s more a general set of concerns, like powder fall out affecting compound purity or chemical reactions between experimental materials and those in cosmetics. The class lab itself is pretty loose with the warning, but areas of the campus where they do legitimate compounding and preparation of more noxious chemicals have much stricter rules.

I like to do a different look every time I do my makeup unless I am in a hurry, then I tend to fall back on one of a few stock, never fail looks that I know can get me out the door fast and with dignity. ๐Ÿ™‚

I treat my makeup like most people treat their clothes…I plan everything out (that I plan on wearing) the night before, and I try not to wear the same thing twice in one week. I just feel like I have so many products, especially eye and cheek products, that if I don’t do at least one thing different every day I’ll never use them all and then it would just be wasting products. ๐Ÿ™‚ If makeup never expired and money wasn’t an object it wouldn’t be a problem haha

I try to do this too! Otherwise I find myself in a rush in the morning and just reaching for the same, foolproof things.

I’m exactly the same. I think through what I want to wear and I make a real effort to use everything I have. Otherwise, I’d just constantly be reaching for the last thing I bought.

I do the same thing. Every day is a different look. I am a wife and mother of three. For the folks who are always in a rush LOL

I feel the same! I try to match my makeup to what I wear or atleast colors that would complement it. I tend to plan the night before so I don’t waste too much time in the morning. The goal is to try to use something new from my stash:)

I love neutrals and sometimes tend to fall into a rut even though I own about 100 MAC eyeshadows in various colors. Makeup blogs like yours help give me new ideas and mix things up so I don’t let all those pretty colors go to waste.

I don’t wear makeup everyday, but I try to change it up as frequently as possible since I have quite a bit of makeup to get through, and to have a little creativity in my life, lol. I’ve been kind of blah with the makeup lately, though, so I have been sticking to a few looks that are all very minimalistic. Now that I have some mixing medium on hand, I am going to try to get more use out of my pigments from MAC since they are kinda sad and lonely in their little container.

Well after buying all this make-up: primers, foundations, mascara, 5 shades of blue shadow, 20 tubes of gloss and lipstick and countless blush, polish, nail foils..Yes I do change my look everyday. If I don’t, all ths stuff will go to waste.

Most of the time I’m not wearing makeup, so I guess it’s not different everyday xP But my go-to looks, if I have one, usually changes every few months. Other than that, I try to use different products and come up with different looks (usually with products I’ve recently purchased) when I do wear makeup!

Yes, almost never repeat the colour for eyeshadows but I do use the same few lipsticks …
The makeup I have will probably last for my life time!
For technique,I am getting lazy now.. I normally only do the basic (lid+outer 1/3+outer V)…
Sometimes when I am in good mood and have too much time.. I change the style too to entertain myself. ๐Ÿ˜›

It’s a matter of pride for me to change my make up every day I work. Sometimes I do twice the same makeup but not more. I really love to change an to try some new colors schemes

I change products and look every single day. I feel it really difficult to stick to the same thing for long, and I think that makeup is such a fun and creative tool to experiment with thanks to colour, textures tec…

I have a couple different ‘go-to’ looks that I have perfected for short on time/running late or just being plain lazy but I try to change it up at least once a week and try a new or updated look. I keep a couple different items (a few lipsticks, lipglosses, eyeshadows etc) in rotation and when one gets used up or is no longer in good shape, I pull out a new item.

I DON’T like to have a ton of items open/used because I am afraid I won’t ever get to them all and it irks me to know that I have 10 lipsticks on the go, or 10 cream eyeliners on the go. I guess it’s an OCD of mine?

Non, non! I’m terribly boring in that regard. I just want to look like a naturally enhanced me, with occasional classic looks like smoky eyes, etc. If I tried to be all interesting I’d own too much rarely-used makeup!

Well,I do have a couple of go-to looks but I always try to change something – most of the times I just change the lipstick color. I try to rotate my stuff otherwise I don’t get to use them all.

Yes I have to ! I have more than 40 blushes and more than 100 lipsticks so I change every day. I really love changing but I never wear too much make-up. My routine is a blush + an eyeshadow combination ( 2 or 3, sometimes just 1 ) + a pretty lipstick.

I’m always wearing a different look because I love to play in my makeup toy box. Sometimes if I’m running late for work, I have a go-to 5 minute face look but for the most part I prefer to change it up.

to work, not usually. i might mix up blush but that’s it. having to get up at five means i cut as many corners as i can…plus i cant look that fancy for work anyway!
in my personal life i mix it up a bit more since i have more freedom there!

