Do you use any hair removal products on your face?

Do you use any hair removal products on your face? Do you not worry about it and go au natural? Do you find it bothersome and take action? What do you use?

Having nearly black hair, I definitely do!  For brows, I just tweeze.  I really need to get mine threaded, and I also need to have a little one-on-one tweeze session with myself (long overdue!)…  For my upper lip, I shave using Eve Pearl’s Travel Razor–since there are periods where I do lip swatches every day for a week, waxing/cream removal just doesn’t work well.

Thanks to Regina for today’s question!

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Once. And NEVER AGAIN! I tried to get rid of my peach fuzz and upper lip hair with some Sally Hansen product and wow! it BURNED my skin. It was horrible.

I get my eyebrows waxed twice a month and pluck strays in between waxings. I actually don’t have any hair on my upper lip (knock on wood!), which is odd because I have medium-brown hair, but there’s just nothing there! I am a teenager though, so that could be it. If I do develop it when I’m older, I would consider electrolysis. I get electrolysis on my legs and arms already and it is AMAZING!

I thread, tweeze and wax my brows!! But my upper lip, I have a problem with. I have black hair and I usually use my hair removing cream however when I used to use the little mini razors like you, I would get this green tint to my upper lip!! It’s terrible, would you happen to know what to do? I usually conceal with an NW shade to cancel it out even though it’s barely unnoticeable, but I don’t know what to do 🙁

Have you tried just threading your upper lip? I’ve shaved my upper lip in the past, and never got that green tint! Maybe your razors are too old, or you could be sensitive to the metal.. or whatever razors are made of :/

No it’s def not because of the metal. I used to have the same problem. When you shave, the hair is cut so the ends aren’t fine anymore and because your hair is so dark it just gives u that green tint. When my hair used to be so thick and dark i would just pluck it (even though it’s sooo painful). Luckily the hair started getting thinner when I got on birth control and now i can just shave it and pluck the few thicker hairs that are left.

Being blonde, I never had a problem with my “peach fuzz” until hormonal changes changed the fuzz into fur. Then I used a variety of things: epilator (torture); NADS (effecive but hard to control), and, finally, the men’s method, shaving. I now only need to shave areas on my face every 2 weeks or so but there was time when it was weekly.

Oh the chin hairs: Tweezerman, yes!

YAY I don’t feel like such a freak for shaving my upper lip now! haha 🙂 I agree it’s hard to wax/thread when the hair is dark because you’re self-conscious about letting it grow out enough to do so!

Like you, I have dark hair, so any fuzz I have is more visible than it would be on someone with a lighter hair color. I get my brows threaded and sometimes thread the light fuzz on my face myself. I don’t really care for the pain and time it can take though, so lately I just bleach any minor fuzz, which really makes it look like it’s gone 🙂

yup. i thread or tweeze my eyebrows; and get my upper lips threaded. but sometimes the parlour tears the side of my lip a little bit. that spot stays sensitive for a few days

Ha, oh yeah! I’m middle-eastern and have seriously thick black hair. To keep the mug in check I typically thread my brows (learned myself when I was young, I tweeze between threading sessions); wax my upper lip and also the sides of my face (I use whatever’s around). Not that I’m growing a beard or anything, it’s more like peach-fuzz but since it’s black it’s.. well, you know.. not socially acceptable, ha.
I’m good at maintaining it all, I have been for so long it’s just routine. I don’t thread the rest of my face only because the skin on my forehead is tighter and can take the pain, but it’s more sensitive around my cheeks and lip area. So I opt for waxing since it keeps the hair away just as long. I’m lazy like that.

The only thing I let get out of control sometimes are my brows. I love a thick brow, but keeping them neat can be… a pain. Sometimes I let a few hairs grow in without removing them cuz honestly, who’s looking that closely? Give me a break, I’m hairy.

