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I don’t really put anything in my hair other than shampoo/conditioner. I do spend a good amount on those ($25 or so) but since my hair is pixie short and on the dry side, a single bottle can last me six months or more so I don’t mind spending the extra for quality.

I’ve found drugstore shampoos/conditioners to be just as good as salon brands, sometimes *better*, so on those items, I just catch sales and/or use coupons. I also don’t use much in the way of “product”, either, so I’ll usually buy something inexpensive, or sample/travel size, as needed. I allow my hair to air dry, and as a result my hair is healthy and strong (diet & genetics also play a key role).

Oh man, I have a lot to say on this one!
As background, I grew up with a grandmother who owned her own hair salon, so I’ve tried a ridiculous range of hair products, and personally I do find there’s a difference in products that are more expensive, especially when they’re designed for styling purposes!
Shampoos and conditioners are often okay at the drugstore level, if not stellar. I find that drugstore shampoos as a whole tend to be more drying, since they often use a simple soap base to keep costs down; drugstore conditioners tend to make your hair greasy to compensate for it. There are some stand-out products, though – I find Aussie’s 5-Minute Miracle is great and I use it frequently, and Dove’s Color Radiance line isn’t bad.
For hairsprays, mousses, and leave-in conditioners (ie, products that really show when you style your hair), I am definitely willing to pony up for products from brands that I trust. A&G’s Fast Food is my favorite leave-in conditioner – it smells like candy, makes my hair super-soft, and doesn’t leave me with greasy roots (most cheaper products that claim to do the same thing simply pile grease onto your hair and hope that tames the frizz!). Paul Mitchell’s mousse is also pretty great.
Hair dyes, too, are a big one – getting your hair coloured in a salon means you’re getting dyes that tend to cling better to hair while actually providing the color you expect, and you’re paying for application that provides adequate conditioning to prevent hair breakage. It’s more expensive, but if you get a proper full color done once at an expensive salon, maintenance and root coverage is a lot cheaper and you can go almost anywhere for it.
Of course, this is just in my experience, and I do know friends with fantastic hair that have never stepped foot in a salon before, so take it with a grain of salt!

 Aussi 3 minutes miracle is one product I really like from drugstore too. and It kind of saved my hair years ago.
from your experience, do u think it worth to buy s luxury hair dryer too? what is the difference?

 @hwendy Hair dryers are tricky, IMO. Personally, I find it doesn’t much matter to me – I tend to not buy hair dryers that are cheaper than $20, simply because I have a horrible tendency to kill them after a month or two of use, but as for the actual styling capacity I find it doesn’t really matter much. Professional-quality hair dryers tend to last longer (usually they’re built to withstand heavy salon usage, and so you can count on them being able to survive the occasional drop and not crap out a month after you bring them home) and diffuse the heat more effectively (which dries your hair more quickly and avoids frying any particular spot), though I really don’t see the point in shelling out ridiculous extra money for high-end dryers that promise “ceramic tourmaline ionic flow” and the like – a lot of that is just rhetoric that doesn’t have any actual impact on the style, though if you’re curious and can find those features integrated into a cheaper dryer, go on and give them a shot! The one I’m using right now is a Babyliss, I think, which retails for around $30. I’m definitely satisfied with it!
Then again, my hair is thick and quite resilient to most damage, so I know my threshold is a lot higher! Really, the only things I immediately look for are the wattage (around 1900W usually works, as I find anything less takes AGES to dry my hair) and the weight of the thing – if the dryer doesn’t fit well in my hand, I’m likely to hate it no matter how good of a job it does! If your hair is curly or very fine, it may be worth it for you to shell out for a model that’s got a diffuser and more precise temperature control? Otherwise, I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

I like to, but mostly on treatments and certain styling products. I’ve recently gotten much more serious about how I treat my hair because it was in absolutely terrible condition. Two months ago–after going a few years without coloring/bleaching/chemically treating–I cut off about 10 inches to “start fresh” and I’m determined to have that “I-belong-in-an-Herbal-Essence-commercial”  hair. It’s very thick already and has a nice natural wave to it, but it certainly takes money to keep it maintained, even at the current length. Shampoos and conditioners I’m less careful about–I love my ManeNTail–but masks, treatments, oils, creams etc I definitely spend the extra money on.

