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The only one I’ve found so far that absolutely does for me is Perricone’s Acyl-Glutathione Eye Lid Serum. I’m 36 and started to notice signs of aging around my eyes over the past year or so. This serum is my favorite new thing- I’ve been using it for about two months, and noticed a difference within the first couple of weeks.

When I see claims like these, I just take it as the product having some sort of good-for-you ingredient that is known to help a specific issue, but not that these products are going to dramatically make some sort of difference. I really do think being kind to your skin is the best method possible for keeping skin young & healthy looking. I wish I would have used moisturizer more, SPF more, tugged at my skin less, etc. I’m only 26, but I have quite a few deep lines under my eyes and in my forehead. 🙁 BAH!

To an extent I do. I’ve found a few products that seem to help diminish lines and sun/acne damage.

My favs:
1) Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Instalift™ Goji’ Line Erasing Serum – It made a HUGE difference in my laugh lines and the lines on my forehead.
2) Estée Lauder ‘Idealist’ Even Skintone Illuminator – Helped lighten sun/acne marks.
3) Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate – Oily but it fades (my skin is very oily) away and gives me a ‘glow’
4) Clarins High Definition Body Lift – This made my a*s so firm and helped diminish dimpeling of that area.
5) Kate Somerville® ‘ExfoliKate®’ Intensive Exfoliating Treatment – It makes my face smoother and glowing.

I use higher end products because I always get samples. If drug stores gave samples I’d try them. I didn’t mention an eye cream since I have yet to find one that makes a difference to that area.

I think only those that exfoliate chemically(and really work at exfoliating cause some don’t, even though they say so) and also contain a lotta antioxidants and stuff like that, those creams would make a change. not a huge one, though, i think.

I think they are more for maintainance and prevention rather than fixing the problem….definitely if you smoke or have a recreational habit or like tanning…it counter the effect of any product.

I think the only “anti-aging product” that truly works is a good sunscreen. I compare myself to my mom at my age – she was a sun worshiper and I have never sun bathed and have always worn at least SPF 15. She was a mass of wrinkles (after having had gorgeous skin til maybe her mid-40’s) and I am just about wrinkle free. I do think good skin care products also help keep skin looking moist, getting rid of dead skin and a dull appearance, etc. but sunscreen is the single most important “anti-aging” product, and this includes around the eye area especially.

I rather want to ask you or anyone a question. I have acne scars.. like depressions.. is there anything on earth that can reduce those scars except dermabrassion?
I do use makeup to hide those scars.. I had used Lancome hydrating moisturiser.. Im using MURAD’s acne blemish treatment these days which i bought from asos to reduce teh dark marks which pimples leave these days

I think they do, well, certain ones that is. I have found skincare extremely important but then I am the daughter of a dermatologist mom. I have used moisturizers since I was ten and it shows, at 36 my skin looks younger than many girls’ in their twenties. I would say that diligently taking care of one’s skin works; cleaning, exfoliating and moisturizing. After 30 using antioxidant serums. Not all antiaging products are made equal and they are definitely not miracles but continued care shows. I have tried most premium brands and I have found that EL is the best considering price-value ratio.

I just had an anti-aging facial this weekend and the esthetician used two products on me that I was seriously impressed by. One was the Opal by Clarisonic and yes – I saw a visible difference in the lines around my eyes and second, she used this tool called NuFace which uses microcurrent to lift my brows. Now, both tools are expensive and the results are temporary as it was my first time using either .. but I was impressed with the results and yes, I plan to buy the Opal asap .. the NuFace is like $300 .. will have to save.

But most importantly .. PREVENTION is the key to anti-aging .. don’t even think of going out in the sun without a high SPF. Also, don’t forget to cover your neck, chest and hands 🙂

I’m still in my early 20s so I only invest in moisturizer and a good eye cream, but since I don’t really have wrinkles, I don’t really know if they’re really lessen their appearance or “cure” them to an extent. For me, prevention is key and good ol’ sunscreen is something a lot really do swear by. 🙂

I don’t trust them. I don’t think any cream in the world can make wrinkles DISAPPEAR. They can make it look like they have reduced your wrinkles but usually it contains some ingredient that makes your skin swell and give you the illusion of smoother skin. If you want a temporary solution, then go for it. I think a good moisture cream is better than an anti aging cream, as dryness and empathize wrinkles, and your skin gets drier over the years.

I am in my late 40’s and my answer is yes… But there are some rules that must be respected ! The first one is to avoid sun. Sunbath yes but with a screen, then avoid somking and drinking, and last but not least avoid sugar and sweets if you can. Use Bio rosewater twice a day and use a good daycream and a night cream or a complete care. Personally when my skin becomes dry I apply HYDRANORME on my face. It’s very rich but it works. Otherwise, I apply CREME DIVINE from Lift’Argan day/night. Another tip is using an icecube all over the face, oils are very good ( Bourrache, sorry I don’t know the American word, rose, argan, among others. ) It’s not very nice to apply oily products on the skin but it really works. I also love the CREME PRODIGIEUSE night, it’s gorgeous if your skin is tired, and the REVE DE MIEL from Nuxe, the same brand is great if your skin is dry.
Never forget scrub and masks, avoid stress. But time always wins, the most important thing is to look great at any age !

