Do you separate out your daily or go-to items from the rest of your stash?

Do you separate out your daily or go-to items from the rest of your stash? How does a product get into that coveted spot?

Yes, definitely! I keep a lot of base products I use regularly (foundations, powders, concealers, etc.) in my bathroom (everything else is now stored in storage containers in other areas of my home). I also keep some of my favorite blushes and highlighters together for easy access. If it’s not limited edition and I find myself reaching for it often, it earns a permanent place in the bathroom drawers!

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I keep my most frequently used products (Avon Ultra Luxury Eyeliner, ELF Eyelid Primer, NYX Black Eyeshadow, NYX White Eyeshadow Base and Chapstick) and a few odds and ends that don’t have a place in an open makeup bag on top of the rest of my storage drawers.

Yes! It’s so much easier that way. I typically use the same face products everyday in a storage container. I keep things I use often in the empty drawers πŸ™‚

I used to! But then I realized I was using the same products over and over and over again while everything else collected dust! With my current arrangement, I can see and use everything with equal reachability!

Yep. I keep my everyday items – foundation, setting powder, mascara, my Brow Zing, my eyeshadow primers and my blushes in containers on the counter. Eyeshadow and lip gloss in the draw. Means I have to think less in the morning πŸ™‚

I do. I keep a little bag on my vanity with products that are essentials or items I currently have in rotation. Staples that I keep in there are Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer, alot of MAC standbys like Studio Finish Concealer, Lingering Brow Pencil, Mystery e/s (for brows), Cream Colour Base in Shell, a mini Too Faced Shadow Insurance & a sample jar of Bare Minerals Mineral Veil I use to set under eye concealer.

Yes! I actually use an old easter basket that my mom gave me to hold my everyday foundations, my Urban Decay Naked Palette, my Mac blush palette, and assorted other items that I use on an everyday basis. I have to be able to get ready quickly in the morning for work, and I can’t waste too much time digging for products in my storage drawers!

I only separate my daily skincare products from the rest. I love to have everything else on the makeup counter, or else I will forget to use many of them. But I agree that it will save me a lot of time by using go-to products on daily basis.

Yes! Foundation, concealer and powder are all left out. Sometimes I’ll leave a few items out if I know what I’m going to use the day before. Great question!

Yes. Foundations, Concealers, my Eyebrow Kit and some Powders I use more often, as well as my favorite Mascara are kept seperately from my other makeup. Frankly, I have too much makeup, and I don’t want to have to search for the things I use daily in my stash, so I keep them handy.

Yes absolutely! I have my daily concealer, powder, bronzer. brow powder, mascara, blush and eyeshadow along with an assortment of fave lip products in a small basket in the bathroom! Then all the rest resides elsewhere

Joyce, that question is the key and the answer is yes! Having what I need, when I need it, is vital if I want to get anywhere on time. I like to keep my makeup area organized to begin with. The brushes that I use every day are in a brush holder that sits on my vanity table, for example. I can grab it and go if we’re going out of town. I know that an item is a go-to when I can use it for multiple looks and it works every time. MAC’s 219 brush and their Carbonized eyeshadow are good examples of that. I have a husband and a son, so I have to get three of us ready to go most of the time. Having things organized makes the difference between a smooth and a rough start to my day.

Sorta. I keep foundation, powder, lipsticks, and lash curler close (what I wear if I wear any makeup at all) and everything else is separated into diff. categories in drawers since I barely ever wear the same look twice and I like color πŸ™‚ bright colors that is.

I do. Products I use daily or which I want to finish off (Project 10 Pan) reside on two shelves in my bathroom. Everything else is tucked away in IKEA cubicles with drawers which are hanging on my bathroom walls. They are within easy reach but I’m quite good with only using what’s out in the open.

Yup! I have a make up bag on my desk with my foundation , concealer, powder and a blush ( I rotated). Also there is my eyeliners and mascaras in there too, primer etc etc. The rest is in a drawer under my bed!

Yes, I keep everything I use daily out (mascara, foundatin, etc) and everything else is neatly stashed right beside it. I use a little 3 drawer thing from target

Until recently everyday items were kept in a large makeup bag, which was easy to grab items from without having to trawl through my stash. In an effort to use more of my make up, I sorted it into types i.e bases, eyes shadows etc. I try to select a different item from each section every day instead of keeping the same items in daily rotation. Not sure it’s working though, as I do find myself reaching for the more familiar products. It’s also more time consuming. I need to find another way, so will read other comments with interest.

