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Nope. The first brand that comes to mind is Essie, and they’ve only changed my perception of them by releasing shades that aren’t sheer and/or pink.

I guess not, however I can’t really think of many brands I use that I know have started to sell in drugstores. Actually, it makes me like them better. It makes things more accessible, and I don’t have to drive 30 or so minutes to other retailers because drugstores are everywhere. As long as product quality isn’t decreasing, it doesn’t bother me.

I do because for it to be so much cheaper they do skimp on packaging and often the product is not as good. Hard Candy is a good example or Nicole by Opi.

Nope! I like that drugstores seem to be expanding the variety of brands they carry and at various price points. At Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada, some locations have add-on boutiques that carry Dior, Guerlain, Benefit and others. I really like that because I can accumulate points and then redeem the value on something fancy like a Dior eyeshadow quint or Guerlain foundation. 😀

i actually like a brand better if they start selling their products in drugstores. they are making their products more accessible to the everyday person and that’s really nice.

Not necessarily. I’m glad that Essie is now available in drugstores because that makes it easier for me to get my hands on the shades I want, but there isn’t much of a price difference. I see a lot of fragrances by Juicy Couture and Mariah Carey, etc. at Walmart now, but I don’t know if the quality is the same. I also don’t know if the quality of Hard Candy products is the same now that they’re sold in drugstores.

I think it depends on the brand. If I see for example, Clinique, I’d be okay with that. But if I saw Chanel or Laura Mercier at Walmart… I’d be like, uhhh. xP

I agree, if it had a drugstore price, then something would have to change.
But at the same time, some drugstore products seem to be improving, and the prices are slowly increasing on certain things.

No I don’t – I’m not a make-up snob so I browse both drugstores and high end luxe stores 😀 (note : I said “browse” and not “buy” LOL)

Actually, I agree with you, Christine. I don’t think that it matters. I’d actually kind of like to see brands like Benefit and Tarte at my local CVS.

Nope! In fact, I love it. A drugstore near me now has Benefit and Stila and I love it because I can use the points I amass (considerable) to get FREE products. Another branch of this chain actually has Guerlain and I plan to use my points to get one or 2 of the lipsticks – absolutely FREE!

i agree with the pricing argument. and it has been proofed, that cheaper products set lower expectations concerning quality. but buying chanel and dior products in the drugstore would be kind of weird to me…

It’s not always just low price, but more like – if a brand is able to cut back price, I doubt they’re going to take that hit 100% in profits, so that means costs have to go down!

It would definitely be weird! It wouldn’t have the same luxurious feeling you get from buying high end makeup at a counter.

I don’t. As long as the quality doesn’t falter I don’t need to buy it from a high end store if I like the product it doesn’t matter where I buy it.

Not really, actually I appreciate the easier accessibility it affords.
I have also noticed that (depending on the individual store) I have better luck finding certain shades at drugstores/Target/Mejiers than an Ulta/Sephora.

I think as with any product, you want good quality for your cash.

I think more negatively of brands who pull out of places like Sephora or Ulta and go more exclusive because I figure they think they are way too good for the average woman. Snobs!

Yes I feel differently about them…happy! I like having easier access to them. Essie is now sold at Rite Aid. That totally saves me a trip to Ulta or from ordering online.

I wish more drugstores would carry high-end brands. I don’t have anyplace local to buy high-end so I have to get them from the internet and some places just have RIDONK shipping. So I would actually prefer that. lol.

Availability in drugstores increases distribution/availability. Increase in availability means increased per unit sale. Increased per unit sale equals increased profits. So yes, I do believe that a brand can keep quality and distrubute successfully/profitably through drugstores. I also believe that widespread availability decreases a brands sense of “exclusiveness” and for many brands (Chanel, Armani) that is what you are paying for.

Certain brands can successfully make the drugstore transition, but brands that sell the image with the product will continue to require a narrow distribution network to high end stores. Jemma Kidd is selling $16 eye shadows and Target, and my local store is always sold out of what I want.

NO! If anything as customers we should feel honored that the company would allow more chances for everyone to get a hold their products. I think its bull when a company restricts their brand and products.

Provided it’s the same merchandise at the same price as I expect the product to be, I actually prefer it when brands are available in drugstores. The more accessible the product, the more likely I am to use it. This is why my Essie collection has grown vastly over the past several months.

I can’t think of any. I wish they would sell Nyx at F21, though. Urban Outfitters was selling Stila and Nyx, but I feel like they aren’t doing that forever.

I don’t remember this happening to any brand (at least where I live), But If it did happen with changing in packaging and image (I don’t think the pricing will ever change .. nothing gets cheaper in this world!) I would start being skeptical !