Omg I know what you mean! Unfortunately I started shaving early high school (14 years ago). I still do and know one knows I have a battle with facial hair LoL. I’m saving up money to do laser hair removal.

I shave my whole face where there’s hair and get laser hair treatment which works really well but hurts cause my hair is thick and dark but it’s helped so much!

i get my brows waxed several times a year and usually tweeze and trim a bit in between waxings
i dont have many upper lip hairs (thankgoodness!) so i’ll just tweeze the several i see

hey chrsitine! i have 2 random qst about MAC pink lipsticks? 1st- is lollipop loving lipstick permanent? 2nd- are lollipop loving, lipblossum and bombshell all dupes of each other? Which one would u recommend for an nc32

Lollipop Loving is not permanent, and personally I think Bombshell would look nice on you skintone because it is a lighter/rosey pink with gold shimmer.

I also have very dark hair, and am at that age where random thick dark hairs are sprouting from my chin area and the hair on my upper lip is getting darker/thicker. I seem to have to tweeze my eyebrows at least every other day. It’s tempting to try waxing my upper lip, but feel it will constantly need doing again if I do, so I just tweeze away the darkest or longest hairs. I don’t want to risk creams in case they bring me out in a rash, and they probably wouldn’t work properly anyway, as creams are worse than useless on my leg hairs.

Hey christine. I wax my upper lip which hurts like crazy. I wanted to know using a razor does hair grow thicker or does the upper lip skin get rough? Or is that a myth?

I am a firm believer in threading the eyebrows! It works so much better than waxing. I don’t like hair remover on my face so I use an electric razor.

I get my eyebrows threaded every two weeks (I remove random stray hairs with tweezers in between threading times). I was shaving the hairs on my upper lips, but now I’m trying waxing.

i do only my brows. unfortunately i have got a lot of fine hairs on my face, but fortunately they are very light/blonde. i use to say, that i like my “beard” hehehehhe

For my brows I tweeze at home and will get them threaded to help maintain them every once in a while. I also use a travel razor for my upper lip. Ever since I had kids my facial hair got a tiny bit darker ( especially around the mouth) oh those wacky hirmones!

I wax eyebrows, but for maintainence I tweeze. I really want to start waxing my chin area but Im scared! lol The last time I had it done at a salon my skin broke out and I had to see a dermatologist.

Any recommendations on a good waxing kit? (When I say I good I mean no hairs left behind, and something I can reuse since Im using it for a small area)

I have never had my brows tweezed! Too painful as I tried it once in my early 20’s. Like Christine, I have the Eve Pearl razor and use it for the quick swipe of the brows and for my upper lip. Gave up on the Sally Hansen bleach as I was teased so much for having a “mustache”.

I will admit I shave too. I tweeze my brows, because I once waxed of half of my eyebrow so I had to wax the other one the same. It was a HORRIBLE few months at school (middle school). Everyone made fun of me already as it was. Now I do shave my upper lip because I see some girls with black black hair on their lips. I know I shouldn’t, but I do.

I fortunately don’t have much problem with hair above my lips, but my eyebrows are growing like crazy, so I keep them tamed with tweezers and occasinally cut the length of the hairs a bit.

I tweeze my eyebrows and get them waxed a couple times a year. I like brows with definition and shape. I do have very dark hair, so my fine upper lip hairs are noticeable…I just find removing them to be more trouble than its worth because my skin is very sensitive there. Nair burns terribly, shaving irritates, and waxing requires too much maintenance. So these days, I am doing my best to be brave and confident and just leave it be. If I ever have some money for laser removal I might go that route, but becoming comfortable with it is probably a good exercise in self-acceptance!

My hair’s black too so I want to do something about the hairs on my upper lip, I don’t know if I should wax or shave? I’ve heard the hairs grow back in fhicker once you start removing them and I’m scared of that lol

I wax my upper lip and pluck by brows. I would never shave my face because I don’t want stubble. I’ll never forget once when I kissed a friend and I felt stubble on her face!