Well,i don’t seperate them because I don’t have so much :D. Christine,could you please make a makeup colection video or post some photos on here someday? I’m pretty sure you have a great collection and I love watching these kinds of videos πŸ™‚

Yes, always! I have a makeup bag where I keep products I can do a basic, everyday face with. I tend to rotate products from my stash depending on what I’m using at the time. I just don’t have time to route through everything in the mornings!x

I dont have a special place for them, im happy to go through every drawer and pick out what i need. Sometimes my eye catches a different product and i use that instead. if i seperated what i used the most, i would never reach for the other makeup.

Yes I do! I keep my current foundation, concealer, compact powder, eyeshadow base, and mascara at my reach on top of my bathroom cabinet. I also keep some products that I always use a lot close: any pink lipgloss, a pink blush, a highlighter and some neutral (taupe, brown, gray, black, beige) eyeshadows!

While I have all my make up in the bathroom, I have the items I use daily (BECCA luminous skin colour, a BB cream I use for concealing, the smashbox cream blush from the spring collection, a rust coloured max factor cream blush, the BECCA cream blush in turkish rose, the black BECCA eyeliner cake in Barbarella and two different japanese mascaras) on a stand right beneath my mirror. The rest, including all my lipsticks (which I mix up too frequently to have a “daily pick”) and eyeshadows (which I don’t wear unless I go out at night or feel fancy) is in a drawer cabinet 2 steps away.

What’s in your stash of daily eyeshadows? blushes? lipsticks? foundations?

Also, what’s on your to buy list from the upcoming Sephora F&F sale?

Of course. I have a box full of the stuff I usually turn to for a fool-proof quick face: Clinique City Block Sheer, Bobbi Brown Corrector, Mac SS concealer, Select Sheer powder, Chambor eyeliner, Bourjois mascara, Body Shop Shimmer Cubes in 06, NYX grinding blush, Vaseline lip balm and the bushes for all of them them. All the other palettes and lip stuff is stored separately but close by in case I have time for a more complex look. It’s so convenient this way. I never walk out thinking “Did I forget mascara?” “Will this blush be too harsh for daylight?” And I only wear lipgloss after I’ve reached where I’m going, so my hair never sticks to my lips.

Yes! My daily product drawer includes:

Oilatum Face Repair Cream
MAC Careblend Pressed Powder
Urban Decay Urban Defense Tinted Moisturizer
MAC Nuance mineralized blush
MAC Hush Cream Colour Base
Chanel Soleil de Tan bronzer

Lorac eye primer
Benefit Creaseless shadow in Honey Bunny
Benefit “They’re Real” mascara
MUFE Aqua black waterproof cream shadow (for tightlining)
Clinique Bottom lash mascara
MAC Expensive Pink e/s
MAC Soft Brown e/s
MAC Carbon e/s
Shu Uemura eye lash curler

Anastasia Medium Brown brow duo
Anastasia eyebrow angled brush with spoolie
Anastasia brow gel


I used to keep everything in the same basket and just swirl around every morning frustrated about not finding “the exact thing” I was looking for. Somewhere along the way I decided my “nicer” bits of makeup (UD palettes, Armani and Chanel shadows) should have their own nice basket so they don’t dink around with the regular stuff. Then even further I packed an “essentials” bag for a trip and just never unpacked it. On any given morning I rifle through three different locations to complete a look….it’s really ridiculous.

I keep all of my makeup in or on top of my vanity. I use a nail polish organizer with nine slots that my sister got me from the container store to hold all of my essentials (foundation, concealer, eye primer, favorite lip products, mascara, etc.). I also keep all of my Urban Decay palettes on top of my vanity as well as all my eye liners, lip glosses and cheek tints/blushes. In the drawer of my vanity I keep two old pencil boxes with lipsticks and eyeshadows (mostly drugstore) that I rarely use. I don’t have a ton of makeup, but I keep all the good stuff in view and it gets used most often.

Yes! I separate my daily Racco Cosmetics makeup items (facial sunscreen 30 SPF, tinted moisturizer, Luzes bronzing blush, and mascara) from the ones I only wear occasionally.

I didn’t, until recently, when I read tips for using up stuff. Now I have some items I use more/wanna use up in my top drawer. I’m not allowed to use the rest of my stash (except when going to parties etc) until I use up something. Then I’ll replace it with a similar item πŸ™‚ I’m doing it for 1 week already and hoping for the best!

Yep. I keep my foundation, concealer & eye primer on the bathroom counter where I do my makeup. I realized that there are certain eye shadows I always pair together and use often, so I recently separated those from the rest of my collection and I keep them in a container in my bathroom cabinet for easier access. I’ve also separated the lipsticks & glosses I use most often. I keep the blushes I use all the time in my bathroom drawer.

yup, I have my frequently used products in a small makeup bag (with MUFE Aqua Eyes 0L, UD primer potion, Eve pearl concealer, NARS Laguna, Benefit Coralista and whatever mascara I’m liking at the moment) on my vanity table.