To be honest, I hate all these commercials for anti-aging products with those retouched, unaturally even faces. They promise miracles and everlasting youth, something I consider as undesirable anyway. I know people who look very attractive in spite of having a few wrinkles. I also believe that you have to take care of your skin from an early age if you want to keep it healthy. My mom is almost 50 and still has gorgeous skin. She never smoked, didn’t really sun bathe and used sunscreen. I think these are the keys to keeping your skin young.

I agree with other people that prevention is key. Sunscreen is a must from a young age and some good skincare routine in your late 20s with anti-aging elements is probably a good idea. I’ve been using regular eye creams since age 18. At 30 now, I will be upgrading to something with anti-aging properties. I didn’t start wearing sunscreen til around 24, and by then I already have terrible freckles all over, as well as some acne scarring. After testing many products, in my experience Clinique’s Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector works the best for noticeable results, but I can’t use it every day because it’s so strong it stings my face. As for exfoliators, most scrubs don’t work very well for me, so I switched to a chemical AHA formula (REN Resurfacing AHA Concentrate) and I’ve seen much better results. During the day, I will try to use skincare products with SPF 30. At night I’ll switch to something a lil heavier and more moisturizing with anti-aging properties. Since I’m only 30, I don’t know how much difference it’s made so far but people tend to think I’m younger than I really am, though it might be because I’m Chinese and it’s just one of our traits. My mom is in her late 50s now and she has to use firming moisturizers every day. She tried to go without for a couple of weeks once, and she said she saw noticeable differences in her skin and neck. I think some products work better than others, so shop around, read reviews, and try a bunch of products. Most aren’t miracle workers overnight and might require time for visible results, but I think it’s worth investing into. Start early since it’s easier to prevent/limit problems than to try to fix them afterwards.

I still am not sold on products that claim to “reverse aging” but I do think that the age prevention moisturizing works pretty well. I feel like the more hydrated we are- inside and out- the slower the aging process happens.

I agree, prevention is key, but you’re lifestyle and genes play a part too. A lot of people mistake me for being younger than I am. I used to lay out in the sun all the time as a kid, and looking at the other women on both sides of my family, we are all the same way. They all look about 5 years younger than they really are.

I don’t really use any “anti-aging” products but since I’ve taken care of my skin (cleaning it twice a day, properly hydrating, I haven’t sun bathed since my hair turned red and I started to burn like a lobster). I have a few small creases under my eyes that aren’t really noticeable, and that’s it. By properly taking care of your skin when you’re younger you aren’t making future problems worse.

Aging is inevitable. =)

I have a 25% glycol acid cream that gets rid of acne marks in about ten days. I’m not old enough to have any real wrinkles or sun damage to test it on, but for what I do want results with, it’s amazing.

My dermatologist and some experts I’ve seen interviewed say that all you can do is moisturize well and guard against UV rays. The rest is down to gravity, and nothing but surgery can fix things slowly sinking toward the ground. 🙂

That makes sense to me, so I consider a good moisturizer and good sunscreen/sun avoidance habits the best anti-aging routine you can get. And I definitely don’t think more expensive = better with this stuff. A lot of drugstore products will moisturize as well as anything else (my face is horribly dry right now, and Eucerin Calming Creme is beating everything else I’ve tried, and with a nice texture to boot).

I’ve also recently started removing makeup with almond oil, which seems to clean much more thoroughly than other cleansers, and sort of puts back oil as it strips it away. This is just something various people have suggested to me, and so far (about three weeks), I’m liking the results.

Addendum: something has made my face and eyes swell up hugely. I realized this morning it’s been happening gradually, and today I look like a puff pastry. I’m assuming it was some part of my new skin care routine, so I’m back to what the dermatologist insists is the safest thing for my incredibly sensitive skin: Cerave moisturizer and cleanser, with oil-free makeup remover for the eyes. Oh, well – maybe the Eucerin fixed the dryness enough that Cerave can handle it from here. I do not love having skin that sensitive! 🙁

Prevention is def key. I stopped tanning my face when I hit about 20 thank god. I live in Florida now and apply a sunscreen primer every day to my face. This has helped a ton. The products I have found to help my skin look younger are:
Argan oil. I get an organic one off of Iherb for a great price. I use it nightly as my night moisturizer
Any toner that is for dry skin without alcohol in it. Won’t dry face out. The simple brand has a good one that is cheap and can be found at most drug stores.
Clinique Repairware laser focus a couple of times a week after I wash and use a toner on my face
Clinique Turnaround concentrate radiance renew a couple of times a week after I exfoliate and use a toner on my face.
Alba Sea algae facial scub. So gentle and makes my skin so soft
Clarisonic once or twice a week to get deep down and remove makeup and exfoliate
Ole Henrickson truth is in the eyes serum. The only thing that has ever worked on the fine lines under my eyes. Expensive but will last for years. I got it with a 20% off sephora coupon which made it much more affordable.
In the summer Clinique dramatically different moisturizer for my day time moisturizer works wonderfully. In the winter I use maracuja oil during the day.