Thanks both to Christine and Regina for posting this question.

Hair removal can be embarrassing for some women to talk about, so its great we can discuss options here.

I get my eyebrows waxed and tweeze them in between. I also use Avon Fair Hair Removal cream for hairs on the upper lip and chin.

I use wax on my upper lip only. I dont do anything else. I have tweezed only 3x in my 45 yrs and each time they grown thicker so I dont do it anymore. However I have been developing chin hairs and those I tweeze. LOL I guess that comes with age UGH!

Only eyebrows which I pluck (but i never get them exactly how i’d like them), no other facial hair (except in really horrible lighting) one of the advantages of being blonde!

I have much hair on my chin and neck and sides of my face so i use Nair Cire Devine Hard stripless wax or I shave. The hard wax is so much easier to use than the strips and is so much gentler on my sensitive fragile skin than regular wax. But I usually tweeze my eyebrows

I wax my own eyebrows w/creme wax & then after for touch ups I use those razors that are for the face. I use tweezers for those pesky stubborn hairs near my lips. I agree w/you Christine, being born w/dark black hair has its not-so-fun repercussions.

Yes! I wax my eyebrows every 2 weeks (they are very thick and full) and tweeze them in between waxing. I either shave or wax my upper lip. I have some fine facial hair around my jawline and under my chin that I bleach with Sally Hansen facial bleach too. I cant stand any sight of facial hair and unfortunately, Ive got lots of it!

Christine, do you ever weird stubble on your upper lip after shaving? I haven’t tried that…only because I’m afraid of getting stubble. otherwise, i use depilatories (stinky but works!) and I tweeze my brows. Maybe get a wax once a year. My eyebrows don’t grow very fast!

Hi Christine,
First of all, I’d like to say that you’ve got the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen – and it’s kind of contagious because it makes me smile as well 😉
Anyway, I usually have my brows “tweezed” by a specialist and I wax my upper lip, which is not very nice because I’ve got very sensitive skin and it takes about a day for the skin to recover.
PS: what do you mean by “… need to get mine threaded”?

I use Sally Hansen’s facial hair bleach-extra strength. I have dark brown hair that grows on my cheeks. Its not thick, just dark! It’s a real pain too.

What a great post! Something I am always curious about, but never want to ask people. I thread my brows and upper lip, tweezing in between threading sessions. I tweeze stray chin hairs, and wax any unruly “sideburn” type hair.

Every 2 weeks i have my eyebrows and upperlip threaded. But if i’m too busy/lazy for a salon visit, then i tweeze my brows and wax/bleach my upperlip at home.

Once in a while, I get my brows waxed, to correct the shaping. I tweeze on my own, but I’m iffy at shaping. I try cleaning up with an eyebrow razor, but I’ve had mixed results at that making the shaping issues worse.

I have VERY pale, fine facial hair, so I rarely worry about my upper lip. Once in a while, I just use an eyebrow razor on it, if I’m doing lip swatches. but i really don’t bother since its not noticeable unless you’re REALLY close.

Facial hair is the bane of my existence!! I wax my sideburns, chin, and under my neck (like below my chin). For my upper lip, I thread that on my own (my friend showed me how – life saver!). I also tweeze my brows.

My face is kind of sensitive, so I get bumps after waxing, but I do it anyway (goes away in a day or so). I would NEVER try a depilatory cream on my face!!!!!

Thank you so much Temptalia for this post. In a sick way, it makes me feel so much better about myself. Since I was 11, I’ve had to deal with crazy brows and facial hair. Darn dark Armenian hair! I have to wax my brows once a week and tweeze in the middle of the week. I wax my lip once a week and get terrible bumps that fade in a day or two. Alisha, how do you do your own threading? Any resources for me?

