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I do, for the blog, and before the blog, I shared them with various makeup communities. Taking photos is actually what helped me improve the most, because you really learn where your weak areas are and everything looks worse close-up than it does in person – so if you can get it right on camera, it’s even better in person.

— Christine

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Yes I do take pictures of my makeup. It actually helps me improve my techniques especially blending. I think if you starting out in makeup taking pictures is very important to help you improve. When I get really good with apply makeup then maybe I will have the courage to start sharing with my fellow makeup blogging communities instead of just friends and family.

No, I don’t even have a digital camera. If I did I’d probably take a few pics to show friends my collection or a new product I bought.

On occasion. Photographs make it easy to see what I am doing right. And where I need to improve.

I have been thinking of sharing my makeup looks on my blog. I just don’t think I am quite ready to go there, yet. πŸ™‚

Not really. For one, my camera is total crap at taking close-ups. Clear close-ups are one in a million. Two, I just don’t think about it most of the time.

Ugh. I really wanted to start a blog or YT channel, but when I attempt to take pictures of my makeup and then look at them, I always end up instantly hitting the delete button. Just not photogenic, I guess.

I do but not very often. I only take photos whenever I’m doing a really dramatic or bright look. Otherwise, I’d only take a mental photo of it and the products I used.

Yes, but only because I blog! I agree, it’s made me do my makeup differently… For instance, I always do something with my brows now, since they looked ok in real life, but terrible in pictures! Before I started blogging, I didn’t take pictures of my makeup, though.

Sometimes, yes. I like to share the best looks on my tumblr, but I need a better camera if I really want to use the pics more.

Sometimes for my blog, but mostly for the close-up inspection ability. I don’t think my liner skills will ever be all that awesome, though, so I like that not-so-close-up still looks better, lol

“Taking photos is actually what helped me improve the most, because you really learn where your weak areas are”

This. I take pictures of almost all my make-up, unless it’s the sort of look I do every day, just so I will see what areas I should work on. So far, I seriously need to do something with my cut crease technique! The “cut” is so hard to get even on both sides, and to place where it suits your eyeshape! Ugh.

I don’t have a blog but once in a while when I think I’ve managed a nice look I take photos for myself and make a list of the products I’ve used so I can do the same look again. It’s so hard to remember them all.

I’d like to have a beauty blog but I’m lacking confidence.

No, but I need to start doing this. I want to post FOTD/OOTD pictures on my blog, so any tips/tricks/general info would be greatly appreciated.

Yes, I like taking pics of my makeup πŸ™‚ One reason is because makeup is so temporary; you wear it and then wash it off, so pictures are a great way to preserve your art and skill. ;D I started doing makeup and taking pictures for my makeup blog; I photograph makeup looks and also products I buy and whatnot. I don’t always post the looks I do, though.. only if they turn out well, hehe! I agree that it’s harder to make the makeup look good in photos than in real life, and I like the challenge of trying to take good photos. It helps me improve a lot, and it’s fun to share my creations with other makeup enthusiasts πŸ™‚

I do! It’s fun. I’ve seen a huge improvement of photo quality and make-up application over the last 9 months or so. Practice makes perfect. Helps to share and get feedback!

Sure—I love to take a quick picture. My camera is not very good, but sometimes the product is just too good to keep to yourself.

Temptalia: I would Love to see ur collection! and how you store it. I can’t imagine how much you have πŸ™‚

I do take pictures of my makeup for my blog from time to time, and I totally agree with you…it definitely helps you learn! Sometimes the camera catches an angle that you don’t normally see when you look in the mirror, and you’re just like “ugh, how’d I miss that spot?!” …or something haha.

yes i do, for my blog. I’ve learned how to make the best of things like the lighting that I have, the settings on my very modest camera, etc. Practise makes better!

i do but not for blog purposes, just to see where im going right, the camera seems to pick up every imperfection that i cant see when i look in the mirror. I can also see if my foundation looks flawless in flash, and then i know what routine to follow if i want the same effect

I do all the time. To share online, with friends, and own personal reasons! And I definitely remember when you use to post on the MAC LJ community back in the day!!!!!!

wow, thats a big one. i mostly never take spictures of my makeup. never actually saw it in light of actual improvement. But reading your post now i totally agree with you especially the “everything looks worse close up than it does in person” part.

I will definitely be giving it a shot especially since i have an active blog now. Iv got to post pictures on it right? and they have to be really good ones.

Thanks for this additional knowledge iv learnt today.

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