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Yes! I know I’m beautiful! You know your skincare and health work, when people think you’re at least 10 years younger than you are, sometimes more. I still get the “in High school comments from time to time.” Or, I get 20’s from people who don’t know me; but my favorite is when people think I have foundation on, and I’m not wearing anything, it’s just my skin. That’s the best!

What the secret πŸ™‚ I have no acne anymore but i still have eye bags.. :S and im only 21..and i use eyecream..

i never really felt beautiful, i felt just a tiny bit better when i have makeup on but that feeling fades away so fast that i won’t count it in, so that’s about it.

From your picture, and from someone who has an objective opinion, you’re in fact very pretty and shouldn’t feel down about your looks at all. (:

I do, actually sometimes I feel like I look better without it, it’s just so much fun! however if my skin were in better condition (suffering from teenage acne) I would really have no need for it since I’m only 15.

Not at all, I feel that I need to wear makeup even when I go out of the house for 10 minutes. I hope that 5-10 years from now i’ll be able to say that I feel confident about my ”real” face, but for the time being I can’t see myself believing that…

Sadly, no. I have hereditary dark circles that are dark purple against my pale skin, and I’ve been covering them up since I was thirteen. If it weren’t for the dark circles, I could afford to forgo makeup on occasion.

I feel the same as you do but mine are veins that show . I don’t leave my house without concealer. And other then that the rest of my face is perfect its just under my eyes. it gets so annoying having to worry about them showing all of the time . πŸ™

I was going to leave the same comment πŸ™

I have TERRIBLE dark circles and very pale skin. I look like a raccoon, but I still think I’m beautiful. And my boyfriend does too πŸ™‚

Not going to lie, I am going to get injectable filler to correct the dark circles. I’m tired of people thinking I look tired when I’m not!

me too! i duno how to get rid of the eye bags. and i drink water, try get enough sleep, eyecream and good skincare.. plus of course i eat healthy..

I feel just as comfortable without makeup as I do with makeup. I don’t consider myself beautiful, but I don’t loathe myself or think I’m ungodly atrocious, either. I just wear makeup because I think makeup itself is pretty and fun, and can make a person look a little more polished.

I like this reply. I think its nicely balanced.

I like wearing makeup to look a bit polished, but I don’t think it necessarily affects the way I feel about my looks. If I feel sick, or I’m having a crap day, that’s much more likely to affect how I feel about how I look. Makeup, not so much, unless I’m also having a good day and have an outfit on that makes me feel va-va-voom gorgeous!

I will add that, strangely enough if I’m already feeling good about the way I look, I’m far more likely to put in an effort – isn’t that strange? Makeup isn’t my way of hiding when I feel bad about myself, rather, it seems that hiding and looking as “blah” as I’m feeling – as opposed to celebrating my beauty – is much more likely to be my response to feeling terrible about the way I am or look.

I think I look beautiful with or without makeup. I do wear at least kajal and lip balm almost all the time.

If I wake up with the right bed head look, yes, I feel beautiful. I go with little, if any, makeup most of the week due to two little girls in my life. If I feel good on the inside, I don’t care what I look like on the outside. That is the honest truth. My face isn’t perfect, horrendous hyperpigmantaion, acne scars, moles that line up like the big dipper, the list goes on. I’ve come to accept the fact this is how I look.

Most of the time no one else notices than yourself, and if you feel beautiful people will think you’re beautiful too! πŸ™‚

I have moles on my neck that line up to look like a vampire bit me haha! You just have to roll with it and find happiness despite your flaws.

That’s not a flaw- that’s a great source of outrageous funny stories and leg pulling! Vampire bite, lol! And The Big Dipper? That’s a fantastic mark! Ursa Major, the great Bear who holds up the North Star. That is bodacious! And special
After neck surgery I had a huge red scar across my throat for a year; I had so much fun with that! Then it disappeared, I heal well. But you can work a flaw or two, and for dark circles try brightener, maybe a touch of powder to even it into your bare face. Mine is Maybeline and works as a single item fix up. I’m not going full paint to go do certain errands.

