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Firstly, I believe the only way to have healthy skin is to east the right foods, not put them on your face! Sure it’ll lessen your dry skin (if you have) but I think that’s about it. The results won’t last forever either. As for anti-aging, you body stops taking in certain vitamins after you turn 30…so what good would a cream do? Until it’s got like botox in it or something lol. In my opinion, wrinkles and gray hair on going to happen…and as much as I dreaded it as a child, now I think it’s something beautiful!

I think it works, to a certain extent. You have to take care of your skin first, then maybe by using them your skin will stay soft, moist, and minimize the fine lines. You cannot stop age.

i believe any anti aging starts with how a person eats on a day to day basis. products just helps it along at best 🙂

I don’t believe that a cream can make wrinkles disappear, like most ads promise and I would never pay €200,- or €300,- euros for a so called ‘miraclecream’, but I do believe that good skincare and SPF really pays off (in the future) and makes you look years younger, especially combined with a healthy lifestyle.

I’m not sure but I hope so. I’ve been investing in the Youth as We Know it line for about the last 3-4 months. I’m not sure that my crows feet are getting any better but I don’t think they are getting worse either. I have to admit that I was blessed with good skin to begin with. I’m 44 and never took care of my skin properly until I was probably in my 30’s. I have red hair and fair skin so I of course have freckles and some redness. I hate the fine lines and redness the most. Up until this year I was using drug store products and didn’t think they were doing the trick so I went up the price line. Like I said I hope it’s working.

I’m doubtful. I think prevention (ie sunscreen), diet and genetics play a bigger role. My mom has 2 sister’s who are close in age to her. One uses expensive skincare, over eats and stays out of the sun. (Honestly, her & hubby are like hermits!) Her skin is slightly sagging with a few wrinkles. The other sister plays tennis 2-3 times weekly and goes to Arizona for a few months of the year. Her skin looks leathery, wrinkled and haggered. My mom goes in the sun, but wears a hat & sunscreen and eats properly. Her skin look better than the hermit, mostly because it isn’t sagging. Needless to say its better than my sunshine aunt. My grandma had great skin until a few years before she passed away. All she used was Oil of Olay. So, truly I think its diet, genetics and good use of sunscreen.

I used to be a skeptic but when I noticed the fine lines on my forehead weren’t smoothing out like usual I ran to the store to find an approprite anti-aging product.

The 2 that’re working for me are Bliss Peelin’ Groovy and Caudalie 1st Wrinkle Serum. I use them together and my boyfriend teases me by calling me botox face – LOL! so I know it’s really working and not just wishful thinking.

One of the only topical anti-aging products that has been scientifically proven to work is retinoid products. They can be a bit harsh on your skin, but if you use them sparingly, they help your skin rate of turnover increase. I found they really helped me with whiteheads, too. Of course, SPF and avoiding the sun are still the most important part of keeping your skin healthy 🙂

to reverse wrinkles, i don’t believe any creams work unless you used those really strong ones that can be harsh on your skin. but to help you age gracefully and not prematurely, i believe it all depends on genes, diet, stress, keeping away from the sun and using a good moisturizer with spf. i am 36 in search for good skincare, some high end creams sink in really nice compared to drugstore but i just won’t fork out $50 for a moisturizer that doesn’t even have spf.

I’m definitely not convinced that most anti-aging products work. I definitely think that there are products which can show clinical-level efficacy, but I am incredibly skeptical of the claims made on most.

And like other people have commented, I think that sun protection, exercise, hydration and a good diet are much more important for keeping young and looking healthy than what you put on your skin. =)

I agree that they do work, to a certain extent. I have been blessed with great genes (I’m 30 and every single person I meet thinks I’m 21) and I have never smoked and rarely drink. I eat healthy (i have allergies so i have to) BUT I do like the sun.

However, I have seen proof that the products do work in my 51 year old mother. Her skin was getting pretty bad and she looked about 7 years older and then she started using skin products. Her skin looks about 40% better than it did a year ago. (she also got divorced which helped!!)

The only retroactive anti-ager is a prescription topical retinoid IMO. All other anti-aging measures are preventative.

Yes, insofar as they can help you look better – by protecting the skin from sun and pollution, reducing the appearance of lines, stimulating skin renewal and improving the overall look of skin generally.
But nothing is going to make you look 20 if you’re 45. Nothing is going to erase wrinkles or long term sun damage. Nothing is going to change the actual size of your pores.
Nothing short of surgery anyway.

The two products that work for me are Dior Capture XP eye cream – I’ve tried others and this is the one I now remain utterly faithful too – if I could afford the facial Multi-Perfection creme, I’d so use that all the time too! but Olay Regnerist Micro-Sculpting Cream made a visible difference to my skin as well. I’m nearly 31 for the record and still get ID’ed buying alcohol.
Being a healthy weight (or even carrying a few extra pounds) makes a big difference too – fat is a great wrinkle filler – IMHO, nothing makes you look older faster that a gaunt face.

I depend on science for this type of thing, not gimmicks. Lucky for cosmetic companies they don’t have to prove their claims. I don’t use any “anti-aging” product. I do however use sunscreen daily and exfoliate and moisturize my skin as needed.

the only anti-aging product/procedure that truly works is microdermabrasion; you really see results, its noninvasive, you can wear makeup again the next day. i recommend micro. to everyone.

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