I have spent lots of money on different shampoos and conditioners and other products. There are certain things I still use (ojon restorative treatment that I really like that I have bought multiple times at $55 dollars a tub) but I have gone much cheaper lately. I tend to buy more natural things using oils from the health food stores instead of using silicone laden shine treatments and going the conditioner washing route instead of spending lots of money on Redkin shampoos and conditioners. My hair has behaved better since I have gone this route and it’s soo  much better for hair. no silicone build up and no harsh sulfates on my hair. BUT again it took me years to get to this. I’d follow every trendy hair thing I’d see people talking about and having nothing work for my 2b wavy hair that tends to be VERY frizzy.

I really tend to buy cheap haircare products: shampoo and conditioner. Recently I splurged for the Shu Uemura art of hair boar bristle brush and I’m so glad I did. I love it! It’s perfect for my long, fine hair. I think that with hair and makeup it’s worth it to invest in good brushes. No matter how great and expensive conditioner you use, it’s not going to make much of difference if you destroy your hair with a damaging brush.

If I don’t calculate money on hair cut, I think it s quite hard to spent so much on hair just on products… I currently use shampoo and conditioner from Shu uemura, Kerastase and Moroccnoil 6 bottles together are still only around 120 pounds and that will last almost 6 months but for face, there are way more products to spend on.  

I use WEN on my hair which is not cheap at all. But because I use very few products on my hair care, the price of my skin care exceeds my hair care over all.

I don’t spend excessive amounts on my hair products, as I don’t often get to do much with it (partly because it can be really unmanageable depending on the whether and partly because my job requires restrained hair), but I do probably spend a little more than the average person on higher quality products.  Pretty much anything that isn’t Pantene Pro-V or similar will leave my hair dry and frizzy, and my hair is heavy enough to require thicker hair gels to maintain curl during the summer months

I’ve been looking for good anti hair-fall shampoo or treatments. I don’t try the expensive ones because then it would take a fortune just to maintain my hair. I had it colored but my hair is naturally dark brown and when the sunlight hits my hair it turns gold. My dad had dark blonde, thin hair and my mother has thick dark brown hair. So my hair is thin and I prefer to add some volume which works with Vaseline anti-hairfall shampoo. I use hair treatments (from Thailand Le Bonne – and Sunsilk hair treatments which are very good and affordable) and conditioner (but not everyday) and there is also hair vitamin that I use once in a while. I also have this product from my mother from Germany that has Keratin in it and almond extract. I use it when my hair feels super dry. (I prefer treating my hair myself than go to the salon and spend more.) I had my hair digi-permed last year (July) and my hair is still wavy and I love it. I will probably get my hair permed again! There is this other product from Korea that I have been eyeing to buy what my hair-stylist offered me but it’s kinda expensive though it is a bit less than 1L (huge bottle) so I think the price is OK to know that it makes my hair shiny and super soft and easy to manage. I maybe will get it once I have enough cash… I used to have short hair but my current boyfriend prefers long hair.. so I grew it… I still have my hair slightly trimmed every 2-3 months because I like to maintain a one-sided bang… (and get rid of the dry hair…) I have a huge forehead and it does not really look good when my bangs are getting long… I blabber too much so there there!

No. Not nearly as much. A couple of different Shampoos and conditioners, a serum and in the future argan oil. Dassit lol

Because I favor short, colored hair and my hair is straight, I go for products that are good for colored hair, sulfate free, and give me volume. I’ll try expensive or drugstore and have been happy with both. Right  now I’m loving the Marc Anthony shampoo and conditioner and protective blow dry creme. I’m using Redken Spray Wax, Powder Grip and Hair spray for styling. I don’t tend to do cheap, but I don’t tend to do crazy expensive, either.

 @Phyrra I’d go so far as to say I think sulfate-free products are important for ALL hair types, even if you don’t colour your hair. The sulfates can strip the protective hair shaft of essential oils and more, impacting the hair’s overall quality & texture.

I’m fairly particular about the products I use on my hair but even factoring in that and haircuts, I still spend far more on makeup and skin-care items.

No way! I keep things cheap with hair and use cheap shampoo and conditioner with only one styling product, aveda hair wax. Hair products just don’t excite me, my hair is only 2 or 3 inches long at the top anyways and basic hair care seems to keep it soft and shiny. 

I don’t tend to experiment too much in terms of hair products. I do systematically use a good shampoo, a deep-conditioning hair mask, and a leave-in conditioner however. I’m willing to spend more on quality products, but since they’re almost always highly concentrated I don’t need a lot of it, so I guess I end up spending less. It’s all about figuring out what your hair needs and going with it I think.