Usually, but my skin is prone to breakouts and that can make me feel crappy sometimes, especially since I’m so pale which just makes it even more obvious.

It took me a long time to get here, but for the most part, yeah. The only thing I tend to be vaguely self-conscious about is the dark circles under my eyes, but only because people tend to ask if I’m sick when they’re really bad and I don’t bother to cover them up. πŸ˜€ I still go out of my way to have at least one no-makeup day a week, though.

Depends on the lighting. πŸ™‚ I refuse to leave the house without something on my face (usually gloss and eyeliner). I like to see the beautiful people caught by paparazzi without makeup–they usually still look good. But having a loving partner helps to boost one’s confidence. I love when I wake up in the morning (with a puffy face, allergy symptoms flaring up, mussed hair) and my husband says I look beautiful. Of course, if YOU think you’re beautiful then you are!

Some days. It can be difficult some days and when I eat well, exercise, and have no pimples on my face that week, I feel good.

People have always had such varying opinions about my looks that I gave up trying to assess my beauty a long time ago, LOL – it’s in the eye of the beholder. So I wear makeup to express myself and because it’s fun, not to make myself more beautiful. When I go without it, I just don’t really think about what people are seeing.

It’s not that I’m totally secure about my looks – I have some anxieties there! It’s just that for some reason, makeup doesn’t really come into it for me.

I typically wear only lip balm & moisturizer (sometimes tinted) most days (along with a t-shirt and sweats/leggings), and I feel just as beautiful. Beauty, in my opinion, comes from within and how one goes through life. I’ve known really horrible people throughout my life, and no matter how “pretty” they were, I just couldn’t see them as beautiful, if that makes any sense.

Interestingly, though, I actually feel “incognito” with no makeup, as it is a fairly recent thing for me. I’m now a stay-at-home mom of a 5 year old with autism, so makeup isn’t always a priority. I started wearing makeup at around 11, so for 25 years it was just second nature. I really enjoy it, though, and always look forward to wearing it, along with dressing up.

Love your attitude.:) And good to know that I’m not the only one the wore makeup at 11! Lol πŸ˜€

Makeup doesn’t really affect my self-esteem. I feel ugly no matter what because it comes from my actual features rather than how my skin looks and because I always know what I look like without makeup. I wear makeup because I really enjoy using it and buying it and trying new products.

I do but it took a while for me to get here. Up until I was about 18 I thought I was ugly and boyish. Plain at best. Now I see that I look quite feminine and beautiful.

I think one of the main contributors to low self-esteem is the fact that it’s generally socially unacceptable to acknowledge your own beauty. If you do, people think you’re stuck up. So young girls say they think they’re ugly to fit in (maybe on a subconcious level) and eventually start to believe it.

This is interesting, because until I was 18 I also didn’t have such a big problem with self-esteem as I do now. I was popular without being thought of by people at my school as beautiful.

When I got to 18 and left school to go to university, my self-esteem completely collapsed because I just put it into my head that because I hadn’t ever had a boyfriend or even been kissed etc that I therefore was an ugly hag who should stay at home all day. I also had some isolated incidents when people pretty much said I was ugly/fat to my face and it’s very hard to pick yourself up from strangers abusing you like that.

The only reason I’m saying this is to discourage ANYONE from descending into self-hating and extremely low self-esteem: do as much positive reinforcement in your life as you can. Don’t hate yourself, it’s just not worth it and it makes other people want to be as far from you as possible. I haven’t got any friends because I’m extremely stand-offish, very icy and blank, to keep people away from me. Anyone and everyone should do anything they can to avoid this.

Girl, I feel your pain! I went through the same things as you did. I never understood why a complete stranger would call another complete stranger “ugly”. (Maybe she hates herself or is jealous about something you have.) It’s happened to me and it’s hard to knock it out of your head. As I said in my earlier response, it helps to have someone who believes in your beauty. Not that my image is tied up totally in my husband’s opinion but it does help to have someone point out your attributes and ignore your flaws. Make no room for haters!

