Do you touch-up your makeup throughout the day/evening?

Do you touch-up your makeup throughout the day/evening?ย What touch-ups do you do?

Very, very rarely… usually, if I’m at a business event/conference, then I will touch-up lip color before going out for the evening.

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Always; it’s a habit. Although we now have so many amazing, long-lasting products available, that wasn’t always the case. Even if I don’t actually touch up my makeup, I do check it often. Besides, lip products don’t last very long on me, so those *do* get touched up often (which is why I rarely wear anything but balm).

Lip products never last on me so I keep checking those and touching them up during the day. I also touch up with pressed powder semi-regularly because my skin is combination and my chin and forehead get shiny. But I don’t touch up eye products or blush or things like that.

(Speaking of, Christine, I picked up the Hourglass Film Noir mascara the other week and I’ve decided I really like it. It doesn’t flake, smudge, smear, or anything, and it didn’t leave me with raccoon eyes when I forgot to wash it off before bed. Plus, it gave me long black lashes. Is it still your favorite?)

I reapply lip products through the day as needed. On a really long day, sometimes I’ll need to touch up blush or concealer, but not often. And it depends whether I can be bothered or not. ๐Ÿ˜€

It depends on what I’m wearing. If it’s eyeshadow/blush/etc., then no. Lipcolor I will routinely touch up every three to four hours or so, in part because even the most hydrating lipsticks tend to dry me out a bit. Eyeliner, when on the lower lash line, is my most high maintenance look – I have to check it bihourly, if not every hour, to make sure it hasn’t run out of my waterline in the corners.

I usually need to reapply lipstick/gloss every couple of hours if I am wearing any, and I sometimes also reach for a blotting paper to touch up my T zone.

Only occasionally. I will touch-up my lip color if it’s a brighter or darker one I’m wearing. It can look awful when the lipstick is gone in the middle but partly remains on the contour and in the corners of your mouth.

I touch-up my lip product a couple of times a day. I’m trying to get into the habit of touching-up my blush once a day too. I do check my makeup around lunchtime and I’ll blot if I need to. If I’m going to happy hour after work sometimes I’ll carry some makeup and try and fix my face before I go out.

I just touch up my lips and blot my face, maybe some powder. I wear primers and longlasting products so the rest of my makeup usually looks good all day. I also think its gross to touch up things like foundation and eyeshadow, I feel like I’m spreading bacteria on my face and makeup.

My oily skin seems to eat makeup so I touch up whatever I’m wearing fairly often, even eyeshadow (though primers help a bit). The weather here gets into the 40s (Celsius) in summer and I’ve found that there’s honestly no point applying foundation to my skin in that heat- I’d probably use up a bottle every week if I did. I’m very envious of how long Christine can get makeup to wear. ๐Ÿ™‚

On the rare occasion I get to wear what I want for a regular day – not reviewing it – hence why I said very rarely and only at things like special occasions/business events, as I rarely test makeup in those settings. ๐Ÿ™‚

I usually touch up my t-zone once at around 4 with powder and add a touch of blush. My skin is really oily, so if I don’t add more powder, I look shiny. Blush is basically gone by late afternoon. I reapply lipstick/gloss a few times a day many days. But that’s it.

I re-touch lipstick/gloss throughout the day, depending on the type of coverage. I blot my face 1-2x a day, if oily and/or if I wore a lighter coverage foundation/powder. I am looking for a way to make my blush last longer, with my oily skin and age. I think as we mature, we loose the glow of our skin.

What I’ve found to work for me, is to apply blush after liquid or cream foundation, but before setting powder. If it’s a more subtle shade, I’ll go over it a bit with what’s left on the brush to intensify it a bit.

I tend to do touchups, and have aging skin (peri-menopause), I have noticed cream blush over foundation, and touch up with powder blush much like I would reapply translucent powder. Wonderful coverage, moisturizing, and it stays!