I really like the idea. I’m a huge makeup collector [as most everyone else is that frequents this website- haha!], and I can’t really afford to buy high end stuff all the time, because I like to buy new makeup so frequently. Also, I’m a big “bang for your buck” person, so that makes buying high end stuff more difficult for me as well. And let’s face it, drugstore makeup is on par with high end stuff now more than ever before. If a high end brand either starts selling in a drugstore, not only will the price point be something I’d be more comfortable with, and I can buy more of it, but it’s also more accessible to me [the nearest Ulta is an hour away, the nearest Sephora is two].

NOPE! Not at all. Marketing is marketing. If the product QC holds up – I don’t care where it’s sold. More convenient for me when things are sold at drugstores. I have zero dept stores for hundreds of miles.

The same goes for me Christine. Something must have changed to make the brand/product more affordable, so I’d be wondering what it was. I’d purchase it at least once and as long as the product itself hasn’t decreased in quality, I’d be fine.

It really depends on the brand. I’ve seen hair and nail brands expand their availability to drugstores, Target and Walmart in ways that haven’t affected my image of the brand as the price and quality have remained fairly consistent. Cosmetics seems to be trickier, and I can’t think of a company off the top of my head that has moved their makeup down market and have done it well. Which isn’t to say that it can’t be done, I’ve just never seen it happen. That said, it DOES affect my opinion of a brand when they decide to go “Walmart exclusive” like Hard Candy did. I’m not trying to be a snob as lots of people shop at Walmart and I think that’s fine even if I myself avoid it as much as possible, but I’ve seldom visited a Walmart cosmetics department that wasn’t a disaster area. Worse than at any drugstore or Target I’ve visited, cosmetics displays at Walmart are usually poorly stocked; filled with misplaced, opened, and/or broken product; and the displays themselves are often smeared with product (most often polish, liner or lipstick). I find it absolutely baffling that any cosmetics company can look at a Walmart cosmetics department and thinks “yeah, this is the shopping experience I want potential customers to have as they develop an image of our brand.” I know Walmart offers a huge customer base that has to be tempting for any company, but to choose it as an exclusive vender? That decision can’t *not* affect my opinion of them, no matter what their products are like.

I agree completely! I don’t shop at WalMart unless I absolutely have to. Everything is poorly stocked- for example, they don’t even alphabetize their cds anymore at my stores. Employees have NO idea how to help you find products, as everything is so unorganized. I’ve seen the same done with nail polishes too. It’s an incredibly poor shopping experience. I swore I was done buying cosmetics from WM a long time ago after getting bad gel/liquid liners and polishes.

I will say, as a general statement, that many “luxury” cosmetics brands are owned by companies that also sell drug store brands. So if my favorite “higher end” brands ended up in the drug store, I wouldn’t mind. No matter what brand it is.

Nope…but I would expect a decrease in price (not contents, quality, volume) because they would be getting rid of some salaries expense…no customer service reps to sell you the prod or show you how it works wonders on your face. If the product stayed the same (content, quality, volume) and price stayed the same I would not buy at drugstore – I would make a trip to the counter and receive what’s included in the price I’m paying.

I don’t mind if nail polishes start becoming more accessible. I like that I can pick up OPI and Essie at my local drug stores now instead of ordering online. But, this may sound snobby, I love the experience of going to counters and makeup stores and having the makeup artists to help me and be able to swatch products. I know a lot of counters try to keep their samples clean with alcohol, so I would be wary about swatching eyeshadows and powders in a drug store. (If they even had that option, like at Target.)

I’d LOVE it if more brands started selling in places like Target or CVS for convience and the simple fact that I can buy more makeup with the credit card without my hubby knowing LOL! He has caught on to “MAC” “Ulta” and “Sephora” but with Target or somewhere I can play it off like it was laundry soap or paper towels heehee;)

Haha, that is the reason I avoid shopping online unless I absolutely have to!!! Packages always seem to get delivered when he is home and then I have to hear about how I do not need this and that. But honestly I work very hard and I think I deserve to buy one or two things a month that are just for me 🙂

It doesn’t change my perspective on the brand however the only thing I truly hate about drugstore cosmetics is that most of the brands they carry test on animals-except for Revlon, Almay just to name a couple.

Absolutely, yes! It makes the brand WAY, WAY less special to me. I’ll even defect, on occasion! Essie has really challenged my opinion of them (among others). I like products to feel special! If they are everywhere, they simply feel less like a treat.

Yes i think that expencive brands have much more quality to offer for much better price.It is not the same think if you buy a powder in drugstore from Loreal or Max Factor for some price about 15 euro, or powder in some exclusieve shop, like Clinique for price about…35 euro!More pigments, better quality, much better color wheel….details count!

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