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Do you spend more time on makeup or hair?

Do you spend more time on makeup or hair? How long for both?


It’s not even a question!  Makeup, makeup, makeup.  I am totally hair-stupid!  About 15-25 minutes on makeup and 1 minute on hair.


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goldberryfaery Avatar

Makeup!! I have really straight hair so I just bend the ends a little with a bigger curling iron to make the layers looked finished, and then I always take forever doing makeup (I’m a perfectionist)

Christian Avatar

haha I am the same as you Christine! IF I do something with my hair, I do it after my make up so I’m just left with whatever time I have till I need to leave…which means if I need to rush or skip it then so be it! I’d rather rush/skip my hair than do my make up poorly! Make up is roughly 15-20 min and hair (flat iron) is 7-10 min, but if I try to curl my hair it would take me a good 30min+ because I am curling iron-challenged.

nicci Avatar

The only time I spend more time on my hair than makeup is when it gets washed – blow dry & straighten. Otherwise, makeup. In the morning, I’ll comb my hair and nothing more…perfect! 🙂

Lizz M. Avatar

Haha, “hair-stupid”. I totally have to agree, I definitely fall under the hair-stupid category. I know a persons overall appearance is just more put together with nice hair, but I always, with out fail, just shake my hair up a bit and walk out the door. It’s all about the face for me. Sometimes I don’t even brush my hair and I still miraculously get compliments like, “How do you do your hair like that? “It looks so chic!”…. ha, my secret goal is to get everyone around me to stop fussing over hair, shhh!

I’d say on typical day I take 10 minutes or less on face and a millisecond on hair. On a day where i’ve got a little more time I tend to take about 20 minutes on face and maybe a couple minutes perfectly coifing the do. You know, making it look like I intended the messy bed-head thing, ha.

Sam Avatar

wow! how do you take an hour? i could never take an hour…. i dunno.. maybe because i dont try very complicated looks at all…

Musing on Beauty Avatar

Makeup, definitely. My hair is lucky if it gets 10 min of my attention in a whole day (including washing and blowdrying it).

monika-luiza Avatar

make-up all the way! I don’t straight or curl my hair, and most times I let it even air-dry (looks way better than blow-drying on me), only sometimes I play with different french-braid or chignon looks, but even a around-the-head braid doesn’t need more than 5-10 mins. my normal on the go make-up needs at least 15mins

Sharon Avatar

most of the time i spend more time on my hair than makeup. but it switches when i just make a simple hairstyle, like bun that requires no teasing or whatever.

Hilana Avatar

That depends on a the state of my hair and my general mood. At present, however, I look like Freddy Kruger, having gone to the dermatologist and he burnt some spots off my face with oxygen. So my current make-up routine is a slick of mascara and a wee bit of lipstick. And I can do both without having to look in the mirror!!! 🙂

Anitacska Avatar

Me too, lol! I wash my hair every 3 days, so that takes about 20 mins (with blowdrying), on other days I just comb it and that’s it. Make up I wear every day and spend about 20 mins applying it. So that’s 3 times more time than I spend on my hair on average. 🙂

Nik Avatar

Make up 20 min, hair less than a few minutes, (that’s conditioners job for me!)
I agree, I can’t even put my hair in a bun properly, but that might have to do with growing up with a dad 🙂

nathania Avatar

Yeah, maybe 5 minutes on hair, and then 20 to 30 minutes on makeup depending what look I’m going for! I don’t really know what to do with my hair since it’s so stinkin’ straight!

Macaddict Avatar

Hey! Don’t feel bad Christine: I’m also “hair stupid”… 😀
I spend 30-45 minutes on skin care and make-up and 1-2 minutes on hair!!!
Thank god, otherwise I’d have to get up wayyyy earlier for work and I already have to get up at 4am!!

lazeny Avatar

I only apply a curl serum on to my damp hair, and if I’ll remember to comb it, I usually just leave my hair alone, as I am blessed with a wavy hair that rarely needs brushing. But I do spend about 30 minutes up to an hour w/ my makeup. I make sure I have a lot of time to primp before leaving the house.

Michelle Avatar

I don’t know anything about hair (wish I need I’ve been wanting to style it for years without heat and product). So makeup it is.