Almost never, unless I’m going out somewhere after work. Other than that, lip products are the only things I touch up and one of the reasons I almost never wear them and, like XAMYX, prefer to just wear a lip balm most of the time.

Hardly ever… I blot sometimes but the weather here is way too hot so even if I touch up or not I’m an oilslick by half an hour later … I’m waiting for winter so I don’t get oily haha

I have to. I’m too oily to leave my skin alone. I’ve got it down to a system that works though: First, I blot my entire face. Second, I use a lose mineral powder (Peter Thomas Roth’s Instant Mineral SPF 30 is the best because it has an attached brush and spf) all over to help combat future oil for longer. I usually only have to do this 1-2 times in an 8 hour day. As far as eye makeup goes, I never have to touch it up. I’ve never experienced mascara smudging, as as long as I’m wear eyeshadow primer, my shadows don’t crease on my lids. Lips I touch up a few times a day, but usually just with a tinted lip balm or gloss.

I’ll reapply lip product, but I often don’t have time to do it nicely in front of the mirror, so I carry a couple of lip products that are sheer to use when my original lip stuff wears off.

I use blotting sheets to keep shine at bay and I check my eyeliner for smudges but that’s about it. On special occasions I’ll take some stuff with me to touch up (cottonbuds, lipstick, eyeliner, powder) and when I’m wearing a bright lip color, I try to keep it neat.

Only the eyeliner on my waterline. It never stays for even an hour. D; (I almost always use UD 24/7 eyeliner in Perversion on my waterline) Gonna go back to the Kat Von D pencil eyeliner for a while to see if that stays better…

On weekdays yes, since I’m in a A/C environment that dehydrates my skin and makes it oilier. So, I have to blot and touch up face and blush at least once during my workday. About lipsticks, if I remember, I touch up about 2-3 times during the day.

Usually on weekends my face tends to be combo towards normal, so I really just need to blot on evenings, if I’m going out.

I reapply lip product when I think of it and I powder my nose after I take off my sunglasses; I have redness on my nose, and often they’ll wear off just enough of the powder and foundation that I have two red ovals on either side of my nose unless I touch it up with some powder. Other than that, I don’t tend to re-apply eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, concealer, etc… Just lip product and powder!

My eye makeup tends to be long-wearing (I use primers and bases), so it usually looks pretty fresh until I take it off at night. I only touch up lip color. (I do, however, bring a makeup bag with me with all the elements of my daily look, just in case I want to switch up my look or decide to stay overnight somewhere.)

I absolutely do not! I am so busy throughout the day, and I just refuse to take the time to touch up my face. However, I will reapply lip color or gloss. I love for my lips to always be “presentable!”

Since I’ve started using Ben Nye Luxury Powder I don’t need to blot my oily T-zone during the day. I usually reapply lip products throughout the day unless I’m wearing Tarte lipstain.

Sometimes, I live in South Florida so with the heat, humidity, and random rain it just has to be done on occasion, and my lips seem to need it regardless, like constantly lol!

I do my best to make sure my makeup stays through out the day without touch ups since I use primers and makeup fixing spray. I get especially paranoid about it so I spray 3 layers of fixing spray!! The most I have to touch up are my lips after eating/drinking and maybe blotting my nose.

I reapply whatever my lip product is a few times a day (especially after eating). I sneeze many times in the day (all times of the year) and blow my nose at least once a day so I use my concealer to touch up my nose/upper lip where the foundation has been removed.

I also usually reapply liner on my waterline at lunch since I usually use black and it starts to vanish a little bit. Lastly, I’ll reapply highlighter about half the time and only if needed blush (maybe once a week, sometimes less).

Yes, I touch up my make up. I normally touch up/check every time I go to bathroom and throughout the day. I normally blot/reapply powder and concealer to my t-zone and reapply my lipstick or lipgloss. Sometimes I may spray/ spiritz UD All Nighter or La Roche Posay mineral water, it depends on what I need and how I feel.

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