One tip for using oils on your face,damoen your hands with water and then put the oil on your fingers and spread it around on your face. The water repels the oil deeper into your skin. I then dampen my hands again and go over my entire face until it has been absorbed in.

I’m at the “prevention” stage as it were but I tend to rely on using natural, good for you ingredients as oppose to anti aging ingredients like renitol. I think a lot of prevention has to do with eating right, excersing, taking care of your skin, and wearing LOTS of sunscreen. I’m a believer in, you take care of your skin and body and it’ll take care of you.

Really, the only things that actually reduce the signs of aging (wrinkles, discoloration) are products that are available by prescription from the dermatologist. While over the counter remedies may have slight effects, you are just paying for the pretty packaging and the experience of buying it at Sephora.

Prevention is key; I use a sunscreen every day and *always* wear a big pair of sunglasses, even on a rainy, “sunless” day just to take the trash out. I also make sure to use a moisturizer every morning and night, and in the middle of the day when I’m not wearing makeup. I’m 38 and have only 1 deep crease across my forehead that I’ve had since childhood, before I discovered sunglasses. I have very sensitive eyes, and therefore tend to squint in bright light. However, I have no fine lines in the eye or lip areas, and I look like I’m in my early 20’s.

My skin routine is fairly organic and quite inexpensive, though the key is to keep skin moisturized. I’ve tried different products over the years and have found no real difference between high and low end. Right now I’m using a castile soap as a cleanser, coconut oil as a makeup remover, and Shea Moisture Baby oil at night/lotion for day (the ingredients are nearly identical to their “anti-aging” formula, which is about 4X smaller at about 2X the price). I use a simple vitamin E stick around the eyes day & night, and Neutrogena Pure & Free Baby sunblock stick, but I’m trying to find one more natural for the face that’s at least SPF 50.

Anti Aging has been a hope and a wish snake oil salesmen have pandered to for years! At fifty, I’m glad for limited sun exposure compared to my peers. Use sunscreen like that song says! And get your neck and hands too. Smoking is the Other Worst Thing, although it might kill you at forty and there goes the problem.
I have a nice fat moisturizer called CeraVe from the drugstore my Dermatologist sent me for. Cheap! And the only thing that really helps. I like the one with Hyluronic acid to swell up those few little lines around the eyes. Temporary beats nothing!
Really though, a face and eye lift is the only thing that makes a huge difference. A chemical peel can do wonders too but as things start to sag there’s no voo doo potion for that. My mom is 75 and looks 40! And a good cosmetic Dermatologist has some helpful treatments but nothing defies gravity but a retread.

Being one of your older readers (I will be 60 this year), I certainly have seen benefit from a # of the new things out there released since the start of the alpha-beta exfoliation creams. The peptides, stabilized Vit C & a lot of others have been helpful for me.

Also I must say my Clarisonic has helped a ton and it’s not what I call anti-aging at all. But at 60 when most have enlarged pores, mine are barely visible because they are cleaned out now and have shrunk up.

I do agree with sun-screen. I stopped sitting in the sun over 30 yrs ago – but as they say, my damage was done when I was in that age 7-18 range.

Lifestyle as has been mentioned is huge – no smoking (never did), lots of water, well balanced diet (lots of fruits and veggies) – my skin looks so much better when I am drinking way more than my 8 glasses of water/day!

Favorite Products:
CLARISONIC PLUS, amazing results & worth every penny
CLARISONIC OPAL, also amazing results.
At 59 y/o I still haven’t found skincare that I affordably like for sensitive skin, but the above products have 100% eliminated black & white heads (use gentle cleanser & CLINIQUE EXFOLLIATER) The Opal really does excellent job absorption of serums & light creams. Much better than ever than on their own. Hope this helps someone!

I think 3 things make a HUGE difference to skin as we age:
Sun protection
Pick the best one for YOUR skin type and make it part of your routine.

I wish I knew for certain. I do know they work for me psychologically because I tell myself I’m making an effort—surely it must be working. That said, I don’t look my age and have gotten into arguments because others thought I was lying about it, a pretty silly premise. If anything I’d say I were younger not older. 🙂

If you read the beauty brains blog and other blogs written by cosmetic chemists you can find out that the only thing that actually diminishes wrinkles in lotion form is Retin-A and it’s prescription only. Everything else is just a moisturizer. Prevention is key-sunscreen, moisturize, don’t smoke. Other than that it’s botox or laser treatments

I have been using the Anti-Aging line by Rodan + Fields for about 3 months. I am loving it and am seeing less and less fine lines around my eyes and mouth. The creases on my forehead have even gotten better. I found these products at I have not seen them in stores.

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