Christy Avatar

About 10-20 minutes on hair (blowout and fixing my bangs), another 10-30 minutes on makeup depending on if I’m trying a new look or not. I’ve paired it down quite a bit though. I used to spend up to an hour on makeup!

JayJay Avatar

I spend about 20-25 minutes on makeup, and about 40 minutes on hair. I have a white girl afro, that’s not quite short enough, and definitely not long enough, so I have to straighten it every day, or run the risk of looking like Kramer!

Nora Avatar

10 mins makeup, 1 minute on hair, tops! I’m pretty fortunate in that all I really do with my hair is shampoo it, let it air dry and then brush it at the top to smooth it out a bit. I have naturally wavy hair and I like how it looks on me, so…. why waste a good thing, right? Haha.

Jessica Avatar

I’ve never actually timed myself, but I think it takes me about 8-10 mins for my hair (blowdry and flatiron some parts), and about 10-15 for my makeup. Makeup takes me longer cause I’m still a newbie and I like to experiment. 😛

Jamie Fox Avatar

For a party I will take about 45 min for hair (straightening long, thin, wavy hair is a b~ … pain.) and 1 hour for makeup, since I am still makeup challenged. Ha ha. Any other time Makeup takes 10-15 min for basic natural look. The hair is a messy bun with a stick through it most of the time which takes about 30 seconds. twist, stab, done!

roxanne Avatar

i spend more time on makeup for sure! my hair’s natural the way it is, not dyed, streaked, permed or straightened… so i spend like, 3 minutes on it if i go out without washing it before. but makeup on the other hand, takes me anywhere from 15 up to 40 minutes, especially if i am REALLY dolling up! lol.

Megan Avatar

about 15 minutes on hair if it’s already dried. If I have to blowdry, I spend about 35-40 minutes. I spend about 5-10 minutes on makeup but I do my hair every other day. I’d still say hair.

Courtney Avatar

Wow…now that you ask, I realize that I used to spend more time on my hair in the morning with a flat iron, then just dusting on some mineral foundation before leaving. Now I find that I often skip the iron in favor of doing more makeup. Huh…go figure.

Carrie Avatar

I definitely spend more time on makeup. I learned a long time ago that I’m not particularly good at doing hair. I either put a little product in my hair and just leave it down, or put it up in a ponytail or messy bun if it’s too hot.

Rosanna Avatar

I’m totally hair stupid too!

All I can really do is straighten my hair but only if not picking out clothes or doing makeup hasn’t already taken most of my time!

I’m trying to learn tho (need to learn how to do a blowout!).

Jakara Avatar

I am an AA woman and I do my hair at night. I only need to do touch ups in the morning. So I would say I spend more time on makeup. If I don’t do my hair the night before than I spend more time on my hair and will probably have to do a quick look in the car.

T Avatar

Being a AA woman definitely spend more time on my hair. Well i should say my stylist does. Me and mom gave up on trying to do my hair a LONG time age, because theres just to much of it!

Its will take my stylist 2 to 3 hours depending on how many clients are there that day….now if me and my mom were still trying to do it itd be the whole day. Afterwards(a process) I can usually keep a style up until its time for me to go get it done again.

But Ill take up some mirror time with my makeup too ;0)

Paradox Avatar

I only spend 10 minutes on my hair, mainly because it’s short and very easy to style.

I do spend 20-25 minutes on makeup…I like to take my time with my liquid liner.

Gisele Avatar

Makeup; I’m not hair-stupid, just hair-lazy. I’m lucky enough to have hair that I can comb into the shape I want it to be (when it’s towel-dried) and that look is it for the day. Then I can focus on the face which needs much more help, but 15 minutes is about the max for makeup.

Rebecca Avatar

depends on what I want to do with my hair. I normally have a plan the night before, and Ill predry and straighten it the night before. If Im too tired to do that, then curly it is the next day, a squirts of curl locking spray and then makeup takes about 10 minutes. Since I go to work during the week I stick to simple, natural looks that come in quads, makes it faster than picking colors! But on the weekend when Im going out, doing my makeup takes about an hour.

Mirna Avatar

It used to be hair. Now I care less about hair and more about makeup. I am trying to growout my hair so that I can spend less time on it and even more time on makeup! LOL

Michelle Avatar

I love doing makeup more than hair, but I have so much hair that I have to spend more time on it.
Straightening or curling both takes about 40 minutes, whereas I only spend about 20 minutes on my makeup.

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