Do you wait for reviews prior to making a beauty purchase?

If I have a skincare/haircare “issue” or “concern” I’m solving for, then I will absolutely look at reviews/guidance from friends, but for most makeup, I’m purchasing when it’s released so I don’t wait (or pay attention to) early reviews (I like to go in more “blind” with respect to other people’s reviews if I know I’m reviewing it).

— Christine
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I sure do! Even with products that have been around for a while, I always check here first, and then I check Makeup Alley, to see how a product rates. It won’t always change my mind about a product I’m interested in, but if the reviews are really dreadful (like those new Stila shadows you just reviewed), it would definitely make a difference.

I always wait for yours before I buy. The few times I didn’t ended up being so abysmal I never bought blind again. A big thank you to you!!! Xoxo

90 – 95% of the time for makeup, I do wait until I get to read both your review and probably a YT video review as well. And that’s generally my bare minimum! For skincare, it is highly dependent on word of mouth by people I know in FB beauty groups I belong to and a few YT’ers. However, due to sensitive skin and eyes, I will need to try out a generous sample in order to make sure that it doesn’t cause a reaction. Haircare, I will research thoroughly through others with similar hair concerns, plus what I understand about certain ingredients and formulas. Samples (generous) are another fabulous way to find what works for my skin and hair!

I do sometimes. Skincare has so much to do with your own skin chemistry, such that even a good product might not work (ex: CeraVe PM makes a lot of people break out, apparently). I end up trying these things anyway and deciding for myself. With makeup I will look up a review if it’s a more mainstream brand. If it’s an indy brand I’ll just try them blind.

Makeup: always, primarily here. S/C: seldom. It’s all about the ingredients, and I know my issues do not conform to those of others. I do read s/c reviews, though, mostly to marvel at what people are willing to use that I KNOW (via cosdna, EWG, etc.) is harmful…to all, not just to me.

There is only one makeup brand that I’ll buy without reading reviews and that is Fyrinnae. I love their eyeshadows. It’s my habit to read reviews on pretty much everything (skin and hair care, electronics, etc.).

Almost always. Sometimes with “hot” LE releases, I won’t, especially if I’m familiar with the brand’s record with LE releases. Indie product reviews can be hard to find, but I check bloggers and YouTubers who are into them, and/or ask in the Phyrra Nyx Facebook group. Indies are usually less expensive, so I’m more comfortable buying a few items blind and seeing whether I like their products and service before buying more.

Yes! Most of the time I read reviews before purchase and mostly on more expensive/premium makeup.
Last time I was looking for review on Nars Laguna, didn’t find it, made a purchase, wasn’t happy and then I found you review and I thought ,,that’s a pity!!” Charlotte Tilbury Stars in your Eyes palette was a good buy after reading your review though. So definitely please keep up your reviews and comparisons!

Depends on the cost (higher end) of the product and if it’s a larger eyeshadow palette, then mostly yes. otherwise, if I can see right away that it’s unique for my collection, it’s very expensive, it swatches well, then I may purchase without a final review. That said, it’s rare lately that I see something new in store versus having seen it here or elsewhere online first, so usually that means I’ve seen some kind of review.

Yes, almost always! If not and I’m in a rush to buy something (usually bc it’s limited edition and I’m worried it’ll sell out), I’ll at least try to get to a store to swatch myself.

I sure do! I always wait for a review here Christine before I purchase any eyeshadow palettes and even lipsticks.
I have learnt, from my mistakes in the past, that it is best to wait for a review here.

Depends on whether it hits me with an obsessive need to own it, or if it’s something more “frivolous” – like something similar is already in my collection or if I don’t see myself reaching for it often. If I “NEED” it, nope I’ll just grab it. If I’m on the fence then I’ll wait for reviews…usually from you!

I would say 99 % of the time I wait for a review from Christine, especially if I know she is likely to review it. There have been a few times that something is LE and I feel like I can’t wait to purchase or I might not get one but that isn’t very often.

Rarely with skin care. I rely on my medical contacts and my own Derm for those.
I often buy makeup based on your reviews especially with lines I have little personal experience.

I try to. If there aren’t any reviews available, then I examine ingredients and try to get a sample. If samples aren’t available, then I make sure there’s a good return policy and research the company. If it’s skincare, I’ll do a test patch on the inside of my arm first.

If it is a limited edition I will not wait for a review because that would obviously not work. Otherwise I do wait for reviews, they save a lot of time and money.

I never buy a makeup product anymore unless I’ve checked your reviews. I go to Courtney if I feel like I need to see a swatch or lip shade on someone with a close skin tone to mine, and I do value her opinion a lot. But if you haven’t reviewed a product I want, I don’t buy it.

For make up, yes mostly. I read the daily digest every day and add stuff I like to the wish list. We are quite some time after the US when it comes to releases so there’s no hurry.
If you haven’t reviewed whatever it might be I try to buy the items in a store so I can give them a good swatch. I might also check if anyone of the few I trust have reviewed the stuff.
For skincare I read Carolin Hirons, check ingredients now finally knowing a bit about what does what for the skin.
Hair is similar to the skincare, but mostly I just buy a drugstore brands shampoo and conditioner.
Body lotion seems to be something I think I never have and come home adding yet another to the collection without having read any reviews at all- 🙂 This year I’ll try to use as up as much as I can so the stuff don’t go bad.

About 95% of the time yes; I prefer to see the reviewer use it in practice, not just swatches.
I check other people’s comments on Sephora as well, but I need weed out when I think someone isn’t properly using the product, or if they are just being negative for the sake of it.
Rarely, like when Huda New Nudes came out, I just jumped on it. I figured it it was bad I could return it, but I fell in love at first sight.
As I also review products for a living, I completely understand not wanting to chance a peer review influencing me and prefer going in blind.

Most of (or a significant percentage of) my purchases are still indie, so the odds that I’ll find a review for something specific are pretty low. For non-indie, mid- to high- (by my definition) priced items, I usually come here first; if I can’t find a review here, I go to youtube and try to find a review on one of the no-bs channels.

I usually do, it’s still risky cause I’ve bought products that were so hyped by everyone but were a flop for me, yet sometimes I’ve saved money cause people with skyn type or preferences similar to mine have tried stuff and didn’t work for them, examples of this are the new born this way multiuse concealer which I love and the loreal paradise mascara that just didn’t work for me, sadly

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