God I remember that. I was bullied for over ten years in school. It wasn’t fun. Being plus-sized in an Asian country doesn’t really help, either. ^^;

Christine, thank you for sharing your story. Of course, we readers think you’re beautiful inside and out.

I think it’s less that confidence is viewed as self-aggrandizing so much as that there’s an advantage to socializing 50% of the population to be self-conscious and depreciative. If you can convince a woman that she isn’t good enough, the easier it is to sell her your beauty/weight loss/magical wonder product.

Oooh, yes! I like your point of view on this. It’s definitely media’s part in helping to shape our culture. It started around the 1930’s with the advertising meant to make you worry about how you smell and look and whether as woman you were sexy enough.

Sadly, I don’t leave my home without makeup on. HOWEVER, I feel it is because my eyelashes are so light and my eyebrows so light and sparse -it honestly looks like I don’t have any, unless I shade them in. If I was blessed with brunette lashes and brows, I could most certainly try the no makeup thing. My skin is also uneven and pink in spots and oily..it all started when I would get massive breakouts and started wearing lots of cover up and powder in grade 6. I don’t think that not leaving your house without makeup is always indicative of a self-esteem issue either. I am beautiful and fine just the way I am!

Well my skin has been so damaged from a decade of cystic acne that I know it won’t be as perfect as I’d like until I get some laser resurfacing and scar surgery. And there are other facial features that I plan to alter. So until that happens, I wouldn’t consider myself, by my own standards, to be “handsome” or beautiful. And that’s perfectly fine.

So do I feel I beautiful with makeup? No, since I don’t look beautiful with it. I agree I look better, but there’s always room for improvement.

Don’t worry. I’m sure many of you are thinking that I should just accept myself and how I’m going to turn out as one of those psychos who have like 50+ plastic surgery operations. No, I won’t. It would take forever to explain myself, not that anyone’s interested anyways. xD

Yeah exactly. I wonder if that makes me selfish for not really considering anyone else’s opinion? Or does it make me brave? Haha. πŸ™‚

Why should you consider other people’s opinions? If this is something that will make you happier and therefore healthier, why not be a little bit selfish? πŸ™‚

I feel the same as you John. I don’t feel beautiful whatever I’m wearing, and it is, as you said, very complicated to explain.

I feel like I am totally justified in seeing myself as very unattractive, but then I know what you look like John and I would consider you to be handsome – but it makes no difference if I say that or if your friends say it over and over again. Self-esteem has to come from within, and everyone who hasn’t got any knows that.

I agree. It comes from within and while I certainly need work in that area, there are requirements that when fulfilled in my head, will “correct” my self-esteem. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ll learn that when the time comes. It’s all a cumulative and maybe even wholesome experience. Ah well.

But, thank you for the compliment. πŸ™‚

No, not really. I never thought I had good skin but now I realize that my skin was so much better than I thought about 3 months ago. After I started on new birth control, I also started using Studio Fix Fluid by MAC that aggravated my skin even more. A real acne sufferer would probably not say that my skin is bad, but compared to what it looked like before it’s really bad. It takes me down and I can’t even go to the store because of my self esteem. I also got some pimples on my chest and shoulders, just a few and small but it’s enough for me to cry, haha. I am switching birth control to my old pills that didn’t ruin my skin, I’m going to a derm and take even better care of my skin. Hopefully it will go back to the way it was!

I really wish I felt the same way with makeup as without… I feel like a hypocrite saying it because I get annoyed by others who have no self-esteem without a face of full makeup. I deffinitely dont feel ugly without makeup but I certainly dont feel beautiful either. I will wear a clean face if I dont want to be looked at. Today however, I did go about my day without any eye makeup, though I wonder if it still counts that I wore my glasses so no one could get a close up of my undereye cirles! I dont really feel like myself without undereye concealer and brow pencil…. again, feeling hypocritical because those things arent a part of me but I feel I need them to feel like myself!

Great question!

It took awhile to get here but I feel confident w/o the makeup. Besides, I love when I answer the door with no makeup on and they ask if my mom or dad is home and I’m 35!

