Do you remove and reapply your daytime makeup for going out in the evening/at night?

If it’s a very specific occasion, I would totally remove and redo my makeup; and if it was an occasion where I’d be photographed a lot, I’d probably redo it as well. If it was just a more casual night out with friends or a weekly dinner date with my husband, not unless I just wanted to wear something else for fun. I do that sometimes–I’ll test products for review during the day, and if we go to a nice restaurant, I’ll break out some products I want to wear just ’cause.

— Christine
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If it’s a very specific occasion, I guess I might remove and reapply makeup, but I can’t think of ever doing that. It’s more likely that I’d just leave my work makeup on, reapply blush and maybe do a bolder lip color.

Since I *usually* get a later start than most people out here, my makeup on most days gets put on late enough that I already know what type of look I need, and for what venue. But when I was younger, healthier and up WAY earlier, my makeup sometimes needed a redo before I had to go someplace else that evening! Oh, and that’s because I also had such oily skin, that I looked a hot mess by 5 p.m. because it would be all worn off in patches, smudged liner ala heroin chic fashion models, not kidding!

During my oily skin years, I definitely redid my makeup before going out if I’d originally applied it in the morning. The oil on my skin felt like it attracted every dust or dirt particle floating around and, by late afternoon, it felt as if I had a heavy layer of LA smog on my face. Yuck! By the way, I Googled “heroin chic fashion models” just to see the image results. :-O

If it’s a casual after work event, like a happy hour, I will just mist my face to refresh my foundation and touch up my makeup. During the weekends, I usually do a day face, then take it off, and do a new face for the evenings. During the weekends, I have more time and plenty of makeup to play with.

I like to, yes. My face products are different for daytime because certain things don’t play well with my SPF. I prefer my nighttime products so I’ll wash my face and start over so I can use them.

Mostly I just add to it. I’ll throw in a deeper crease shade and a black liner to tightline, maybe another coat of mascara and a foiled lid shade. Depending on the situation, I’ll amp up my contour and add more highlight (rarely ever need to add more blush since I use ColourPop all the time!). I’ll usually change my lip, too, to something more dramatic and appropriate for the look.

Nope. First of all because I often don’t have the time to start from zero but also because my skin is very sensitive and if I have to take everything off, cleanse, reapply skincare and redo my whole make-up my face tends to look really red and irritated.

Me too. It is so hard to get colors right on a red face. I end up putting way too much concealer on and then each next step makes me feel caked up and worse and worse. Not a great mood for going out afterwards.
Funny thing is that I don’t get that effect when showering each morning – it happens only when I want to refresh for the evening.

If it’s super casual, then no, though I will still probably touch up. I put my makeup on early in the morning, though, so it is verrry worn by the time dinner rolls around. If it’s a nice destination/ occasion, I really prefer to reapply.

I work 3 days, and now 3, no longer 4, nights. Day job certainly does not expect m/u, with the majority of workers being direct care. So that’s s/c, concealer, and light TM only. Usually do get m/u on for night job. Working w/e nights means I don’t usually go out. Too old to start a night at midnight, pretty much. If I do, def change it from the get go. Mostly do m/u on midweek w/e (RDOs). Growing up when I did, actually change it, virtually any time I change clothes. It has to go with what I have on. Dated, baby. That might mean 3 looks in one day….and none on others. Weird, but oh, well. Not to mention the playing, after midnight, watching ID Discovery.

Deoends on if I have the time or if I’m leaving straight from work to whatever event. Ideally, I’d remove and start fresh but it doesn’t work out that way always and sometimes you just have to touch up and go!

Never. If it is a casual occasion I keep my day makeup simple to be able to easily darken it before the evening. A quick trick is to keep a natural face and add some bang with a bright/ dark lipstick.
If it is more like a wedding, I run around the house without makeup as long as possible and apply it about 2 pm so that it lasts all night.

It depends on how much time I have and what I’m doing. If I have a couple of hours, I’ll even shower and get ready all over again (usually reserved for nights when I know I’ll be out really late and won’t want to shower when I get back, or for very important things). If I only have a little time, I’ll just wash my face and do makeup only or touch up what I’m wearing, based on how casual the event is.

It depends. Sometimes I’ll change lipsticks or add to the eyes. If my base is looking crappy, I’ll redo it all.

If I’m going out somewhere special (concerts, dinner with friends, etc.) then I’ll always remove my daytime makeup and reapply an evening look just as surely as I’ll change my clothes to suit the evening occasion. If I’m just going with my husband to grab a quick bite, then no, I wouldn’t bother changing although I might take a moment to freshen things up a bit.

If I’m just going to dinner or something I might just add a little eyeshadow on top of my liner or throw on a little blush. If I’m going out with friends or celebrating a special occasion I’ll remove everything and just do a fresh look. I rarely have time to do a full face for work

When I lived in the city and was younger I would always completely start over. I would shower and redo from skin care through new makeup. I think there were several reasons for that but mostly because I loved makeup and just wanted to use as much as possible and try new looks. I also really liked distinguishing between the “day” me and the “night” me. That may sound crazy but that was the city me. Now I live in rural Montana, like seriously out in the boonies, and the deer don’t care if I am wearing makeup or whether I touched it up. Most days I still put it on and sometimes it is really over the top for what I am doing that day but I love doing it and playing with the products so why not?

Usually I just touch up my day makeup. If I’m going somewhere fancy or to a special event, though, I will take off my day makeup and start over.

Usually not! I’ll try to turn my day look into a night look by adding a black liner, a bit of highlighter, a darker or brighter lipstick… And of course I’ll refresh everything with a concealer if needed, a dusting of powder, fix the brows, etc.

