Do you think anti-aging products work?

Do you think anti-aging products work? Do some work? Are they all over-hyped?


I think they do something, but I think the results are often less than what one would expect.

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I think it depends on the age you start, I have definitely seen the biggest remarkable change in my skin since I’ve started using a serum and anti-aging cream! My skin does look younger, I still get carded and are you 21?haha I’m 29!

I totally agree! I’m 29 too and I have been ID’d a couple of times recently, even though I’m 5’9 and a D-cup! I’ve had girls at beauty counters go “oh, you won’t need that at your age” and then I say “are you sure, I’m 29” and they’re like “oh, right, sorry – yes, carry on”.

I change my products a lot but I have always moisturised twice a day, since my teens – especially on cheeks and cheekbones/temples, where early wrinkles come. I always come back to Kiehl’s Panthenol Protein Face Cream, Clarins Multi-Active Jour (in summer) and Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream (in winter).

I don’t think they do a thing. I think we need to take care of ourselves as best we can, pray genetics won’t be too cruel to us and that’s it. be thankful you’ve reached an age to see wrinkles.

Kind of skeptical…cause sooner or later all those creams won’t even work once you hit a certain age…then why bother? lol

I agree that the results are usually less then one would like. And the prducts that have clinically be shown to work, like retinol, have drawbacks, side effects, and are expensive.

I think sunscreen and a good moisturizer started at a young age do more than any anti-aging potion can do.

I don’t believe they make you look younger as such, but some of them make you look better. Basicallly anything that gently resurfaces the top layer of skin and keeps it hydrated and plumped up will make your skin look “more youthful”…

Having said that, I absolutely swear by Dior Capture XP eye cream. I am 32 and have less fine lines that most 25 year olds I know… (I know that sounds shallow and bitchy and decidedly vain :-/)

I think sunscreen works for preventing wrinkles, but I guess technicially it’s not an anti-aging product! Otherwise anti-aging products like retinoids, etc. work slightly – enough to make me buy them!

COnsidering I have seeing serums that are 7 tiny vials for $1500 – often a large waste of money. I do think they work to a small extent, so if you don’t expect miracles, you may be happy. However, sunscreen/hat/sun glasses and no smoking would be the cheapest anti-aging ๐Ÿ™‚

Are you talking about Revive?
When I was manager of a salon, there was a woman who would sometimes come in. She does the Revive ampules twice a year and she looks 15 years younger that I would have ever guessed she was.

I think anti-aging products don’t do much for the skin, especially when used AFTER you’ve aged and want to reverse it. By definition anything that you can go out and buy without needing a prescription, cannot alternate your skin in the way that you want, as something that strong that would have that kind of effect cannot be sold without a prescription for it. I also think that with anti-aging we are all missing the point when we know that the things that age us are the sun, our environment, whether we drink or smoke and to what extent. If 2 people are compared, even at young ages such as 23, one who wears sppf, keeps out of the sun, has never smoked/drank, compared to someone who goes loves getting tan from the sun, drinks/smokes, one can look to be 18 while the other 30. If companies were truely passionate about anti aging they would develop more moisturisers with spf, and market them to teens/young adults, in fact to everybody, but to the younger people as a way of protecting the skin. I think today’s anti aging products give a temporary lift to the skin, and we should get wise about the key ingredients these products should contain, so that we at least know that we’re using something beneficial to our skin.

It is not Miracle in a Jar! You can do a lot to help yourself by not SMOKING! Living a “hard life” takes a toll on your skin. Look at Li-Lo last night, smoking & drinking every night she looked HORRIBLE

just 2 drops of pure almond oil or extra virgin olive oil applied daily at night can do wonders..believe me its better than any of the expensive antiageing products….it worked for me atleast

I think they work in the respect that they soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles. But as far as turning back time, nope.

I don’t know if we have or not, but if it’s been a few months, I don’t really see an issue with a few repeats here and there ๐Ÿ™‚ Always different answers and new people joining the discussion!

Estee Lauders Advanced Night Repair Concentrate
It really really REEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAALLY works!! If it didn’t work I would not be sitting here leaving a comment. I can’t speak for others but this is what it has done for me it evened out my complexion, fades dark spots, it even plumped up the lines around my neck. The thing that really amazed me was that it help with my acne marks. I had the kind of acne marks that left a crater on my face from popping my pimples. I had 2 on my forehead and 3 on the side of my face right near my hair line, the ones by my hairline were more prominent, but ever since using this serum it has improved the look drastically!!! It is literally almost completely gone! I love this stuff!! Pricey, but it is so worth it!

Much of the advertising and so-called “clinical trials” cater to a woman’s dream of finding the perfect youth serum. Some products are excellent and give the skin much needed nutrients; other products are just a waste of time and money. To separate the wheat from the chafe you need to know your ingredients and what they actually do. You also need to know your skin and what it’s missing in order to select the correct products. Then you have to give them at least a month to see how they work. Why at least a month? Because that’s how long it takes for a new layer of skin cells to reach the surface. There are no over-night miracles! I’m 61 and have always taken good care of my skin; adjusting my skin care routine as my skin’s needs change. My skin’s condition would rival that of most women much younger than I. So, what’s the best anti-aging product you can buy? SUNSCREEN!

I don’t think most over the counter stuff does much other than moisturize but some the prescription products work. I use Differin which increases the cell turn over and keeps my skin looking healthy and glowy, not dull and flakey. (I’m 43)

I think most Anti ageing products are just glorified moisturizers. Unless they contain an ingredient proven to reduce wrinkles (the only one i heard which is approved by various boards is Retinol) than i’d say save your money and just remember to moisturize (plus sun screen).

nowadays there’s a lot of products for sensitive skin.. don’t be afraid, just look for products for your type of skin.

since I’m studying to become an esthetician, I do believe anti-aging products work, but it all depends on the age that you start, also your lifestyle and how much you protect yourself from the harmful sun rays which causes between the 80-85% of our aging. so if you start early and you do at least the minimum to maintain your skin balanced (cleanse, tone & moisturize, the anti-aging treatment will help a lot.. but if you do otherwise, don’t waste your money, it won’t work.

A lot of you have mentioned using sunscreen and of course that is necessary to help prevent UV rays entering your skin, but even so it’s not foolproof and free radicals still occur. There is actually an anti-aging serum on the market that contains a very effective anti-oxidant known as Idebenone. It’s used in a product called Prevage, made by Elizabeth Arden and it’s been clinically (not just consumer) tested – and compared to some other products that can cost up to double the price, it actually has proven results. That’s not to say it will work for everyone, but most people should find clear results in reducing skin pigmentation, redness, fine lines, wrinkles, dullness and other signs of age. It’s also a preventative so it can be used by anyone at any age! I suggest all of you go get a sample and see for yourselves – you see a marked increase in skin radiance even from just trying some on the back of your hand.

Having problem with our skin can give us depression, yes it is due to the anxiety that we feel when we see other people staring at you and looking in your dry loose aging skin! Many people specially women who are experiencing this kind of scenario, but don’t worry there are many machine and procedures that can help us to stay away from this stage of our lives. Thanks to technology, for providing us high quality gadgets to improve our appearance and to gain confidence.

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