I think i look okay but not as good, when i know i can make myself look 10X better with makeup. But im comfortable not wearing it all the time, in fact i havent really worn makeup in a month or two because i just haven’t been feeling it. I have to get up and go to work and all i want to do is use that last hour to sleep instead of doing my face. Its sad but im starting to see make up more as hassle/chore then fun these days. Maybe im just old..im 20 after all. lol

I don’t feel as attractive without makeup (same goes for dressing up); for me, it’s a way of playing up my best features, a beautifying tool. However, it’s not so much a question of beauty as of looking polished, well groomed, like I take care of myself. The thing is, if I decide to go out without makeup, odds are I won’t bother with dressing up and doing my hair either, so I tend to look…messy. I do look a lot younger without makeup, so I guess that’s a plus.
I had a pretty serious car accident about 10 years ago which left me with hypertrophic scars on my cheek. I could have had plastic surgery to correct that, but after having spent 4 weeks in hospital and another month in a physical rehabilitation center, I was sick of doctors and hospitals, so I decided to leave them as they were. They have faded a lot (as my dermatologist predicted they would), but the habit of not going out without foundation or TM has proved pretty hard to kick, although I have very clear skin otherwise.
Great question, by the way!

Unfortunately, not yet! I used to think that my skin was fine when I was younger, I mean all teenagers break out at some point, but people would point blank ask me what was wrong with my face so even now (at 24 years old), I can’t leave the house without wearing at least concealer.

I don’t feel beautiful with or without make up, but I feel happier and more confident with it on. I have certain features that I need to enhance, including my eyes, to feel happy with how they look. I have very thin and sparse eyelashes and no contour to my eyes, so without eyeliner and mascara they don’t look good at all. I like my eyes with make up on though. My skin’s not horrendous, so I could go out without foundation on, but I prefer not to. It just makes me feel better.

I’m actually just fine most of the time! I also spent years trying to get a correct image of myself instead of thinking I’m too big-boned, my eyes are too small, or something like that. I’m happy I have come this far! I kinda need my eyebrows filled but that’s it :p

Yes, I do. Even though I suffer from occasional breakouts (hormonal spots close to chin and cheeks) I am not wearing make-up unless it’s for a good reason. If I only leave the home for 10 minutes I just wear nothing but lipbalm and I feel pretty good. IMO beauty is accepting yourself the way you are, and taking the necessary steps to look even better. Makeup is just a part of the solution but not everything πŸ™‚

Although I enjoy make-up mainly as a creative outlet, not as something to make myself look prettier. I don’t really care much about how I look, worrying about how others judge me would only get me to be depressed and unhappy.

It really depends on the condition of my skin. I still do have some mild hyperpigmentation from my teenage acne and on some days it seems more visible than on others. Some days I don’t bother with makeup because I feel I look good, on others I wouldn’t leave the house without my trusty concealer.

It depends on if I’m tanned or not. If I’m tanned, absolutely I do. But if not….I look like a corpse and definitely do not feel beautiful in the least.

Good question!

Not to be a buzz kill, but please don’t tan. My father almost died of melanoma! It was two years of surgery, treatment, tears–pretty serious sh*t! Think about how weird Cate Blanchett or Nicole Kidman would look with tanned skin. Embrace your pallor. Pale, tan and dark–we are all beautiful!

It wouldn’t be totally honest if I have said that I do but I am trying to.Not so long ago,I wanted to look at my best everyday and managed that with full make up.I was convincing myself that a good makeup will never look over done and I believe it is kinda true.But wearing a velvety foundation,perfect smokey eyes,well sculpted face and dramatic lips every single day no longer feels right/necessary to me.Because the illusion of being perfect everyday creates a pressure which always somehow forces you to look great.I think this was a short phase for me.Now I can basically wear no makeup when going to school but still I feel myself better with a little tinded moisturizer or correcting primer.The only thing I feel like I should do is to fill in my eyebrows.I am glad that I have com to the point where makeup is not a must but a hobby for me.

