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In the beginning, I definitely stayed in one brand, and a lot of that does come down to accessibility and affordability (it was MAC!). MAC is totally a gateway drug 🙂 But in the long run, no, and I think it’s better to buy the best products from all brands instead of settling for products from just one brand. Every brand will have hit or miss products as well as hit or miss shades.

— Christine

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Of course not! There are things that each brand does well and places where they need improvement. I wouldn’t force myself to settle for a below average product just because of brand loyalty, when I know I can get a fantastic version elsewhere. I think we all have our favorite brands, but no one does everything the best.

i only own Urban Decay. i’ve never seen anything for another brand that tempts me enough. tho if i found my perfect green eyeshadow i’d go for it.

I used to be obsessed with MAC too, it’s the brand that got me interested in cosmetics. But now I use products from so many different companies!

I don’t stick to one brand,
I always like to try different products from different brands ( Mostly the ones which are categorized as cult favorites and “iconic” products)
But I do have some favorite brands that I like to buy certain types of products from, like YSL’s lipsticks and mascaras or illamasqua’s blushes etc ..

I stick to only MAC. MAC has enough of a collection and continuous new collections that I can barely even keep up. Im anal when it come to packaging. It all must look uniform to one another.. I dont mind Urban decay for a sephora store brand. Drugstore I’ll dabble into NYX and that’s it.

I find it easier to stick to one brand. I agree that you should always pick the best products, even if that means crossing brand borders. Though, especially with eyeshadows, it’s easier to keep away from dupes when you’re only buying from one brand 🙂

Absolutely not. The market is too extensive, not to mention diverse, for me to stick to a single brand. (Hey, it seems like everyone and their grandmothers own a mineral make-up company nowadays)

I’m the exact same as you, Christine! I started out buying a whole ton of MAC because they were the only brand that filled that niche for colourful, high-end, yet not too expensive makeup in my small city. After I moved to Australia I was exposed to all sorts of brands like NARS and Illamasqua so I’m definitley not loyal to any brand; I’ll buy drugstore makeup too if it’s good quality. My only stipulation is that it not be tested on animals.

I don’t stick to one brand but I do have a lot of MAC. But I also have A LOT of NYX, Wet ‘n Wild, Milani, Sleek, Barry M, Catrice, Urban Decay, Maybelline etc. 🙂

Due to availability I stay true to MAC for the most part. Very little things in my make-up stash are by brands different than MAC.

Now, when it comes to nail polish, I’m not so loyal. Anything goes here.

I tried to stick to Avon when i was 16, then to Fresh and later to Jane Iredale (after trying Pure Pressed Base), but found out that not products are equally good even from such respectable brands as J.I. and Fresh

I love your answer, Christine! That summed up my life as a makeup addict in a nutshell, down to MAC being my introduction into things 🙂

Not at all. In fact, I have yet to find one brand that I love EVERY product from (even Sugarpill, because I don’t like Paperdoll.) I do have certain favorites from certain brands that I tend to stick to…however, I tend to avoid MAC unless there’s free shipping online. Going to the store just takes too long and they’re always trying to upsell and act like I don’t know about makeup.

No! If I did, I’m not even sure what it would be. Maybe one of the pro brands, maybe Chanel or Guerlain…but then I’d miss all of the NARS lipsticks and my favorite Tarte waterproof mascara. Nope, I don’t stick to one brand and I couldn’t even decide which one I’d stick to if I had to choose. Has anyone tried Inglot’s full range of products? Would they be a good choice?

When I first started, I’d buy whatever I could afford at the drug store and didn’t pay attention to brand. Then I discovered Mac and became quite fiercely loyal and, as you mention, it turned into a gateway drug. Now I spread my love between a number of brands and am always looking to discover more.

For years I was faithful to clinique only. I ventured out only for drugstore products when I couldn’t afford clinique and my aunt worked for mary kay so she sometimes gave me stuff. I would walk into sephora and head straight to clinique but occasionally I swatched an UD es on the way(usually woodstock). Than on my 21st birthday I went to Mac to get my makeup done. Soon there after I discovered Nars, tarte, mufe, ud, benefit, too faced, and nyx as well as YT. That’s what did it now I get stuff everywhere.

no, definitely not. I got into makeup a little over a year ago, and for the first few months, I was mostly into MAC (even though I didn’t buy that much as I’m only 14 now) but I love going into Sephora and other beauty retailer’s and exploring the brands there 😀

I’m a Bare Escentuals girl and have been for 12yrs. I’m obsessed with their foundation, faux tan, mineral veil, blush and now their solid ready shadows.,I do venture out for mascara (too faced size queen) i also use their skincare except for moisturizer I go to Shiseido the skincare.