Not even close. I’m pretty lucky with my hair, because, though it’s fine, it’s straight and easy to style. So all I have to use are a shampoo and conditioner (both by Wella Professional, because they are great for my hair) and some hairspray. None of these cost over $10, so I’m good.

I do spend a lot on hair products, but not as much as I spend on makeup, I always look for not-animal-tested products and those are a little expensive. I do have a very delicate hair so I always buy treatments (:

Definitely not!  I hate fussing over my hair so I wear weaves and wigs.  They’re wash and go, low maintenance.  All I have is shampoo, conditioner–no sprays, gels, etc.  Just the occasional hair oil for my natural hair.  I’d rather spend my discretionary income on face color and skin care.  

I spend a bit on hair care as I have color treated hair (Redken and M MoroccanOil hair care lines), but I probably spend more money on skin care than makeup.

My hair is slightly wavy and can get quite frizzy. I’ve tried various hair care lines and the best so far is bumble and bumble, which is a little pricey. I can’t really justify the price so I usually stick with the cheaper brands. I can tell a difference though. The fact is, I spend much more on skincare so I try to limit my spending in other areas.

Shampoo and Conditioner are drugstore (Head and Shoulders and Aussie 3-Minute Miracle as Conditioner). I use Moroccanoil treatment after every wash, and have Moroccanoil styling products (hairspray and mousse) because I hardly ever style my hair so they last forever. I also use the Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask, but I’ve had it for about a year as I only use it once every couple months when my hair gets really dry.

Mostly cheap, though I’ve now been using John Frieda which is expensive-ish here. $14 compared to $8 or less for many other shapoos (though of course fancy ones are even pricier). I have easy hair.

No, I learned a long time ago that hair care won’t stop your hair from going back to it’s natural state. You can spend a lot of money and burn it, but it goes back. I’ve learned to love my wavy hair.

Around the same, i buy makeup more often but mostly at drugstores. When it comes to my hair products i buy the pricey stuff, but only as needed. I consider myself to have “good hair” but i notice a big diff between salon quality hair products and the cheap stuff, whereas there are great drugstore makeups now. I have yet to find a drugstore hair care line as good as my current stuff. I love my Kerasilk by Goldwell!!! Gotta have it 🙂

Nope. I used to spend a ton on expensive products and salon treatments but it just made my hair worse. Now I just use a silicone-fee shampoo, kukui nut oil and once a week DIY yogurt hair treatment and my hair is so much better! Saves me a LOT of money too!

No, the only hair products I use are shampoo, conditioner, oil, and hairspray. Nothing fancy and expensive…

Nope… I buy high end Shampoo and conditioner (Aquage, oh how I love thee) but my makeup still takes all my cash lol. I get my shampoo and conditioner through my stylist which cuts me a HUGE price break on it.

I don’t think I could spend as much on hair products as I do on cosmetics and skin care, just because I wouldn’t ever get around to using 90% of what I bought if I did. That said, I do love to try out new shampoos, styling aides, treatments and especially conditioners. I dye my hair frequently and it does run dry, so I try to makeup sure I’m always nourishing it and caring for it as well as I can. 
Since I take care of everything, including most cuts, at home, I figure I should make sure I have some quality stuff to work with. 

Not even close.  I used to be a hair product hound until I found shampoos and conditioners that work consistently well with my hair type, fine and straight.  Aveda products work extremely well for me and I love the natural scents.

I do spend a lot on conditioner and treatments, as well as styling products. I’ve tried out many high end shampoos, but lately I’ve been buying shampoo at Whole Foods because I finally found one that does not leave a gross residue on my hair. I also dye my hair, but after years of not being satisfied with the salon color, I’ve been doing it myself (plus I’m also starting to grey a bit at 25, so I need to dye my hair more often). And I get my hair trimmed regularly, about every 6-8 weeks, which also adds up. To me, hair care is just as important as makeup.

I mostly spend money on hair bleach and red dye, that is about 35 dollars a month. My mother spends alot on expensive hair products, and I only use the shampoo she happens to have at the moment. I use my own conditioner Revlon Nutri Color in color 500, it lasts about 2-4 months.

Maybe not on hair products, but I probably spend about the same amount on hair treatments, getting my hair cut and my dye/highlights maintained (roughly $350 a month) that I do on skincare and makeup. When you add in shampoo (Kerastase), oil (Rene Furterer), and glossing cream (Fekkai), hair might take precedence.

Almost but I would say more on makeup. I use It’s A 10 – all of their products – & they’re not cheap.

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