I love the artistic component of makeup and feel that it can enhance physical appearance when worn correctly (i.e. colors that complement skintone/features). However, I feel completely fine when I’m wearing nothing but strobe cream, or my korres wild rose moisturizer. When I first began wearing makeup, I didn’t like how it looked on me. It wasn’t until I got into skincare that my makeup began to really compliment me. A naturally glowing complexion is so beautiful to me. For all of the girls still struggling with their appearance, just know that there is SOMEONE out there who will look at you and find your features stunningly beautiful. However, you have to be in a good place with yourself to even accept this.

Funny enough, it wasn’t until I started wearing makeup on a semi-regular basis that I started feeling pretty in my own skin. That is to say, I started feeling pretty with or without makeup. I guess that time spent in front of the mirror while I played with makeup let me see the beauty in my natural features. Makeup is a really fun hobby, but not a necessity. The way I look at it, no one vomits at the mere sight of me, so I must not be too ugly!

Christine, I could never tell you’ve ever had self-esteem problems! You are the epitome of a confident, modern woman.

Personally, I can say I feel beautiful without makeup on, but I feel GORGEOUS with, and I always get done up to go out tango dancing– when I feel gorgeous, I dance better πŸ™‚

Thats kinda like how I was back in college. I would always doll myself up for a test(heels, business cas, makeup, the whole works)and I noticed I did better because my confidence was higher.

I feel fortunate to look 10 years younger than I am so I feel at least confident without makeup on! I have light olive skin with dark hair and eyes and I have dark glasses frames, so I think the contrast gives me a boost in confidence to feel that I still look good!

Nope. The whole reason I got into high end makeup is because of my skin. If my skin was perfect, then yes! Otherwise, no πŸ™

It really depends on the condition of my skin. There are days when I have little tiny red pimples everywhere and NEED lots of foundation and concealer. As of right now, my skin has cleared up a decent amount and I can go without make up and not want to break mirrors as I walk by, but I still like to wear make up whenever I step out of the house. I feel “prettier” with make up. Like a better version of myself.

I do feel beautiful without makeup on. I really think I need under eye concealer only, the rest I wear because it’s fun to put it on and create new looks.

Sometimes. I have bad undereye circles. They make me self-conscious, but I’m getting better about this whole self esteem thing. πŸ™‚

Yes, I do and I’m sure everyone could. I love my oval face, bright blue eyes and my full, nicely shaped lips, and I’ve learned to accept my blemishes. It’s taken me, too, a lot of time to get there, however. πŸ™‚

The only time I EVER go out of the house without makeup is when I’m deathly ill and have to go to the dr. Without makeup I am *very* pale (just call me casper), and I have mild rosacea so sometimes I have red splotches.

I feel you Cindy. I have super pale skin as well and combined with rosacea and acne, I sometimes feel pretty down on myself (although I am a pretty confident girl). Once, when chatting with friends, I mentioned that I was pretty fair and a friend said: “Your skin isn’t pale; it’s pink.” πŸ™ Ah well. I also really hate getting comments on how it’s “just a phase” (I am 21 btw – should be done by now, no?).

Yes I do because I have learned that when you feel you are beautiful then people will think you are. Its in the aura of confidence you show that makes people feel that way ^__^

No, never. I’ve tried to have ‘no make-up days’, but I just walk by a mirror and cringe. I just don’t have good skin tone or color. Thank gawd for foundation πŸ™‚ I don’t think I’m ugly or anything, I’m just very uncomfortable with how I look without makeup, esp foundation.

Yes, and I’m 67! I eat healthy, exercise, and live an active and sociable life. Beauty from the inside is what really counts in the long run.

Although I have high self-esteem about myself in general and think I’m a nice person, intelligent, and funny, that self esteem doesn’t transfer to how I feel about my looks without makeup. Last night I got out of the shower and felt embarrassed of the way I looked. I secretly put on a little brow powder and mascara before leaving the bathroom. I worry my boyfriend won’t be as attracted to me if he sees me completely without makeup and sometimes I can’t bear to let him see me with a pink, freshly scrubbed face, even after a year and a half together.