I don’t wear makeup every day, and I used to stick to several go-to looks until I started running a blog! I don’t think anybody wants to see the same FOTDs or EOTDs every time I do them, so I try to incorporate new products and technique!

Yeah, I tend to switch it up daily, which is the only way I can justify having the massive collection that I do. It’s one of my life’s great pleasures I think, haha! I probably wouldn’t if I always had to get up early for work or school, but since I pretty much only work evenings I have lots of time to spend on my makeup.

yes, my foundation/highlighter/bronzer are all the same for the most part, but my eyes, lips, and blush are always different.

I have my basic look. LM tinted moisturizer, Nar pressed foundation, Maybelline Bad to the bronze, Mac’s: Summer Haze, a mascara (go between Bad Gal and L’Orea), blush (go between MSF in Blonde, Ladyblush, Nar’s PennyLane, or LM Innocent peach)and lips LM lip shine in apricot. I really only change it up at night.

I try not to wear the same look 2 days in a row. I might rewear products but not 2 days in a row. So I wore purple eyeshadow yesterday I’ll probably wear gold or something today. Though I do often repeat lip and cheek colors. My latest obsession is tipsy by tarte. I do have a go to look for when I just don’t know what to do and I’m in a hurry. Its from the naked palette. Virgin as a highlight, sin on the lid, naked in the crease and tight line the upper lashline. Its my I’m wearing makeup but barely look.

If I have the time to work on eye makeup, I wear a different look. Otherwise, I will stick with blank eyes (well I put mascara on), a different blush, and different or same lip.

i try, i havelike 6 palletes, 1 naked, 3 to faceed, 1 bobby, 1 nyx, so i try to use all of them, but i always arrive 15 minutes late at work :S

I work in a small corporate office. I have to keep my look really simple. So while I try to put a little variety into my daily look-itโ€™s slight variations on the same neutral look. Weekends I tend to experiment more with my looks, depending on what Iโ€™m doing (seems silly to go to a toddlerโ€™s bday party with bright purple eyeshadow!)

I dont wear makeup everyday and sadly enough I repeat looks. I tend to stick with my same MAC custom quad which are all matte neutrals and a few select shimmery gold shades, but when I feel bored I try to switch it up with some color from BoS III and my Tarte for True Blood palette.

Usually. Well… it’s easy when you have several palettes. Even if you use the same sort of ‘technique’ you can play with color. And some days I use pencil liner, other days I use liquid. Stuff like that.

I try to, but often when I work early in the morning, I end up just doing the same basic look out of tiredness.

Oh, definitely! There are a couple of products that I only own one or a few of (tinted moisturizer, mascara, pressed powder — the ones without much color variety, basically) so those are pretty consistent, and there are some techniques I use a lot (like kitten eye eyeliner) but I rarely if ever use the same look twice when it comes to eye and lip colors/product combos. There’s no point of makeup if you don’t have fun with it in my book.

I pick some products out of my stash each week and put them in a box I keep on my dresser for easy access. Then I build a look out of those products so it tends to be a bit samey all week before I change it up for the next!

I’ve been on a kick lately that where I pick out my products at the beginning of the month whether it be lipsticks, eye shadows and blushes and use them in rotation so that I can actually use up the products I own. And then I have my go to look that I do when I’m running extremely late.

Rarely – I enjoy trying new things too much, and that’s part of why I wear makeup.

Recently, I found a really good look that got me lots of compliments, and I thought maybe it would become a signature look. But then a few days later I found another one that got me even more compliments – but it was green-blue, and therefore doesn’t look great with every outfit, lip color, etc. So I rarely do the same look twice.

I have a lot of makeup so I try to change it up but I often find myself relying on the same products for a few weeks or months even. Since I put my makeup on on-the-go many mornings, I carry around certain products and I use those most. I do change my rotation after awhile. This is a good reminder to rotate again. I think I’m going to try to use up some of my products before I get or open new ones again.

On weekdays I wear a simple makeup using about 5 to 10 (2-3 skin, 1-2 lips and rest eyes) products. But I have several products/colors I can use for my office look.

I tried my best to wear different looks everyday. I like my makeup to match my outfit or my mood of the day! But when I am in a hurry, I reach for my naked palette.

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