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First of all, I’ve totally used lipstick as blush! When I was in ballet as a kid, the makeup artists would use lipstick as blush for more pop/stick.

I’ve also used lipgloss as eye brightener/eye shadow. A sheer, shimmery nude, gold, or brown gloss is great for an instant pick-me-up. I just dab a bit in the inner corner of my eyes. 🙂

I use MAC’s so sweet so easy on my cheeks and lips at the same time very frequently, though I think it’s meant to be like that.

I’ve used a shadow as a lip color before my lipstick collection was as big as it is now. I’d dab it on wet and then put a clear gloss over it to make the texture correct–it makes your collection of colors so much bigger!

I use a cream eyeshadow to fill in my brows. Even the lady at the counter was like, “What?!?” when I told her that. :] Too bad it was discontinued recently. I had to buy a few backups.

All the time. I mix different lipstick colors to make eye shadow bases, blushes, and I use some of my blushes/cheek highlighters as eye shadows and vice versa. I also use my eye liners as lip liners depending on the color that i’m trying to create. I love experimenting with my makeup and finding different ways of creating my own unique colors.

I’ve used my Laguna bronzer as eyeshadow before, nice crease color (:
& blush on lips, and lipstick as blush (used sanitarily, lipstick not directly on cheek). Why not make the most out of your money?

Just eyeshadows/bronzers/highlighters are all interchangeable in my makeup routine. I use my NARS Laguna Bronzer as an eyeshadow for my crease area frequently when I’m kinda lazy. haha I use MAC Omega eyeshadow as a contour powder for my nose sometimes cuz it has a grayish/brown tone to it.

I’ve also used lipstick as blush when I’ve forgotten to put blush on. I use Chapstick to groom my eyebrows.

I am pretty sure I use Fix+ in every way shape and for possible, and more so then how it’s advertised to be used. I also use studio fix (mac) foundation powder in a shade lighter as a conceal with a concealer brush. Works better than most of the cream concealers and last a lot longer!

ALL the time: Eyeshadow to fill in my eyebrows. Lipstick as blush and as a cheek highlighter when it’s light and shimmery. Blush as eyeshadow. Lipliner (Red, purple) as eyeshadow base. Eyeliner (black) as lipstick.

Lipstick as blush, e/s pigments even blush as lipcolor, eyeliner as lipliner and vice versa, also lipstick as paint.

I use the original UDPP before I apply my concealer and it works awesome! It helps the concealer stay in place for the whole day and prevents it from looking cakey!

I use eyeshadow to fill in my brows, lipstick as blush, lipgloss or a shimmery light eyeshadow as highlighter. During summer I sometimes also use my bronzer on my eyes as all over color or just a pop of warmth in the crease. I find that looks really nice on tanned skin.

I have used Obviously Orange eye liner as lip liner (well, it’s orange). I’m also planning to try a lipstick (shu) as a blush. Although, I don’t like to use creme products on cheeks.

I use MAC’s Quite Natural paint pot on my eyebrows everyday and I love using Urban Decay’s “sin” on my cheekbones.

I sometimes use either Wedge or Omega from MAC to contour. I use shadows as liners (does that count?) and I use TheBalm’s “The Mary Loumanizer” as a lid colour for my eyes.

Oh, and I use UD’s Junkshow eyeshadow as a blush because I really cannot see using that colour on my eyes but it makes a great blush!

For example, I use Nylon (MAC eyeshadow) as a highlighter or a matte brown/dark beige eyeshadow (1 or 2 tones darker than my skin) to contour nose.
When I want a more matte finish or make a new color for my lipstick, I use eyeshadow or pigment too.

I use mineral eyeshadows as highlighters or to add pop to lipstick. I bought an extra Genuine Treasure paint pot to use just for highlighting the body. I have some awful glittery eyeshadows that do the same thing. I like to use matte shadows as contour anywhere. I look at makeup more as paint than something with a specific function, so if I need something to create a look, I use what I have or mix what I have to get it.

For example, I used eyeshadow to contour the wrinkles that I added to my old lady makeup. I started with a cool-toned foundation on my warm-toned face. It aged me in an unsettling way. (Still shaken.) You can use matte brown lipstick and one of those ELF lipstick/detail brushes to go into any wrinkles, or where wrinkles might be (don’t forget the neck), and then go around the creases of the nose and it’ll age you quickly. I had the Graftobian paint for that part, but trust me on the brown lipstick. I extended the shadow around the nose and in the crease that goes from the nose to the chin with a warmish taupe or matte brown eyeshadow. I lost my paint to create the highlights that give the wrinkles depth, so I used Soft Ochre paint pot. It did really well, I was surprised. I bought the white hairspray for gray hair. One loud hawaiian shirt and too-big pants that went way over my waist later and I was in character.

Pretty much actually. i’ve used a lipstick as blush.
Eyeliner as lip pencil.
Eyeshadow to color my lips to get a better result with a crazy colored lipgloss.
White eyeliner as highlight.
Rouge as eyeshadow.
Eyeshadow for my brows and as a bronzer.
Mascara as eyeliner when i was out of eyeliner. i don’t recommend it though.
Mascara for my brows, i actually got pretty much compliments on that.
Lip pencil as eyeliner.
And then i use eye shadows as eyeliner pretty often, but i guess pretty much everybody does.

Oh, and i once had to use halloween fake blood as red lipstain for a photoshoot.
And then pretty much odd uses like lipstick for making halloween wounds, eyeshadow over pretty much my whole face for a photoshoot and other stuff that wouldn’t count as normal make up use.

sure thing, thats the fun of makeup.
lipstick as blush or vice versa, shadow as brow colour, mascara for combing brows, shadow as matte lipstick, eye concealer as nude lip. My list can go on and on. …..

