Do you use any makeup products when going to the beach or pool?

Presuming I wasn’t intending to be in the water, I might, but I’m more likely going to apply sunscreen and call it a day. If we were on vacation and just popping by the beach for an hour two and then going to dinner, then I might have a full face of makeup!

— Christine
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Yes! I just don’t like to go anywhere without my facial sunscreen, bb cream, eyebrows and highlight. Other than that, nothing else unless I’m going out.

Beyond a tinted lip gloss with SPF, no. I always find it strange that people put on makeup to go to the beach or a swimming pool. Some years ago, I watched a youtube video by a well-known youtuber and she was doing a “beach makeup” video. She had more stuff on her face to go to the beach than I would wear for an evening out. I was quite surprised. Sun, heat, sweat, sand, water….and makeup?? Just didn’t seem to go together for me. But chacun a son gout.

I basically never leave the house without a full face of makeup, so as not to scare the kids haha but I would go easy on the foundation maybe just thrown on cream highlight blush and bronzer and a simple eye look with a coral lip.

I live in a beach town and I use a tinted moisturizer and powder to set it. For me I always wear a full face of FACE makeup (eyebrows, foundation, bronzer, highlighter) but no eye makeup, not even mascara. That’s only because I had a terrible eye infection after law school so now I only wear eye products if I’m going out for the night. I’m glad other people aren’t worried about being judged for their full beat face!!

No. Different sunscreens for face and body, though it’s very late in the day when I can tolerate the sun. The beach is about seawater, from where we all evolved, not lying in the sun. M/u comes after the shower.

Totally agree with this. I use one sunscreen for body and another for face. Also use a lip balm with sunscreen. Wear an oversized sunhat and good polarized sunglasses. If I swim in a pool, I’m there just to swim and maybe hang out in the shaded area for a bit. If I’m at the beach, I’m usually walking along the shore or maybe playing Frisbee. Makeup is the last thing I’d wear at either the pool or beach.

Sunscreen, waterproof brow pencil (because my actual brows are sparse), waterproof mascara and a tinted SPF lip balm. I do own a waterproof foundation, but I wouldn’t chance it in chlorinated or salt water!

I don’t like staying in the sun by the beach or the pool, nor swimming, but I would most likely not wear make-up if I had to be there by there. To each their own, but it’s not an enjoyable activity for me.
When I visit a beach is just to see the ocean for 5-10 minutes and continue my road. 😆 I’m either sight seeing, road tripping or hiking in a park with include a wild beach. So it’s usually a day off with minimal make-up.

Timely question– just heading to a near beach location in a few days. I’ve recently gotten a pro foundation palette that has a wide range of shades, and was playing with mixing in some of the darker shades, which I would never be tan enough to use, into my Zinc oxide SPF to give it a flesh tone and more uniform color whenever I apply. Will also work to conceal all discoloration surrounding eye. I can then set the eyelid with a warm golden shadow, add a little brow, and an SPF colored lip balm– and I’ll be good. It is washes off in the salt water, so what? I’ll save the full eye look for when I’m back from the beach.

I never go to the beach or a pool, but I live in a climate where it gets extremely hot and humid in the summer. Even if I know I’m going to be out in the heat for a period of time, I still don’t wear less than Colourpop Precision Brow Colour Gel, Estée Lauder Double Wear makeup, RCMA powder, plus mascara, touch of blush, concealer, and, at the very least, lip gloss. Sometimes I might put on a little Laura Mercier Caviar Stick (Amethyst), which seems to last through the sweatiest situations. But mostly, I live my summers hopping from air conditioning to air conditioning. 😀

If I’m near water I’ll want to go in, so typically won’t put anything on my eyes. I once got a MUFE waterproof eyeliner for a beach vacation, and it held up pretty well through swimming. Other than that, just some sunscreen, BB cream and chapstick w/ spf. I’d rather not worry about what it all will look like once I’m on land again.

I’m extremely sweaty and love swimming, so nope! I’ve recently graduated to wearing a face sunscreen due to texture sensitivities, but that’s as fancy as I get.

These days, nope. I jog alongside the surf and I live by colder beaches where people wear paddlesuits and wetsuits . If I was at a warm weather beach to hang out in a bikini and socialize? Then yes. Most likely thin layers of waterproof makeup using cream or waxy formulas and waterproof mascara. Eyeliner, cream blush, highlighter or bronzer, waterproof mascara, brow pencil, sunscreen, and satin lippie. I’d wear highlighter and bronzer mixed in my sunscreen.

If I’m going in the water, no. Just waterproof sunscreen and lip balm.

In Oregon the water is rarely warm enough to go in (and it’s colder in summer than in winter), so I wear makeup. I go lighter on eye makeup, though. Wind can be an issue, so no sticky lipgloss.

Waterproof sunblock & tinted lip balm with spf is all I wear at the beach or pool – I have permanent eyeliner, lipliner & brow enhancement though!

Usually yes, because I hardly ever go to the beach (don’t live near one) or pool, and usually don’t go in the water when I do.

Ditto that. What’s the difference between going to the pool and your grocery store or work or a PTA meeting if you’re not going in the water?

Even when I know I am going into the water – yep I still wear my makeup. Maybe not mascara and just a swish of one eye shade, but definitely lippie and a bit of blush…..
And of course, sunscreen.

Waterproof sunscreen all over and a lip tint that can hold up to eating any snacks, being in the water, etc with leftover sunscreen rubbed on top for protection and shine.

I can’t abide packing a bunch of stuff for a relaxing day out or obsessing over my face during it. No judgment of those who do due to whatever reason. It’s just not for me.

If I’m not going into the water, which I probably am not, I do everything except eye makeup. Skin, brows, bronzer, blush, lips. It’s just that with wearing shades the whole time, and possibly getting wind, sand, and water in my eye, it doesn’t seem worthwhile to do eye makeup.

No makeup, just sunscreen and a slightly tinted lip balm with sunscreen. I also wear a hat with wide brim and sunglasses, and I sit in the shade. If I swim I like to keep the sunglasses on as I get migraines from the light reflections on the water.
I don’t care if my face look naked if I’m to have fun in the water.

Late to the party, but I don’t go to the beach or pool. If I did (it would be the pool, I just don’t go to the beach), I would wear makeup, because my makeup also acts as a sunscreen. I do use actual sunscreen lotion on my face, but with my rosacea, the sunscreen lotion alone is never enough — I get flushing if I don’t layer my sunscreen products nearly opaquely.

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