If I am going out with my coworkers right after work or having a casual night out with friends then, I will reapply anything that may have faded away throughout the day such as highlight, blush, lipstick, and eyeliner. If it is for a specific occasion or a “glam” night (work event, birthday celebration, etc.) I will remove and reapply.

No, I just embellish what’s there already. Taking off mascara and putting it back on irritates my eyes and gets black smudges under my lower lid. I have sensitive skin too, so less is better. Easier just to add to the foundation, apply more eyeliner and eyeshadow and blush.

If I’m going from work then I just add more mascara deeperlip color, etc. if it’s summer doesn’t matter where I was hit all off and do it over. It will look and feel better than makeup you’ve been sweating in all day.

I do. I’ll do my eye makeup for going out at night in the morning but I will take off my face makeup and re apply it along with additional mascara for a night out!

Yes, I will cleanse my entire face and redo completely if going out at night. Which is usually only on a weekend. If its after work, I would mist my face to freshen and add whatever else necessary for evening.

Half and half! About half the time I will remove everything, cleanse and begin again. It just makes me feel and look fresher. if I know I will be removing and beginning again, I’ll make the daytime look lighter than usual so it’s easier to remove. Half the time I won’t remove everything but I always do something to spruce up a daytime makeup for evening!

Yes, I have to! With make up on from the day, ill be a greasy mess by late afternoon. Sometimes I’ll try to leave my eye makeup the same, but my foundation definitely has to come off, unless it’s a powder because then I can just blot and build on it.

Rarely do I fully remove my makeup and reapply. I will sometimes take a tissue and wipe off my eye shadow and reapply it for a night out, but even that is rare. I usually just touch up and add to what I already have on.

Yes, I often redo my makeup if I am going out at night. Quite often, by then, some of my makeup has worn off and my skin needs to be refreshed. I am often wearing different colours too, so my eye shadows complement the outfit.

Almost,always I will retouch-up at work, because I apply my make up at 5 in the morning!!!! But if I am going out for a special occasion,dinner, show,party etc, I will shower and take off the old and put on new make up. On weekends i have plenty of time to put a fresh face on, try different makeup for that special look. Its my crazy love affair with makeup that makes me want to keep that special look.

I always schedule enough time to come home, shower, change, and at least do my foundation, mascara, & brows; I can do the rest on the way, or when I get there. Even if it means a less “extravegant” eye look, I’d rather make that sacrifice than wear a couple layers of day-old sunscreen (I wear it on my body, too). I also make sure everything is ready to go (clothes & makeup laid out, purse I’m using has whatever “portable” products I’ll need already in there, a “Plan B” if I need a “go-to” look…) before I leave for the day. Ideally, if it’s a major event, I’ll have the day off, or at least a half-day.

Probably about 1/2 and 1/2. It depends if I want to change clothing color accents (I wear a LOT of black) or switch contact lens colors.

If I’m going to be photographed (museum opening, party guest, etc.) then yep for sure, to get the sunscreen and HD powders off, change foundation formula and adjust my highlight/contour techniques to be more matte. I’m pale + blonde and flashback turns me into a shiny ghost if I’m not careful. Sometimes that’s spooky fun but only when it’s on purpose! 😀

If I know I have an after hours event I’ll usually do my daytime makeup so that it’s easy to convert to nighttime makeup. Often that means less makeup in the day, so I migh just use a simple wash of Creme eyeshadow which later doubles as a base. Plus I will skip mascara and put on a little extra black eyeliner in the day, so I can put on a new fresh application of mascara at night. I am not good at adding a layer of mascara. It always clumps.

I’ve read that some manufacturers have begun making a product that somehow allows a later application of additional mascara. I haven’t tried this myself so can’t attest to its effectiveness. I just wanted you to know. I think the additional mascara is a common issue.

Since retiring, I don’t often wear makeup unless I’m going somewhere. My makeup application time has increased because I seldom wear it. Time to play.

If I have time, I would. Just washing my face after a long day makes me feel refreshed so yes, I would. If it was a special occasion or where I know I’ll be photographed, then I would have planned ahead to make time for redoing my makeup. However, bc I’m a server and my day starts late, I rarely go out after working the dinner shift. Usually, I would just touch up my lunch shift makeup.

I apply my makeup pretty late in the day, usually finishing up right before we leave the house, so there’s no need to reapply. Sometimes, if I’ve had an afternoon appointment then we decide to go out to dinner later, I will deepen my eyeshadow and lipstick. The only instances during the past few years I can remember completely redoing my makeup before going out is if I’ve applied a new base product that didn’t work out for me.

Yes, I do, almost always. Even though my skin os on the drier side, and my makeup usually donesn’t look all that bad in the evening, I simply don’t like the feeling of having foundation on for so long. I might leave on my eye makeup, but my base is taken off and reapplied, even if I have to do it in a restroom at work. I guess I’m funny that way.

It really depends how much time I have. Day to day I tend to only wear make up with good staying power so broken down end of day make up isn’t a major issue. Also I feel pretty guilty taking off a perfectly good ‘face’.
Normally when I’m going out its straight after work so I would do my night out face in the morning and just touch up a few bits, maybe add more highlighter, powder, lipstick etc.
Or sometimes if I know I’m going to have a little more time after work I’ll do my day make up with a rather plain eye look so then after work I can put some effort into my eye make up…then have a disaster when I have eyeshadow fall out on my cheeks – we have all been there!
It’s become like a major treat to have proper time to sit down and do ‘night out’ make up before heading to an occasion!

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