My boyfriend tells me that I look beautiful with and without makeup. But he prefers without makeup. I’ve had low self esteem all my life and when he tells me that, I just feel so good about myself.

Yes! I usually go on school days without any makeup at all just because my mom thinks that girls going to school should not wear makeup, I just don’t because I always think of my mom saying that to me when I used to wear makeup to school. Even though I’m in college and I can do what I want, I guess I prefer not to wear makeup during school days anyway so I have more time to sleep in and actually be well-rested during school. πŸ™‚

Not at all. I’ve noticed how differently I’m treated in public when I wear make-up (even as little as mascara, eyeliner, lipstick and concealer) and nothing. I’m treated far better when wearing make-up. Men (and boys, even) hold doors open for me, let me go first, will serve me faster and pay more attention (if I’m in a restaurant). Women treat me better, too, in the same ways, actually. When I don’t wear make-up, I’m usually ignored, shoved, and generally treated without respect. My husband prefers me without make-up, but I think he’s insane…I look awful without it. He’s also a bit of a hippie…

OK? Much of the time? Beautiful? Not the word I’d use. I tend to feel less confident if I don’t “have my face on”.

I never had good self-esteem when I was younger and makeup actually didn’t help because I’d wear crazy stuff that’d garner weird looks. I’ve slowly been able to develop a healthy self-esteem, and nowadays, I’m perfectly fine going out without makeup, and I love how I look πŸ˜€

My answer is no, I definitely do not feel even the least bit attractive without makeup, but it’s not about my attitude, it’s about the way people judge.

I can understand why some people say that beauty is internal, but I think they mean to say that beauty is internal for them. If your skin and features fit an acceptable average, then even if you have the occasional flaky skin or breakout, you probably feel fine.

I have a fairly advanced case of rosacea, in which no medical option has made a difference. I have fair skin all over my body, right up to my jawline, where I go rose-colored from chin to scalp. That’s me when I’m NOT flushing. Without makeup, I can’t walk 10 steps without someone asking me where I got my sunburn in the middle of winter. It’s hard to think of yourself as lovely when people keep pointing out the shade of your skin and don’t seem to notice anything else.

On the other hand, with a reasonably opaque foundation and good powder, people ALWAYS comment on my eyes. Turns out I have a great shape and color to my eyes, but without makeup, I may as well not have eyes. So, no, I know what’s lovely to the eye, and without makeup, I don’t even come close.

Julia, I really thought hard after reading your comment – I know it sounds cliched to say beauty is skin deep but I truly believe it IS more than that. Rosacea is tough, you’re stuck with limited options (green and yellow correctors mostly, plus good coverage bases) but I would hope that people notice your eyes and smile even after the shade of your skin.
Frankly, if they don’t tke the time to look past the bright pink or redness you might have, well, you probably aren’t missing much from them anyway…

I appreciate your comment. People DO look past my “permanent suntan” and I will say, without embarassment (and without humility, apparently πŸ˜‰ ) that I’m well-liked. Many people consider me invaluable in my work and turn to me first for help because they know I understand them, and I have just the right amount of the right friends. However, I think we (everyone in this thread) are deliberately blurring the line between beautiful to the eye (like a sunset, or a flower, or a healthy animal) and a beautiful soul. I don’t know that I’d call myself the latter either, but I strive to be a good person, and I believe the people around me know that. There’s a difference between people valuing me greatly as a person and perceiving me as beautiful. By my definition, I’m not the latter. Every now and then, that makes me a little sad, or frustrated. I don’t really need to be beautiful; at this point I’d settle for what most people consider “average.” But either way, I don’t think it has anything to do with my worth — however that’s measured.

I don’t precisely feel beautiful, I feel like I believe women and humans normally look. It’s just that when i wear make up I look exceptionally good.

To be honest, I feel just ok without makeup–not bad, but not great either. I don’t consider myself one of those women who look naturally “great” without makeup, lol. To me, makeup enhances what I have and without it, I think I look just ok. Looking beautiful means something a little more out of the ordinary…and I don’t think I look quite like that without makeup.

