Do you use makeup to enhance your features?

Do you use makeup to enhance your features? Or is it about the art/creative aspect more?

It depends on where I’m going. Overall, more about having fun and playing with colors and textures. For a special occasion, then I usually use it to enhance my natural beauty/features.

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it’s sorta half and half for me, depending on my mood. sometimes I want a more enhanced natural look and other times I want to go bolder. or I like walking the line on the edge of natural, like doing matte brown eyeshadow and putting a glitter on the outer corner or using a natural blush color with a heavier hand.

Usually I do my makeup to match my mood or outfit! The only thing I use for the sole purpose of enhancing my features, is mac cranberry eyeshadow, which somehow makes my blue eyes look more blue!

Hmm, not really, I’m more into playing around with colors. I do think I sometimes (unconsciously) choose colors and color placements that help enhance my features, though. Like my tendency not to wear dark eyeliner on my bottom lashline, because I feel it enhances my dark circles and end up making me look tired.

I think it’s a little of both most of the time. I’m never really natural looking with my makeup and like to use all sorts of different colours. On the other hand I’m not going to put anything on that I feel looks really off with my skin tone or place things on my face in a way that I feel works against my features. And then I have to consider the colour of the clothes I’ll be wearing too. I’m artsy-put-together! I have to be put together on the outside because I’m all scatterbrained on the inside!

It’s always to be creative–although, occasionally my creative “wants” end up with me wanting to wear eye makeup that accentuates my green eyes. 🙂

As most of the makeup I wear is eye makeup, yes, because my eyes are my only real ‘wow’ feature. I usually want to minimise my other features as they’re all rather ‘heavy’ and a full face of makeup can end up looking a bit drag-queenish on me. I don’t tend to like natural/neutral eyes, if I’ve got the time to do it properly I want to look glam. 😉

Yup! I’m a fairly “natural look” girl. 🙂 I mostly just fill in my brows, highlight, do some light contouring, cover blemishes, then go with a very neutral and complementing eye look.

Sometimes I like to play up my eye color with warm purples or rusty reds, and when my skin is particularly good I like to play that up to with a very sheer, luminous foundation. Most of the time it’s about colors though, since I like matching up my eyes and lips to what I’m wearing.

That’s a really good question. Overall I THINK I do it to enhance my natural features; in saying that however, right now I am wearing bright blue eyeshadow! I definitely think makeup is about enhancing your natural features, as opposed to correcting, altering or following a bunch of “rules”. I’ve recently taken a severe dislike to the idea that there are hard and fast rules which you MUST follow or you will look terrible.

I wear makeup to make me feel and look better – to play up my good features and hide imperfections (dark circles, redness). I’m sort of past the age of wearing really flamboyant looks or doing seriously “creative” stuff – hot pink eyebrows, red eye shadow, blue lips, etc.

You’re *never* too old for red eyeshadow! Well, at least I *hope* not. I’m 39, and I still love red eyeshadow, and I have no plans to stop any time soon.

most of the times i just want to even out my skin tone, hide blemishes, etc but i always put some blush on. i find that if i prep my skin really well and keep everything simple, it will enhace my beauty!

More often I will let my mood dictate what kind of look I go for. When I want to go for a less creative look, I’ll definitely turn to the things that look best on me. I get lots of compliments on my lipstick (and how “white” my teeth are) when I wear MAC’s Captive, so that’s my default when I want to look my best.

I’m in the same boat as everyone so far: depends on my mood. My eyebrows and lashes do need some enhancing, but otherwise I do really like enjoy playing with all my products. I love bold lips on most days just as a personal preference.

Yes. Foundation to enhance my skin, eye liner to bring out my eyes! I love makeup for making me look polished and put together. I wouldn’t say its the only, or even the main reason, though. I also think makeup is a lot of fun, and I enjoy using and wearing it!

For me, it is definitely about the creative/art part. I wear makeup for the fun of applying it since the vast majority of time the only people who are going to see me are Harald and perhaps the mail lady with more fuel for the addiction 🙂 I do not wear full makeup every day either. Sometimes I go totally bare faced and frequently I will go for my MOB -Me Only Better face which includes eyebrows, concealer, lip balm, mascara and done! Putting on a full makeup is a fun thing I really enjoy and do for myself.

I find that wearing makeup inherently enhances one’s features, regardless of intention. However, I feel if I use certain products, I have to use others. For example, if I wear a fuller coverage foundation, it flattens everything out, so I have to wear blush or highlight/contour. If I wear any eyeshadow or liner, I have to wear mascara, or it just looks “unfinished”. That said, I feel just as comfortable with a TM & lipbalm, as I do with a full face of makeup.

Only really my skin, which I feel is a bit uneven and oily without any make-up. On my eyes, lips and cheeks I just like playing with colours to fit my mood.

When I started using makeup I just had fun with it. I use to wear colorful makeup that looked good but wasn’t necessarily enhancing my features. Now, a few years later, I know more about makeup and technique. Now i care more about enhancing my features. I spend more time on my skin and brows than on my eye makeup.

I guess my take is that’s kind of what makeup’s *for*, to enhance? I wear lipstick to make my mouth look prettier, and I wear mascara to enhance my natural lashes. Foundation or TM to enhance my skin, and blush to make me look not dead…I don’t go in much for wacky colors or anything, so for me it’s all about looking just a bit better than I do normally. There’s an argument to be made there about an unrealistic standard of beauty and blah blah blah, but I’m so not going there. I just like to play with makeup and feel prettier when I do.

I have a very prominent cupid’s bow and I tend to highlight that with a skin dimension finish or the balms mary louminizer. Really brings subtle attention to it and I happen to love it.

Yes and no, I suppose. I try to enhance my skin mostly. I like the “imperfect perfect” approach where I always aim to make my skin look as flawless as possible, while keeping the eyes/lips smudged and “grunge-y” looking. It makes my small eyes and/or lips look more prominent.

My “work” makeup is a natural look that most people probably don’t even notice, but it serves to enhance what you usually see when you look at me – concealer, foundation, highlighter, contouring, lip tints and balms, slight blush (usually use just a bit of tinted lip balm, actually) neutral eyeshadow to deepen and enhance my eyes. Sometimes I even skip the mascara because when I get the eyeshadow just right there’s this nice effortless-looking natural look and mascara would ruin that illusion.

On the weekends, I tend to go a little crazy. Purple smokey cat-eyes have been known to occur.

Usually, yes. I wear natural make up most days when I choose to wear make up because I love the “my face, but better” look on myself. On these days, my make up consists of foundation (MUFE F&B), filled in brows (using NYX Single Eyeshadow in Black), and blush and lip gloss that compliment my NC50 skin. For special occasions, I like to do a full face and will usually go for a bold eye look that is smokey or colorful with a natural pink blush and lip.

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