Heck yes! I have dark hair too which sucks, the hair is more noticeable! I have peach fuzz, for that I use Nair but man the upkeep is frequent, so I use a mini eyebrow razor sometimes. For my upper lip, I Nair that too. Waxing is just too expensive because my hair grows back so fast. The mini eyebrow razor is a God sent! Ah the joys of being a girl!

I’m glad you asked this, sometimes my hair makes me wanna cry lol.

I don’t do anything to my eyebrows cuz they don’t bother me and once I start I’ll have to take care of them forever haha. Wax/bleach upper lip and pluck chin hairs which have recently been showing up I’m guessing hormones? But they are sooo annoying

Nowadays I shape the upper part of my brow every week or so with a Noxzema facial….eyebrow…groomer razor thing. It’s basically just a small, single blade with some safety plastic wrapped around it. Also use it for clean-up between the brows and along the upper lip.

For the underside of my eyebrows, I just pluck hairs as they crop up. If I really need a reshaping, I’ll go in for a wax!

I’m a redhead with auburn eyebrows but blonde facial hair. I thread my brows but luckily my upper lip hair isn’t too bad, I mostly just tweeze the hairs I notice.

Thanks for discussing this topic, Christine. I often feel like I am the only girl my age dealing with this issue. I have peach fuzz all over but it’s very fuzzy in the area between my sideburns and jaw line. Although it’s blond I still feel self concious. I’m afraid that if I shave or wax it will get darker and thicker. I tweeze the occasional darker ones on my chin. I get my eyebrows threaded every other month or so and trim and tweeze in between.

After shaving for a year, it seems to grow back less, slower, and definitely not thicker or darker. I know the hair on my face isn’t like a man’s face at all – we’re not talking about 5 o’clock shadow or anything!

I’m naturally a light brunette (if you ask me, [really] dark blonde, since my hair doesn’t really have red undertones, but other people disagree, so I just go with brown…whatevz)so I just pluck my brows. I really really hate hair though so I’m researching a good facial depilatory.

Hi Christine! I also shave, and am interested in purchasing the razor you mentioned from Eve Pearl. How long would you say one lasts with average use? I am trying to figuring out how many I should get at a time. Thanks for the help!!

Oh, I’ve used the same one forever, LOL. Probably a year at least now… and I’m starting to feel like I need to replace it – more because the lil’ razor part is coming out, though.

I’d probably grab maybe 4-5 – they’re cheap!

I started shaping my eyebrows (via tweezing) at about 15, and now they’re fairly sparse so actually need to be filled in! My hair is dark blonde naturally but my eyebrows have always been dark. Sometimes I’ll use Nair hair remover cream on my upper lip and chin as well to remove peach fuzz, and tweeze the occasional dark hair on my chin.

i use nair face cream and i dont know if its getting rid of the hairs fully because they grow back thicker. i am 14 so i dont get my lip waxed but i always have probloms with people telling me i have a mustach. dude its black peach fuzz!

I’m east Indian so my fuzz is NOT peach!! I get my whole face waxed once a month, but upper leave once every 2 weeks! I started when I was 13, I’m now 16!

oh boy, i definitely have to get rid of my facial hair.. the combination of dominican parents and having PCOS has made me one very hairy girl >:{

i pluck that unibrow away.. but for the upper lip, i started using the mini razors because even though it irritates the skin a bit, it doesn’t stay red as long as when i wax it ><

My sister also has PCOS. One time a doctor told her she was, “Hairy,” and she was thinking, “Well, yeah, that happens…” I couldn’t believe how rude they were, and it was a DOCTOR!

i tweeze my eye brows and pluck my upper lip i have naturally black hair and im kinda on the pail side so i have to tweeze every day

Im super lazy so i switch between waxing, threading and tweezing my eyebrows. If I need a super quick-mono nix i wax but for the shape I tweeze.
I have quite dark hair, so i do have a bit of a lady-stache, but i bleach it with body hair bleach and it makes it prectically invisible and keeps it nice and soft 🙂 cause no one likes kissing stubble on a lady.

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