No! At the very least I need eyebrows on, my eyebrows are almost nonexistent. Otherwise I look like a plain brown paper bag with eyes and like I just don’t care, have given up.

Lordy no not at all! I need full on slap every day just to face the world. Even nipping to the corner shop sees me decked out in full eyeshadow/liner/mascara and foundation and gloss. Really low confidence on looks. I am just grateful for the invention of cosmetics. πŸ™

Since I got my Clarisonic about 5 yrs ago – yet. I feel better when I have a brow product on. In fact soon as I clean my face (even for sleep), I put a brow back on. Lost most of them with chemo/radiation and they are blond/turning white now (what is left there that is). But with aging – my skin has never looked as good as it did once I started with my Clarisonic. No more pores!

I’ve gotta be with you on that one. Before my Clarisonic, it was hard when my face would spontaneously start bleeding in public, or I could feel people staring at a particularly gigantic pimple on the end of my nose mid-conversation (I can’t blame them, the pimples were enormous). My face felt so painful! I had forgotten about that.

That said, I don’t even think that it was entirely a matter of how I looked at the time – severe acne feels gross and blah and really sore in itself even without people to look at it.

I could go either way. If its a day at home I don’t put anything on. And if I’m running late to work I don’t. I agree with most of the comments about inner beauty.

I do however feel terrible if my hair isen’t “done”. And by done, I mean some sort of product in it. (super curly, no product = giant fro)

Interesting question – my first instinct was to say no, I don’t but I’m not ashamed or embarrassed (not in the least!) to go out in public without makeup… I have melasma patches on my forehead and across both cheekbones, I suffered from cystic acne for 10 years (now treated) so have a bit of scarring, have a few tiny red veins under my nose and some raised capillaries here and there, a couple of moles on my jaw and more of that stupid peach fuzz fluff on my face that I would like, so I’m far from perfect but then again, it’s not like I’m going to make small children cry and little fluffy woodland animals run in terror.
Plus is doesn’t hurt that my fiance tells me how beautiful/gorgeous/amazing/lovely I am every single day.
(he’s beautiful too and he doesn’t wear any makeup!)

Well nourished, cared for skin, bright eyes and a genuine smile all make you more beautiful that any amount of makeup.

Plus the cosmetics and fashion industries have pretty much pushed such unrealistic images for so long that the whole subscription “normal” women face to aspire to be beautiful is distorted beyond measure.
They already are.

I would never say beautiful, but I’ve had moments when my skin is clear and I feel more or less attractive without makeup, but dark circles prevent me from feeling completely secure in those moments.

No I don’t and that makes me sad actually. After years and years of horrendous acne (I am 46 so pre-Retin A until early 20’s), I still sometimes look in the mirror and see “that” girl. I do have some slight scarring, nothing really bad but still…..just goes to show that stuff in your head can do damage for a lot longer than bad skin.
I work on it though and LOVE this blog and learning about makeup…so thanks a lot for that!!

I absolutely feel beautiful sans make up. Although, it’s a little more difficult to look rested and radiant when I have two little ones to keep up with, but I’ve always felt confident in my own skin. I didn’t start wearing make up (foundation, eye shadows..the whole 9) until well into my career (late 20s) and that was only if I remembered or had time OR had a big meeting where I wanted to look extra polished. My mom was a natural beauty and wore make up on special occasions. She promoted taking care of my skin and celebrating my face as is. Sure, I wore eyeliner and lipstick in high school and beyond but it was more to enhance my eyes and lips rather than making me feel more beautiful.

I never really feel beautiful, but I am becoming more comfortable leaving the house and running errands or even going to the mall without any makeup.

I feel like a completely hideous ogre without makeup. I can’t even look anyone in the eye if I’m not wearing any. It doesn’t help that my skin (cheeks, jawline, sides of chin) is covered in tiny little bumps that I can’t hide well because they’re raised. I used to have great skin, too… I have been so lost ever since my HG face wash/mask was discontinued. It has really taken a toll on my self-esteem. I wish I could trade in my skin.

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