I agree with you Christine! In the beginning it was MAC, but as my income grew, so did my choice in brands and now I’m a total NARS, Dior, & YSL addict. I still buy from MAC, but they’re not my first choice anymore.

Mac is probably the main brand that I ALWAYS come back to. While there are so many great products out there from all sorts of high/low end brands, I look at my collection and I am a Mac lover. Its honestly affordable and great quality. But like how everything goes, find what works for you.

I definitely have my favorite brands (NARS, Illamasqua, & Make Up For Ever) that I tend to buy more often, but I like to keep a mixture of brands in my collection. Pretty much anything at Sephora is fair game, my only requirement is that is not tested on animals!

No, I dabble a little bit on every brand that fits my interest. I dont buy from every brand, but I do swatch every new high end brand that comes out. My collection has brands that no longer exist and some products that haven’t been used. As soon as a new brand comes out, I will flutter to that brand. I buy the product for its unique packaging as much as for its quality. Nars, YSL, Guerlain, MUFE are yesterday for me….now I’m into Japanese brands,Dolce N Gabanna lipsticks and Urban Decay shadows, Sugar Pill, Fyrinae, the Balm.

Heck no! I have something from most brands. I love trying new products and sticking to one brand would be to restrictive. It doesn’t make sense to me at all. It’s fun to try new things and it keeps things interesting. I DO have a lot of things from Wet N’ Wild. I love their eye shadows and lipsticks.

I feel the same as you, Christine! MAC was my first love bec. their lipsticks are affordable and easily accessible for me. But I will never close my doors to quality brands like Bobbi Brown and UD eye products; NARS powders; Laura Mercier and Shu Uemura moisturizers; Burberry, Dior, YSL and Chanel blushes. I would also like to explore more of Guerlain, Edward Bess, Tom Ford, Tarina Tarantino, Illamasqua and Le Metier de Beaute this coming year.

I can’t feasibly do it. Unless there was a brand that did a certain formula well across the board, I don’t see any reason to stick to one brand. There are some brands that do certain items fantastically, but if I find a better formulation, why stick to one brand? It’s self-defeating.

The only brand I’ve noticed is stellar across the board for me personally is MUFE. Even then, my wallet doesn’t think it’s so stellar.

I stick mainly with MAC and Urban Decay, but I have things from other brands such as Tarte, KVD, Nars, and Fyrinnae.

I’m kind of a dior addict (lol!) for real. I have a couple MUFE things (owned by Dior of course) but for the most part, I feel like Dior focuses on the things I love- flawless skin, glowy (not overly pigmented) blush, sheertone lipsticks, fabulous lashes… It was just right up my alley. They cater perfectly to my preferences. Not to mention I just feel luxurious wearing dior!

Nope – I’ll try anything that appeals as long as I don’t have a previous bad experience with the brand/line, and sometimes even if I do if I absolutely can’t find anything else.

Whether it is makeup or skin care, it doesn’t make sense to limit ourselves by sticking to just one brand. Our skin care needs, personal style, and level of sophistication are constantly evolving and so should our cosmetic choices. A variety of brands permits us to learn more about different formulations, colors, textures, etc. at various levels of quality. Why would we choose to go with a mediocre product from one line when we can pick the best from some other line?

Yep. The advertising idea of MAC is to be like crack….by having “new limited products” so often/ “new” experience….providing more of the same but having the same addictive effect to come back for more…..and emptying your pocketbook at the same time which is the case for both. Great analogy!

I disagree. MAC is not just makeup for me, I look at it as my collection. I love collecting MAC. It’s affordable and for the price of other makeup brands, I don’t think it’s worth it to branch out for me. After I started my collection the only other product I ever bought was my NARS orgasm blush. That was a gift though 🙂

I know what you mean by Mac being a gateway drug. I think for most of us makeup junkies it started with that brand. I remember when I didn’t dare even look at another brand but then I started seeing other brands that I liked also like Nars. I own more Nars than I do Mac I think if you are really into makeup you eventually branch out. I don’t think Mac has very good mascara or liquid make up so I go to other brands. I also don’t think they have enough Matte shades. I do like there special packaging for collections not to mention that there blushes and lipsticks are good quality for the money. I don’t like how they are starting to go up in price though.

Nope! I only started using makeup about a year ago, actually, with Hard Candy, but pretty quickly started playing with other brands. I use Hard Candy, Urban Decay, Too Faced, Kat Von D, and really whatever else looks worth trying. My only stipulation is that I absolutely will not touch brands that do animal testing.

I use MAC for basics (foundation, primer & most tools) but I definitely LOVE experimenting with other cosmetic brands. For me, having found and stuck with basic products that work is prudent and less expensive than paying high prices for products that fail to deliver the same result. This approach give me more fiscal latitude for experimentation.

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