I’ve totally done Lipstick as cream blush and Eyeliner as lip colour when i needed a strange colour before Liptars came out. 😉

Also converted eyeshadows loose or pressed to liner, with clear gloss for lip colour and brow powder a lot. lol

You know those frosty shades of lipstick that are too pale for you to wear? Use them as illuminators. It is so hard to find a strong cheap luminizer. I used to wear some eye shadows over my lips or lipstick as eye base, but some products are not approved for lip use (like if they contain ultraviolets!)

I use clear or nude lipgloss to keep my eyebrows in check, bronzer and blush as eyeshadow, and highlighting eye kohl as lip pencils!

I also do the classic lipstick trick but one thing that I love doing–and I do in an everyday basis is use my dried up gel liner as a brow filler. I have jet black hair and I can never find a good enough brow powder for it since all brow powders are way lighter. I use a stiff angled brush and dab the excess on a tissue before applying it just so it doesn’t look too harsh. Not only does it last way longer than brow powder, it gives me the boldest, blackest brows! I love this trick so much! 😀

Ooh, I forgot to add, I also put shimmery white or gold eyeshadow in the middle of my lips to give it a “sheen” or look like I’m wearing a gloss. I personally don’t like wearing gloss and would put this baby on top of a matte red lip and voila, instant va-va-voom! :))

Nothing too drastic, lipstick as blush occasionally, and I use my eyeshadows on the face and occasionally lips. My favorite cheekbone highlighter is MAC shroom eyeshadow though

All the time. I use my favorite highlighter as an eyeshadow all the time, with a little bronzer in the crease. I also have some dark colored lip liners I use as eyeliners.

Yes! Eyeshadow as blushes, blushes as eyeshadow, lipsticks as blushes, blushes as lip tints… everything that can be multipurpose. And with mineral make-up it’s lot easier to do.

i ALWAYS use the lipstick i use on my lips on my cheecks as well. i just find that putting the color you put on your lips somewhere else on the face makes the lipstick look just right for your skintone even if normally it wouldnt look so. 🙂

I use MAC Wedge eyeshadow as a face contour all the time.

Then my friend once used a UD eyeliner to draw on a mustache.

I used to use a brown eyeliner instead of an actual brow pencil for my eyebrows because I liked the colour of the eyeliner better. And I sometimes use brown eyeshadow for contouring…

I make it a point to ignore the intended purpose behind products. Eyeshadow on the lips, lipliner on the eyes, lipstick as an eyeshadow base or as a blush. I think that’s why I like mixing mediums and Pigments so much – They’re kind of ready for multi-use treatment from the get go 🙂

i love to take loose pigments and use them as wet eye liners or put them with clear suspension nail polish base and make a custom polish!

I love using a shimmery nude eyeshadow on top of my lip gloss to bring more attention to the fullest part of my lip. Lately I’ve been using UD’s Sellout–one of the best highlighter shades ever!

Also, thanks Christine for using my question! Woot!

For dead/zombie lips, I wear a classic red, then put dark shimmery green eyeshadow on top. NARS Night Porter is great for this. It’s dramatic, but the red bleeds a little on its own and the effect is more ghoulish.

I use Dior’s cuticle cream as an occasional overnight lip treatment – it’s sticky and smells like old fashioned makeup, but it makes my lips supersoft and I think plumper.

I use my faaavorite NARS eyeshadow duo in Alhambra on my eyes, as a cheek highlight, and to highlight my cupid’s bow. The colors themselves look great on the inner corners, all over the lids, and on the brow. Amazing. I also use the Dior Amber Diamond powder mixed together as an eyeshadow sometimes, that’s nice as well.

I’ve used powder blush as eyeshadow and vice versa, lipstick as blush, creme blush as lipstick, fix+ to apply eyeshadow wet, I used to use concealer as an eyeshadow base, powder face highlighters as eyeshadow, and clear mascara for brow gel.

From time to time I do.

Lip balm to prevent the skin on my nose from cracking when I have a cold.
Lip balm on my cuticles.
Eye shadow as highlighter and blush.
Eye shadow to contour on Halloween and carnival.
Top coat as base coat.
A white eye shadow all over the face when my powder foundation wasn’t white enough on Halloween.
Loose eye shadow in colored or clear nail polish.
Hand lotion and body lotion in any way. As long as it’s lotion I don’t care where it’s intended to go, I use it where my skin needs it.
Bronzer as eye shadow.
Blush as eye shadow and lip color.
And the ever famous lipstick as blush.

I think I’m fairly experimental?! lol

Oh, all the time. Let’s see…

I inherited the “lipstick as blush” tendency from my mother, though she does it way more often than I do. She has high cheekbones, so it tends to blend into her face better than when I do it. I also tend to blend lighter blushes into the four points of my face to bring out my pink undertone.

Bronzer as a brow highlighter, especially since the one I use is shimmery. I’ll also sometimes blend eyeshadows into my blush to give it a slightly different look. White to highlight the apple, purple to get that lavendar sheen. I’ll also sometime pat looser shadows onto the lips to spice up a look. I sometimes use matte eyeshadows to fill in my eyebrows, since I think pencil makes them look too dark.

Additionally, I fully admit to using makeup brushes in all sorts of ways other than their intended use. If it works for my eye shape, I do it.

I use bronzers as eyeshadows, eyeshadows as highlighter on the cheeks, cream highlighters as eyeshadow base, lipstick as blush, eyeshadow as brow color…
I like to make the most of the make up that I have in my stash. I don’t like the idea of products that have one certain obscure area of use.

I’ve used blush and bronzer as eyeshadow, cream eyeshadow and powder eyeshadow as a highlighter, and cream blush as a lip tint.

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