Yep. I keep all my more expensive, time-intensive products at home in a special drawer. However, I have concealer and mascara is every bag I carry since it’s my essential five-minute fix look. πŸ™‚

Yes! I keep my mascaras, tinted moisturiser, foundation, and concealer separate from my eyeshadows, lip glosses and lipsticks. 90% of the time I only wear tinted moisturiser and mascara.

Yes I do! It makes my routine a lot faster!

For efficiency reason, I have actually depotted all my makeup product storing them into 10+ Z-palettes. They are categorized into different color tones. Eyeshadows: purples, greens, blue/silvers, bronze, and neutrals. Blushes: purples/browns, pinks, reds, orange/peaches, highlights/bronzers. That makes everything a lot easier when I have to reach for whatever colors I feel for that morning/night!

I keep my physician’s formula gel liner trio, eyelash curler, colossal and telescopic mascaras, too faced shadow insurance, hand sanitizer and vaseline atop oneof my storage units right in front of me, and then I have my loreal magic smooth souffle, body shop matte it primer, mac pro longwear concealer, beneit boi-ing concealer, mac msfn and painterly paint pot in the tin from tartan tale right in front of where I sit also. the rest I go through depending what Im using eg. blush, eyeshadow, etc

Yes – mostly – things like UDPP, TFSI, Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, my main mascaras, Benefit’s Eye Bright and Ooh La Lift, Nars blush ect., I keep in a ready-grab make-up bag, brushes in another make-up bag, back-ups in my vanity drawer, whatever current foundation and primer on top of the vanity, most of my lippies organized by higher ends, nars, mac, and then lower ends in another big drawstring bag for now, large palettes next to the vanity, and most everything else in 2 large fishing tackle boxes – yep tackle boxes – they are considerably cheaper than makeup cases, though not as fashionable – but think of it this way: less money spent on a case means more money for more makeup! I actually found myself perusing the large tool boxes in Menard’s the other day – especially the ones with wheels (and the really big ones were still cheaper than most of your larger makeup cases and I mean the big sears craftsman tool looking ones πŸ˜‰

I do as well! πŸ™‚ Primer, foundation, concealer. The basics! Too much trouble to go on a hunt for it everyday haha.
Quick question:
Will you ever be doing a makeup collection or overview? I think we’d all be very curious!
Sorry if you’ve already answered this, I haven’t seen it.

It is not recd to store mu in bathroom b/c its a “moist” place !
I store mu that I use most in pretty boxes w/lids. So its not a problem if they are visible πŸ™‚ Inside conteinors, boxes for blushes, e/s etc. Another for e/s and other palettes and elf small brush holders for eyepencils, e/liners and lipliners. Rest are in drawers, also in boxes, conteinors for blushes, e/s, l/s etc. l/s are upside down so I can see colourname. It was a task ! I just bought different size boxes or cut from online order packages. Other brushes fit to elf large brush holder.Back up fndns are in fridge. I<3 when everything is organized πŸ™‚
Dont have to spend time searching since I have too much MU !

I have a smallish makeup bag that I carry around with me everywhere in my handbag containing liquid foundation, powder, liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, mascara, blush, kabuki brush, lip tint, lip balm and lip gloss. The rest of my makeup goes in this huge wooden storage thing I have, which has 9 boxes on a rack, each one is for something different (perfumes, nail products, face products, eye products, lip products, hair accessories, palettes and I keep the top right one free for things I use regularly but don’t necessarily take out of the house for me. I’m pretty super organised. I also have a little draw string bag in my handbag with all my lush tints, some other lip products such as carmex and palmers balms because I often decide halfway through the day I want to change my lips.

I have one common area for my cosmetic storage & application. I converted a tall lingerie chess into a makeup center, with a drawer for eyes, lips, face and nails. My 7 MAC eye-shadow palettes (labeled & numbered) are on top of the chess in a metal CD divider for easy accessibility. Likewise, my 42 MAC brushes are in a pebble-filled basket on top of the chess along with a large makeup mirror. The basket has a separate section on either side just large enough to hold a bottle of Fix + on one side and brush cleaner on the other. I avoid the bathroom for storage because of the heat and moisture, and their potential effects on the products. Having all of my products together ensures that I give them equal opportunity usage, otherwise it would seem like such a waste of $$$. Also, I avoid misplacing items or simply forgetting what I have, as I have done in the past when keeping things in multiple locations.

I figure out what I’m going to wear makeup wise the night before, like I do with my outfit for work. I then put whatever I decide to use in a little basket type thing I got at Target for a dollar. πŸ™‚

Nope. My stash is small enough that everything fits in a caboodle and that’s where I’m storing my makeup at the moment because I don’t have any where else to put it.

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